How To Open A Bicycle Lock Without A Key

Lock pick

How To Open A Bicycle Lock Without A Key

  • Take two plain paper clips;
  • Unfold the long end of one paper clip;
  • Bend the long end of the second paper clip at an angle of 90 degrees. this will be the tensioner with which you have to turn the lock;
  • Insert the tensioner into the lock cylinder, push so that tension is present, Fix the pressure and try to return the tensioner like a key;
  • Use another paperclip to grope for the pins. In most cases, there are five of them and they unlock the lock when correctly set;
  • Starting at the back of the keyhole, press the pins in order. If the pin is in the correct position, you will hear a slight click;
  • When all the pins “click” the tensioner will return like a key and the lock will open.

Of course, this method is NOT universal, but you can open a cheap Chinese door with a simple lock that way. By and large, the success of the operation depends on the structure of the mechanism and the type of lock. each of them has its own nuances:

Suvald castle

It consists of a set of plates with different grooves and recesses. The key to such a lock was called “butterfly” because of its shape, if it is not there, you need to achieve displacement of the plates, and this is quite difficult.

Here the protection class of the lock depends on the number of plates and the complexity of their device. Burglar resistance class 4 locks, as a rule, are installed on an expensive metal door. Such mechanisms also have additional protection, for example, magnetic flaps. You should NOT even try to pick such a lock with your own hands if you are NOT a professional burglar. But if there are special “bells and whistles”, then you can risk opening the “sulvadnik” even Considering that very few people succeed the first time.

You can try to open the larva using a hook and roll.

  • Bend the tip of a thin screwdriver. this will be a roll;
  • Bend the tip of the knitting needle with a hook. this will be a master key;
  • Insert the roll and master key into the lock cylinder;
  • After pushing the roll all the way, rotate it while maintaining tension. With a hook, we begin to move and displace each plate, turning the roll. If this succeeds, the plate succumbed.

The second way is to damage the shank mount. To do this, you just need to find the design of your type of lock, indicating the location of the internal elements. Next, install the drill strictly at the location of the tail and start the drill. The castle will fall apart from the inside as soon as the goal is reached. The crossbars will then succumb to the action of a simple hook.

Cross lock

It’s pretty simple, opens with a screwdriver and drill. Moreover, many apartments have doors with such locks. If you drill the larva with a drill of slightly larger diameter than the key, you can open the lock with a screwdriver.

There is a way to open the cross lock with the introduction of chewing gum. To do this, insert a soft chewing gum into the core of the lock and push it deeper. After it has solidified, you can open the lock with the first screwdriver that comes along. This is explained by the fact that the elastic takes the shape of a key, therefore it will be problematic to remove it.

How to open a door lock without a key

Lost your front door key? The first thing that comes to mind is to call specialists, the second is to knock down the door. These are perfectly reasonable thoughts, but their implementation is somewhat costly. All reasons to break an iron door or pay someone, Until such an option has been tried, how to open the lock without a key.

The padlock

How to open a padlock without a key? There are two main ways to do this:

  • Line up the pins as described above using a pick. There is a special meaning in THESE painstaking actions, since there is a second way;
  • Remove the lock with a crowbar. The point is that the force must be applied in the direction of the weak point of such a lock. where the bracket is attached to the body. If you don’t have enough strength, you can just cut through the bow and remove the lock.

Magnetic lock

The keys to such locks are a system of small magnets, which are located in such a way as to repel the magnets in the lock. Such a lock has a chance to open without the appropriate equipment: a magnetic pick creates a vibrating electromagnetic field, forcing the larva, that is, the magnets in the lock, to vibrate at high speed, respectively, to get confused and open the lock. It should be noted that not all small details in the castle can survive this process. Result: the key has lost its value and no longer guarantees the safety of your apartment.

Rack locks

The methods of opening them are rather primitive, they all solve one problem. to move the rails. There are several ways to do this, such as with a fishing line or string. First insert an iron screwdriver between the door and the jamb. From the fishing line, make a loop that must be pushed into the keyhole, and then circle around the pins that serve to open the lock from the inside. Then pull the hinge. the rails will move away, the door will open.

Cylinder locks (English or pin)

It is customary to install a mortise cylinder lock on an iron door. Manufacturers began to equip the larva of such mechanisms with armored linings and heavy-duty pins, but if the lock in the door is old enough, you can drill it out, that is, open it with a drill. A small hole should be drilled just above the keyhole. Next, you need to raise the stopper, with the help of a master key, they will penetrate into the larva and move the hook back. A cylinder with pins will open if you make a hole directly in the cylinder, and then insert a master key inside and turn.

