How to remove the rear wheel on an e-bike

Removing a wheel

It will be easier to work if you do it in a place where it is convenient to approach the bike from either side. Dismantling wheels from a bicycle with rim brakes is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Release the brakes. unclench and bring the levers towards one another, then. lift the swing lock.
  • Loosen the chain. turn the wheels as much as possible, installing on the smallest sprockets at the back and front.
  • If the tires have a large diameter or large tread. release air.
  • Turn the “car” over, placing it on a special stand or just on the floor. The main thing is that the emphasis on the steering wheel and seat is stable, and the bike does not fall over. However, if it is equipped with a hydraulic brake system, this position is highly undesirable, since there is a high probability that air will enter the brake line. Keep the bike upside down as little as possible.

How to Remove the Rear Wheel on Your E-Bike | Fly Rides Two Minute Tips!

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Loosen the brakes
Loosen the chain
Unscrew the wheel

Loosen the chain before removing the rear wheel of the bike. To do this, you need to set the minimum gear ratio (asterisk). Further, the course of work depends on the type of attachment:

  • Nut. Install two keys on opposite sides of the wheel, keeping one stationary. Twist the second in the opposite direction clockwise. The nuts can be removed completely or only loosened to remove the wheel.
  • Eccentric. Loosen the fastening by lifting the lever up, on the back side. slightly unscrew it, making a couple of turns against the clock hand. Taking a rag in your hands, so as not to get dirty, take the wheel slightly to the side to remove it from the mount. The chain is removed last.

Before removing the front wheel, the eccentric clamp (located to the left of the hub) must be turned 180 °. On the right side of the sleeve, turn the nut a couple of turns. It remains to free the front wheel from the bike by removing it from the fork tip.

If the bike has disc brakes, then before removing the wheels, you need to take care that the discs do not accidentally close. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort on unclenching. To prevent this from happening, you need to insert an object into the slot (a piece of cardboard, folded paper) or a plastic plug (included in the kit).

Nut mount

When is it necessary

Like any vehicle, a bicycle must be inspected and repaired in a timely manner. One of the mandatory procedures is to separate one or all of the wheels from the frame. The reasons when dismantling is required may be:

How to Quickly Remove the Rear Wheel on a Speed ​​Bike for Repair

A high-speed bike means independence from public transport, city traffic jams, plus exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Like other means of transportation, it must be inspected and repaired on time. And that means you have to disassemble. One of the problems that beginners can face is how to remove the rear wheel on a bike at speeds and then put the element back in place. If this is done incorrectly, the deformation of the mechanism is not excluded.

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How to disassemble or reassemble the rear wheel of a speed bike

Removing the wheels from the frame is part of a mandatory bicycle maintenance procedure. Sooner or later, the wheel of even the most advanced bike will present surprises in the form of deformation of the rim, damage to the spokes, a burst tube or even the entire tire, as well as wear of the sprocket system for the rear wheel.

Experienced cyclists welcome self-repairing wheels, and it is no coincidence: it’s cheaper, and you will gain skills. You can also go to a good workshop, where the problem will be solved, perhaps faster, but not free of charge. over, the service is hardly located under the windows of the house, so the bike will have to be dragged, which is not very pleasant. To avoid this, it is better to tinker a little yourself, especially since there is nothing complicated about the wheels. Today we’ll talk about how to remove the rear wheel from the bike, repair it and assemble it correctly.

Replacing the bike camera

To remove the tire and remove the damaged chamber, it is necessary to remove the remaining air: the cap is unscrewed and the wheel is lowered by continuous pressing on the nipple. If there is no air in the tire, which is more often the case with punctures, then simply unscrew the cap.

To remove the tire, you need special paddles. Of course, you can pry the camera with a regular screwdriver and even a knife, but it is better to have a professional tool. With the help of assemblies, the tire is pushed on from the side opposite to the nipple. As soon as it starts to pull together, you need to pry the sides a little further, until a sufficiently free part of the tire is formed, and it can be safely pulled off the rim.

You need to tighten it very carefully so as not to damage the rim, you should not use too much force. When the tire is removed, remove the damaged camera and install a new one. The nipple is threaded into the hole in the rim, then the chamber is evenly distributed around the circumference.

