How to remove a tire from a bicycle wheel by hand

How to disassemble a wheel at home

If you find yourself in an unpleasant situation on the road, you can simply remove the wheel and put on the “spare wheel”. But such a step will not always be the only one when solving the problem; it may be necessary to perform wheel trimming. a more complex operation.

Removing the tire begins with a preparatory stage. you need to prepare the tools. Nothing special is required, but basic tools for the car owner are required (hammer, jack, set of keys, mounting blades, steel angle). In addition, a solvent or turpentine can be useful to dismantle the rubber “welded” to the tire.

Quick Cycling Tip: How to Remove a Tight Tire the Easy Way

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It is necessary to remove tires yourself in a certain sequence:

  • The first step is to dismantle the wheel. To do this, use a jack to raise the vehicle from the desired side. Next, you need to unscrew the mounting nuts and remove the wheel. It is advisable to lower it, and also pre-squeeze the places of contact of the rubber with the disc.
  • The next step is directly disassembling automobile rubber. This operation is performed using assembly blades, which ensure high accuracy and allow the tire to be removed without damage. In addition, a pre-prepared steel corner is used, slightly rounded in advance so as not to damage the rubber.
  • Remove the tire from the disc carefully so as not to damage it.
  • After the entire tire is out of the disc, slowly remove the tube. At this stage, the question of how to remove the rubber from the disc itself is closed. Next, you need to either replace the tire with a new one, or vulcanize the old rubber.

Installation is carried out in reverse order.

How to get Bicycle tire off the rim without tools (better)

If the rubber is “stuck” to the disc, it will be very difficult to remove it. Do not try to forcefully pull the tire off the rim, you will only damage it. Use a commercially available liquid such as alcohol or thinner. Pour liquid over the desired area of ​​the wheel, wait a few minutes and calmly with your hands, using a spudger, remove the old rubber. Do not forget to wipe the tire section dry after the operation.

Many modern cars are equipped with tires that do not have a tube / tire separation. This design is called a tubeless tire and its bead is slightly different from the standard type of automotive rubber. It is much more difficult to shoot it. Structurally, a tubeless car wheel consists of a disc and a tire. The latter consists of an inner and outer layers. Air is trapped between the inner layer of the wheel and the disc. When punctured, the tire does not immediately lose pressure, which allows the car to drive to a service station or garage.

The design of tubeless tires provides for the presence of special bulges or “humps”. When pressure is created inside, the joints of the tires are sealed, which significantly complicates the removal of tubeless rubber with your own hands. Many car owners with such tires do not even know about the possibility of self-repair. In fact, you can shoot a tubeless wheel with your own hands, the main thing is a certain dexterity and skills. You will also need a special device to create higher pressure on the rubber to separate it from the disc.

If a situation when a car repair is needed happened far from a service station or garage, you can also remove tubeless rubber from a car disk with your own hands. In this case, it will be much more difficult to put on and pump such a tire. It is necessary not only to put on the tire, but also to ensure that its bead jumped over the “hum” of the wheels. For these purposes, gasoline or ether is used, which is poured through the valve into the inside of the tire, leaving a little fuel on the side of the tire. Next, you need to set fire to the gasoline on the side and, with the help of a few blows, push the rubber inward, setting fire to the vapors inside. A small explosion will occur, which will put the rubber on the disc and extinguish the gasoline on the surface. After that, you can turn on the compressor from the car kit to create the necessary pressure in the tires.

A few tips for those who will do their own tire beading:

  • when assembling after removing the tire, do not ignore the correspondence between the dimensions of the chamber and the discs;
  • it is impossible to allow misgrading between the axles and sides of the car (install different types of rubber);
  • dirt is not conducive to durability and can lead to pressure loss;
  • do not remove the tire using a screwdriver or other sharp object, you risk damaging the rubber product, use special mounting blades or metal corners with rounded edges for removal.

You won’t have to remove discs too often, but certain skills and tools must be present.

How to remove a tire yourself

Replacing rubber for motorists is a common task. Car owners are engaged in its solution when switching from summer tires to winter tires, when replacing old tires with new ones, in case of damage or punctures. As a rule, tire installation is carried out by service station workers, but no one bothers to learn how to do this operation with your own hands. over, situations may arise when the ability to skate the tire with your own hands will be simply necessary (an unforeseen situation on the track far from the service station, in order to save money).

