How to put a code on a bicycle lock

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How to install a combination lock

Most modern travel suitcases come with a special combination lock that prevents the suitcase from being opened, and therefore theft of your personal property in a hotel or airport. Many people who have bought such a suitcase do not know how to properly set up a combination lock so that it opens only with the code that its owner came up with. You can install a new code on your suitcase in a couple of minutes. Our video instructions will help you with this:

Locks differ in model, and, accordingly, in the way you set your personal code.

  • Code lock standard.
  • TSA 002 lock in your suitcase.

Many of our clients ask a question after receiving their suitcase: “Where is the key to the lock?”

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Currently, the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA), all US airports practice special rules for screening passenger baggage. Service agents have the right to inspect any suspicious, from their point of view, baggage without the knowledge of the owner. over, if your suitcase or travel bag is locked, authorized TSA employees have the right to break it. At the same time, TSA does not bear any responsibility in case of damage to baggage or lock. Agree, not a very pleasant prospect.

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TSA representatives themselves suggest that passengers do not lock their luggage, but simply close it securely, or tie it up with strong ribbons and belts. That also may not suit passengers, since in the process of moving luggage, quite a lot of people, in addition to the owner, will come into contact with it. And no one will undertake to guarantee complete safety for things.

However, there is another, in our opinion, the most optimal way out of this situation. Modern luggage manufacturers equip their suitcases, travel bags and other travel accessories with a special design lock, which is similarly called “TSA lock”. In appearance, it may not differ at all from any other combination lock, but it has one major addition. Code TSA locks have a turnkey larva, which the owner of the suitcase does not have.

Regardless of the type of TSA lock, be it a coded lock or a lock with a turnkey larva, customs officers and airport services have special universal keys with which such a lock can be opened without breaking. After inspection of things, the luggage is locked again, and, in the case of a combination lock, the personal code, which only the owner knows, is not violated. This allows you to completely eliminate the likelihood of breaking the lock during baggage inspection. By the way, in the United States, a similar baggage inspection system, which allows breaking the lock, has been in effect since 2002, and now the countries of the European Union are inclined to introduce similar requirements. Therefore, the TSA lock is relevant not only for those who are going on a trip to North America, but also to Europe.

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The TSA system lock is certified by the Transport Association. These locks have a special identification mark (red rhombus), which guarantees protection against damage during baggage inspection.

DIY How to set & change Bicycle Lock combination unboxing

TSA Code Locks Operating Instructions

1) Press on the large button located on the side, it usually has the inscription PUSH, i.e. “press” 2) Make sure the zipper sliders pop out of the lock. Check that the initial combination on the numbered wheels corresponds to three zeros 3) Find the small groove button on the inside of the plate. it will be on the same side where the sliders are removed. 4) Take something spicy. pencil or toothpick. and click on this button. If the button is sunk in. remove the pencil and proceed to the next step. If not. keep it pressed. 5) Dial your combination of numbers on the wheels, for example, 1-2-3 6) The last step. press the large PUSH button (if the button was recessed) or remove the pencil (if you held the button down yourself). Congratulations, your code is installed!

  • TSA 007 lock in your suitcase.
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How to set the code on your lock: 1) Press the arrow and keyhole button down / left, at the same time move up the small ribbed button (next to the numbers)

2) Make sure the zipper sliders pop out of the lock. Check that the initial combination on the numbered wheels corresponds to three zeros 3) In the pressed position of the buttons, set your combination. 4) After setting the code, release the buttons. Congratulations, your code is installed!

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