How to reset the password on a Xiaomi scooter

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Reset password using Google and Mi accounts

For MIUI 8 and above, the previous method is not suitable. When you click on “Forgot your password” you will see the following picture:


Unlocking with Mi Account:

  • On a PC, open a browser and go to the website
  • We log in using the login and password from the Mi account
  • Click “Search for device” and select a locked smartphone
  • Click “Clean device”

The password will be removed and you can use your smartphone again.

If a Google account has been activated on your device, you can unblock it in the following way:

  • Log in to your Google account from any other smartphone or tablet
  • Open Google Play and download the Find My Device program
  • Open it and select the locked smartphone from the list of devices
  • The application will be remotely installed on the device, the main thing is that the Internet is turned on
  • Go to the website enter the data of the Google account associated with your locked smartphone
  • Find the device in the list and activate the factory reset

Forgot password on Xiaomi. what to do?

How to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot your password or pattern? In this case, a fingerprint could help, but if it is not configured, then there are several ways to solve the problem:

Standard password reset

If you have MIUI 7, then the algorithm is as follows:

  • Enter the wrong password 5 times
  • A notification about the phone blocking will appear, where you need to click on the Forgot your password? / Forgot Password?
  • Select Mi or google account for recovery and enter it
  • Set a new password or key

Reset settings via Recovery

To reset the settings via the Recovery menu on some models, you will need to unlock the bootloader. How to do it. read here. There is a chance that you will not have to unlock anything, but it is small enough.

After unlocking, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off the smartphone
  • Press the buttons Increase the power-on volume
  • The Recovery menu will open (it may differ on different devices), where we select the Wipe Reset item and click Wipa all data
  • The device will reboot, all data, including the password, will be erased.

In more recent versions of smartphones, this menu may look like this:

over, it may be in Chinese. In the screenshot above, you can see where the English translation button is located, so click on it. Then click Recovery and OK.

On the most recent firmware versions, after clicking OK, your torment may continue. The device will reboot and require a connection to the PC. We are waiting for the reboot, but do not connect immediately, but do the following:

  • Go to the site, download the program, install it on your PC and run
  • Now you can connect your smartphone to your computer
  • In the program, click Recovery and follow the instructions

After all the shenanigans, we reboot the device through the same program, the process can take several minutes. After turning on, you will have to re-configure the country, language, time, and so on.

Tenorshare 4uKey

This utility will remove your screen lock in just a couple of minutes. It is very convenient to use, because the process of working with it is accompanied by tips and step-by-step instructions.

  • Download the program on the official website of the developer.
  • Connect your phone to PC with a USB cable.
  • Run the 4uKey for Android program.
  • In the menu that opens, click on “Delete”. The process of uninstalling the mobile screen lock will begin.
  • The utility will warn you that in order to remove the lock, you will have to erase all data from the device. To continue the process, click “OK”.
  • When the process is over, put the smartphone into recovery mode according to the utility prompts.
  • Tap “Next” and restore the factory settings of the smartphone according to the instructions of the program.
  • Reboot your device.

Calling Xiaomi from Another Unlock Device.

Every smartphone user knows that in order to receive a call, the phone does not need to be unlocked. This trick can be used to gain access to the gadget system if you suddenly forgot the pattern or pin code.

  • Call your mobile from another number.
  • Accept an incoming call on the device.
  • After the conversation starts, the phone is unlocked. Open the top notification curtain.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Disable password.

Change Xiaomi Password Using ADB Run Program.

Unlocking with the special ADB Run utility will work only if USB debugging has been enabled on your device in advance.

  • Download the ADB program to your laptop or computer and install it.
  • Connect your smartphone to PC via USB.
  • Open the utility.
  • Press the number “6” on your keyboard. “Unlock Gesture Key”. Smartphone should reboot.
  • Enter a new code on the phone screen.

Option 1. Via computer

There are many programs with which you can flash an Android phone: Fastboot, Odin, KDZ Updater, Flash Tool, etc.

  • Download one of these programs to your PC (it is better to download to drive C, so that the path to it is C: \ Android). We will look at the process using Fastboot as an example.
  • Connect your smartphone with a USB cable to your PC. The automatic installation of the drivers should start.
  • Download the firmware that matches the version of your phone. It should be downloaded in a zip archive.
  • Move the archive to the C: \ Android folder.
  • Unlock the bootloader on your phone:
  • go to the “Start” menu;
  • enter “CMD” in the search engine;
  • select cmd.exe and click on the file with the right mouse button;
  • hereinafter. “run as administrator”;
  • at command prompt enter C: \ Android \ Tools;
  • press Enter;
  • enter the fastboot devices command.
  • If the program correctly recognized your device, then its code will appear. This means that the device is ready for firmware. If the message “waiting for device” is displayed, you need to disconnect the device and repeat the above steps.
  • If everything worked out, enter the command “fastboot update firmware file”.
  • The process of flashing the android should start. When the procedure is over, restart your smartphone.