In general, the procedure is not complicated and with some skill it can be performed by any car owner. In this case, it is necessary to have a set of tools. a jack, a wheel wrench, mounting blades or a pry bar, a weighty hammer or a semi-hammer. In addition, you need to know certain “secrets” that will help to dismantle the tire with minimal effort in a short period of time.

How to make a device for self-parsing wheels

In order to remove the rubber from the rim with your own hands, you can use improvised materials or build a homemade disassembly machine. The design of such a machine is elementary and consists of several elements:

  • frame. consists of several shaped pipes arranged in parallel; corners can be used for connection;
  • vertical tube. attached to the frame and designed to mount the lever used to remove the tire, also used as a platform for the disc;
  • machine tube, which is welded to the handle and serves as a lever to effectively remove the wheel.
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Only use high quality materials to assemble the tire removing machine. The loads are very heavy and can cause serious injury or damage to the wheel.

The base of the machine must be as reliable as possible. To create it, use high quality profile pipes. The distance between the pipes must be at least 70 cm, which will ensure the stability of the entire structure for manual removal of rubber. It is best to connect the pipes together with a steel angle or a pipe of a smaller diameter.

It is convenient to remove tires at the optimum height for a particular person. In this case, the legs with adjustable height can be welded.

The next element of the machine is a vertical tube welded to the frame. The pipe diameter should be 20-30 mm. An indispensable element of this pipe is a flange welded at a height of 400-600 mm.

In addition, the vertical tube contains fasteners. a metal plate, which serves to fasten the lever used for disassembling the rim by hand. The lever greatly simplifies the dismantling procedure. It consists of two elements. a shoulder and a leg, which directly acts on the collapsible tire.

With the help of such a machine, you can easily disassemble all the wheels of a car with your own hands without the involvement of specialists from the service station.,

How to remove a tire

Practical advice on how to remove a tire from a wheel rim with the least amount of effort.

I often see how people are tormented when boring a wheel, and although there is nothing supernatural in this procedure, many manage to break plastic mounting blades and end up buying metal ones. In my short cycling practice, I have explained and shown many times how to do it quickly and easily, and sometimes even do without editing. Therefore, I decided to drop a couple of lines here, maybe someone will fit.

So, take the wheel, let the air out of it. The less air in the tube, the easier it is to remove the tire.

Separate the tire from the edge of the rim and move it to the middle. Almost all rims have a groove in the middle, the diameter of which is less than the diameter of the tire beads.

We start from the side opposite to the camera nipple.

Shifting the beads of the tire into the groove of the rim

And thus we move along the rim from both sides, driving the “wave” towards the nipple.

As a result, the tire bead rises above the edge of the rim.

Now it is enough to slightly pull the tire, pick up the bead with a tire bar and effortlessly throw the bead of the tire over the edge of the rim.

Next, we carry out the mount along the rim and the tire bead easily jumps off.

That, in general, is the whole procedure. The second bead of the tire is removed in the same way as the first.

When putting on tires, we do everything in the same way, but before throwing on the second side, you need to slightly pump up the camera and make sure that it is not twisted or jammed anywhere.

Sorting a bicycle wheel at home

If you are an avid cyclist and assume that in the future you will more than once remove / replace tires on the wheels of your bike, then it makes sense to purchase or make a do-it-yourself boring machine. It greatly simplifies matters. However, if it is not at hand, and you need to assemble the wheel urgently, you can do without it. Sorting is performed in the following sequence.

  • Put the tire on the rim on one side in the indicated direction of travel.
  • Pump up the camera not to the end, insert it into the rim.
  • Insert the nipple into the special hole on the rim.
  • Insert the tire into the rim using a spudger, starting from the “nipple”.
  • Check the correct position of the camera: it should not be pinched anywhere, so as not to burst during inflation.
  • Pump up the camera a little more, fasten the wheel to the bike.
  • Pump the wheel with air to the end, put the chain in place, fixing the brake pads.

We examined the main nuances and pitfalls of the process of dismantling / edging a bicycle wheel, as well as analyzed the causes of wheel wear and learned how to glue the bicycle tube. Finally, I would like to give one more important advice. To make your bike trip truly cloudless and unclouded by anything, take a repair kit and mounting paddles with you on the road, just in case. Good luck!

