How to reset your bike lock password

How to change or reset the code on a suitcase?

It is impossible to travel without a suitcase. the minimum set of necessary things should always be with you. Their safety is ensured by a combination lock. But there are situations when the owner of the suitcase forgets the combination of numbers he invented. The problem is completely solvable, keep STIHL and try our suggested methods from simple to complex. Only resort to drastic measures in extreme cases.

How to UNLOCK cable BIKE LOCK without combination AND how to CHANGE your lock COMBINATION

How to reset a password on a Samsonite suitcase?

Different models of TSA combination locks are installed on suitcases. In order to change the factory settings, follow these steps:

  • Set the digits of the code 000;
  • Press the button into the body with a hairpin or handle;
  • We type a new digital combination with the button pressed;
  • Let go of the hairpin. New code installed.

Important! In some modifications of locks, when you press the button, it is fixed in the case. Reset by pressing again.

What to do if you forgot your suitcase code?

There are several ways to select a digital lock code. They are simple and humane, but can be time consuming. If you need to quickly open a suitcase, more radical methods are used that do not spare the locking mechanism and zipper.

The best way to open the lock is to contact a specialist who will not only free your belongings, but will help you set a new code and lubricate the mechanism. However, for solving the problem and maintaining the lock, you will need to pay a certain amount, as well as prove that you are the owner of the suitcase (for example, using a luggage receipt, warranty card or check).

If for some reason you do not contact the wizard, try to deal with the problem yourself using the methods listed below. Choose the ones that seem most suitable for you. Remember that extreme opening methods will inevitably entail additional costs.

Mechanical methods to open a suitcase

If you are the owner of a premium suitcase, then you will definitely not need the following methods. And with simpler models, you can try to cope by prying the latch on the lock with a simple nail file, a thin minus screwdriver, a knife blade.

Nothing helped. there are cardinal methods:

  • The padlock can be simply cut or cut if suitable tools are available;
  • The suitcase can be opened through the zipper, and then unscrew the lock and, after removing the back cover, unlock the stops. Lightning in this method is sacrificed: by inserting a pen or screwdriver (nail file) into its center, spread the left and right sides to the sides. Everything, the suitcase is open. Hurry to repair the zipper or sew in a new one. Only specialists can handle this.

How does a lock on a suitcase “work”?

Before closing the suitcase, the user sets a combination of numbers known only to him and locks the lock. To open it, you need to set the disks of special cylinders in such a way that the previously entered number appears in the slots. When all the numbers are set in the correct order, the locking device will snap off and the lock will open.

It is convenient to use the lock, and there are several reasons for this:

  • no need to store a key that can be lost;
  • replacement of the digital combination can be done every time the suitcase is used;
  • sending the code to your family (or, if necessary, to someone else) will enable everyone to use the suitcase without handing over the keys, again, they can get lost.

Unfortunately, there is a flip side of the coin. the combination lock also has enough drawbacks:

  • numbers are easily forgotten, especially if the thing has not been used for a long time. The suitcase lock is just the thing that is needed only from time to time;
  • the use of dates of birth, addresses, known numbers (for example, the numbers Pi, E) in a code combination makes the process of selecting a code for “specialists” elementary;
  • a code written on paper increases the likelihood of an unauthorized person opening the lock. You can also spy on it, especially if it was opened and closed at the airport.

Unlocking Android with Google Account

If you are logged into your Google account on your phone, then you can use a couple more methods in order to gain access to your smartphone.

How to reset Android password if it is locked

How to connect the phone to the network if it is locked? The easiest way to connect to Wi-Fi. To do this, restart the phone and when it is turned on, when the notification line appears (the panel at the top, where the signal levels, battery power, time, etc. are displayed), grab it and quickly drag it down. After that, just connect to the network as you normally would. In the same way, you can turn on the mobile Internet.

reset, your, lock, password

1 way

If you repeatedly enter the wrong password, then sooner or later the phone may prompt you to log into your Google account. It will be enough just to enter your account data to log into the phone, ignoring the protection. This is the best way to reset your password without losing data.

