How To Make Speeds A Speed ​​Bike

How to make speed bike speeds

Let’s start with the fact that once it was a small, sports 6-speed bike, a moped. Stealth, which was found in the trash heap. Subsequently, an engine was found that no one needed, I decided to do it. New equipment from the MOTAH company. Motorbike! Installing the engine on the bike MOTAX Lampa. Assembling the Bike.

MOPED from a chainsaw and great with your own hands! #1

There are many videos on YouTube about how to make mopeds from a chainsaw. Let’s start with the fact that once it was a small, sporty 6-speed bike, a moped. Stealth, which was found in a trash heap. Subsequently, an engine was found that no one needed, I decided to do it. special extension ALITOOLS. inexpensive chainsaw.

How to make an electric bike at home

For example, the Leili wheel motor from Horzabike 1000H at the rear has a mass of 6.4 kg and a rated power of 1 kW. It is perfect for assembling a medium-power e-bike, it will give you a speed of 45 km / h on 26 wheels and about 50 km / h on 28 wheels. It is the perfect choice for a relatively light and fast e-bike. How to make an electric bike at home.

How to make a BIKE WITH A MOTOR # 1

Usually these bicycles are equipped with a chainsaw motor. The most convenient thing is that any bike will do, the main thing is that this bike rides, has a solid frame and reliable wheels. The maximum speed of such a bike is usually 40 km / h. Buy a motor How to make a BIKE WITH A MOTOR MOPED from a chainsaw and great with your own hands! #1.

DIY bike with F50 motor

Electric bike, or as it is also called. bicycle hybrid, equipped with an electric motor, which fully or partially provides the movement of the bicycle. The power of such motors starts from 250 W and can reach 3000 W. The maximum speed of such bicycles is from 20 km / h to 50. Power is supplied from a battery that can be charged from a regular outlet, most of the batteries are removable. Equipped the bike with one of the most common bicycle motors. F50 for universal use.

5-speed bike with a motor. I almost got shot by chipboard)

There are two types of motorized bicycles: gasoline and electric. In both cases, the bike has a motor, pedals, and everything that a regular bike should have. Let’s see how they differ and the main disadvantages and advantages of such bicycles. We manufacture motorbikes, contact: or bike-garage @ VK Group GARAGE88:.

velomobile with motor

The gear electric motor of a bicycle has a relatively low weight (from 1.4 to 4.5 kg), a good combination of traction and speed qualities, free rolling and pedaling, but it has limitations in maximum power, requires more careful attitude to itself. the motor was sorted out and brought to perfection.

Do-it-yourself bike with a motor in 2 hours

I tied the screwdriver to the front wheel with scotch tape, wrapped the cartridge with paper in a box, and over the paper, with tape (also brother: D), so that the screwdriver cartridge, while rotating, touched the bicycle tire and set it in motion. But there was nothing else at hand and I began to glue the screwdriver to the fork: D I did it, pumped up the wheel a little (so that the contact patch between the cartridge and the tire was larger, in order to eliminate slippage), I tried to ride around the apartment, driving! After driving around the block, looking at the smiles of people, I drove a little further and then realized that it was in vain. The scotch tape melted on the cartridge, the paper was all torn and my clutch system slid wildly. How to make a bike with a motor with your own hands with a motor from a trimmer or a chainsaw and a friction drive.

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Bicycle with a motor from the Ural chainsaw

At this speed, good brakes are needed, and in general for the bike to be completely in good technical condition.

Motorized bicycle

The type of brake attachment is also an important point when choosing and affects what type of brake can be installed on the wheel motor of your electric bike: without attachment, with a disc brake mount or a drum (roller) brake mount. All videos of motorbike.

bike with motor

The chainsaw will be too noisy, but I want something quiet and something that would go well. Maybe I’ll make a podium for two electric motors from washing machines.