You can also try to open the entrance cylinder lock with a roll, but be prepared for the fact that this method does not always work. The fact is that an important detail of the English lock is the shank, after using the roll it often breaks, which prevents further breaking. In this situation, you simply block the lock cylinder, but we will not open the door.

How to open an interior door if there is no key

Interior doors are also subject to the problem of missing keys. Let’s say a child is locked in a toilet and cannot reach the lock. How can I help him? Fortunately, for the most part, interior door locks are equipped with a safety system: there is a hole on the outer part of the lining, you just need to insert any nail into it and press down. the handle can be easily returned, and the door can be opened.

Alas, the safety system is not always provided, nevertheless, you can use different locks for the interior door. overhead, carved or latches. In this case, you can open the room using a regular plastic card. The simplest tongue lock will move away if you slide a plastic card between the door and the jamb, along the lock and return the handle.

If this option did NOT help open the interior door, you can use the lockpick method described above.

There are no locks that cannot be opened, but many of them can get you in trouble. But avoiding unnecessary headaches is so simple: make several duplicate keys to the apartment, keep them at home and with people You fully trust, and, finally, just be careful!

How to open a mailbox lock

It is not so difficult to open a zip lock without a key. It is enough to properly jerk the mailbox door, prying it, for example, with a screwdriver, and now the contents of the mailbox are already in your hands. But here’s the problem, opening your own mailbox in such a barbaric way means getting certain problems with its repair.

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Indeed, from the force opening, both the lock and the door of the box are deformed so that they cannot be closed, then it will NOT be possible. In our opinion, there is no need to break your own things, how to open a mailbox, do not cause unnecessary damage to it, read on.

Manipulation methods of opening

How to open a mailbox using manipulative methods? First of all, you need to prepare suitable devices, which will play the role of a master key. Moreover, such devices should be inexpensive, readily available, and ideally made by hand. Among such devices-master keys, experts distinguish:

  • Hair clip;
  • Knitting needles;
  • Curved wire;
  • Small scissors;
  • Thin flat screwdriver, etc.

The more cunning and modern the zip lock, the more difficult it is to open such a lock without using a key. Locks from old Soviet mailboxes are opened with ordinary curls. It is enough to insert the working surface of a flat screwdriver or sharp knives into the keyhole and return it to the opening side, the lock will certainly give in. Another thing is the locks of modern manufacturers. How to open a modern-style mailbox lock, if by folding its larva you will NOT achieve anything, because the bolt will NOT budge.

In this case, you need to act more cunningly. New secure mailboxes can be found at the entrance of a new building or at the entrance of houses in which the management company replaced such boxes. If you are a resident of such an entrance, and your mailbox is exactly that, do not try to open it “at a jump”, think carefully how to open the mailbox. Find a suitable sturdy steel, curved wire, push it into the keyhole and effortlessly try to return it to the side of the lock.

How to open a mailbox without a key? Listen carefully to the lock’s response to manipulation in its secret. If the cylinder begins to give in and after making clicks, continue like this, this means that the lock is about to open. If the lock is silent and does NOT think to open, then you need to remove the device, insert it into the keyhole again and try to move the master key up or down, while repeating the above steps. In about half of the cases, even amateurs are able to open such locking devices.

Approaches to opening mailboxes

There are two main approaches to opening a zip lock without a key. Of course, we will consider only humane methods, those that do not lead to serious damage to the mailbox or its external disfigurement. There is nothing smart about raskurochit own property only in order to “get” a receipt for payment of utility bills. So, the first approach involves the use of a master key worthy of manipulative methods that allow you to open the lock.

The second approach, to answer the question of how to open a mailbox, involves the use of tools and force. Indeed, with a reasonably forceful influence, you can achieve the goal and leave the thing intact. Some may say, they say, the zip lock can be broken without any problems, and then put a new one and all this costs a penny. On the one hand, so, but on the other. Consider how much time you spend looking for and purchasing such a lock, and then installing it, is it worth it? In our opinion, everything can and should be made easier!