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Unlocking methods from developers

Now let’s discuss the methods of removing protection on the phone, created by their developers. These methods are quite simple and any user can handle them, but they are suitable only for certain companies and phone models.

If you are the owner of an HTC phone, you can always use a special utility called HTCSync to unlock. It serves to synchronize two devices, for example a laptop and a phone, and with its help you can also remove the password.

Here is an instruction on how to reset Android password without losing data through this program:

  • Install HTCSync on your computer.
  • Connect your smartphone to PC via USB cable.
  • Via HTCSync Download ScreenLockBypass.
  • Then, restart your phone.
  • Select “Unlock”, if the problem persists, try again.

The next way is for Samsung owners. To use this instruction, you must have an activated Samsungaccount on your phone.

  • Go to Samsung website.
  • Enter the same data as in the phone.
  • Go to the “Content and Services” section.
  • Here select “Find My Device” and “Unlock Screen”.

Also, Huawei did not leave its phones without attention.

If your phone is from this developer, then do the following:

  • Install a utility called HiSuite on your PC.
  • Next, connect your phone and computer via a cable.
  • Run the program and go to the “Contacts” section.
  • Next select your E-mail.
  • Then you should receive a notification by clicking on it, you will be taken to the parameters.
  • Here go to the main settings screen and in the “Security” section disable protection.

How to reset Android password with low battery

The next method is very simple, however, to use it, you have to wait until the battery is almost empty. When this happens, you will receive a low battery notification. By clicking on it, you will find yourself in the section of parameters “Energy consumption”. Here, you need to return to the main settings screen and turn off the lock through the “Security” section.

Removing system files

This method is suitable for devices with root rights (which means increased access, which allows you to edit files from the root folders). You can delete files responsible for locking your smartphone.

  • To do this, you need a file manager that supports root privileges (Aroma as an example). To use it, download it to your PC, and then drop it onto your phone without extracting it from the archive (remember the transfer folder).
  • Now you need to get into Recovery. Disconnect your phone and hold down the combination of buttons. It may be different for each phone model, but here are a few basic ones: Increase the sound Turn on; Sound attenuation Turn on; Sound Boost Turn on Home Screen; Mute the sound Turn on the Home screen.
  • Next you will be taken to CWMRecowery, here select “InstallZip”. Navigation through the menu can be either touch or carried out using the same keys.
  • Now select “Choosezipfrom / sdcard” and include the directory where the manager was dropped before. You can also select the item “Choose zip from last install folder” where you will see the files downloaded to your phone recently. Find and run the archive.
  • In the program, go along the path / data / system / and get rid of these files: gesture.key; password.key; locksettings.db; locksettings.db-wal; locksettings.db-shm.
  • Restart your phone and, if asked, enter any password.

How to change the code on a suitcase for the first time

  • Set digits to 000. Typically, factory locks use this combination. Suitcase open.
  • You need to find a secret button on the lock. It can be pressed with a rod from a pen or a toothpick.
  • The key must remain recessed.
  • Select the desired code using the rotating wheels. It is advisable to set such a combination of numbers, which is difficult to forget.
  • Press the open button, usually called “PUSH”. The hidden key should return to its original position.
  • The code is installed. The lock snaps into place. A random combination of numbers is installed on it.
  • To open the bag, you need to set the selected combination.

Before changing the code on the suitcase next time, you will need to set the selected combination, not 000. All actions will need to be repeated from the beginning.

Lever lock

To change the code, you must follow the instructions from the user manual. If it is not at hand, you need to carefully examine the lock on both sides. There must be an inconspicuous lever that needs to be squeezed out. While holding it down, recode the mechanism by putting a new combination of numbers on the disks.

