How to ride a bike on the road

How to safely ride a bike in the city: 14 important rules

12 july 2019

Do you ride a bike not only outside the city, but also within its boundaries? Then be extremely careful. Especially on Ukrainian roads. And also remember the rules that will help keep your nerves. And maybe life.

The cyclist must know the rules of the road (SDA). Driving onto general roads without reading the rules is stupid and dangerous. Pay special attention to the rules for driving through intersections, the procedure for leaving a secondary road to the main road and the priorities of various types of transport.

It is advisable to make the first trips in the company of experienced colleagues who will be able to insure and give specific advice.

Cyclists must cross the pedestrian crossing on foot, carrying the bike nearby.

It is important to train the habit of feeling traffic and predicting the actions of other road users. This usually comes with time and with regular trips.

Take a close look at your main routes, public transport stops, intersections, car congestion or potentially dangerous areas.

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Regular bike maintenance is a guarantee that your brakes will not fail at a crucial moment.

Bicycle ownership is also important. Practice emergency braking skills in your spare time on a safe site, understand how the bike behaves in a skid and train balance.

Drivers are not telepathic and cannot know your intentions. Therefore, be sure to show that you want to turn, stop or perform another maneuver. Also, it will not be superfluous, for example, to thank the motorist who missed you.

Straightness of movement is also important. The smoother and smoother you ride, the safer.

A helmet is not mandatory in terms of traffic rules, but its need is dictated by common sense, road conditions, the behavior of some drivers and the experience of cyclists.

A helmet is optional. But it’s safer with him

Visibility on the road is very important! Reflectives, reflective elements on bicycles and clothes, a bright vest, active lights in the front and back will help you identify yourself and avoid many unpleasant situations.

Also, active light will make the trip more comfortable, because you will see the imperfections of the road surface and feel more confident. Using a good flasher will be a great idea even during the day.

The city is very different day and night. Remember this and be vigilant if you set off on your standard route, but at a different time of the day than usual.

When moving along the road, do not snuggle up to the very edge. There you are more likely to find a carnation, an open hatch, a pit, glass, or just a rain drain with longitudinal holes into which the front wheel can fall.

Stay away from the curbs. so as not to puncture

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Over bumps

After each trip, I try to mentally scroll the route in order to analyze mistakes and try to avoid them in the future. There are borderline situations almost always. The car slipped into the “yellow”, did not turn on the “turn signal”, abruptly opened the door in the parking lot, abruptly drove or drove onto the sidewalk. On the road there are drunks, just inadequate people, children, dogs, pits, bumps, etc.

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Example: once I was driving in the rain along a street on which enormous puddles had already settled. Ignoring the rules of survival, I flew at speed through one of them, which looked quite safe. As a result, there was a “wheelie” and an inglorious fall into the mud, because the bicycle hit the front wheel in an invisible hole.

How to position yourself on the road correctly when cycling | Commute Smart

The reward for the successful performance was the open-hearted laughter of the schoolchildren, who settled down nearby in the shelter. This evening I definitely made their day bright!

And on that week, there was an almost anecdotal incident: in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčMosvodokanal about thirty meters in front of me, a moose cow jumped out and crossed the road. I was shocked. How is it? From the category “a brick fell on the head”.

It’s good that before that something alerted me and I slowed down in advance. This is me because on the road you can never relax rolls!

Dangers on the road

  • Frivolous attitude. The “pedestrian mode” not switched off in time, when you sit behind the wheel of a high-speed vehicle. a bicycle. This is the main cause of injuries and death.
  • Elks Drunk people and children. Two factors of increased unpredictability. Stay as far away from them as possible, drive past slowly and on the spot.
  • People with headphones and smartphone zombies. They live in their own world and hardly react to external stimuli. They don’t see, they don’t hear ANYTHING at arm’s length. In my opinion, this is the very target audience for statistics on road traffic victims, all kinds of maniacs, accidents, etc. The most dangerous subspecies of them are autistic people in hoods and headphones on a zebra crossing, sometimes poking at their smartphone while walking. It’s just akhtung.
  • Suddenly opening car doors. Always keep your distance from parked vehicles when driving on the drive. A suddenly open door is a real potential killer. I had several real cases when the case could end in a serious injury, at least.
  • Dogs. At the same time, most of all I’m not afraid of pack stray dogs, honestly attacking from the gateway. It’s pretty simple with them: do not try to leave if the bike is not at a good speed. We need to stop and stand quietly. As a rule, dogs calm down and you can slowly move on.

The worst are small dogs on long invisible leashes.

Victims of the inhuman experiments of dog handlers, dogs that even rats and cats despise. The owners are usually glamorous kitties and aunts under 40. Sometimes these dogs are walked by their husbands. unfortunate slaves who secretly hate their wards.

They may suddenly throw themselves directly under the wheels of a bicycle. Often walk on the longest, invisible leashes.

Example. One deep evening I drove to the town of Shchelkovo. Darkness. The bike is equipped as it should be. a bright lantern in front and behind, all the cases. I ride the PC like an honest citizen and a cyclist.

Suddenly, a small barking thing jumps out in front of me, which I just miraculously did not wind on the wheel. What was it? Yes, just the hostess let go of the leash half a kilometer long, she walked along the sidewalk and chirped on the phone, and meanwhile her dog cheerfully grazed exactly in the middle of the roadway. A little more and a small mince would have happened, and I have quite likely injuries from a fall and a nervous shock from madam.