Forceful Opening Techniques: Using Force Intelligently

To successfully wield a master key, you must have the appropriate skill and training. But how to open a mailbox if you have an ear for music and dexterous fingers? The answer suggests itself. with the help of ingenuity and reasonably applied physical strength. What we need for a power opening, because the lock will NOT open without tools and devices:

  • Flat screwdriver;
  • Hammer;
  • Wooden wedge;
  • Lantern;
  • Liquid WD-40.

How to open a keyless mailbox with all this? First of all, we will try to move the deadbolt, not bent the box. Insert a screwdriver into the gap between the body and the door at the place where the bolt is supposed to be located or slightly below. Then widen the gap a little, inserted a wedge into it. Take WD-40 fluid and Lubricate the lock, it will be more difficult to open the lock without lubrication.

Insert a thin flat screwdriver into the slot next to the wedges and shine a flashlight into the slot. Our task is to find a fastening nut located on the inside of the door and covering the latch.

We direct the working part of the flat screwdriver to the area of ​​the nut and begin to unscrew it with light blows of the hammer. As soon as the nut is unscrewed, the lock will fall out and the door will open.

Summing up, we note that not everyone can immediately find the answer to the question of how to open a mailbox, and not having a key? About half of the people, and without hesitation, will rip it up and then replace it with a new one. The other half will look for less barbaric solutions. So it is for this prudent half of people that this article was written.

How to open a bicycle lock: general guidelines

There are several rules that will help open locked bike locks:

  • Prepare a spare set of keys from the lock in advance and store them separately from the main one.
  • Write down the code combination of the lock in your phone or notebook in case you suddenly forget it.
  • Mechanical locks can be opened with a pin or a similar object. The complexity and duration of the procedure depends on the secrecy of the mechanism and your skills.
  • As a last resort, you can cut or bite through the cable locks using a bolt cutter or a second tool. This will lead to the final breakdown of the mechanism, but it will free the bike.
  • Bicycle locks often do not open due to accumulated dirt inside. They can be eliminated by blowing with compressed air or by treating with a special penetrating lubricant for locks.

The most reasonable way to open mechanical locks without a key is to manipulate the secret part. This method allows you not only to open the device and unfasten your bike, but also to keep the constipation intact. To complete this procedure, you will need two hair clips or hairpins. From one you need to make tweezers with ends bent at an angle of 90 degrees. The second paper clip should be straightened and bend a small hook at its tip.

We insert the bent ends of the tweezers into the well of the lock, press a little and rotate in the direction of opening the mechanism. With the help of the second paper clip, we begin to manipulate the pins. Press on each pin until it is in the desired position. At this moment, the lock mechanism should scroll a little. After all the pins are in the correct positions, the lock is unlocked.

Important! Good modern locks are complex devices. Cracking them requires a special tool and a lot of experience. Therefore, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

How to open a combination bicycle lock?

Coded Locks. The most popular anti-theft tools for bicycles. However, it is with them that most of the blocking problems arise. Bicycle owners simply forget the lock code and cannot find the right combination.

The cheapest and simplest combination locks are easy to open. They have only three windows for numbers, which corresponds to 1000 combinations. You can go through all the options in an hour. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Turn the wheels to the combination “000”.
  • Pull the ends of the lock cable.
  • If two adjacent digits are in the correct combination, then a small gap will appear in the lock.
  • We try the combinations one by one until the bicycle lock completely opens.

Some models of locks emit small clicks when the number is selected correctly. Also at this moment, the teeth of the locking mechanism are displaced, which can be felt with your fingers.

Important! Simple opening methods only work with inexpensive bike locks that have a minimum level of secrecy. Most brand locks have a 4-digit code that can take a day to guess. If you have just such a case. contact a specialized service dealing with opening locks.

How to open a bicycle lock without a key?

Bicycle theft is a rapidly growing criminal activity. that along with the lack of registration numbers and the lightness of the two-wheeled “horse” make it a very attractive target for thieves. The main means of protecting a bicycle from theft is a special bicycle lock. It can be used to fasten the vehicle to a fence, post or other fixed structure. It will NOT work to open such locks without Special tools, so bike builders usually prefer NOT to mess with the fastened bikes, but are looking for a more accessible “victim”.

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But in certain situations, bike locks can turn from a means of protection into a real headache for the owner himself. This can happen under the following circumstances:

  • Broken or lost key from the lock.
  • The secret combination of the combination lock was forgotten.
  • The cable is blocked in the lock.
  • Vandals clogged the well of the lock with foreign objects.