Attention! The camera must lie flat, without kinks, otherwise you will have to reinstall it. There must be a flipper at the bottom of the rim to protect it from the spokes. If it is torn, you need to install a new one or get by with two layers of thin electrical tape.

Dealing with the problem

Removing the wheel from the bike may be necessary in various cases. For example, you have a puncture or your tires need to be replaced due to high levels of wear. But you never know what can happen. Someone will say that some kind of puncture does not require large-scale work. There may not be large-scale ones, but they are performed with knowledge of the matter. The quality of your work will determine how well you can continue to ride. And there is something to think about. Modern high-speed bicycles are produced by various companies and often with their own characteristics. It is on them that you need to pay attention.

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How to change a flat tire or tube on an electric bike with hub motor

For example, first you need to understand what kind of brake system is on the rear wheel of your bike. It is with him that all your work will begin. If you are a disc brake owner, then you shouldn’t have any problems. If the rim, then your actions will require a little more effort. If you forget about this kind of brake and do not release it, then you will never be able to remove the wheel, no matter how hard you try. So, we have decided on the brake, now we go directly to the process of removing the wheel.

How to remove the rear wheel on a mountain bike

Removing a wheel from a bike?

If you have never done something, then you may think that it is difficult to do it. If you have never removed the wheels from a bicycle before, then you may also be afraid that you will not cope, especially with the rear wheel (after all, there is a chain, a bunch of stars and this tricky derailleur!). But now we will tell you everything about this simple operation. There is nothing supernatural here. In short, we have already touched on this issue in the article on how to disassemble a bicycle, and now we will open this topic a little wider. You will have to remove the wheel not only if you need to disassemble the bike for transportation or storage, but also in order to replace the camera, tire or spokes (we will devote a separate article to what the wheels of a bicycle are made of). “.

How to remove wheels from a bicycle with rim brakes

If you have rim brakes, release them first. To do this, slide the brake levers towards each other and lift the cable lock up.

If you need to remove both wheels, release both brakes at once so that you don’t have to turn the bike over again. If you have tires with a large tread or they are large in diameter by themselves, then you will have to deflate a little air from the tubes. Now turn the bike upside down (if you have any accessories installed on your handlebars that can be damaged in this position, it is better to remove them in advance). The bike will stand stable enough for any operation, but if you have hydraulic brakes, it is better not to leave it in this position for a long time. air can get into the hydraulic line, which will entail a not very difficult, but tedious and time-consuming process of bleeding the brakes.

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How to remove the rear wheel of a bike

If you will be removing the rear wheel, to make it easier to do, loosen the chain as much as possible by switching it to the smallest sprockets. The wheel can be attached to the frame and to the front fork in two ways: with two nuts (less often) and with an eccentric. If your wheels are secured with nuts that screw onto the wheel axle, then you need two wrenches. You just throw one on one side and hold it in this position, and twist the other counterclockwise. It is not necessary to unscrew the nuts all the way; it is enough to loosen them to the extent that they do not interfere with the removal of the wheel. In the event that the wheels are fixed with an eccentric, then everything is even easier: you don’t even need tools. Pull the eccentric lever towards you, then, holding the axle on the opposite side, make a few turns counterclockwise until the wheel is free. Everything, the wheels can be removed. Yes, and the rear too: just lift it up and remove the chain from the stars.

How to remove wheels from a bicycle with disc brakes

If you have disc brakes, just in case, insert something into the pads, into the slot where the disc was: if they accidentally close, it is very difficult to release them. And if you don’t open it, don’t put the wheel on. The role of “something” can be, for example, a piece of paper folded several times. And sometimes new bicycles come with a special plastic plug.

The assembly is carried out upside-down. To make it easier with the rear wheel, bring it to the attachment point, put the chain over the sprocket and after that insert the axle into place. Make sure the axle fits into the groove all the way and symmetrically. Are you convinced that there are no difficulties in installing the wheels on the bike? But there is one caveat: in order for the protector to work as it should, it must be oriented in the right direction. For the convenience of orientation, an arrow is drawn on the tire. in this direction the wheel rotates when the bicycle moves. But the fact that the bike is upside down when installing the wheels can be misleading. Therefore, take your time. This does not apply to the owners of bikes with disc brakes. it is impossible to confuse here. Do not over-tighten the eccentric; put the brakes back in place. All.