How to replace bearings on a stealth bike

The carriage in a bicycle, what is it, what is it for

Let’s analyze this device together. This information will help you figure out how and what needs to be repaired on your bike.

So, in the middle of the bike frame is the bottom bracket assembly. It is located in a container specially assembled for it. It’s called a glass. Look for cranks, pedals and sprockets nearby to accurately locate the bottom bracket.

The main purpose of this assembly on your bike is to attach the cranks to the frame of the bike, and provide torque as you depress the pedals. So without a working carriage there will be no working bike.

This device differs in size according to the bike model. There are also differences in the repairability. The most popular carriage units at this time are devices with a diameter of 68 mm. But this size can range from 110 mm to 122.5 mm.

Bicycle carriage assemblies are of the following types:

  • once used like a cartridge;
  • those that can be disassembled and repair and replace bearings.

The carriage, which cannot be disassembled, is installed in the bike frame. It serves until the bearings or the axle that make up it is completely unusable. Since such a unit is completely sealed, the operation of the device is possible for a long time, not only when you move measuredly and calmly, but also in extreme conditions.

A device that can be disassembled requires service. It is not necessary to contact a professional repair shop. I will tell you how to repair the carriage on a bicycle, how to replace a faulty carriage bearing on your own, without spending extra money on service.

You just need to replace faulty bearings and thoroughly lubricate the entire bike bottom bracket with grease.

How to replace a bottom bracket bearing on a bicycle yourself

After reading the article below, you will learn how to repair your bike bottom bracket by replacing the bearing.

All bicycle enthusiasts as well as cyclists are familiar with the term carriage mechanism. This device is under the greatest stress.

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Bug fixing, service, node cleaning

Once you have taken out the carriage, you can carefully inspect it for damage. If too much dirt and dust gets into the carriage assembly, the bearings become completely unusable and need to be replaced. This usually occurs after 5 years of use.

Carefully inspect all the parts in this unit. The carriage bearings are the first to break and break. Replace them with new parts.

At the same time, take a closer look at the condition of the clips with cups. If you see visual damage, also change these parts. Clean all other parts of the bike bottom bracket with solvent. The finest dirt is better removed with a special lubricating spray. At the end, wipe everything off with a napkin.

How to determine a malfunction

You will be able to find out about malfunctions in the mechanism of the bicycle carriage only when you rotate the pedals. It is quite difficult to visually verify the problem. You have to listen and pay attention to the sounds that the lower part of the frame makes. However, if all is not entirely bad, you will not hear anything. In case of heavy wear of the carriage bearing, you cannot go wrong with the characteristic sounds.

With a broken carriage mechanism, you will not be able to move quickly. In this you will be hindered by dirt and dust, which are clogged in all parts, as well as a lack of lubricants.

With all this, there is an unpleasant, annoying squeak and knock at the bottom of your bike. You may also find backlash that occurs due to broken, worn bearings or axle misalignment.

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To fully and fully make sure that you need carriage parsing, try another method. There is such a concept in cycling as standing riding.

You should do a little acceleration, while standing up and at the same time spin the bicycle pedals. If, at the same time, noises and unpleasant sounds intensify, it means that the carriage is jammed, and it is necessary to disassemble it for repair.


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How to replace and repair a bearing in a bicycle bottom bracket?

Absolutely all mechanisms wear out after a certain time, as they are subject to external environmental factors. They require service, repair, or complete replacement with a new part.

To make sure what actions need to be taken, you will definitely have to remove the bike carriage, figure out which parts have become unusable, and then make a decision: make repairs or make a complete replacement.

New instructions

We remove the carriage according to all the rules

To eliminate the detected malfunction, logically, you need to disconnect the broken unit from the bicycle frame. specifically, you need to get it out of a part called a glass. Let’s see how to do it yourself, without the help of specialists.

First, you need to decide what tools we need, and, accordingly, stock up on those.

The set of tools required for the process of removing the device from the bike frame:

  • use the connecting rod squeeze;
  • several wrenches. It will be very convenient to use an adjustable wrench if you do not know the size of the nuts;
  • flat screwdriver;
  • small hammer;
  • to remove the carriage from the glass, you need a special puller.

Before disassembling the mechanism, clean everything around the work area. Use a wet cloth to wipe off any dirt on the frame, on the connecting rods, and on the bottom bracket. It will be more convenient to repair if you wash the entire bike completely.