In such situations, you will have to try to unlock the lock yourself or with the help of specialists.

Cyclotech’s most popular lock: how to open?

Cyclotech combination locks are a great solution for your bike. It’s practically a device that provides basic bike safety. It is long enough to fasten the vehicle to a wide variety of structures, including those located at a distance. The lock is locked using a 4-digit code, which provides 10,000 combinations. At the same time, the device is characterized by a good combination of quality and price.

Instructions for those who need to open the lock mechanism from the big Cyclotech, if they forgot the code:

  • We put on the first toggle switch of the lock any number from 0 to 99.
  • We find a special mark on the stationary part of the device. Each digit must pass through it three times before moving to the next level.
  • We pass this mark at each level and select the correct code for the lock.
  • Having reached the third level, we turn the disk counterclockwise until the desired number coincides with the mark. After that, the bicycle lock should open.
  • Remember! After opening the locks, it is advisable to recode them to a new combination and, just in case, write it down in the phone.

Important! Selecting a code for a lock is a long and tedious procedure. Get ready to spend a few hours doing monotonous work. If you DO NOT have enough time and perseverance, it is better to call a specialist in opening locks. This will save you both time and nerves.

Which bike lock cannot be opened?

There are no completely secure bike locks. Any device can either be opened by manipulative methods, or simply cut, sprayed or bite through the cable. This circumstance must be taken into account Not only in cases when an emergency opening of the mechanism is required, but also whenever you fasten your bicycle on the street or in the entrance. To make your bike as safe as possible, you must:

  • Use additional anti-theft equipment. For example, you can fasten your bike with several different types of locks.
  • DO NOT leave even a fastened bike unattended for a long time.
  • Remove gadgets and other expensive attachments from the bike.
  • Fasten the bike with a lock only to strong and stable fixed structures.

A good anti-theft remedy is to use GPS beacons on your bike, hidden in places invisible to the hijacker. With their help, it will be possible to track down the Stolen bike and detain the intruder.

The simplest combination lock

The simplest and cheapest are considered anti-theft devices from the category of those that are attached to cases, Bags, suitcases.

There are only three (sometimes four) windows on them, which means that you can go through all possible combinations of numbers from 0 to 1000 in less than 1 hour. In order to unlock such a lock, you must:

  • Will return all the wheels so that they have the same numbers;
  • Tighten the ends of the device (with the correct combination of two adjacent icons, a small gap forms between them)
  • Alternately change the numbers and pull the ends, until all the gaps appear.

After that, the device usually opens immediately.

Some models of such locks emit a light click when the digital icon is selected correctly. At the same time, you can feel the characteristic movement of the shifting teeth of the lock with your fingers.

If the device was found separately from the bike, you can unlock it by gently pulling the ends with the locking cables coiled around the back of the chair. In this case, you need to Make sure that the cells are shifted correctly.

How it works

In its simplest form, a combination lock consists of several combination discs rotating on the second. Each disk platter is “responsible” for changing one digit. They, or rather the holes in them, work as closing elements. The cheapest models of such locks have 3 or 4 rotating cells with fields for entering numbers. The starting installation assumes a code with the icons “000” or “0000”. The owner, purchasing such a lock, independently sets a new numeric password, relying only on his own memory.

Cyclotech combination lock

Even a child, however, a diligent child, can open a combination cyclotech bicycle lock. This procedure will take several steps:

  • On the first toggle switch, you need to set any number from 0 to 99;
  • Then it is necessary to find a special mark on the static part of the device, through which each selected digit will pass three times before moving to the next level;
  • It is necessary to pass the mark at each level until the set of numbers coincides with the initially set;
  • After that, you can begin to rotate the switch on the third level counterclockwise to achieve the correct combination.

It may also happen that during the selection process you suddenly remember the necessary sequence: not by the memory of the heart, but by the memory of the fingers. The one who forgot the security code, most likely, did NOT need it for a long time, and a situation of urgent need is just capable of provoking a memory.

How to open a bicycle combination lock

The best way to protect your favorite bike is to keep your eyes on it, but the rhythm of our life is such that this does not always work. Then bicycle locks come to the rescue of the AMATEUR. Modern anti-theft devices are quite diverse, but their essence is about the same: any bicycle lock clearly tells a potentially thief that you shouldn’t even look at your bike, since there is no chance of introducing it. True, good protection with a special complex code will cost you more than a cable lock with a key. Any search engine will willingly tell you how to hack the latter, but how to open a combination lock on a bicycle, you will have to think for a long time and independently.

