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Many people still ask the question “what is a STELS bike?”, Although this trademark appeared on the domestic market back in 1998. Aggressive marketing, dexterous handling of resellers, and bargain-based bike have quickly built the company into the budget bike niche.

The low price of STELS bicycles consists of many components: equipment of a well-known brand, but of an amateur level, cheap frame material and the development of a bicycle in Russia. The latter saves money on customs, logistics and production costs.

It is this business model that has allowed the company to tightly occupy the niche of cheap bicycles, offering tasty that are lower than competitors operating in this segment.

Despite the low cost of the junior model range, all STELS bicycles are produced only by Russian enterprises using imported (Netherlands) equipment, and each part bearing the name “STELS” undergoes special tests and is purchased only from world famous suppliers.

STELS pays great attention to the appearance of bicycles, and experienced designers create an individual image for each bike so that it can delight the owner’s eye.

After the development of the market for cheap bicycles, a successful expansion to other markets began, and today STELS bicycles are widely represented in almost all niches. On sale you can find a children’s bike for 4,000 and an adult for 95,000 rubles.

In contrast to the beginning of its activity, now the company uses the whole range of attachments: from budget amateur to expensive narrow professional. In recent years, the range of frames has also significantly expanded; on sale you can find STELS bicycles with an aluminum or ultra-light carbon frame. But mutual cooperation with companies from the Russian Federation, the CIS and abroad allows Stealth to keep low prices, to fully take into account the wishes of customers.

Experts in Russia and abroad are convinced that Stealth has every chance of developing not only in Russia. Stealth mission “Quality bicycles at affordable prices” can be well received in any country in the world.

STELS bicycles are products of the Velomotors company, manufactured at the company’s factories in the city of Kubinka near Moscow and in the village of Krylovskaya, Krasnodar Territory. All of these bicycles have excellent value for money, which is in line with the company’s Mission.

STELS Navigator 890 D 26 (2015). 97 690 rubles.

  • Frame material: carbon (carbon fiber)
  • Front Fork: RST F1RST Air (air / oil)
  • Brakes: Shimano, 160mm
  • Brake type: disc (hydraulic)
  • Number of speeds: 30
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano SLX RD-M670
  • Front Derailleur: Shimano Deore FD-M611
  • Shifters: Shimano Deore SL-M610

Some Stels 2015 models:

STELS Navigator 790 D 27.5 (2015). 46 100 rubles.

  • Frame material: aluminum alloy
  • Front Fork: SR Suntour XCR-27.5
  • Brakes: Shimano, 180mm
  • Brake type: disc (hydraulic)
  • Number of speeds: 27
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Deore RD-M591
  • Front Derailleur: Shimano Alivio FD-T4000
  • Shifters: Shimano Deore SL-M590

STELS Navigator 500 V 26 (2015). 12 330 rubles.

  • Frame material: steel
  • Front Fork: Spring Elastomer
  • Brakes: ProMax
  • Brake type: rim (V-Brake)
  • Number of speeds: 18
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tourney RD-TX35
  • Front Derailleur: Shimano Tourney FD-TZ30
  • Shifters: Shimano Tourney SL-RS35-6 RevoShift

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Posted May 30, 2020.
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Model line Stealth

Transport for a small passenger has only the necessary functions. The manufacturer produces them in several colors so that you can choose a two-wheeled vehicle for a boy and a girl. For every age, the bike is matched with the appropriate wheel diameter.

In the line of the domestic company there are various models that differ from the products of other manufacturers by a rich package and adequate prices: all bicycles are equipped with luggage racks, metal fenders, footboards and side wheels, a horn.

Foot pedal braking is the best for small cyclists, but there is also a brake located on the handlebars on the bike, which allows you to get used to manual braking.

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Raising the handlebars on a kid’s bike is as easy as adjusting the tilt angle for a young rider to ride comfortably.

How to raise the handlebars on a Stels bike

In city parks and courtyards, with the onset of warm days, there are many cyclists, most of whom are children. Well, and among the vehicles on which they ride, the most popular is the Stels bicycle, on the handlebars of which there are soft pads and the chain is reliably protected. The structure can be adjusted for the child’s height by pulling out the seat and raising the handlebars on the stels bike.

Stels bicycles for children meet the market requirements and are a high quality product. Their advantages are simplicity, convenience and lightness. For the bike to grow with the baby together, it is enough to raise the saddle of the stels bike and the handlebar.

