How to remove handlebars from a bicycle

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Removing the grips from the handlebars

Bicycle handlebars come in different types and are made from different materials. The most popular ones are sold with a bike. these are simple rubber grips. There are also foam pens. Grips with clips. will be comfortable for aggressive riding for better fixation on the handlebars.

Removing the foam rubber handles from the handlebars is not a problem, we just take and pull them off. To remove the grips with the clamps, you need to relax by unscrewing the clamps, then they are removed quite easily like foam rubber. To remove the rubber grips (grips) from the steering wheel. little tweaks need to be applied, as the rubber can adhere firmly to the metal handlebar and there may be problems with removal.

To easily remove the handle from the steering wheel, we need to moisten it inside. This can be done in several ways, for example, you can gently pry the rubber grip with a small flat screwdriver or a spoke and pour water under the handle.

The next option, if you have a syringe with a needle, it is enough to pierce the handle in the middle, or slip the needle under the grip and release the water, then pulling the handle off the bicycle handlebars will be quite easy.

After the grips are removed, we need to put on new ones or the same ones. To put the handles on the handlebars of the bike, you need to moisten them inside with water or alcohol, and slowly pull them over the handlebars. It is convenient to wet with alcohol because it evaporates faster than water, and as long as there is water under the grips, the handle will turn easily, which is not convenient when riding a bicycle. There is another way to put on the grips. by warming them up in hot water, but it is only worth remembering about safety precautions. Since the grips will be hot, it is necessary to do this with gloves, so as not to be obliged.

How to remove the handlebars from the handlebars video

If the grips on the steering wheel spin while driving, you must remove them and wipe the surface of the steering wheel where they are located, the reason for this may be accumulated dust or dirt. Then dress them in a convenient way for you on a clean surface and go.

Removing the grips from the steering wheel

A couple of days ago, a discouraged reader wrote to me who complained that he could not get the grips off the steering wheel in any way.

Indeed, some grips have a very narrow fit, so much so that putting them on and off turns out to be a very painful task.

The installation is relatively simple. take some soapy water and wipe the ends of the steering wheel. On the soap, the grip fits perfectly into its rightful place, after a few hours the water dries up, everything is fine.

And what to do when such harmful grips need to be removed. this may be necessary, for example, when changing brake levers or shifters. If you act in a standard way, that is, pull them together with the power of the hands and such and such a mother, then an unforgettable experience is provided.

I remember removing the stock rubber grips from the hybrid to put the long horns in the center of the handlebars, Italian style.

These seemingly decent Ritchey grips made me remember all the swear words I’ve ever heard. As it turned out, there is a more elegant solution that helped me in subsequent operations on this topic.

remove, handlebars, bicycle

So, in order to quickly and easily remove the grips, you again need soapy water and any syringe. We collect water, drive the needle between metal and rubber, and make an injection. After that, the rebellious grip gets off the steering wheel almost by itself.

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I heard that some instead of soap used oil or wd40, but in my opinion, this is not entirely correct. the oil can be absorbed into the material of the grip, and then it will scroll.

Option number two is a little more gimmicky. You need to take the bike to the kitchen or bathroom, and put the grip under hot water. Once it warms up, it pulls off the steering wheel easily enough.

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Probably, more experienced cyclists are well aware of this procedure (or vice versa, they did not encounter a problem at all), but this trick may well come in handy for beginners.

As for which grips to choose, I would advise my readers to either the ergonomic Ergon or the neoprene Ritchey WCS Truegrip Ergo The latter are very pleasant to the touch and dampen vibrations thanks to the foam material.

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We change the grips ourselves

Bicycle handles or grips are specialized attachments that provide a firm grip on the handlebars and a safe ride. They are made, as a rule, from silicone fabric or rubber of varying degrees of hardness.

Medium rubber grips. do not rub your palms, do not slip, provide tight contact with the steering wheel.

Rigid rubber grips. they are more durable and stable, but with poor shock absorption and can rub your palms. When choosing such a model, you should stock up on cycling gloves.

Foam. lightweight, good shock absorption and traction, but short-lived.

Silicone is the most expensive and convenient option: excellent shock absorption, stability, no slip from water.

Ergonomic grips with anatomical grooves are adjusted to the shape of the palm so that the hand is fixed in the correct position and relieves a significant load on the wrist, which is very convenient for long trips. These are premium grips in the most expensive price range.

For better grip on the steering wheel, it is also advisable to use special cycling gloves.

What to do if the handles turn?

