How to make a wing for a bicycle with your own hands

What mud flaps can be made of

For the manufacture of fender linings, it is not always necessary to look for rubber, besides it, there are other options:

  • linoleum. plasticized PVC;
  • plastic PET bottle;
  • plastic from canisters;
  • leatherette.

Traditionally, bike mudguards hug the fenders on the outside and inside. Fasteners. one or two standard bolts with nuts. It will not be possible to cut out the same product on your own, so we will do only with one-sided fit of the mudguards:

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A material of sufficient thickness and rigidity should be used as standard rubber so that the mudguard does not buckle under the impact of dirt. For these purposes, unnecessary rubber mats, car mats or tubes from truck tires are suitable.

Mudguards. Top Five Advantages

First, let’s talk a little about the usefulness of the rubber bands on the wings:

How to make and install yourself

If you have a sheet of rubber, linoleum or leatherette of a suitable color, it will not be difficult to cut the linings on the fenders. The basic requirements when installed on full-size and short wings sound the same. the product should not be too long and protrude far into the wing above the mount.

As the length increases, the vibrations of even stiff material increase, and the mudguard will touch the tire on the go. If you measure too much on the other side, the mudguard will bend back and look ugly when mounted externally or hit the wheel again when mounted internally.

Traditionally, mudguards expand from the base. But you can break this rule with your own hands. make straight or pointed products:

You need to cut the material from the outside, which will be facing outward.

To make mudguards out of hard plastic, the material must first be softened. this makes it easier to smooth and cut. A construction hair dryer will help here. its air flow is enough for plastic. When the material has become a little pliable, carefully cut the workpiece with scissors.

The general algorithm for making mud flaps with your own hands:

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  • Make a full-size drawing on paper.
  • Attach the blank to the paper and cut the overlay with the tips of the scissors.
  • Sharpen uneven edges gently with a penknife.
  • The mudguard is ready, now we are going to install it on the wing.

Depending on the type of attachment, the mudguards can be screwed on with one, two or three bolts. We purchase bolts and nuts of the required dimensions in advance. To prevent the bolt from pressing on the wing, it is advisable to put a washer on it. We mark the holes taking into account the distances between the holes on the wing.

The only thing left is to make a hole. It is best to use a drill with a suitable drill or hole punch. It is not recommended to pierce with scissors or an awl. over time, the edges will bulge, and the mudguard will ride along the wing.

Bicycle mudguards

Mudguards. special inserts made of elastic material to protect the cyclist from water, dirt and small stones from under the wheels. Complement the bike fenders and attach to them at the back. They are standard on road city bikes, some mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.

Homemade fender liners are a practical and inexpensive solution to protect yourself from unpleasant dirt on the roads. Dense, compact and well-fitted mudguards protect both the cyclist and his vehicle from unpleasant dirt on the roads.

How to make a wing for a bicycle with your own hands

We make wings with our own hands About the wings under the spoiler.

The wing of a bicycle is also called a protective shield. it protects the bike and rider from dirt flying from under the wheels. I am writing this for a reason, because many people are confused by the word “wing”, and people think that a bicycle can have wings.

Nobody knows exactly why a bicycle wing is called a wing, just how and why a car wing is called a wing))

If someone knows the correct answer, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

There are quite a few options for purchasing bicycle wings:

In this article, I will show with an example how to make wings for a bicycle yourself in 10 minutes, spending only 10 UAH.

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So. We will make wings in the image and likeness of Marsh Guard branded wings which are sold on foreign sites for 10 euros (100 UAH per piece.)

Such wings are also called bogs, and they are not suitable for everyone. They are mainly used on dirt bikes to protect the forks and rear shock from excess dirt. But you can also use regular bicycles.

Riding a bike early in the morning to work, you often have to drive on freshly flooded roads that have not yet dried. These wings provide excellent protection in such cases.

Swamp wings are often used in cross-country racing because of the they perfectly protect the helmet or goggles of the cyclist from dirt flying from the front wheel, weigh almost nothing, and less spray and sand flies to the fork with a rear shock absorber.

In heavy rain, these fenders will not save your back from mud, but splashing from the front wheel in your face will not be so scary. (verified personally).

Of course, full-fledged fenders such as in Ukraine, etc. are better suited for protection from dirt, but there is an opinion that they greatly spoil the appearance of the bike and are heavy (for many, this is important).

plastic folder for paper (bought in Kharkov in a supermarket Class for 10 UAH) On the one hand, it is dull black, on the other. carbon texture. (I saw a different color there). A folder in Epicenter is seen from thicker plastic. UAH 18 (folder with files)

I drew in AutoCAD, by eye, the contour of the wing. Fitted it in A4 format (made a little longer than the original Marshguard wing). Converted to jpg format.

