How To Measure The Diameter Of A Wheel On A Bicycle

HOW to measure the diameter of a bicycle wheel and frame?

To date, the popularity of cycling has increased dramatically, this is due to the fact that people began to pay more attention to their health. Many experienced cyclists know everything from “a” to “z” in this business, but beginners sometimes do not even know what their wheel diameter is. Next, we will talk about how to measure the diameter of a bicycle wheel and how to measure the size of the frame.

Wheel diameter

Before answering the question of how to measure the diameter of a bicycle wheel, let’s talk a little about the wheels themselves, their dimensions, whether the speed of the bicycle depends on the diameter of the wheels.

A bicycle usually has two wheels. As a rule, bicycles use spoke wheels on steel spokes, there can be from 12 to 42, but, as a rule, there are 32 or 36.

How To Measure The Diameter Of A Wheel On A Bicycle

Some sports bicycles are fitted with 4-6 pairs of flat carbon fiber spokes. Disc wheels are used, most often for cycling, have the greatest rigidity and aerodynamics.

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The wheels, along with the frame, are the most important structural elements of a bicycle, it is the wheels that withstand all the load created by the cyclist. Also, the wheel must withstand all shock loads that occur when uneven roads.

Modern wheels are both very strong and lightweight at the same time. A wheel usually consists of spokes, hub, tube with tire, rim.

The size of the wheel is of great importance, with large wheels you can reach higher speeds, and with small ones, the bike is more compact. The smallest 20 “wheels are used in folding models, the 26” wheels are most often used for mountain bikes, and the largest 28 “wheels are common for road bikes.

Now, after all, let’s answer the question, how to measure the diameter of a bicycle wheel? And this is easy to do. The size from the highest point of the wheel to the lowest will be the diameter of the bicycle wheel.

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Frame size

The size of the bike frame is selected NOT on the basis of the cyclist’s height, but on the length of his legs, so you first need to know how to measure the size of the bike frame so as not to become a “victim” of the wrong purchase.

The bike frame is the main body to which the bike components attach. Bicycle frame, usually welded from profiles that form two so-called triangles. front axle and rear axle.

The bicycle frame is selected solely on the basis of the capabilities of both the material and physical data of the cyclist, as well as on what you are going to do on this bike, just ride in the park or on the slopes of the mountains, or can jump from high slopes and steep jumps.

Still, how do you measure the size of a bike frame? If you decide to buy a sports bike, then you need to stand on a flat floor without shoes and measure the height of the crotch, a tape measure will help you with this, we multiply this figure by a factor of 0.665. for sports or road bikes.

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And those who buy a bike for aggressive riding on hills and slopes, that is, a mountain bike, then we multiply our figure by the coefficient for mountain bikes. this is 0.226, as a rule, the mountain values ​​go in inches, the resulting figure must be multiplied by 2.54 and then we get the size in inches.

A table to help you determine the size of the frame for your height:

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