If the handles scroll or do not sit tightly, dirt or water has gotten under them, they must be removed, the surface of the rod must be dried, the diameter of the parts must be checked to within a millimeter, and only then reinstalled on the steering wheel.

For tighter fixation, you can apply glue before installation. Momentum on the surface of the rod.

But this method is not reliable, since the handles can fly off during operation, it is better to carefully select the dimensions before buying an accessory.

How to remove old pens

Before changing the grips, they must be pulled off the bar, the easiest and most popular method of removal is a soap solution and a syringe.

A syringe needle pierces the old handle along the perimeter, a water-soap solution or liquid soap is poured into the inner cavity, after which it can be pulled or twisted from the steering wheel.

This method is only suitable for soft rubber nozzles, plastic or leather handles are best pulled off with a solvent.

The second method of removal: pry a flat screwdriver under the handle and pour the solvent into the inner area, after which it will easily slide off the surface of the rod (if this does not happen, you need to pour the solvent again).

You can remove the handle with clamps as follows: unscrew the clamps with a hexagon, pull off the attached plastic plugs, pull the handle in your direction and pull off with one jerk. This method requires considerable physical effort.

Also, the handles can be simply cut off with a sharp razor or a clerical knife: make one or several cuts along the entire length and pull off.

After the old nozzle has been removed, you should thoroughly clean the rod from dirt, dry it and only then start installing new handles.

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Removing the grips from the handlebars

Old grips, if they are no longer needed, can simply be carefully cut off with a sharp tool. In this case, the main thing is not to scratch the surface of the steering wheel. If you still need this pair of handles, there are several easy ways to remove and put them back in without damage or much effort.

The first and, perhaps, the most harmless way for the bike and its further functioning. You need to take a regular 20 ml syringe, draw water into it, and use a needle to inject water between the handle material and the rudder tube on each side. In this case, the grip can be removed quickly and easily. Surely, there is no need to remind you that before removing the old grips from the bicycle handlebars, you must first remove the barrends (plugs) and loosen the fixing rings, if any.

Some experiment with other liquids, such as vegetable oil, soapy water, or alcohol. An important point: if you immediately put on new grips after that, you will have to wait a little until the water / oil / alcohol wears out and the handles do not turn. Depending on the type of liquid used, as well as the material of the pen, the period can be from 15 minutes (in the case of alcohol) to a day (if oil was used).

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If the handle is too tight on the handlebars, you can pierce it with a syringe needle in several places and pour water. Rubber, non-rigid grips can be heated in hot water and can be removed easily. For the same purposes, it is convenient to use a hairdryer or an electric kettle with boiling water.

How to tighten new attachments

At the beginning, check the diameter of the handles, they should fit the size of the rod (22-23 mm), the tighter the handle is put on, the less likely it will slide off.

It is most convenient to install the handles with cable ties to guide the movement, start pulling on the steering wheel with ties, pull them out after installation.

The handles with locking rings are easy to pull and bolt in place. This model is the most optimal, it holds well and does not scroll during operation.

A simple grip is installed with alcohol or soapy water, so a sliding moment is created and it can be easily pulled onto the bar.

The disadvantage of this method is that the handle can be scrolled, then it must be removed, dried and tightened again.

A hard rubber model should be steamed in boiling water or a hair dryer before installation. You can use the bike only after the grips are completely dry.

So that the grips do not move off the steering wheel, they are fixed with grips, special plugs that will protect the parts from mechanical damage.

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How to remove old grips and put new ones on the handlebars

In the previous article How to choose grips (handlebars) on a bicycle handlebar, the types of grips were considered, what materials they are made of and what to look for when choosing them.

In this article, we will look at how to remove old and install new grips on the steering wheel with the least investment of time, physical and mental strength.

How to put a grip on a bicycle handlebar

The process of putting the handles on the steering wheel is very similar to removing.

First of all, check the diameter of the grips. they should exactly fit the diameter of the bicycle handlebars. Usually the diameter of the handlebars at the ends is 22.2 mm or 23.8 mm. How to find out the diameter of the handlebars on a bicycle can be read here.

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The tighter the grip is put on the steering wheel, the tighter it will hold, it will not spin and slide off the steering wheel.

If your handlebars have locking rings, then to install them, simply put on the grips on the handlebars and tighten the bolts on them.

There is one little secret when putting on the grips: they need to be moistened inside to reduce friction. You can just moisten it with water, water and soap, sunflower oil (only a little bit of it is needed), then the grips will put on the steering wheel much easier. True, with this method, the water from the grip will dry for a long time, sometimes more than a day and it is not advisable to ride a bike all this time.