Handlebar height adjustment value

A properly adjusted handlebar is an important prerequisite for ride comfort and maneuverability. If it is easy to drive a two-wheeled vehicle, you can be confident in the safety of your child.

When adjusting the handlebar, do not forget that there is a close relationship between its height and the saddle and that a handlebar set too low negatively affects the bike’s handling, since the bike’s center of gravity shifts down, and the load on the front wheel increases and also increases. thrust.

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For children, the recommended angle of inclination of the steering wheel is in the range of 60-90 degrees.

Correct fit of the baby

Specialists for children to ride bicycles. This will only benefit the baby’s health. But, since at this age a figure is formed, it is important that the position of the child’s body during riding is correct.

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To fulfill this requirement, the bike must be selected strictly in accordance with the child’s height. A bike that is too small or bought “for growth” can harm the child, instead of good.

As the baby grows, it is advisable to choose models with an adjustable seat and steering wheel. A child should not touch the steering gear with their knees. But too much tilt of the torso is unacceptable.

These baby models are comfortable and safe for the baby.

Steering wheel adjustment procedure

The bicycle uses a threaded type of head tube, i.e. the latter is inserted inside the steering column and secured with a central locking nut.

This lock nut must be loosened if you need to lower or raise the handlebars of the children’s bike. Use the key for this. After this action is completed, set the head tube to the desired height and tighten the lock nut.

Next, they check the fit: if the baby sits bent over, the control is shifted higher. If he hits the steering wheel with his knees. change the inclination of the steering wheel.

To adjust the tilt, you need to unscrew the tie bolts and, turning the steering wheel back / forward, set the desired angle.

Important: when raising or lowering the steering wheel, watch the cables so that they do not get tangled by changing the inclination of the steering wheel, check if the fit has become comfortable. If not, try adjusting the seat.

With such a friend, every child’s childhood will be happy and full of adventures. It will help from an early age to keep a sense of balance, overcome obstacles, communicate with peers.

Removing the chain from a bike

Maintenance: DIY bike chain repair

Two-wheeled vehicle repair skills will help riders deal with difficult issues quickly and efficiently. The most common question of concern is how to remove the chain from the bicycle. At any time, unforeseen situations or the need for maintenance of equipment may arise and therefore a few recommendations will help.

Work process

Removing an element with a lock does not take much time and effort. Today there are several varieties of this bicycle chain device, but the principle of their opening is similar. It is necessary to close the axles and remove the cover. For convenience, you can use pliers, it is also good if you have pliers for opening at hand. Thus, the whole procedure does not take much time and it will be possible to quickly remove the malfunction, change the part or remove the chain from the bike.

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If there is no lock, then you need to make some effort. For work, you need a special squeeze. It is a tool with which it is very convenient and easy to squeeze out a pin. To work, place the chain link so that the release axle is directly opposite the pin. Then you need to twist the handle and squeeze out the pin itself. It is very important not to allow it to pop out, otherwise it will be very difficult to insert the pin into place correctly. Further, the bicycle chain can be replaced or repaired.

There are also some points that Honor should follow when working. For example, there was repeated removal of the same bicycle chain, then the next time it is necessary to open another link and segment, because after this process it loosens a little. Also, some models of pomace may have two seats and you need to fasten the link carefully, correctly and carefully.

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When is it necessary?

This procedure may be needed at the following points:

  • Replacing an old part with a new one;
  • Installation of new speed switches on the transport;
  • To make the chain shorter;
  • To clean the element.

Design and its features

The bicycle chain is a fairly simple metal structure that is designed to transfer the drivetrain from the drive sprocket to the driven one. Component elements:

The main difference between the different types is the distance between the rollers and the width. In some modes of transport, this part may be part of the gearshift system. This detail is important and requires special attention.

A bicycle chain requires regular maintenance, cleaning and repair to function properly. Periodic lubrication and flushing will ensure that the equipment works well, and every few thousand kilometers the chain must be replaced with a new one. There is also a certain indicator of the degree of elongation (0.5%), that is, the pores when a new part is needed. Without special tools for measuring, you can determine the degree of wear as follows: you need to install the element on the largest sprocket (leading) and pull it off, moving it away from the teeth. If the resulting space contains more than 4 teeth, then the bicycle part must be urgently replaced.