Download a picture, (or a word 2003 file with an already inscribed picture) picture.jpg word.doc

We print on A4 format without borders, cut out

We attach to the folder, circle, cut out neatly

we make holes for ties, thread ties

We mount all this on a bicycle, simply tightening the ties evenly and cutting the ends with tweezers. (total weight 10 grams)

You can decorate the wing with some kind of white sticker so that it is not so boring.

I found a piece of white oracle (self-adhesive). Hand-drawn the Merida logo, cut out and glued to the wing.

Voila. The wings are ready. I hooked them on an unfinished merida for clarity))

After cutting out the wings, a lot of material remains from the plastic folder. Since it has a carbon-like texture, it can be used to protect the feathers, to overlap the frame from cable rubbing, etc.

There can be many options for the wings. Try different sizes and types of material. You can also decorate with anything. Huge flight of fanatasie.

Who has their own experience on the wings, or who knows the sites where they are. Throw in the topic. We will watch and learn from experience.

Thank you all for your attention. I hope the article was useful to you.

PS The original wings certainly look cooler.

DIY mini wing for a bike

This year we have such a strange winter that it looks more like early spring or late autumn. Where has it been seen that in the northern hemisphere the temperature in February reaches 8 ° C? Everything around is melting, the grass turns green, the birds are singing

Due to the warm weather, movement on dirt roads is somewhat difficult: as soon as you move off the asphalt, the big one turns into one big lump of clay. The fork suffers especially. The dirt accumulates in a lump in the area of ​​the gorilla (arch), and mercilessly scratches the anodized aluminum legs. My heart is bleeding when something like this happens:

Sometimes everything is so harsh that the front wheel just wedges and you have to manually remove the accumulated clay. Otherwise, it is impossible to go. And it’s good if the clay is removed! And it happens that it freezes on everything where it gets, and turns into stone.

I liked the idea. The wing-flap looks neat and doesn’t spoil the look of the bike. Most importantly, it should protect the legs of the fork. In general, I decided to try to do exactly the same.

But I accidentally stumbled upon a leaky building bucket. I decided to cut out of it for a start. Pattern printed on the printer.

The holes were not oblong, as in the drawing, but simply drilled with a drill:

By the way, one (central) clamp was then unfastened and it turned out that it holds up perfectly without it. 4 clamps are enough, the middle one is not needed. In vain I just drilled a hole for it

Field tests have shown that yes! A homemade bike fender uniquely protects the fork legs from the flow of shit and other shit. Some splashes, of course, still fall, but in a small amount.

Here is the condition of the fork after 30 km through a hellish mixture of snow, ice, water and reagents (which are always abundant along the edge of the roadway):

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Pay attention to the frame. how much shit is clung to it. And the fork is clean!

True, there are times when the temperature drops and wet snow instantly freezes on everything it hits. At such moments, power transmission lines break, age-old trees collapse, etc. The wing also does not help much in this situation. Snow clogs under the wing and starts to brake the wheel (sometimes to the point of complete inability to drive). This happened to me only once.

If you are ever thinking of making a DIY mini-wing for a bike, look for a more suitable material. And then this bucket plastic, when dirt or snow gets on it, becomes covered with spots and, in general, takes on an extremely untidy look:

I haven’t climbed into thick mud yet, but I think that the situation will be exactly the same as with wet sticky snow. But it’s better than busting an expensive plug anyway.

Option number one. plastic wings

Quite simple. You will need a bottle of liquid soap, a knife, an M5 bolt and 20 minutes of free time. You need to find a suitable plastic bottle and cut off the side from it with a clerical knife.

Plastic bottle

She will serve as a wing. The bottom of the plastic container is usually made denser than the sides. This is in our hands, we will attach to the fork through this part of the bottle. Try on the future wing on the bike, mark the place where the mount will be. If you need to cut the shape in the right places, the plastic lends itself well to processing.

Almost finished bike mudguard

After the hole for the mounting bolt has been drilled, you can spray paint it in any suitable color. We fasten the improvised fender to the bike and go to test new things.

The rear wing can be made from a 5 liter canister of engine oil. The plus is that it is already black, you do not need to paint.

Oil canister

We cut off the desired shape, approximately as shown in the photo. For attachment to the bike, we will use the bracket from the rear brake light (beacon). Two holes must be drilled or melted in the canister lid. We put a cable tie in them, with which we will tighten the cover and bracket.