First of all, the connecting rods are freed from the plugs. Plugs are plastic covers. You just need to pry them off with a screwdriver and remove them. It is completely easy and simple to put them back.

The connecting rods are attached to the carriage with mounting nuts. They need to be unscrewed. At this stage, the use of pomace will come in handy by the way. The squeeze is put on top of the nut, and unscrewed with a wrench.

Pay attention to what type of thread. The direction in which you loosen or tighten the nut depends on it. There are different options. The right-hand thread can be on the left side (there is a decrease in the tightening force counterclockwise). Left-hand thread on the right-hand side, increase the tightening torque counterclockwise. There is only one thread to the right on both sides. You will see everything for yourself.

Next, remove the connecting rods. Insert the squeeze into each of them with the opposite end, and twist it inward. In order for the bolt to come off the axle, it is necessary to tighten it strongly in the middle of the connecting rod. Slowly it will start to move, and you can take it off. It is advisable to shoot where there are no transmission stars.

There are such special cups held by rings. The bicycle carriage rests on them. Place a screwdriver on the left. By tapping lightly with a hammer on it, you will ensure that the small ring turns to the left and pops off. Also, turning to the left, with a blow, you will get the cup.

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In the end, we found worn out bike bottom bracket bearings. Using the same screwdriver, prying the bearings, you will get them.

Using a removable device, remove the carriage shaft from the glass. This part, which rotates, performs the main function of the movement of bicycle cranks.

We disassemble the ZOOM shock absorber ourselves

For such a repair, we need to have some tools. Take care of the different screwdrivers in the set, you will need to use wrenches and wrenches. Use a hex wrench and a small hammer.

Clean and lubricate all parts. To do this, use a can of grease, soft rags and do not forget to use gloves.

Remove the front wheel from the beginning. The bike is turned over with the wheels up, the brake rims are unclenched, before this the clamping bow is folded back. The wheel can be removed immediately after removing the discs. Remove the wings and all existing devices at the same time.

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Next, put the bike on the wheels. Take out the steering wheel, the steering column is removed from the glass.

How is the column in the handlebars of a ZOOM bicycle

Signs that determine the removal of the fork from the ZUM bike and check its functionality

The front shock absorber system is designed so that there is a spring made of metal and a damper made of rubber. The shock absorber‘s performance is affected by shrinkage in the spring and when the rod is elongated elastomeric. All of these elements have a bad effect on the properties in the shock absorber, which becomes very hard. The setting does not affect the sound of the fork when passing obstacles.

If the steering wheel turns very tightly, there is a play, which means that the bearings are worn out, and the O-rings have become unusable. Check the inside of the plug for dirt, this also matters.

When the bike is in motion and you hear an abnormal grinding sound, it may need to be coated with lubricant and may need to be removed.

Any mechanical damage provides for unforeseen breakdowns in the entire system. If you find cracks on the top of the body and in the legs of the fork, it will need to be replaced.

New instructions


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In what queue do we collect the fork in the ZUM bike?

First, look at the ring in the bearing. Damage and broken edges are not allowed. If such things are present, the ring needs to be replaced.

  • The ring is put on the joint on the fork at the steering column.
  • Use an adjustable wrench and grab it from the outside.
  • Use a hammer to gradually press in the ring using light blows on the key jaws. Listen for sounds when the sound is weak and quiet. press on. And if there is a strong sound, then you have put the ring on your landing point.
  • The locking surface is lubricated with lithol, bucket or other special compounds.
  • Place the bearing on top of its balls. Apply lubricant here. Place the seal washer underneath the bearing part.
  • Insert the stem onto the glass and do all the removal work in reverse order.

To iterate over a spring-type damping fork:

  • Unscrew all fasteners from the bottom. Apply a hex wrench.
  • The main regulator in the shock absorber stroke has an adjusting bolt in the spring compression.
  • Now get rid of the damper, or elastomer stopper.
  • Take off your so-called pants. Get rid of the seals from them.

How to make repairs and replace the bearing on the handlebar column in a ZOOM bicycle

The steering mechanism in a bicycle depends entirely on the condition of the column, the so-called fork. The whole mechanism consists of a certain set of elements. When it breaks down, movement is impossible.

In this article, we will look at how to replace damaged bearings on the steering column of a ZOOM bicycle yourself.

The reasons for the creak of the bike fork ZUM

A squeak in the steering column of a bicycle, a knock, all sorts of bumps while the bike is moving means worn out parts, possibly water and dirt, there is no lubricant inside.

