How to properly ride a bike at speeds


The widest range of these parts is presented on the modern market. Service your plug according to the instructions supplied. Please note that if the above part is of the elastomeric-spring type, then in winter its properties will deteriorate significantly. If you have an oil fork, then before the cold weather, do not forget to change the oil, and if it is airy, then periodically pump it up.

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Brake system

How to ride a bike in the cold season if it is equipped with conventional rim brakes? Stopping in this case will be significantly more difficult, since the rim is in continuous contact with the snow. As a result, this part freezes, the adhesion to the pads is lost.

Disc brakes provide much more efficient stopping. If there is a hydraulic system, periodically check the condition of the brake fluid and promptly replace it with a winter one.

ride, bike, speeds

Cadence (speed)

Here we are smoothly and come to one of the main questions that allow you to determine how to ride a bike correctly. By and large, it was possible to start this material with this, but it turned out the way it happened. Comfortable rhythm, even pedaling. all these skills will obey you only if you know, how to pedal on a bike, and what is the speed (frequency) of cadence is optimal! By the way, this nuance affects not only the efficiency of the ride, but also the health of the cyclist, so do not neglect it.

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The cadence, or cadence, should be between 60 and 90 rpm (revolutions per minute). Beginner cyclists very often make a critical mistake, pedaling not evenly, but periodically. so to speak, in the “lagged / took a breath / quickly twisted / caught up” mode. Naturally, movement is obtained in jerks, and what it is fraught with has already been mentioned earlier. By the way, nowadays there are already special cadence sensors

ride, bike, speeds

How to Ride a Bike High at Speed 80-100 | Praks Bikers Guide

The cadence (speed) of cadence in high gears with a cadence below 60 rpm is unacceptable, because with the systematic abuse of such a “style” there is a serious risk of ditching your knees! And the economy of power consumption when pedaling slowly in high gear is nothing more than an illusion. this is the approach that causes the greatest fatigue.

How to turn on a bike?

Not every beginner cyclist knows how to turn the bike correctly. You can learn this by maintaining balance. There are two ways: using the rudder and tilting. The first is used during low speeds, and inclines. during high speeds. First, you should work out narrow and short, and then long and wide turns in two directions at low speeds.

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How & When To Change Gear On Your Bike | Beginner Cycling Tips

How to pedal on a bike

So how do you ride your bike to get your optimal, even pedaling speed? In principle, everything is quite simple. you need to change gears on time. In the process of riding, you should not be very hard, and if every pedal rotation is given with noticeable difficulty, then there is an overload of muscles. The conclusion is logical: shift to a lower gear, while maintaining the same cadence. I will tell you how to use the programs another time.

Cycling Technique: Torso and Shoulder Girdle

Cycling technique reads: the less unnecessary extraneous movements you make, the longer you drive and the less you get tired. Even a seemingly minimal “fidgeting” performed repeatedly takes away extra energy from you, which could be spent on pedaling! Try to avoid sliding forward from the seat (we will consider this moment separately), periodically switch to a higher gear and get up from the saddle. this technique for a bicycle will allow you to relieve the accumulated tension from the back and hips.

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Air at subzero temperatures tends to compress. For this reason, check the pressure level in the tires and inflate them as necessary to the standard values, taking into account that in a warm room the air will expand again. It is recommended to install special studded rubber for the winter.