Sesame, open up!

If the memory fails and the code does not work, you will have to conjure up the lock for several hours, or even days. But don’t despair! You will definitely be able to open a bicycle combination lock by simply going through all the digital combinations. At the same time, you have an undoubted advantage over a bicycle thief: you have nowhere to rush, there is no one to be afraid of. You can solve the puzzle with a password indefinitely.

Let’s consider several of the most common variants of combination locks.

What about security?

On thematic forums, cyclists complain to each other that it is almost impossible to completely protect the bike: good code devices are also hacked and “cut off”. The question arises: how to protect the bike from a thief, if even with forgotten passwords it is so easy to remove the combination lock? There may be several tips:

  • Do not leave your bike unattended. Neither a supermarket security guard nor respectable passers-by are required to look after your belongings. Trust me they have enough worries of their own!
  • Before leaving the bike on the street, remove all gadgets from it and sleep the serial number case of contacting the police.
  • If you can’t leave the bike in a visible place, it’s better to use expensive branded anti-theft devices, although they do NOT guarantee 100% protection.
  • Use U-shaped devices with thick metal pipes. they are harder to screw on with a bolt cutter.
  • Let there be several locks at once. Then the hijacker will have to tinker with them longer. But there is a chance that he will only carry the wheels.

However, in the latter case you will have to memorize two combinations of numbers. And forgetting is a special talent. So, if this is not the first time you’ve forgotten the bike lock code, just write it down in the same notebook or save it in the same file where passwords from email, social networks and frequently visited sites are collected. Perhaps the coveted code will remain. Just don’t show your Ego to anyone!

Drilling the bolt shank

  • Find a diagram of your lock on the Internet and find out the exact location of the bolt attachment.
  • Mark the desired place and drill through the lock body with a 10-12 mm drill.
  • Insert a screwdriver into the hole or use the sawed-off key to move the bolt and open the door.

How to get the key if it is broken in the lock

This usually happens with worn out cylinder locks. The well there is narrow, and the key is flat, so if you overdo it in the fight against a jammed mechanism, it will only get worse.

First of all, you should try to open the door with the rest of the key. To do this, you need to drown it all the way into the gap, and then insert a nail file or other thin object and try to turn it, opening the lock.

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If the key breaks so that part of it sticks out of the hole, you’re in luck. The piece is fairly easy to retrieve with pliers or a similar tool. Borrow it from your neighbors and gently pull the rest of the key, grasping the part sticking out well.

You can also try turning the key and opening the lock.

Didn’t work? Well, then I’ll have to get some pollen for the jigsaw. It must be inserted into the keyhole on the side of the key, directed with its teeth towards itself.

When the file enters the slot all the way, turn it 90 degrees to pick up the key, and try to get it.

Another option is to remove the remnants of the key by gluing the broken part to it. Gently apply superglue to the kink and connect both parts.

Wait a little until the glue dries up, and try to slowly get the key out of the hole.

How to open a lever lock without a key

The mechanism of such a lock is based on a set of levers. Special plates with figured slots. In the correct key, the notches on the bit line up with these slots. When the key is rotated, the levers rise to the desired height, forming a track along which the locking pin moves.

To open the lever lock, you need to lift all the plates, line them up in the correct way and slide the bolt. It sounds easy, but it’s actually much more complicated. Especially for those who do it for the first time.

A pick from a plastic card

  • Bend the card, slightly rounding it, and insert it into the gap between the door and the door frame.
  • Move an impromptu master key in the castle area, try to push it deeper.
  • As soon as the tongue of the mechanism slides, the door will open.


  • Take two bigger wrenches.
  • Insert them inside the brace and push against each other.
  • Press down on the keys until the bracket or lock case breaks.

Knitting needle pick

  • Bend a skeleton key with a bent tip out of a knitting needle or stiff wire.
  • Insert any other similar key and turn it slightly, creating tension.
  • Move the lockpick, Trying to lift the levers, and at the same time try to return the key.
  • When all the plates are up, the lock will give in.
  • Repeat the procedure for the next turns of the key until the door opens.

How to open a cylinder lock without a key

Such locks are locked with pins collected in a single block. the larva. It has a rotating core with a row of spring-loaded rods cut in two.