Features of installing 80cc motor on a cross country bike Part 1

In our opinion, if you need a light electric bike, a pedaling assistant with a weight of up to 30 kg, a speed of up to 45 km / h and a range of up to 40 km (60–80 in assistant mode), then a geared wheel motor is ideal. And if you want an impressive electric scooter that can roll you far and quickly, at a speed of over 50 km / h and a distance of over 50 km (without pedals), then a direct drive wheel motor is suitable.

Speed ​​bikes

The high-speed bike has a multistage transmission, which fundamentally distinguishes it from the classic one-gear bike. A big problem for singspeed (single-speed) is steep and long ascents, especially without perpendicular slopes of the road. The low gears of the high-speed bike reduce the speed, but make it possible to overcome the hills without additional power costs. High gears allow you to accelerate the bike on level ground, and it will outperform singlespeed in speed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Speed ​​Bike

For trips around the city on smooth roads and simple rides in parks and embankments, the presence of a high-speed bike is not essential. A simple one-gear touring bike is fine here: it is cheaper and does not require frequent maintenance.

Another thing is long journeys on highways, dirt roads and, even more so, off-road. Here you will need a more stable bike that will pass under any conditions, save energy, and make the trip more comfortable. It is difficult to imagine a long tourist route on a single speed, to put it mildly, although, in principle, nothing is impossible.

Compared to a single-speed model, a bicycle with a multistage transmission has several advantages:

  • climbing hills in low gears;
  • less power costs in a headwind;
  • overclocking on flat areas;
  • maximum accuracy of adjusting the bike to specific riding conditions (especially on models with a large number of gears);
  • constant cadence, less fatigue;
  • the braking system of speed bikes is more powerful than singlespeeds.

Let’s see from the other side, where single-speed models outperform their rivals:

  • the bike is cheaper;
  • undemanding to maintenance of the transmission: the chain and sprockets are designed for almost the entire life of the bike;
  • in case of replacement of the chain, it is easily rubbed against the old stars;
  • singlespeed gives a good workout for all leg muscle groups on the rise;
  • allows you to develop the skill of high-frequency pedaling.
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The controversial advantage of the single-speed model is the reduction in weight due to the absence of switches and cassettes. Only valid when comparing identical models with and without cassette. To put in one row, for example, a light road bike with speeds and a steel road road in this sense is wrong.

What are high-speed bicycles

By the type of transmission, bicycles with speeds can be divided into three types:

  • with double shifting system: mountain, road and hybrid bikes;
  • with a single gear system. high-speed road models;
  • planetary velocity models.

The dual gearshift system has two star systems. at the front at the bottom bracket and at the rear hub. For the transfer of the chain along the front and rear sprockets, the corresponding switches are responsible. front and rear. Standard systems:

  • 3 x 7;
  • 3 x 8;
  • 3 x 9.

There are several rear sprockets for one chainring: a large chainring in front is combined with small rear ones, and vice versa. Average values ​​such as 2 x 5 are commensurate with the gear ratio of a single speed. The switches are controlled by shifters located on the steering wheel: on the left. front, on the right. rear switch.

A single gearshift system includes only the rear cassette, one derailleur and, accordingly, one shifter. In front, the chain only runs along one leading star, like on a single speed.

City bikes with speeds make it possible to move more comfortably on roads with inclines, have a more developed braking system. front and rear v-brake against the drum rear brake of a conventional bike.

It should be noted that in the city high-speed roadways run better than mountain ones: there are high gears, large wheels, the geometry is sharpened for movement on smooth roads.

The planetary gearshift system is located in the rear wheel hub. The planetary hub transmission combines the characteristics of a single shift system and a single speed:

  • rear derailleur shifter;
  • one front and one rear sprocket;
  • the chain is short, runs straight.

Gear shifting is carried out while coasting, in contrast to the classic system, where the chain is thrown over the stars when pedaling.

Benefits of the planetary hub:

  • the mechanism is completely protected from dirt, water, dust;
  • durability;
  • does not require maintenance and repair;
  • more convenient to switch gears.

