How to put a chain on a sports bike

Installing the chain

Before installing the chain, set the front and rear derailleur to the positions corresponding to the smallest sprockets.

We put the chain on the bike. It is important to slide the chain onto the tensioner rollers correctly. The lower roller bypasses the chain to the left, and the upper one to the right.

We combine the open links of the chain. If we use a replaceable axis, then we insert it with a pointed end into the holes of the segment.

We fill the chain in the squeeze, and fix it with a clamping screw (in the photo. on the left).

Important Note. Many puckers have two chain seats. That is, the chain can be inserted into the squeeze in two ways. The seat located closer to the fixing screw is intended for pressing out and pressing in the axle. This is where the chain must be tucked in for removal and installation. (As pictures show)

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The other seat is only used to adjust the position of the axle inside the hub. If you try to press in the axle when the chain is tucked in this seat, you can damage the squeeze or the chain.

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Press the axle into the chain by rotating the squeeze handle. We stop when the axle is almost completely immersed in the hole (compare with adjacent links).

If we use a replaceable axis, then break off the pointed end with pliers.

We check that the chain just connected in the only connected segment of the chain, it bends freely, without jamming. If this is not the case, then we check how far the ends of the axle protrude from different sides of the chain.

If necessary, the axle must be pushed in the desired direction with a squeeze.

To do this, tuck the chain into another seat of the squeeze (the one that is closer to the handle of the squeeze). Then both ends of the axis will be visible and its position can be easily controlled visually.

After assembly, the chain should be slightly bent in the lateral direction to provide better mobility of the links. Done.

Fitting the bike chain

On domestic road bicycles, chains are made split, one segment of such a chain has a special lock. On sports bicycles, it is impossible to make the chain detachable, because this lock interferes with gear shifting.

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When buying a new chain, you need to find out which chains fit the system and cassette installed on your bike.
For 9-speed cassettes, use a 6.5mm chain like SHIMANO CN-7701 or CN-HG93.
For 6. 8 speed cassettes, use a 7.1mm chain like SHIMANO CN-HG50 or CN-IG51.

After the axle is pressed in, this pointed end must be broken off with pliers.

If the chain is not equipped with a special pointed axle (like many chains sold without a box), then the axle must be inserted into one of the segment plates.

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Determining the chain length

When installing a new chain, it is very important to determine the required length (i.e. the number of links). If the chain is too short, it will make it difficult to shift gears to large sprockets, and will increase the load on the chain (the latter is especially important for double suspensions).

If the chain is too long, the chain tensioner will not be able to compensate for its length and the chain on small sprockets will dangle. This is true for bicycles with shorter rear derailleurs.

The chain length may vary on different sport bikes. It depends on the geometry of the frame (length of the chain fork), on the dimensions of the sprockets of the system and the cassette. If a new chain is installed instead of an old, worn one, then the required number of links is simply determined (the same as on the old chain). But if sprockets of other diameters were installed on the bike, then the situation becomes more complicated.

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To determine the optimal chain length, you must install the chain on the largest front and rear sprockets.

We tighten the chain by pushing the rear derailleur forward as far as possible. If you add two chain links to this, you get the optimal chain length. For double suspensions, this must be done by first placing the rear shock absorber in such a position when the cassette is as far away from the system as possible.

There is another criterion for determining the optimal chain length.

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Place the chain on the largest front sprocket and the smallest rear sprocket. We tighten the chain, moving the rear derailleur forward so that its frame looks vertically down (that is, the line connecting the centers of the tensioner rollers must be vertical). This will be the optimal chain length.