How to put a camera on a bicycle wheel

Use sealant

They look like ordinary cameras, but inside there is a special liquid. The point is, the punctures are sealed with sealant on the fly, and the camera does not need to be repaired. In my opinion, one of the most reliable ways.

We put sealants on the rear wheels, because they most often make their way. As a matter of fact, two years. the flight is excellent! We have forgotten what patches are. The last time, when a wheel was blown off after pokatushek, Igor simply pumped up the wheel for me and that’s it. Like new

How to protect bicycle wheels from punctures?

Last year we got pretty tired of fixing cameras. After each ride, the wheels were examined with bated breath: if the anchor had stuck into the tire, if the wheel was blown off.

This year, the first thing we decided to do was improve tire protection. There are several ways to prevent puncture of bicycle wheels.

Use butyl cameras

The idea is that butyl tubes are harder to pierce due to their high elasticity. Another plus. such cameras hold air better and wear out less.

Handlebar / Seatpost Pole Mount on Bicycle / MTB. GoPro Tip #230 | MicBergsma

The worst enemy of the bicycle

camera, bicycle, wheel

This infection spreads along the ground and has increased resistance to trampling. The most dangerous thing about this herb is its thorny fruits. They ripen in July-August, and after that, at least don’t go.

Use protective tape

A special tape is made from a material that is more durable than the camera. Installed between the camera and the tire. The protection scheme is elementary: an object that has punctured the tire must rest against the protective tape and protect the camera. The tape should not be heavy. For example, the tape that we put ourselves (here is the link) weighs only 75 grams.

There are very cheap protective tapes, for example, this one on the link costs only 90 rubles, but it is narrow and causes, personally, for me, doubts about the quality.

Unfortunately, this method is not ideal: after a while the protective tape can slip and start rubbing the camera in some place.

Use anti-puncture tires

The most famous of these tires is the Marathon from Schwalbe. The downside is that any protection adds weight to the tire, so you need to find a balance between the mass of the tire and its protection.

Unfortunately, none of these methods provide a 100% guarantee of protection. But, nevertheless, the likelihood of a puncture is significantly reduced. What to use. everyone decides for himself. We did this: bought a sealant for the rear wheels. In our experience, it is the rear wheel that is most often punctured. after all, it takes more stress on it. And we bought 1 set of protective tape for each of the bicycles. While the flight is normal.

A puncture of the camera during the trip is the most unpleasant thing. If you have any puncture protection tips or add-ons, share your experience in the comments.!

At the end of the post, a 2-minute video that will raise your adrenaline level in your blood!

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How to put the wheel back together

  • We pump up the camera and check the quality of our repairs, looking for missed damage.
  • Letting out the air.
  • Carefully place the camera inside the tire.
  • Using the mounting kit, we install the tire and the camera on the rim, it is better to pump it up a little beforehand.
  • The wheel is fully inflated and locked into place.

How to properly glue the camera

  • We clean the area for repair from pollution, degrease with alcohol or solvent.
  • With sandpaper (without fanaticism) we wipe the place where we will glue the patch in the future. In fact, you scratch the surface slightly, in such scratches the adhesive holds better than on a smooth surface, and the connection becomes stronger.
  • Act according to the instructions for use of the glue.
  • If you need to press the gluing place for a long time. use the weight.
  • While the glue dries, inspect the inside and outside of the tire, if you suddenly find a piece of glass, a nail, or whatever has damaged the camera. If this is not done, then there is a chance to step on the same rake again.

What should the repair kit consist of?

Removing a wheel from a bike

  • First, we disconnect the brakes (if they are rim) and remove the fenders if they interfere with dismantling.
  • We turn the bike upside down, lean on the handlebar and seat. Some people call it “mounting position”.
  • We unscrew the retaining bolts or eccentrics and remove the wheel.

How to quickly glue a bike camera

If you have a bicycle, then sooner or later you will face such a situation as a punctured camera. How to glue a bike camera?

There is one hundred percent life hack. put your bike at home and never use it. For all other cases. we wrote this article.

How to remove the tire and remove the camera

  • We release air from the chamber. This can be done by unscrewing the spool from the nipple, or simply by pressing the spool, wait until the air is released.
  • On the opposite side of the nipple, insert the mounting, perpendicular to the plane of the wheel, trying not to touch the camera.
  • Using the assembly as a lever, we move the tire by the rim, in a small area.
  • Then we remove the tire from the rim with our hands.
  • Carefully remove the nipple from the rim and take out the camera.

What glue to use

What is the best camera glue? Let’s analyze all the pros and cons.

First of all, you need glue, which, after drying, retains its elasticity, that is, does not harden. This is understandable. It is difficult to create a completely fixed connection on a flexible surface, therefore, the parts fastened together with a hardening compound will disperse over time and require repeated repair.

Therefore, all kinds of superglues such as “Seconds” and “Cosmofen” based on cyanoacrylate are not the best choice. As a temporary measure. quite yourself, in other cases it is better to take a specialized glue for rubber.

Let’s take a quick look at what the market offers us.

A line of all kinds of adhesives for rubber, the most famous of which is “Moment”.