After releasing the lever, the new code will be set. If you now set the factory combination, it will not help open the suitcase, so the password is worth remembering.

Code replacement

On new suitcases, the manufacturer has an initial code of 000 or 111. For more reliable models with four cylinders, respectively, 0000 or 1111. This combination is indicated in the user manual.

This combination is not reliable, so it must be recoded. Anyone can open the bag without entering a personal digital combination.

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On the first part of the code, you need to set the factory combination. When choosing your combination of numbers, you should avoid:

Hack a Bike Lock Combination! Forgot bike lock combo? Lost Combination? Here is how to solve it

  • dates of birth and current dates;
  • house or telephone numbers;
  • obvious sequences of numbers like 123 and so on.

It is with them that offenders begin to guess the password.


To change the combination of a push-button suitcase, the lock is unlocked by entering the factory set of numbers. The button is usually placed behind a small hole on the front or rear panel. You need to pinch it with a pen or stylus. While holding the key, you need to set a new code sequence on the dial.

After releasing the button, the mechanism will remember it. Now it will be possible to open it only with a new password.

How to pick a combination lock using the brute force method

Below we will tell you how to break a combination lock using the method of selecting the required combination:

  • initially, manufacturers set a password on the lock with three zeros or three ones. Such a simple combination does not suit many owners, so they perform a completely logical action. change the code at their discretion. How to find out the lock code if it has been changed by you, but forgotten? Try to remember the most remarkable numbers for you that you could put on the lock. I recommend that you use this method. The number of possible combinations is quite large, it is possible that the autopsy will take a long time;
  • if you forget the code, then the device itself will come to the rescue. A closer look at the mechanism reveals small gaps. Through them you can see the inside of the locking mechanism. When choosing a digit that is not part of the encryption code, only the wheel is visible in the gap. With the correct number, you will see a groove;
  • you can open an inexpensive suitcase model by ear. If the product does not open, we recommend rotating the toggle switches of the lock alternately, stopping at a position in which a characteristic sound is heard. a click, indicating that the digit of the encryption code is set correctly.

The described technique is not always suitable for more expensive and reliable mechanisms. Often, the only thing that the owner of the bag can do is take it to the workshop, where a professional will do the autopsy. He, with a high degree of probability, will be able to pick and unlock the lock.

Types of combination locks on suitcases

A coded lock involves entering secret information using buttons, levers or wheels. Protective structures with code for suitcases are divided into two main groups:

  • built-in (push-button or lever, the principle of operation is laid down in the names themselves);
  • hinged.

The locking mechanisms of the built-in type differ in that they act on a specific travel accessory and cannot be transferred to any other, even identical, product. Unlike the hinged type, such locks are more reliable, it is difficult for fraudsters to open them.

Hinged latching structures for travel bags have a base and a bow that mounts on the zipper sliders. Their undoubted advantage is the ability to transfer to other suitcases. But for reliable protection, you need to choose locks made of high-strength materials, cheap designs are extremely vulnerable to burglary.

If the value of luggage is high, it is best to look for suitcases with several different types of locks. Of course, even such a combination of locking devices will not be able to save from professional fraudsters, but in some cases it will scare off burglars. For optimal protection, it is also necessary to periodically reset the code on the suitcase.

Built-in Hinged


Not everyone knows how a new code is set on a suitcase with a built-in lever-type lock. You can change the number combination on such a product only when the lock is closed. First you need to find a lever that is invisible to the eyes, as a rule, it is located near the digital panel.

The unlocking of the code on the suitcase occurs after entering the old information or the standard factory code. 000 and pressing the lever downward as much as possible. After that, you can install a new digital combination. When it is entered, you need to return the lever to its original position.

Set the factory default lock combination Press and hold the small button next to the dial Enter a new code


Some models of devices of this type have additional electronic protection that prevents the product from being unlocked using the standard method of selecting numbers, which ensures maximum safety of things. However, there is another side of the coin. if the password was lost by the owner, then you will have to mechanically open the lock panel. But such actions should be taken only in desperate situations.

