How to raise the handlebars on stels kids bike

Design and tips for upgrading its position

The stem is quite easily dismantled if you first unscrew the bolt that fixes the cover, as well as a couple of bolts that hold the structure itself in the assembled state. The sequence of fastening is as follows: first there is a removal, then special spacer rings are located.

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If it is only necessary to lower the steering part, the rings are dismantled and the stem is returned to its original place, and the rings are placed on top of it, after which everything is fixed with a lid.

After fixing the steering part with a bolt, you need to align the steering wheel itself and finally fasten the system with bolts. Tighten the mounting bolts gently, not using excessive force, but at the same time conscientiously.

The stems are presented in different lengths. The pattern is simple: if you want to raise the handlebar to a considerable height, opt for a longer stem model.

A set of necessary tools

In order to change the position of the handlebars on your bike, you will need the following tools:

  • Hexagons of various sizes, so the best option would be to have a whole set;
  • Tension limiter. It will allow you to keep the threads intact when working with lightweight components such as carbon;
  • Torx T20 and T25 (special type of keys). They may be needed for certain stem models.
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How to raise the handlebars on a bicycle

Instructions: raise the handlebars on children’s and adult bicycles

Child’s Bike Assembly Fitting Handlebars

In the understanding of many, adjusting the height of the steering wheel is not difficult, because it was so easy to do on all bikes in childhood. However, in modern bicycles, it is impossible to change the position of the handlebars in the same simple way. This is explained by the fact that modern bike models have become much lighter and simpler in design. Therefore, do not be surprised if it is not easy to change the position of the steering column on a new bike.

How to raise handlebars on co-op REI kid’s bike

Let’s take a closer look, the steering section is great. The threaded steering column variety is old age. Currently, none of the bona fide manufacturers will allow installing such a detail on the products of their brand. In the last 8-9 years, this trend has continued. But this does not apply to Chinese manufacturers, often a similar design is still found among bicycles made in China. One of the annoying inconsistencies is that it is impossible to install a suspension fork on a similar steering wheel (due to the difference in standards and rod diameter).

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Height adjustment value

In order for skiing to bring you pleasure and comfort, you must feel as comfortable as possible in the process. This is why handlebar and stem height adjustments are so important. Experts confidently state that the lack of the ability to adjust the steering wheel in height directly affects its maneuverability and comfortable riding. The bike is difficult to control, which means there is no way to be sure of your absolute safety. There can be countless combinations in the settings of your bike, so feel free to experiment with the level of the saddle height, the state of the suspension, the pressure in the tires. But do not neglect such an important factor as the correct installation of the steering wheel in height.

The relationship between the heights of the handlebar itself and the saddle must be observed. For example, professional riders tend to set the handlebars lower than the level of the saddle. Those looking for a comfortable and relaxed driving style raise the steering wheel higher.

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Note! A handlebar that is specially adjusted and lowered greatly reduces the degree of control of the bike and the likelihood of complete control over the situation during the movement.

Your bike’s center of gravity is lowered when the handlebars are set low enough. That is why the load on the front wheel increases, and therefore the traction. Also, the advantages include a more even distribution of weight between the two wheels, this is beneficial for mountain climbs. Such effects are especially noticeable on bicycles with large diameter wheels. You can try on different heights of the steering wheel and compare the sensations from each new position, choosing the most successful one for free and without the help of specialists.

When a cyclist moves on roads, it is recommended to adhere to an angle of inclination of the back of about 30 degrees. If the riding style is active enough, the angle of the back is desirable in the range of 45 to 60 degrees. For the elderly, as well as children, you should focus on the angle parameter of 60-90 degrees.