When there is a key in the hole or the wrong key, the pins enter the core and lock it. A key with the correct profile raises the pins to such a height that the upper one hides in the larva’s body, and the lower one. in the core, allowing it to rotate freely and open the lock.

It turns out that you need to sink all the pins in order to free the core of the larva, and then return it. For multi-turn devices, the procedure will have to be repeated.

Lockpick from gestures

  • Cut out a T with large shoulders from any Tin Can.
  • Insert the pick into the slot between the lock body and the shackle.
  • Fold the long ends of the lockpick together and twist to release the locking tab.
  • Pull the shackle towards you and open the lock.

Lock pick from paper clips

  • Take two paper clips and fold them as shown in.
  • Insert the first paperclip into the keyhole of the lock and twist it slightly to create tension.
  • With a second paper clip, try to press the pins inside.
  • Use both paper clips at the same time until the lock opens.

When closing the latch from the inside

Most often, locks in interior doors from the inside are equipped with a key. It often snaps into place from a strong pull on the handle. If you have such a problem, look at the castle from the outside. It has a small hole at the bottom. You need to insert a thin knitting needle into it until it stops and press the handle. Thus, the button will be pushed out and the lock will open.

How to open the lock mechanism

The situation is more complicated if a lock mechanism with a key is installed in the interior door. It can be opened like this.

  • Tug the handle several times. If the mechanism is loose, the deadbolt will rebound on its own.
  • Can be opened with a thin object. It must be inserted into the well and, slowly turning, move the pins.


The cylinder of such a lock has a cruciform shape. Most often, Turkish-made devices are installed, they have a good degree of secrecy, but it is not difficult to hack such mechanisms.


Such locks are used today on almost all entrance doors. They are considered to be one of the most reliable.

The ways

Consider all the main ways to open a cylinder lock.

1 way

For cylindrical locks there is a single universal key, which does NOT open the holes, but acts on them simultaneously with an impact method. This method is called “bumping”, after impact, the pins jump out of the cylinder.

2 way

You can open the lock without a key using a thick plate, pointed at the ends. With strong pressure on the mechanism, it cuts off the protruding ends of the pins.

3 way

Another way to open the lock is to drill out the shafts in which the springs are located that hold the pins in their original position. After that, the cylinder will begin to move freely.

You can deal with the drilling process using:

When the door slammed treacherously: how to open a lock without a key

The door slammed? When such a problem arises, not many are ready for it. This can lead to negative consequences and make any person nervous. Knocking out the box is not an option. Yes, and sometimes it is impossible to call specialists, but you need to act urgently. In this situation, there is a way out, and without financial losses and damage. Today, the Homius editorial team has prepared a detailed review of how to open a keyless lock for both an entrance and an interior door. Bookmark our instructions and use them in any emergency.


The device of the cylindrical lock is quite simple: the larva is attached to the body by two tiny screws. More budgetary options for devices are NOT equipped with armored pads, therefore they have low burglary resistance.

Recently, manufacturers have equipped them with several rows of pins to increase the secrecy of the mechanisms, this complicates the opening procedure. However, the pins in many devices are small in size, in addition, they are made of brass, so even under a slight force, the lock will easily open.


A set of plates is installed inside the lock, each of which has a different shape and affects the locking device. On the levers, there are slits along which the main part of the lock moves. a pin fixed to the central plate. It is he who, when turning, builds the desired combination of plates, the key during the turn pushes them in a certain sequence, thereby opening the door.

Manufacturers produce lever locks with several degrees of protection and a different number of plates. The more there are, the more difficult it is to open the locking device. The products are very resistant to mechanical stress, therefore, resorting to additional efforts is not worth it, it is better to open the lock using small manipulations.


To find out how to open such a lock without a key, it is important to understand its device. From the name it becomes clear that its shape resembles a cylinder. it is a fixed part of the mechanism. In addition, there are several fundamental components inside the product:

  • Spring block;
  • Pins (pins)
  • Spring;
  • Plug.

Inside the lock, pins are installed at different depths, some of them come into the area of ​​the cylinder and prevent its free movement. When a key is inserted into the device, small indentations in the body make the pins take their place. After that, the cylindrical part turns in the required direction, the latches are triggered, the deadbolt rises in the desired position and the lock opens.

The number of pins inside the mechanism corresponds to the number of grooves on the key. The more there are, the more difficult it is to break the lock. It is due to this that the device becomes more complex.