How To Replace A Sprocket On A Speed ​​Bike

how to replace the rear sprocket on a speed bike

There are not many key parts in a speed bike. The main ones include the stars, which serve to switch speeds with the provision of gear ratios in the transmission. With the constant operation of the bicycle mechanism, worn sprockets are formed. This is facilitated by the usual physical process. friction. What is the threat? The chain starts to jam and simply slips deformed parts.

The problem that has arisen requires an immediate solution. If the question is ignored, then any movement on the road will turn into a solid negative. The model of a modern bike allows you to change a worn out part. Our article will tell you how to replace the rear sprocket on a speed or mountain bike.

Disassembly process of transmission cassette

Some theory beforehand. On the rear wheel there can be two variants of parts associated with gear shifting.

  • Transmission cassette. This product features modernity and innovative spline mountings that attach to the hub axle.
  • Ratchet. A somewhat outdated model typical of inexpensive speed bikes. The set contains no more than seven gears. As for the mount, it has a thread with external installation parameters.
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Let’s focus on the ratchet right away. Changing the rear chainring on a ratchet bike is not possible. Only change the entire component completely.

Therefore, the topic of the article will be a problem describing a situation when a bicycle cassette star needs to be replaced. As for the set of stars in the transmission, up to 11 pieces are possible, depending on the bike model.

Ratchet and cassette elements

So how do you change the rear sprocket on a speed bike? Consider the algorithm of actions.

  • Take the bicycle key for the rear wheel and dismantle it. We sequentially unclench the levers and loosen the fixing of the nut.
  • Now it is the turn for the axle nuts. Using another key, turn off the mount.
  • The next step involves unscrewing the bearing cone and pulling it out.
  • We take out the axis with all the elements.

Sleeve recessing process.

  • We take a special tool. a cassette remover. We insert it into the slots.
  • The whip is placed on the largest sprocket. We make rotational movements clockwise.
  • At the same time, using an adjustable wrench, the puller rotates in the opposite direction.
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The preliminary stage is over. Such simple actions are possible in ordinary household conditions. We emphasize that if more than one star is worn out, but several, it is better to replace the entire cassette at once. This option is also desirable if the largest star is damaged.

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And one more recommendation. We put all small parts, washers and nuts in a certain place, so that later we do not search all over the room

Star stripping process

How to change the rear sprocket on a bike after the first stage has already been passed.

  • Removing the mount.
  • Detach the cassette from the rear wheel.
  • We make a thorough inspection.
  • Determining Wear Sprockets.
  • We remove the worn out product.
  • Pay attention to the arrangement of the stars and the sequence of fasteners and washers between them.

Cassettes, compare favorably with ratchets, in that each worn part can be freely removed separately.

A separate recommendation would be to replace the chain, which is also worn out, along with the sprocket.

Stages of installing new stars

How does assembly work when replacing a bicycle cassette chainring?

Let’s look at the steps.

  • Install a new sprocket and fix it.
  • Assembling the cassette in reverse order.
  • Using a puller, mount the drum on the slotted area.
  • The drum must first be leveled.
  • Next, we carry out the process of assembling the sleeve. All actions described in the first paragraph are carried out in reverse order.
  • Install the rear wheel and fix it securely.
  • Put on the chain.
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It is imperative to check the smooth operation of the transmission. This procedure involves adjusting the rear derailleur.

If everything is done according to the proposed instructions, feel free to get on the bike and enjoy the ride.