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A classic force majeure, because that leash could not even be seen by an owl or a bat. But you should always take into account that a dog with a person next to him in 95% of cases is on a leash! No need to try to slip between them!

How to survive in the saddle of a bicycle?

Before every bike ride, I try to imagine going out into the jungle, where wild animals and venomous snakes are teeming. In the wild, to miss a blink, not to look, to oversleep means to be dead. In the city on the road, the chances of survival are about the same, only animals and reptiles are replaced by cars and other people.

Example: one wonderful morning in May I cross a deserted pedestrian crossing in the Ostankino area. The passage is over, I turn left onto the sidewalk and start moving. A few seconds later, the hellish screeching of brakes and tires is heard from behind, accompanied by the finest obscenities. The collision did not happen miraculously.

Who is guilty? I didn’t look to the right because I didn’t think there might be cyclists on that side at that time. Another participant saw me, but decided that he would be in time before I turned onto the sidewalk. Both were inattentive, both were cheating, both decided that they were immortal and had 146% defense.

The result could be serious injuries and hospitalization. But everything turned out well.

Bicycle survival rules

  • Buy a helmet. I do not belong to cycling extremists and do not urge to wear gay leggings, diapers and a tru-helmet when driving a loaf of beer or around a flower bed. But for a long ride or LDPE, I consider head protection a necessity.

I admit that for a long time I went without a helmet, because “like a goof”, “why”, because it costs money. What sobered me up? Several terrible cases with friends from the bike forum. Several videos. Memories of an old accident, when I was hit by a car (I was a pedestrian, but nevertheless), 2 weeks in intensive care.

You can drive for 30 years and never fall and not get into an accident. Hurrah! But a helmet, like a DVR, is most often created for a single time. The very same when pieces of plastic are scraped off the asphalt, and not your stupid head.

  • Carry tools. You should always have at least a set of hexagons with screwdrivers and an adjustable wrench (or a universal wrench) with you. Ideally, you also need a spare wheel with edits, but not everyone knows how to rearrange cameras.

4K (Ultra HD) California Scenic Bike Ride with Music. Coleman Valley Road, California. 5 Hours

But without a spare camera, you can walk on foot. But an untightened bike knot and “maybe” can lead to tragic consequences.

  • Serviceable brakes. These things should always be checked before leaving. Just two hand movements on the handles, but you will save your health or life!
  • Remember the idiots. When driving on the road (it doesn’t matter. by car or by bicycle), do not endow the living creatures with logic and reason. This is a huge mistake.!

The actions of many people in emergency situations and in general are expensive often defy explanation. People can run across the road without warning, not react to a bicycle, cut short on the road, etc.

Try to think like this: this object with a high degree of probability can kill me or fall under my wheels. Take a break. There is absolutely nowhere to rush.

  • Carry a mini first aid kit. A bandage, a plastic bottle of peroxide is a necessary minimum along the way. Not for you, so another will come in handy.
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Example. Once in Sokolniki, I saw a crying girl on a bicycle who had been bitten by a dog. I had to suck her blood from the wound and spend the whole bandage on her left buttock. Naturally, then she fell in love with me without memory and tried to take away the most precious thing. what I have is my virginity. Fortunately, in this sense, I am solid as flint and delicately, but like a man, firmly rejected all claims on my Honor.

Well, I was joking, I was joking. There was nothing like that. I just left her a bandage with peroxide and drove on to work (author’s note: but I never took the phone, you fool).

  • You cannot ride in a hood and talk on the phone while driving. The hood severely restricts lateral visibility, which can lead to tragic consequences both on the inverter and on the sidewalk. For those who have illusions about their cowboy reaction speed, for example, read the research, or you can simply take it for an axiom that talking on a mobile phone while driving ON ANY VEHICLE, INCLUDING A TANK, MULTIPLY INCREASES THE CHANCE OF ACCIDENT

The same goes for players and headphones. If you can’t go without music, it’s better to put portable speakers.

  • Turn on the flashlight. This is a mandatory requirement at dusk and dark time of the day. A cyclist in the dark without light resembles an invisible ninja who can be very easily knocked down on the road. Or he himself can enter a pedestrian or a pit.
    It is advisable to turn on the flashlight during the day at the frequency converter. I say this as a motorist. unlit objects on the road, even during the day, differ much worse, be it a pole, a car or a bicycle. Behind you need to turn on the red flashlight.

Never turn on the front strobe lights on the inverter! It is terribly annoying and blind to drivers.

  • Traffic rules. I prefer an inverter with no curbs or pedestrians. In addition, it is prescribed by the rules of the road.

But it all depends on the situation. If I feel that it is safer to drive on the sidewalk, I will not hesitate to do so. If you need to go (for a short time!) To the oncoming lane, because I think it’s more correct. I’ll go. The main thing on the road is to save your ass and use common sense. Everything else is secondary.

When turning on the inverter, always show the direction of the turn with your hand! There are no psychics behind the wheel!

Do not drive through red traffic lights, even if you cannot see vehicles. It is very dangerous. Two to three to ten seconds of gain in time will not make you happier. But they can easily make the dead.

  • Winter riding. A fundamentally different type of cycling, with its own braking rules and speed limits. This post describes the nuances and dangers of winter rides.

Well, that seems to be all. This set of rules is not a dogma, but my personal beliefs about security, based on real experience. Send your comments and corrections! Be healthy and tidy on the road!