Benefits of using mounting blades

To remove a tire from a bicycle wheel without any tools at hand, you need to be an experienced bike mechanic. If you are not, then it makes sense to use edits. These are special plastic paddles sold as a set of several. Their main advantage is the material from which they are made. The fact is that the use of metal tools at hand (keys or screwdrivers) will most likely damage the rim or the camera cord. Mounting blades avoid such negative consequences. How to perform disassembly with its help, we will now find out.

How to remove tubeless tires from a bicycle wheel?

Having the right tools is actually the least important part of the equation when it comes to retrieving dense tires, especially tubeless tires.

Tip: 7 things to look out for when buying new wheels

Here are some tips to make the job easier:

Groove or groove or in each rim. The bead of the tire can be folded back to accomplish the task. When you begin to take out the tire, press down on one of the beads, leaving the other untouched. This ensures that the entire length of the tire can be released.

Start taking out the tire near the valve. Since the valve comes out of the rim, you don’t have to put in any effort. Once you can remove a piece of the tire, hold it with your hand and use the lever to reach the next piece of tire. Having two tire levers is useful but not necessary.

Removing a tire from a bike

How can you easily remove a tire from a bicycle wheel with your own hands?

Now, when asked how to remove a tire from a bike, you shouldn’t have any problems. Happy rides.

How to remove a tire from a bicycle. Velobaggio

Experience shows that rear tires deteriorate 3 times faster and more often than front ones. This happens because the rear wheels are the drive wheels of the bicycle. In addition, they carry a much greater load. Especially this skew is observed in bicycles equipped with rear brakes.

Important! Some cyclists swap front and rear tires, mistakenly believing that they can be “straightened out” this way. In fact, wear is a natural and inevitable process. You can try to push it back a little in time, but it is not possible to prevent it completely with intensive driving. Tire damage can only be corrected in 2 ways: by gluing the tube or replacing it (if the bicycle tire is unsuitable for repair).

The tire is most vulnerable to external mechanical impact if the wheel is not sufficiently inflated. Cracks on the tread are not dangerous. We list the types of tire damage:

  • Bicycle tire cut in the side or in the middle due to collision with glass shards, pointed stones or parts of reinforcement.
  • Puncture of a tire by a nail, tiny glass shard, or wire, most likely in worn tires or lightweight sports tires.
  • “Snakebite”, so named because of the double hole formed by pinching the wheel tube when hitting an obstacle between the tire and the rim.
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Is it possible to replace the tire without tools

There is always a chance of a puncture in the camera. Removing a tire can be a surprise, so you don’t have any tools with you. It is practically impossible to do this without tools. To replace it, you must have a spare kit if you took it, and you still have some instrument. By default, we will assume that you still took the wheel repair kit for a bike ride. So, you do not have editors, how can you cope with this problem?

  • Lower the camera (as much as possible). It is advisable that the air comes out completely, unscrew the nipple;
  • Squeeze the tire on both sides in such a way until its cord is loose from the rim on both sides;
  • Slide the beads of the tire towards the middle of the rim groove. Continue in the same way to advance to the nipple, keeping the tire near it;
  • If everything is done correctly, then pry the tire cord with your finger and remove it from the bicycle wheel in a circle;
  • Now carefully remove the tube or completely replace the tire on the bike wheel.

How to put the rear wheel back

Replacing the rear wheel is done in the same way as installing the front wheel. However, when fitting the wheel, it is important that the chain fits correctly onto the sprocket. Therefore, first we put the chain on the sprocket and then we put the wheel on the mount. It is better to do this with gloves, because the chain will get your hands dirty and you will have to wash them for a long time.

If it suddenly seems to you that the chain is twisted or tangled on the sprockets, then you do not need to remove the wheel again. It is enough to twist the chain back and forth with the pedals or by hand to make it lock into place. You can also move the gearshift mechanism, which is located in the chain mechanism, and then put on the released chain as you like.

If you have any difficulties in disassembling a bicycle, then you can read our article How to disassemble a bicycle.

You can also read our article How to inflate a wheel.

How to remove the front wheel of a bicycle

Before removing a wheel, you need to see what kind of brakes you have. If disc, then you can immediately proceed to removing the wheel. If the brakes are rim, then you must first release them to make it easier to remove the wheel. Every rim brake manufacturer has almost the same removal. It is enough to pull out the arc that connects the two pads, so the brakes can be released. And for this you need the upper arc, which holds the pads together, press them together and unscrew the screw that holds the wire arc.

