How to raise the handlebars on a stealth speed bike

Saddle position

It is worth paying attention to the adjustment of the saddle. When the nose of the saddle is raised over the measure, the person will fall back, when it is lowered down, he will slide. The optimal position must be selected based on the person’s physique.

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How to Adjust Mongoose Mountain Bike Handle Bars

A horizontal saddle position is considered to be the best option. The saddle is tilted horizontally with the nuts that secure the saddle to the frame. By loosening the fixation, the most comfortable position is selected. Then, in this form, the saddle is fixed with the help of previously loosened fasteners.
[attention type = red] Important! When adjusting the saddle horizontally, it is assumed that the distance between the elbow and the fingertips should be equal to the distance from the front of the saddle to the stem. [/ Attention]

With the most insignificant skills, it is not difficult to solve the problem of adjusting the bike according to your own parameters.

Tilt angle and extension

Keep in mind that the problem of how to raise the handlebars of a mountain bike is not the only one that has to be solved. Tilt and stem settings help to maintain strength and ride comfortably, as well as, if necessary, set the bike computer correctly.

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[attention type = red] Important! These parameters are adjusted for threadless bicycles. Models with a threaded axle are monolithic and only have vertical movements. [/ Attention]

  • loosen the mounting bolts;
  • choose the optimal angle of inclination;
  • fasten the mount.

An important issue for a threadless mount is the stem. Mechanics distinguish between 3 types:

  • Vertical. Designed for height adjustment.
  • Horizontal. Compensates for the length of the bike frame
  • Angular. To install additional accessories and gadgets.

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How to raise the handlebars on a mountain bike for comfort?

The mountain bike, in comparison with other types, is designed for off-road riding, therefore, the structures are made of materials of increased strength. For a convenient and comfortable movement, the athlete’s posture is important. In this regard, the question of how to raise the handlebars on a mountain bike worries everyone.

Threaded column

This model is found on Soviet and inexpensive professional bicycles. The design is simple. the steering axle fits into the column and is bolted in place. Robust and reliable model that significantly reduces the weight of the bike.

The disadvantage of such a column is that other settings (tilt angle) are impossible in this version.

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To change the position of the axis, a number of actions are performed:

  • the fastening nut is unscrewed (if necessary, the same operation is carried out with the steering tube nut);
  • the axle is installed at the required height;
  • fastening nuts are tightened;
  • it remains to test the height of the axle and
    you can enjoy the ride.

Height adjustment

If you are just choosing a mountain bike, keep in mind that most models provide for adjusting the height of the handlebars for each rider. To find out how to do this correctly, you need to clarify which column is on the bike.

Semi-integrated column

A rare model. Consists of a cup and bearing, which are located inside the frame. Allows you to lower the steering wheel as low as possible.


This column model is the standard on modern mountain bikes. The design is heavier and harder than threaded. The height in the threadless version is not adjusted using an axis, but due to special spacer rings, which are added or removed from the pipe freed from removal.

  • unscrew the nut on the pipe cover;
  • unscrew the mounting bolts that secure the steering axle;
  • carefully remove the stem with the stem;
  • install or remove spacer rings;
  • we return the take-out to its original place;
  • we tighten the fastening bolts, close and fix the cover behind them.
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It is important to adjust the direction of the front wheel stem. When adjusting the height of the axle, it can be easily displaced.

  • loosen the mounting bolts;
  • pull up the axle to the desired level;
  • tighten the bolts.

Steering wheel adjustment

Correctly raising the handlebars on a mountain bike is very important. This is especially true when it has been stored at home or in the garage for a long time. The higher the handlebars are raised, the greater the load on the muscles of the rider.

  • Normal or zero is considered to be level with the bike saddle. This position is suitable for leisurely walks.
  • The position below the saddle lowers the body of the person, makes the posture more streamlined, than reduces the resistance of oncoming flows.
  • The position above the saddle is called high.
  • Centering. The steering wheel must be perpendicular to the front wheel.

[attention type = yellow] Worth knowing! An important factor in height adjustment is the rider’s height. For people with a height difference of 20-30 cm, different heights of the steering wheel will be required. [/ Attention]