Unblock on Xiaomi with Bypass.

This method is suitable for enterprising Android owners who have foreseen that they can forget the password and have installed the Bypass utility on their smartphone. If you have such a program, then unlocking your phone is easy: send yourself an SMS with the text 1234 reset to your number. That’s all, then the program will scan the message, reboot the phone and delete the password.

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How to Unblock Xiaomi Through Google Account.

If your mobile device has an Internet connection (via the operator’s network or automatic connection to Wi-Fi) and you have a Google account, you can use the Find My Device service to unlock your smartphone.

  • Log in to your Google account using your tablet or computer.
  • In the menu, find the “Security” section and go to it.
  • Next. find the item “Your devices”.
  • Click on “Manage devices”.
  • Select the device that is locked and tap “Delete all data from this device”.
  • Confirm your intention.

After completing all the steps, the smartphone settings will be reset. You will need to configure it again.

iSkysoft Toolbox

With the help of iSkysoft Toolbox it is possible to unlock old Android version (with OS not higher than 6.0).

  • Download and run the utility.
  • Connect your smartphone to PC using a USB cable.
  • Find the model of your smartphone in the program menu and tap “Next”.
  • Click on “Start” and the unlocking process will be launched.

Unlock Xiaomi Via Smart Lock Options.

This option to reset your locked screen password is only available on phone models not older than 2015 (Android 5.0 and older). It was from this time that the Smart Lock function became available on electronic devices.

Smart Lock allows you to set your phone lock settings based on three parameters:

FC. the device remains unlocked while it is in contact with the owner (is in motion).

Method 2: restore access using Xiaomi’s own software

Resetting your password like this will not result in the loss of your personal data either.

Method 7. through the smartphone search function

You can unlock your phone using Google Phone Search. All you need is a personal computer with Internet access.

  • Go to the official phone search site from Google.
  • Go through authorization, wait until the site determines the location of your phone.
  • After determining the location of the smartphone, click on the item “Erase data”.

After this procedure, all data in the phone’s memory is erased, which leads to the disappearance of all contacts and accounts.

It is worth reminding about one more important detail when unlocking your Xiaomi. All unlocking methods associated with a Google account are valid with MIUI 8 shell, at least.

If your version is lower than 8, then to unlock the phone, you will first need to specifically lock it (by entering incorrect passwords), and then restore it.

Method 1. password recovery via Google account

If a Google account was connected and synchronized on your device, it will be easy to recover your password. All your personal data will be completely safe.

This requires several steps:

  • On the lock screen, you must enter the wrong password 5 times in a row, the inscription “Forgot your password?”.
  • By clicking on the inscription that appears in the next window, we see “enter username” and password from the Google account, of course, the device must be linked to the Google account.
  • The system will prompt you to change the smartphone password.
  • We enter a new password, repeat it and write it down or save it in our memory so as not to repeat the recovery procedure.

This method is the easiest, but only if your device is linked to a Google account.

Getting rid of “This device is locked

The error occurs after unsuccessful flashing to a custom version of MIUI. It is treated as follows:

  • We enter the smartphone into Fastboot mode (see how here)
  • We get permission to unlock on the official website Use Google translator to fill out the application. The result can be expected up to a week!
  • After obtaining permission, download the Mi Unlock program
  • We connect the phone to the PC via USB, log in and press the “Unlock” button

reset password via lock screen

If you often forget or confuse passwords, unlocking your phone with a fingerprint is suitable for you. One touch. and access to the device is obtained without any problems. Unfortunately, this option will not be relevant for “family phones” that are used by several users.

So, back to the main topic. Recovering a locked mobile device is very easy with an account.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you always create such accounts on smartphones.

We take the phone and enter any value of numbers or letters. With the forgotten graphic password, draw some shape. We repeat these actions three times. Don’t worry, the smartphone won’t lock completely.

On the contrary, after the third attempt, the “Forgot your password?” Column will be displayed. Click on it, and the system asks for confirmation to delete all data (reset to factory settings).

Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter. how to disable/override the password


Note! If a Mi-account was linked to the phone, you will be asked for confirmation when you turn it on for the first time after the reset, you will need to enter the password.

How to unlock a Xiaomi phone if you forgot your password

On modern smartphones, the user stores a huge amount of personal information and, if necessary, removes it from prying eyes. The system offers face unlock, pattern, pin.