After that, we move on to removing the front wheel. For this:

    We turn the bike upside down. It is important to do this carefully, so that the bike rests on the handlebar and seat. Various accelerometers, bicycle lights, bell and other sensors and instruments can be easily damaged on the handlebars. You can place a soft cushion or rags under the gear selectors to prevent scratching. If you have disc brakes

It is important to remember that if you press the rim brakes without a wheel, it will compress the brakes and make it impossible to put the wheel back. Then you have to adjust the brakes again. But if you originally detached the rim brake arch, then compression will not occur.

Removing and replacing a bicycle tire yourself is not a big deal. Most cyclists do this job successfully the first time. A careful approach to work and the availability of convenient accessories are all you need to successfully remove the tire.

Bicycle tire device

A bicycle tire includes 4 elements:

  • Board cable;
  • Cord;
  • Boards;
  • Tread.

Tire cord

This is its frame, or base. This element largely determines the strength of the tire. This is a diagonal weave of nylon strands. Weave density is determined by the number of threads per inch. This figure is in the range of 24-130. Naturally, the higher this figure is, the better the strength properties of the tire.

This is a rubber coating. There are two types.

  • Gumwall. This is a large rubber layer with a low cord density. This is the most popular type, combining low cost with durability. Used in tourist and urban bike models;
  • Skinwall is a combination of high density cord with a thin layer of rubber. The main advantage of such a coating is its low weight. It is used in sports bicycles.

Secrets of Proper Use of Bicycle Tires

For a comfortable ride on a bike, an important point is optimal tire inflation. With insufficient inflation, the cyclist has to apply more forces while riding, the bicycle tires wear out faster. Over-pumping reduces traction, the ride becomes harder, the risk of puncture of the bicycle tube increases.

To minimize the risk of punctures, look for tires with good lateral coverage when shopping. Another indicator is cord weaving. The denser it is, the better the quality of the products. A useful device is a special anti-puncture tape located between the tire and the tube.

Be sure to take a tire repair kit when traveling. This will allow you to quickly deal with the trouble.

Important points and conditions for correct disassembly

There are a number of some nuances, the observance of which will help correct disassembly at home. Here they are.

  • When preparing to dismantle wheels using assembly blades, you need to remember that this is a time-consuming task and a lot of physical strength is needed to work with assemblies. To make it easier to work with a spatula, it makes sense to increase its length by putting on a piece of metal pipe, for example. The lever arm will thus be longer and less effort required.
  • Before starting work, inspect the edges of the mounting blades. They shouldn’t be too sharp. If necessary, they should be blunt with a file.
  • Never use a screwdriver in tire fitting work, even if its tip seems dull: the risk of damaging the camera in this case increases many times.
  • Do not start to remove the tire from the place located next to the spool. If you start from there, then you can simply tear it off the camera. It is necessary to start inserting the assemblies on the side opposite from the spool.
  • If the tire is changed on only one wheel, the tire must be the same type as the others. If it is summer tires, all tires must be summer tires. If it is winter, everything should be winter. You should also remember about the size of the tire. It must match the tires on the rest of the wheels.
  • It is necessary to engage in tire fitting work on a solid, level surface. In no case should sand, small stones or dirt get inside the mounted tire. When the car is moving, all this will work like an abrasive material and will lead to very rapid wear of the camera (even if it was new).
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As you can see from the article, even a novice car enthusiast can replace a tire on a car with his own hands. The main thing is to be careful not to use too much force to separate the tire from the rim. Because even minor damage to the tire during this operation will significantly reduce its service life.

Some cyclists have trouble getting off the. however, this process is quite simple and sometimes even a special tool can be dispensed with. In this article I will describe what to do to easily remove the tire.

The first step is to release all the air from. The less air remains, the easier it will be to remove the tire;

Starting from the opposite side, we move the tire beads to the middle of the rim (most rims have a special groove). Thus, we move along the rim from both sides, moving the “wave” to the nipple;

If everything is done correctly, then the bead of the tire opposite the nipple should rise above the edge of the rim and it can be hooked with your fingers or with a mounting. Then we throw the bead of the tire over the edge of the rim and run our fingers (mounting) along the rim and the bead of the tire comes out easily.

The second bead of the tire is removed in the same way as the first.