This handlebar design is versatile and can only be used on certain bicycles that are designed for long rides. The main advantage of the steering wheel is the curved edges that resemble ram’s horns. Thanks to this design, the cyclist can constantly change the position of his hands while riding, and with such a steering wheel there are more than enough options for posture.


Before servicing a bicycle handlebar, you need to study its device, that is, find out what it consists of. The steering column is not one spare part, but a whole complex of parts, which consists of several parts:

  • crossbar;
  • takeaway;
  • steering tube;
  • head tube.

The last three parts are always identical. These are standard mounts that are used to mount the crossbar to the frame itself. But the first detail on the list is the handlebar of the bicycle, on which you can attach speed switches, brake levers, a bicycle computer and other accessories.

As a rule, only the crossbar is damaged when the bike falls. The head tube, glass and stem always remain intact. In this case, it is necessary to replace the crossbar and adjust it as accurately as possible. The following describes how to do it correctly.

Selection Tips

If you decide to change the steering wheel of a bicycle, but have not yet decided on the choice, then the following recommendations will help you pay attention to important nuances:

  • Hand position. You’ve probably noticed that each riding style differs from the other in the position of the hands. This is a very important point. For example, when traveling for a long time, your wrist may become numb or you may experience back pain.
  • Body position. If you have a road bike, then you need to choose a handlebar with horns that can improve aerodynamics.
  • Handlebar diameter. The handlebar switches are very important. The correct diameter determines which switches you can install.
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Each wheel has its own pros and cons, and this must be taken into account. It is recommended to choose it for your riding style.

Steering wheel on BMX

BMX bicycles, like road bikes, have their own unique handlebar designs. This type of transport is intended exclusively for jumps and all kinds of tricks. Since the load on such a bike is constantly high, it is necessary to install a handlebar that will differ in power.

The shape of this steering wheel is somewhat similar to the walking type and differs only in the material of manufacture. If the walking wheel is made of aluminum, then the wheel on a BMX is only made of high-strength metal, steel. As for the switches, they are completely absent here. Adjusting the speed on the handlebars of the bike will only interfere, and the braking system is superfluous here, since the speed on such bicycles is low.

It is worth noting again that this bike is solely for doing stunts. If you want to travel long distances, then BMX is the last option you can choose. Better to walk this path than pedal on such a small bike.

How to eliminate backlash

Under the influence of vibration, the control nut on the steering wheel can loosen, and then play will appear. How can it be identified? To do this, we place the bike on a perfectly flat surface and apply the front brake. Then push the front fork forward with a jerk, and if you feel a kickback in the steering column, then there is a backlash, and you need to get rid of it. How to do it?

First, unscrew the top bolt, which is located on the crossbar. After that, we install the crossbar to its original place, tighten the control nut tightly and again check the steering wheel for backlash. Many are interested in why it may arise.


This handlebar looks like a regular tube with a slight bulge in the center. It is often installed on mountain bikes or hybrids. Thanks to this shape of the steering wheel, the cyclist feels confident on any road, especially on rough terrain. This design can be seen in cross-country or other extreme cycling competitions.

It is highly discouraged to use this type of rudder for long distances. Back pain and numbness in the hands will appear after a couple of kilometers. To avoid this, it is recommended to install special horns on the handlebars of the bicycle, thanks to which you can change the position of the arms and back from time to time.


When purchasing a new rung, you must install it correctly. Adjusting your bike’s handlebar involves aligning the bar precisely perpendicular to the front wheel. It is also important to choose the optimal height. To do this, loosen the control nut on the steering tube and set the steering wheel as level as possible. Then tighten the nut tightly.

The height of a bicycle’s handlebars is largely dependent on the height of the rider. Therefore, there are no clearly established rules, everyone decides for himself what height of the crossbar is preferable to him.

Types of steering columns

The steering column can be of several types:

  • Threaded. All the elements that make up this column are considered classic and, as a rule, are installed on budget bikes. At the top there is a standardized chamfer to which the head tube is attached.
  • Integrated. This column is a threadless system. Its main difference from the rest is the absence of cups. That is, the bearings fit directly into the head tube.
  • Semi-integrated. This design can contain not only industrial bearings, but also standard ones. The integrated column contains only industrial.

Each of them has its own pros and cons. For example, the semi-integrated steering column is very convenient when adjusting the steering wheel height. Threaded column is less durable than others, but very affordable as it sells for a low price.

We examined several varieties of bicycle columns, now let’s deal with the main part of the handlebar. the crossbar.