How to remove rubber grips from bicycle handlebars

How to remove and raise the handlebars on a bicycle

Types of mounting a bicycle handlebar

It turns out that the design of the bicycle handlebar mount is different, so the approach to adjusting it in height also differs on different types of bicycles.

Threaded mount, with the stem secured in the steering column using a wedge lock. This design is most often used on budget, but the most popular city bikes or road bikes. It is characterized by the simplicity and clarity of the approach to the issue of removing, installing, adjusting the bicycle wheel in height. But this design is heavy, and therefore it is not used on sports bicycles popular today.

Threadless mount, with the stem fixing in the steering column using an expanding anchor, and additionally with a stem clamping collar. This bicycle handlebar design is characterized by its structural simplicity and lightness. Most often used on modern sports bicycles. But in the matter of adjusting the steering wheel in height, it is characterized by ambiguity and multivariate approaches.

Removal, installation and height adjustment of the steering wheel with a threaded fastening

In order to remove or adjust such a bicycle wheel in height, you must:

How to remove the rubber handle grips off your bicycle handlebars

  • using a wrench of the appropriate size, loosen the fixing nut on the top of the steering tube;
  • use a wrench of the appropriate size to loosen the expansion screw of the wedge-retainer (at the upper end of the structure), so that there is a play in the bicycle steering wheel attachment;
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pull out the steering wheel assembly and remove it from the steering tube, or adjust it to the installation height (raise or lower), then tighten the wedge-retainer screw and the fastening nut in sequence.

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Why remove and raise / lower the steering wheel?

The zero, or universal level of a bicycle handlebar is considered to be its height, which is equal to the height of the saddle. If the level of grip on the handlebars is higher than the level of the saddle, the handlebars on the bike are considered high. If the hand grip is below the level of the saddle, the handlebar is considered low. The interdependencies are as follows:

  • the higher the handlebars, the straighter the cyclist’s seating position, the more relaxed the back and arms, and the more comfortable but slower cycling. This position is suitable for long and comfortable riding, but not suitable for high-speed.
  • the lower the handlebar, the lower the position of the cyclist’s body, closer to the horizontal, aerodynamically streamlined, the ergonomics of the muscle frame approaches the most effective, but the muscles of the back and arms in this position are constantly tense. This position of the cyclist is used for short-term high-speed riding, but is not suitable for prolonged stay in the bike.
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Removal, installation and height adjustment of a handlebar with a threadless mount

In this design, removing / installing a bicycle wheel and adjusting it in height are often different concepts and operations.

With the removal and installation of such a bicycle handlebar, everything is more or less clear and monotonous, it must actually be disassembled into parts:

  • loosen the armature screw (at the upper end of the steering tube) with a hex wrench;
  • we also loosen the stem clamp screws with a hexagon or wrench;
  • remove the stem with the steering bar assembly.

But the regulation of its height is not so unambiguous, and has options:

  • After removing the steering wheel, by placing washers-spacers between the stem and the head tube. But the range of such adjustment is insignificant, limited to a few centimeters.
  • By purchasing an adjustable stem. Everything is clear here. on such a stem, the adjustment is made by a built-in mechanism (there are different designs), easily and quickly, literally on the go or at a short stop.
  • By adjusting the stem height. Conceptually, everything is simple. a new stem of the required height is bought, the old and new stem are swapped. But you won’t be able to do it quickly. maximum, just before each trip.
  • By selecting the steering bar, according to the lifting height of the handles. The principle is the same as in the selection of the stem. I bought the right steering wheel, installed it, took a ride, got tired. replaced it with another one, with a different lifting height of the handles.
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How To Remove/Install Bike Handlebar Grips

Thus, if you have a sports bike and would like to be able to change its height adjustment quickly, right while riding, there is practically no alternative to an adjustable stem. Although, as an option, you can purchase and install a multi-position bicycle wheel. a ram, a butterfly and others. Multi-position handlebars allow you to get away from the problem of changing the position (position) of the cyclist during the trip even easier than the adjustable stem.