  • All impurities are removed from the inside.
  • The fork legs are gently wiped, the spring with seals should also be in order.
  • In case of malfunction, we replace worn parts.

During an external examination of the steering column of a ZUM bicycle, the fork legs are checked for external damage. Oil seals and anthers should not have mechanical damage, oil does not flow.

Check the pressure in the air chamber, and what is the condition and presence in the lateral backlash.

How are the bolts in the legs of the forks and adjusting knobs attached?

replace, bearings, stealth, bike

Change the bearing on a bicycle

The bicycle has long become for many not only sports equipment, but also a full-fledged means of transportation. This means that safety must be first of all, and bearings play a huge role in this. This part is present in several parts of the bike and will wear out over time, especially on long rides on rough or muddy roads. Regular lubrication will extend the life of the bearing, but sooner or later the time will come to replace it.

What types of bearings are used in the construction of bicycles?

Bearings are part of the moving parts of the transport. They are responsible for fixing the parts and ensure the smooth functioning of the mechanism, smooth rotation of the pedals.

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For each type of bike, there are different types of bearings. sliding, ceramic, rolling. Most often, it is rolling bearings that are used in the construction of bicycles, which, in turn, can be non-separable or bulk. The last option is a set of balls with cups that are built into the vehicle. The non-disassembled view consists of balls and two rings, and such bearings do not need to be adjusted, which makes them easy to replace.

How to change the bearing in the carriage?

The pedal / crank assembly is most damaged during riding. This unit, or as it is also called the carriage, functions largely thanks to the bearings. If they are damaged, the pedals will stop rotating as before, until they are completely blocked.

In an open carriage, bearings are provided in special bowls, which are located in the carriage glass and are built into the frame tube. With this type of carriage, bearings are replaced much more often than in a closed form, where the internal assemblies are reliably protected from dust and dirt.

Replacing the bearing is not complete without disassembling the carriage. This is necessary in order to clean the unit from dirt, dust that gets inside during movement, as well as for lubrication, and, of course, replacing the bearing itself.

  • First you need to turn the bike over and remove the cranks. Using a special wrench, you need to unscrew the nuts, and it is very important not to lose them, otherwise it will not be possible to assemble the structure back. When unscrewing, do not persistently press on the nuts, or tap with a hammer if they do not give way. Operate with sufficient force but careful not to damage the mechanism. When removing the connecting rod, it is best to use a squeeze or a puller.
  • After you have removed the connecting rod, proceed to dismantle the carriage. They also remove it using a special puller. But it is very important to remove the carriage on the left, so that the stars of the connecting rods are far enough.
  • Carefully clean the carriage glass, and then move on to the cups. To remove them, use the keys that are inserted into the grooves of the carriage.
  • After the cups are removed, we take out the faulty bearing, replace it with a new one, and assemble the entire structure in the same order in which the parsing took place. It is very important that after installation there are no displacements in the axle, and the connecting rods rotate smoothly. If tension arises in the rotary mechanism, you will have to re-disassemble the structure and identify the cause of the problem.

How to replace a bearing in a bicycle front fork?

The front forks of the transport use a bulk type of bearings. Such bearings consist of several balls, the number of which can be different. The part is replaced even if one of the balls is lost or worn out. To change it, you need to do the following:

  • Remove the wheel and unscrew the steering bolt.
  • Disconnect the washer and then unscrew the cup. If the cup is provided with a cage, the bearing balls will not crumble during removal, otherwise it will be necessary to ensure that all the balls remain in place.
  • Pour the bearing balls into a container and remove the plug.
  • Clean the cups and balls from dirt, rinse and dry thoroughly. If the problem in the bearing was only contamination of the balls, then after cleaning and lubricating them, the problem will be solved. If at least one damaged ball is found, all are subject to replacement without exception.
  • After cleaning / replacing the bearing, lubricate the cups and the axle, and then assemble the structure in the same way as disassembling.

These simple manipulations will allow you to change the bearing on the bike yourself.

Outboard bearing

A suspension bearing is an important part of a car, which, if it fails, can lead to costly repairs if measures are not taken in time to replace it. At the same time, you need to understand which outboard bearing is installed in the propeller shaft. If it is a removable view, it can be easily replaced if necessary. But when a problem arises with a non-removable bearing, not only the part itself must be replaced, but also the propeller shaft.

Outboard bearing design and function