Home »Choosing a bike» How to disassemble a wheel on a cast disc yourself. How to remove a tire from a bicycle wheel. Wheel edgers.


Different tools will be needed depending on the design of the bike.

The minimum set is hands (preferably with gloves), nothing else is needed. What is used to facilitate the process?

  • Dismantling a bicycle wheel. small oblong plastic plates with a “hook” at the end. Very helpful to hold the edge when starting to dismantle without effort, and then remove it.
  • Any replacement of the bead. often used keys (from locks or wrenches), coins, sticks (which is quite traumatic, by the way).
  • Keys for removing the wheel. there are also models where the axle is fixed with bolts, and not eccentrics.
  • Pump. needed when installing the wheel back.

The ways

How to inflate a new tire so that it fits snugly on the rim

If the tire is tubular, then your task is very simple. inflate it with air, with a pressure slightly exceeding the norm, so that the tire “sits” well in place, then reduce the pressure in the tire to normal, while taking into account that the pressure should be measured, when the tire is installed on the car, that is, taking into account the weight of the car.

If the tire is tubeless, then the task is more difficult. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to inflate it with an ordinary hand or foot pump or even a car compressor until the beads of the tire sit firmly on the rim, since air will simply escape into the gap between the tire and the rim of the rim. But there is a way!

To solve the problem, inflate any wheel of the car to 3.5. 4 atm., Remove the hose from the pump, put one end of this hose (the one without the fitting) directly on the valve of the newly mounted tubeless tire, having previously removed the nipple from the valve, and Put the other end of the hose, equipped with a fitting, on the “over-pumped” tire. At the moment of putting on the fitting, a large portion of air will enter the empty tubeless tire and “put it in place” on the rim. The tire beads will fit snugly on the rim and the tire can now be inflated as usual. At the service station, special compressors with volumetric receivers are used to inflate tubeless tires, but, as you can see, you can solve this problem yourself, at home.

I didn’t think that disassembling the wheel would be a problem for me. Before buying my first car, this is almost the only thing that I knew how to repair. Rearranging the tire is not a problem for me after I have not finished smoking the nuts on the wheel of my father’s Muscovite. For the killed disk, Father made me completely remove and put on tires from all wheels that he found in the garage, including from Moskvich. But before I dealt with the wheels of puzoterok, but here they are big, hard In general, a couple of blows with a sledgehammer on the corner and a tire iron will not do.

There are several bumpless ways to easily detach the glued tire from the wheel rim. And the most common method, which by the way has several drawbacks, is a car hitting a board laid on a wheel tire, as in the photo.

It is not always possible to implement this in practice, since, firstly, you need a solid board, and secondly, in order to hit a punctured wheel, you need to replace this wheel on the car with a spare wheel, and if it is punctured too. over, if there is a spare wheel, then by installing it, you can safely drive to the nearest tire fitting.

Other non-shock wheel disassembly methods are based on the use of a standard jack of domestic cars. The use of a jack with the participation of the machine can be seen in the photo.

But most of the methods using a jack can be used without the participation of the machine (or rather, its weight).

And one of the best methods can be seen in Figure 1. And compared to the common method shown in Figure 2, this method has a great advantage. In this method (as in Figure 1), the overturning force acts on the jack much less, that is, its much easier to hold vertically (perpendicular to the wheel).

In addition, this method allows the use of almost all car jacks (hydraulic, angle, diamond, etc.). And with this method, you do not need to carry additional accessories in the trunk, except for a jack and a strong rope or strap. And the role of the lower stop can be successfully performed by a large open-end wrench or a mounting blade.

If, for example, you came to your dacha, and found a punctured wheel, then having found suitable thick boards, you can use another way to disassemble the wheel, shown in Figure 6. With this method, the tire peeling off will depend on the ratio of the shoulder A and B, so the length of the boards matters.

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By the way, now on sale you can find very useful lever devices for easy shockless disassembly of the wheel. One of these useful devices is shown in Figure 7.

Disassembling the wheels of a car may seem like a straightforward procedure. But it also has a number of nuances that the car owner should be aware of. We will talk about how to disassemble a car wheel with our own hands in this article.


It is considered to be more time consuming, but the risk of damaging the tire by pulling it off the disc is minimal. This method will be discussed below. Here it should be clarified that we will talk about how to disassemble tires with a tube.