On modern smartphones, the user stores a huge amount of personal information and, if necessary, removes it from prying eyes. The system offers face unlocking, graphic key, pin code. But what to do when protection, on the contrary, prevents the use of the device? How to unlock a Xiaomi phone if you forgot your password?

Contacting Support

Need to unlock your Xiaomi phone, but it hasn’t been linked to an account before? Then things are much worse. Perhaps the only option is to contact Support Xiaomi. By clicking on the link, you will find the contacts of all the official representative offices of the company in different countries. For users from Russia, you can use international contacts, or go to and call Support (phone at the very bottom of the page).

If you will be writing a letter of support, take into account our tips:

In the letter, you must indicate that you have forgotten your Xiaomi password or pattern, and do not know how to regain access to your own device. Experts will require the provision of data to ensure that you are the owner of the phone. Therefore, prepare in advance the IMEI code (look for it on the factory box), a purchase receipt, your photo with a smartphone (greatly increases the chances of getting approval) and a passport.

The application can be considered for a long time, up to several weeks. Therefore, be patient and do not send duplicate emails. Intrusive behavior only repels consultants.

Deleting data via Recovery

This is an extreme option, in which absolutely all data is erased from the device. The smartphone will receive a factory look, so you will have to re-configure the system, add accounts, etc. Almost similar to the first method.

To carry out a Hard Reset, you need to get into the Recovery mode. To do this, hold down the power button and the volume up key. After a couple of seconds, the recovery icon will appear, and after the device will reboot.

Now on the screen we see the menu in black and yellow tones. Click on the section “WipeReset”. “Wipe all data”. We confirm our actions and wait for the end of the procedure. If you have the Recovery menu in Chinese, then click on the second button from the top and again on the second button. Done.

ways how to unlock locked Xiaomi

There are often situations when the user forgets the unlock password. This is quite a common case, which is solved in two clicks in the case of a Mi-account installed on a smartphone.

Is there no binding? Then a temporary nuisance can become a real problem. But it can be dealt with with simple methods and average technical knowledge. How exactly. now we will find out.

Below will be presented 3 proven ways to remove the pattern. If your case is more individual, or for some reason the presented methods did not help or are very difficult for you, then check out the additional 6 ways how to unlock a Xiaomi phone.

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Tips & Tricks

  • In order not to lose important materials stored in your smartphone, periodically make a full backup. Backing up without any problems will save all the necessary information.
  • Many are wondering if it is possible to unlock the found Xiaomi phone. Unfortunately, if it was linked to an account, it is almost impossible, because how can you reset the password to someone else’s mail / number? As a last resort, try returning to factory settings.
  • Create fairly simple passwords for yourself to remember, but do not forget about the danger of hacking. Do not under any circumstances use information such as year of birth, telephone number or home address for protection.
  • Many phones now have FACE ID. easy-to-see face unlocking. But it only seems so. In fact, this is one of the most unreliable ways to protect your device. So choose either a fingerprint or a letter code.

You will learn how to restore access using the website and special utilities. And you can also delete the files responsible for blocking, or use an interesting option through the “Phone search”.

So we discussed how to unlock Xiaomi with a forgotten password. This is a fairly straightforward procedure, especially for advanced users. And in order to avoid such problems in the future, follow our recommendations.

Reset my account passwords

Resetting your redmi 4x account and firmware will have to be done via the device number or via mail previously linked to your personal page. The scheme of action in this situation corresponds to the instructions:

  • go to the official website to block the gadget;
  • the Forgot password line is activated;
  • the reset is confirmed by entering the password sent to the mail.
  • captcha is introduced;
  • a letter with the sent password opens.

Required to be entered in a special line. If the letter has not arrived, you will need to contact Support Redmi. This technique is not able to restore access to the mobile, but it will untie the password.

Resetting the mysql root password

It is worth trying this method how to reset the account ID Mi com. He is able to bring a positive result only if you have access to the file system of the smartphone 5 or 5a. The user and owner of the ID on mi com when using the root mysql method should do the following settings:

  • Recovery opens.
  • In the main menu, select the Advanced line.
  • File Manager is pressed, which will allow you to go to the section with files.
  • The system folder opens. data.
  • The system section is selected.
  • Here you need to delete files such as password.key, locksettings.db, gesture.key, locksettings.db-wal, and also locksettings.db-shm.
  • You should go to the root and select the Reboot item.

After carrying out such actions, you need to restart the gadget. After that, the window in which the code is requested should be completely removed.