To replace the code data according to the standard scheme, you will need:

  • Put the old number combination on the panel.
  • Find the lock (lock) button, which manufacturers hide from line of sight, but located close to the disk panel.
  • Press it with a thin improvised object. a stylus from the touch screen, a tip from a pen or an ordinary toothpick and do not let go.
  • Dial a new “digital key”.
  • Release the lock button.
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It is not recommended to write down the password on a piece of paper or other medium that you plan to take on a trip. Burglars can steal this data, and then get to the baggage. It is not recommended to change the access key in public places; it is better to do this outside the airport or train station.

Features of code suitcases

Before using the bag, the owner must set a unique password for the device, which consists of a certain sequence of numbers. Depending on the model, this is done by pressing a specific button or from the inside of the mechanism. This combination will serve as a key for opening. a person needs to install the cylinder disks so that the values ​​on them coincide with the previously entered number. With the correct combination, the locking device will snap off and the lock will open.

Using a mechanical latch with a code is simple and convenient for the following reasons:

  • there is no need to store the key;
  • the code change can be performed every time the bag is used;
  • breaking such a mechanism is much more difficult;
  • a high degree of safety of the luggage bag allows it to be sent by mail, and the password to be transmitted to the recipient by phone.

On the other hand, there are also disadvantages of such a locking system:

  • The combination of numbers can be very easily forgotten, especially when the suitcase is rarely used.
  • The use of well-known events as a “key” (date of birth of loved ones, address, car number) makes the procedure for selecting a cipher for “experts” elementary simple.
  • When opening a bag in a public place, there is a risk that the code will be spied on.
  • The fear of forgetting the “key to enter” forces the owner to write it down on paper, which is also easy to lose.

Built in

This locking mechanism is a structural part of the product; it is securely fixed with rivets or screws on top of the frame. To see it, it is enough to unfasten the lining from the case. One of the methods of opening the lock is to remove the fasteners.

An inline-type latch controls the locking device in legacy trunks and securely secures the zipper sliders in popular modern luggage bags. On the outer panel there are discs with numbers. When the set combination is dialed, the spring clicks off and the bag opens.


Not all owners of travel bags with a built-in shutter of this type know how to program a new code. Changing the combination of the cipher on such a bag is real when it is closed. The first step is to find a lever that is usually invisible to the naked eye. It is located near the panel with numeric disks.

The locking mechanism is unlocked only after dialing the old code or code set by the manufacturer. three zeros and pressing the lever as hard as possible from top to bottom. After these manipulations, you can start installing a new secret combination. At the end of the information input, the lever must be returned to its original position.

How to change the code from a travel suitcase if you accidentally forgot

There is a list of effective ways to find the required cipher. They are quite humane and gentle, but they can take a long time. To quickly unlock the bag, more “inhumane” methods are used. biting off the slider or the bow. But the best option would be to contact a specialized master, who will not easily get the items out of the product, but will also set the initial factory settings. True, it will be necessary to prove to him your rights to the accessory.

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Resetting the cipher: how to set a new one

The mechanical coded shutter gives travelers the confidence that their belongings will remain untouched by third parties during the trip. And this is partly a correct judgment. Opening the product is much more difficult if there is an obstacle. it will take more time and, accordingly, increase the chances that the culprit will be detected. Therefore, in most cases, thieves bypass securely closed bags and choose lighter “victims”.

To change the previously established cipher, it is necessary first of all to take into account the type of construction of the mechanism. If the owner does not remember the code, then to unlock it, you will have to contact a specialized specialist or open the luggage in a not entirely humane way. to break, cut, tear off. In the first case, you will also need to prove that you want to open exactly your travel accessory. This will help you with a luggage receipt, a receipt, a guarantee or any other document confirming your rights.