Disadvantages of planetary hubs: significant weight gain, high friction and low endurance of mechanisms, high price of the bike. Taking this into account, it is advisable to use the planetary only in urban driving conditions and on suburban highways.

How to remake Singlespeed

Let’s try to turn a regular bike into a high-speed one with a single shifting system. For this you will need:

  • singlespeed;
  • non-brake bushing;
  • v-brakes or pliers, front and rear;
  • rear cassette 6 stars;
  • two chains for a speed bike;
  • switch;
  • shifter;
  • switch cable;
  • clamps.

Tools and working devices:

  • spanners;
  • squeezing the chain;
  • cassette remover;
  • grinder.

At the very first stage, you should choose the type of brakes, which we will then install on the bike. We look at the feathers and the fork. if they do not have seats for the brakes (they are not provided on classic frames), then we purchase pliers. If there are sockets, we take v-brake. Another, more complicated, option is to place a similar fork under the vectors, and put a tick back. In this case, you will have to remove and change the plug.

How to convert a single speed bike into a multi speed bike. step by step instructions:

Remove the rear wheel with a wrench and disassemble it.

Open and remove the chain. you will no longer need it.

Make one of the two chains, with 128 links for a 6-speed cassette. To unclamp additional links to a standard chain and connect them, you will need a squeeze.

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Next, you need to put a non-brake hub in the rear wheel. The work is divided into 3 stages: dismantling a conventional hub, re-spacing the wheel and installing a new hub. It is quite difficult to do the repositioning, therefore it is better to entrust this work to the master. A simple option is to purchase a ready-made wheel with a 6-star cassette.

If you install the sprockets yourself, you will need a cassette remover.

It will not work to put the rear wheel on the stays of a standard frame. the speed hubs are wider. To do this, you need to unclench the feathers by 2-3 cm.This is easiest to do on the machine.

The next step is to install the derailer. the rear derailleur. Choose a device with an axle mount, because no special attachment for classic frames.

Apply front brake. standard procedure.

The front sprocket on single speed bikes has thicker teeth so the speed chain will not fit. We remove the star paired with the connecting rod, grind the teeth on a milling machine.

Assemble the bike: place the wheel on the feather dropouts, the chainring on the bottom bracket and clamp the chain.

When the rear wheel is in place, apply the rear caliper brake.

Installing the rear shifter for the right handlebar derailleur.

Connect the shifter and the switch, fasten the cable to the upper tube of the frame with clamps.

Lastly, check and adjust the switch.

By changing the configuration of the transmission and installing a new braking system, a simple bike can be turned into a high-speed.

Tips for choosing a bike with speeds

Today, high-speed bicycles prevail on sale, so there is plenty to choose from. All classes fall into this family:

make, speeds, speed, bike
  • MTB;
  • hybrids;
  • road bikes;
  • road bikes.

To choose the right speed model for yourself, you need to decide where and on what routes you plan to travel. For example, for city riding, you do not need to take a professional mountain or road bike with a lot of gears, a classic road model or a bicycle on a planetary hub will suffice. However, the latter are distinguished by an overpriced.

In addition to the purpose of travel, cost plays an important role, and both of these factors are closely related to each other. For trips in aggressive driving and tourism conditions, you should not save on the model. you will have to spend more on maintenance and rework. If the goals are modest, for example, to roll out 50 km a couple of times a week, then you can choose an inexpensive model. it will be economically justified. And of course, we pay attention to brands and fakes for them.

The bike should be comfortable to travel. Multi-speed models make it possible to evenly distribute efforts, make movement more comfortable. But do not forget about such an important parameter as the size of the frame. It must fully match the height of the cyclist. There are size tables for verification, and of course, we draw attention to our own feelings when trying on a bicycle.

Frames are divided into male and female. The latter are designed for the convenience of cyclists to get off and on the bike. In principle, both male and female frames will be comfortable for men, but women on male frames would be uncomfortable.

Taking into account these simple recommendations, you will be able to choose a bike that suits you and enjoy riding for more than one season.