Reset Mi Account

The easiest method to recover a password from a profile is to recreate it in memory. If attempts to remember the access code on your own did not lead to anything, you can try using the recovery scheme.

How to reset Mi account: basic ways

How to reset my account on Xiaomi is a question, the answer to which easily eliminates this nuisance. If a person loses control of the smartphone, you don’t need to try to enter the wrong code for a dozen in a row. To solve a similar problem, you need to follow the recommendations presented in the article.

How to reset?

A forgotten access code is a threat that the phone will be instantly locked. Accordingly, after rebooting or after changing the SIM card, the program may ask the user for a password. If the gadget is working normally, you need to make a backup copy of the data from the firmware. Transfer information to another medium. If the work is carried out, but asks for a password from the account, there are many options for action.

The fastest, easiest and most correct option is code recovery. The developer foresaw a similar outcome and a code loss situation. This method is suitable for those who have access to mobile or mail, for which accounts have been previously registered. The process of how to reset my account is carried out according to the following easy-to-understand scheme:

  • On the login page, you need to click Forgot your password.
  • The program will transfer to a special section.
  • Here the person will be asked to confirm sending the code to the mail or phone.
  • After that, Submit is clicked.
  • You will be prompted to enter a new code with strict adherence to the number of characters.

If the user has lost the associated data. mail or mobile. to which the profile was registered, you will need to contact the technical support service.

You need to write a letter to the address indicated in the contact and describe the problem. This method for removing and unlocking is quite effective, but it will take a certain amount of time.

Summing up

As you can see from the above, it is quite possible to unlock a smartphone model 3, 4 x or 4a. If a person has forgotten what to enter data from the entrance, no difficulties will arise. If you follow the recommendations and tips provided in the article, you can perform recovery without data loss. In order to avoid problems with redmi in the future and not forget the code, the user is recommended to save not only the access code, but the mail or phone to which the profile was registered during the account creation process.

How to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot your password?

  • Enter the PIN incorrectly 5 times, the device is blocked for 30 seconds, and an inscription appears at the bottom right. “Forgot your password?”, Click on it, a warning will be displayed, read the conditions, agree, the smart should be restarted. Done!
  • Official utility Mi Unlock. You need to download it, install it on your computer, open it, enter the data for authorization in the Mi-account, then connect the device with a cable to the PC, after finding it, click on the “Unlock” button in the program;
  • Via Google’s Find My Device. select a specific mobile gadget in the list above, and below click on “Clear.” In this case, the connection to the network is important:

How to Reset Xiaomi Password without Data Loss

How to unlock your Xiaomi phone if you forgot your password? I am sure that this problem worries many users of Android devices. In this manual, we will consider the current solutions that will allow you to save personal data. But I will immediately note that there are few such options, and most lead to a complete reset and removal of contacts, photos. Let’s look at different options for resetting the PIN, application pattern. At the end of the article you can watch a detailed video.

How to Reset Xiaomi 4x Password without Data Loss

The guide is relevant not only for the specified model, but also suitable to remove the lock on any gadget of the Chinese brand Xiaomi.

If, after turning on the device, you need to enter a four-digit PIN, but you do not remember it, you should follow these steps:

  • Download the Reset_Lock archive from the link;
  • Using a USB cable and connecting to a computer, we transfer the file to the internal memory of the smartphone;
  • Turn off the phone, hold down the Volume up key and the power button. After 5 seconds, the Recovery mode will load. Here we look at the appearance. if you have the inscription Mi Recovery 3.0 in the corner, and below the button. Reboot (restart), Wipe Data (delete data) and Mi Assisstant, then we are dealing with stock Recovery. It is only useful in a situation where you are not trying to save information. In this case, feel free to erase everything, reboot and get a password reset;

then you’re in luck. You should select the item responsible for installing the update. Install / Apply Update, specify the path to the Reset_Lock archive and start the firmware. At the end of the procedure, we restart the Xiaomi smartphone (Reboot) and enjoy the result.

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If the options listed above are not available in your case, you should install custom Recovery.

  • If there is Root access (what is it, how to do it?), Then the easiest way is to download the TWRP application from Google Play, launch, select your gadget model from the list, download the corresponding img image of the current version for it, then activate it and get access to Recovery mode. And then you can follow the instructions I gave above;
  • If there is no ROOT and there is no access to the device (since it is locked), it is worth trying a more advanced method. We are watching a video (in English, but very useful) or looking for information on the network specifically for your device:

Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery

The software is paid, but useful. Here is the link to the official site.

Alas, the reality is that this is the only way to solve the problem and not lose contacts, software, personal files. Next, we will consider simple methods, but with complete removal.