To avoid this, you can lubricate the steering wheel before putting on the pens with alcohol or any alcohol-containing liquid, even cologne. Then the alcohol will evaporate much faster and you can ride without fear that the handles on the steering wheel will fly off or will scroll.

You can spray hairspray inside the grips and put them on the steering wheel immediately. Then, during putting on, the varnish plays the role of a lubricant, and after drying. the role of glue.

And one more way. If you have very hard grips, you can put them in boiling water for a couple of minutes. After such a bath, they will become softer and can be quickly pulled onto the steering wheel. After cooling, the handles will be firmly attached to the steering wheel.

If you don’t feel like messing around with boiling water, try heating them with a hairdryer.

There is also a method using knitting needles to put on foam grips. We take 3-4 thin knitting needles or hard wires. You can use plastic clamps instead of knitting needles, about five or six. We insert them into the grip evenly around the entire circumference and then simply pull them onto the steering wheel, driving the grip along the spokes like a slide. At the end, we take out the knitting needles and that’s it.


How to properly remove the grips and replace them with new ones

Grips. like any other accessory tends to wear out, so the time comes when they need to be changed. Of course, you can give your bike to a specialist who can easily cope with this task, but why waste money? But it is worth noting that after several years of operation, it becomes very difficult to remove the grips, since they cannot be easily pulled off the steering wheel, which is why it is necessary to learn how to do it correctly. The grips are very difficult to remove, at least for the reason that they cannot walk freely on the handlebars, they must sit tight to provide the cyclist with a hard pressure on them. If the grips have a special lock, thanks to which they are fixed on the steering wheel, then it is obvious that initially you will have to disconnect the retainer, and then proceed to replace the grips themselves. There have also been cases when the locking latch has become so tightly attached to the steering wheel that sometimes there is no other way out but to cut it off and throw it away. In this case, you will have to additionally purchase a brand new retainer (often the retainers come with grips of a certain company). It is worth noting that the best way to remove the grips is. this is a method of twisting with rotational movements around the steering axis.

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Currently, there are four main ways to remove old grips. such as:

If, with the grips, it is in no way possible to remove them from the steering wheel, due to the fact that they are firmly attached to the iron steering wheel, then it would be best to cut them off and throw them away. It will be possible to cut off the grips correctly using an ordinary knife, with which we make an incision on the surface of the steering wheel and remove the accessory. I note that the best solution in replacing the grip is to get rid of the old one. This is because removing such an accessory without damage will become a real problem for you. 2. In case you still decide to keep the old grips. then this method will help you in this case. In this case, it will be necessary to replace the brake levers, while doing this must be done carefully so as not to damage them. over, often grips cannot simply be twisted off the steering wheel, in which case many use a special WD type grease. To do this, you need to insert a screwdriver between the iron handle of the bicycle and the grip. pour grease there, and then try to twist the grips. Also, when lubricating the steering wheel, it is important to remember that it is necessary to apply the fluid in several places at once, and it is desirable that the grease lies on the entire area of ​​the grips. over, in this case, if you nevertheless removed the accessory, the steering wheel must be quickly and dry after lubrication. Otherwise, the grease remaining on the handlebars will prevent you from installing a new grip. which will no longer be able to lie so tightly on the steering wheel. 3. This operation, which I described above, can be tried in another way, namely with a syringe and a needle. In this case, the creeps itself must be pierced with a syringe and soapy water or liquid soap should be poured under its material. Ultimately, the grips tend to be lubricated, after which they can be safely rolled off the handlebars. It is also worth noting that this method only works well with rubber grips. since plastic or leather pens are difficult to syringe. But even under such circumstances, twah. grease can be applied to the ends of the grip. where you will need to hold the needle. It is important to remember that when using any oil, it is necessary to take into account the properties of the material from which the grips are made. since they must not absorb the lubricant. Therefore, think carefully before experimenting with regular oils and grips. 4. There is also a final method for removing the grip from the handlebars, but this is not the most common way to replace an accessory. Also, not all types of grips will be suitable for this method. The essence of the method is that when removing the grip. it must be poured over with boiling water or just hot water and left for a while. In this case, the accessory will become slightly softer, which will allow the cyclist to remove the grip from the handlebars.

How to put a grip on a bicycle handlebar

After successfully getting rid of the old grip. you can approach the second stage, namely, putting the accessory on the steering wheel. Note that putting the handles on the steering wheel is very similar to the process of removing.