How To Film Your Bike Rides Using An Action Camera – GCN’s Pro Tips

Affordable, inexpensive, if you’re not in a rush. a good choice.

Red Sun, which is included in the bicycle tube repair kit. If you believe the instructions, then this is not really glue, but a cold vulcanization agent, which is much more effective.

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Tip Top SC 2000. Quite a rare two-component adhesive, but one of the most tenacious.

  • Used for gluing industrial rubber conveyor belts.
  • The action is similar to cold vulcanization.
  • Drying time: 2 to 4 hours.
  • Price: about 150 r.

Tips on how to avoid punctures

  • Inflate the wheel correctly. Over or under pressure is your enemy. The tire indicates the range of minimum and maximum allowable pressure.
  • Monitor the condition of the tire. A worn tire does not protect the tube as well from punctures.
  • See where you are going. If possible, avoid objects that are potentially dangerous: shards of bottles, sharp pieces of metal, etc.
  • Ramming curbs is also not a good idea. There is a big risk of getting two holes in the camera at once.
  • Experienced cyclists advise. if you still run over broken glass or something like that with your front wheel, maneuver so as to save at least the rear.
  • There are some tips for using a plastic or even kevlar-based anti-puncture tape. This tape is placed between the tube and the tire for additional protection. Doubtful, to be honest. Expensive Kevlar, when wet, loses its protective properties, moreover, it is more designed for a cut than an injection.
  • The sealant discussed at bike forums, which is poured into the chamber, does not protect against damage at all, but serves only as an emergency measure.

How to change the camera on a bike

Each cyclist must acquire certain necessary skills in handling two-wheeled vehicles. This will help you easily and quickly cope with unforeseen situations on the road. One of these troubles most often becomes a puncture of the camera. Some tips and tricks will help both beginner cycling enthusiasts and more experienced athletes to eliminate the problem most effectively.

Replacing the camera

To get out of this situation, you will need the following tools:

  • Bicycle Pump;
  • Mounting blades or simply assemblies;
  • Camera.

The reason for the deflation of the tube may be its clamping between the rim and the bead of the tire, other cases are also possible, but the technology of operation is the same. Before changing the camera on a bicycle, you need to establish the cause of the puncture. First of all, you need to remove the damaged wheel and completely bleed the air by removing the cap from the nipple in the wheel. It is necessary to side the tire from the side of the rim, which is most effective. Then, with the help of the assembly, you need to pick up the tire, remove it from the rim. If such a tool is not at hand, then a wrench will do, but there is a risk of damage to the bicycle element. It is enough to choose an object without sharp edges. Holding the tire with one assembly, we hook the second edge next to it. Then you need to carefully remove and completely remove the deflated camera.

It is necessary to find out the reason for the release of air, it is worthwhile to view the inner surface of the tire and view the camera. To do this, slightly inflate the punctured chamber and observe exactly where the air comes out. The location where the puncture is located may look accurate, which means that the wheel has been damaged by a foreign object such as glass, a nail, or a stone. In this case, you need to inspect the inner surface of the tire, if you find something, be sure to remove it. You also need to remove dirt and sand, clean the surface from foreign objects that can damage the new part.

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Next, you need to install a new camera. To make it easier to do this, it needs to be slightly pumped up. Then we install, carefully and making sure that the bicycle nipple is directed exactly to the center in the wheel. Starting from the nipple, carefully and evenly slide the side of the tire onto the rim of the bike. It may be necessary to use an assembly. After this process is completed, you need to view the tire in the wheel for an uneven installation, camera jams. If everything is in order, then you need to pump it up to a sufficient size.

Changing the bike camera is not difficult and, having done it several times, you can acquire the necessary skills and abilities and solve the problem quickly and easily in the future. It is important to use special tools or devices without sharp edges for work, which will ensure the integrity of the bicycle part. Also, when going on a long trip, it is best to foresee possible damage and take with you the necessary items for repair. By carrying out regular maintenance and inspection of two-wheeled vehicles, you can prevent many unpleasant moments that cause emergency repairs. Thus, the service life of the bike will be extended, and trips will only bring pleasure and vivid emotions.

How to fix a puncture?

If there is no new, whole camera at hand, its complete replacement is impossible, then a repair kit will always help. It can be used to patch and repair a punctured camera in minutes. To do this, you need to remove the wheel, remove the punctured tube from the tire and, having slightly inflated it, determine the place where there is a puncture. If the damage is small, then we clean this area with sandpaper or a special float, apply glue and glue the patch. In this case, the surfaces should be strongly compressed, because this will provide the best grip. The puncture is thus eliminated and you can continue driving after a few minutes. Modern manufacturers also produce repair kits, the patches of which already have an adhesive base. You just need to remove the wheel, pull the camera out of the tire and clean the place where the puncture is located, attach the patch. Then you should insert the camera into the bicycle tire and inflate the wheel.

It is not difficult to carry out this procedure, but it is important. This will make it possible to get to the place of repair or to the finish line of the trip. A thorough inspection of the equipment before the trip will allow you to avoid some unpleasant situations and foresee them.