Removing the pattern

I recommend that you first read the article on our website. The situation is discussed in detail there.

In general, the essence is as follows. we enter the password incorrectly several times, the system is blocked, it becomes possible to “remember”, enter the code from Mi / Google into the form. Simply!

But what to do when this information is forgotten.

If you need to restore access to your Google account (through which most Android services work). here is the link. and for the Mi profile, password reset is possible here.

Now you know how to unlock a Xiaomi smartphone if you have forgotten the password. Suddenly you have relevant and more advanced methods. share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Method 1. password recovery via Google account

If a Google account was connected and synchronized on your device, it will be easy to recover your password. All your personal data will be completely safe.

This requires several steps:

  • On the lock screen, you must enter the wrong password 5 times in a row, the inscription “Forgot your password?”.
  • By clicking on the inscription that appears in the next window, we see “enter username” and password from the Google account, of course, the device must be linked to the Google account.
  • The system will prompt you to change the smartphone password.
  • We enter a new password, repeat it and write it down or save it in our memory so as not to repeat the recovery procedure.

This method is the easiest, but only if your device is linked to a Google account.

Method 6. unlock using a PC

This method is good because your data on your smartphone will not be affected when using it.

  • You need to download the program from the Internet and install it on your computer or laptop.
  • Run the program, connect your smartphone via USB cable.
  • If you have any problems with the connection, you can use our instructions.
  • Click on the “Unlock phone” window that appears, put the smartphone into Recovery mode and wait a couple of minutes that are needed to download the recovery files to the phone.
  • After 2-3 minutes, your smartphone is fully unlocked and ready to use.

Method 2: restore access using Xiaomi’s own software

Resetting your password like this will not result in the loss of your personal data either.

Restoring access using the “Find my phone” function in the Google account settings on the computer

Google services allow you to remotely manipulate access to Xiaomi in the event that you were authorized on the phone under a Google account.

  • To do this, enter the following in the browser address bar:
  • You will be taken to a page with a list of Android smartphones that are registered to your account. Select the one for which you forgot the password.

Google will then ask you to verify your identity by re-entering your password.

Additional functions are now available, among which there is “Block”. Click on it, the phone will be locked and its login password will be reset. You will be prompted to create a new password, by entering it on the computer, after a minute you can enter it on the phone to unlock and gain full access.

Method 4. system reset (Hard reset)

If your smartphone has not been linked to any account, a complete system reset is required, or, as the experts call it, Hard Reset. This will completely reset all phone settings, delete all third-party applications and files, and all your contacts will disappear.

Therefore, before performing this operation, you must save all the important information that is stored on your device. You also need to charge your device to at least 80%. After completing all preparations, you can proceed to reboot your smartphone.

Hold down the power button at the same time as the volume up key. Hold for more than 10 seconds until the specific vibration of the smartphone, release the keys.

The phone will load the settings menu, where you need to select the Recovery item and then Wipe data. The smartphone will reboot and clear all data on the device, delete all previously set passwords and pattern keys.

You can use programs that require root rights, however, this option is only suitable for advanced users. In this case, it will be safer to contact specialists.

Method 3. reset a forgotten PIN using third-party utilities

The principle of operation of the password reset utilities is almost the same, so we will not go into the details of the utility.

After downloading and installing the Recovery TWRP application, you need to connect your smartphone to your computer. In the window that opens, select the required item (reset the PIN code or pattern), restart the phone.

If you do not speak English and are afraid that you will press “wrong”, then remove the flash card and SIM card before all operations.

The type of boot windows may differ in different versions of the phone firmware.

Resetting Ninebot Max back to factory settings


Hard reset Xiaomi Mi Band 2 device

How to factory reset Xiaomi Mi Band 2? How to erase all data on Xiaomi Mi Band 2? How to bypass screen lock in Xiaomi Mi Band 2? How to restore default settings on Xiaomi Mi Band 2?

This tutorial shows all hard reset methods for Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Check out how to perform hard reset by hardware keys and Android settings. As a result, your Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will be as new and your processor will run faster.

  • First, for this method to work, your band must be connected to a Mi account, and you need an Android device with the Mi fit app installed.
  • Open the Mi Fit app on your Android device, sign in to an account that is not associated with your group, or create a new one.
  • After login, click “No paired devices”
  • Then click on the “Band” option.
  • Remember to keep your group close to the device while it tries to pair them.
  • When prompted, click “Restore Factory Settings”.
  • After that, click on your band when you feel the vibration.
  • Enter the pin code of your group and click the “OK” button to reset it.
  • Then click “Got it” to finish.

If this solution helped you, share it with others to help them, and subscribe to our pages at. and Instagram