Clamp connection

Now we attach the bracket to the seatpost, and screw the cut piece of the canister into the cover. For a more reliable connection, you can melt the joints of the screed and the wing with hot melt glue. Or molten plastic.

To increase the length, if necessary, you can simply add a piece from the same canister. Place on rivets or bolted connections. Simple bike fenders are ready.

Rear wing of a ved bike

How to make bicycle fenders. two options

There are a great variety of bike fenders on sale now. But high-quality ones are expensive, and cheap ones leave much to be desired in terms of quality. What if you want good wings, and they sing romances in finance? There are two options for how to make wings for a bicycle with your own hands.

The second option is aluminum fenders

This option is more complicated, but on the other hand, they turn out to be notable, of rather high quality and attractive appearance.

Making aluminum bicycle fenders

Materials used in homemade fenders: Aluminum strip approximately seven centimeters wide. Choose any length, depending on the diameter of the wheel and your preferences. The thickness is at least 3 mm, otherwise the wing will be too soft. Steel wire with a diameter of 3 mm and M5 bolts for mounting on a bicycle.

View from above

First you need to make a template out of cardboard so as not to redo the finished aluminum parts later. I made the usual arched shape, but you can do it as you like, it depends on your imagination. It is advisable to immediately mark the holes for the future mount. One hole should be made where the wing will be mounted near the carriage and near the seatpost. For additional fastening with wire, four more holes must be drilled. Two stepping back ten centimeters from the edge, and two in the middle between the edge and the hole near the seat post.

We use wire

When you are convinced that the template fits the bike perfectly, you can start marking on the aluminum. You can draw on aluminum with a marker or scratch with a regular nail. We cut out the workpiece or cut it out with good metal scissors. After that we drill holes in the marked places. In order to remove the burrs left after drilling and trimming, we clean it with an emery cloth. After processing, proceed to the bending of the wing. You can bend the strip straight over the wheel and then manually tweak it, at the end of the wing you can bend the strip a little to create a mudguard. After that, we cut off two pieces of steel wire to a length of approximately 2.5 wheel radius. We pass it through the wing as shown in the photo.

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Wing mount

First from the outside of the wing, then from the inside out. At this stage, you may have to tinker, at least I didn’t succeed the first time. But it’s better to redo it a couple of times, but remain satisfied with the final result.

Man Takes Flight With Custom Built Bird Wings

We adjust the washers under the hinges


Now we remove the wheel from the bike, otherwise the wing will not be installed. We bolt the first two holes, and bend the ends of the wire into loops. We will attach it to the lugs for the trunk. Be sure to use washers to avoid scratching the paint on your bike. We put the wheel back and check that nothing clings or interferes with anywhere. The same technology can be used to make the front fender.

How to make wings with your own hands?

If you wish, you can make a similar product yourself. For this, various materials can be used.

The manufacturing instructions are as follows:

  • A suitable building siding is selected. It is best to give preference to those that have a fairly large thickness.
  • A template is created according to which the material is given the required form. The template is created from cardboard or thick paper.
  • The next step is to position the blank on the bike. It is fixed with wire and rope. It is necessary to apply force evenly, as otherwise the workpiece may be damaged.
  • With the help of a building hair dryer, the material is heated, after which it becomes plastic. In this state, it can be given almost any shape.
  • After warming up and giving the required shape to the construction siding, you need to wait a few minutes, after cooling it becomes tough. Trimming of edges is carried out if necessary.

Tips for choosing and installing fatbike mudguards

A fat bike is a bike that is designed to ride in tough conditions. Design features include wide wheels with pronounced tread.

The unique surface allows you to tackle difficult terrain with mud or snow drifts. A fairly common modification is the installation of the wings. They are not always included with the bike, so you have to purchase them separately.

Pros and cons of fatbike fenders

On sale there are a variety of options for the design of wings for fat bikes. In many ways, the type of material used in the manufacture determines the performance characteristics.

The advantages are the following:

However, there are also several significant disadvantages. They look like this:

  • The weight of the structure increases.
  • Can create additional aerodynamic drag at the moment of movement.
  • If the bike falls, there is a possibility of damage to this component.
  • The bike looks less attractive after installing the fenders.
  • Substances used to increase the degree of adhesion to the road surface can quickly render the materials used in the manufacture of such a product unusable.

In many respects, the performance characteristics depend on the type of material used in the manufacture, as well as the shape of the product. An example is the fact that plastic wings are lighter and do not react to moisture or temperature changes, but they can break even with slight mechanical stress.

How to choose wings for a fat bike?

On sale there are a relatively small number of different options for the execution of wings on a fat bike.

When choosing, attention is paid to the following points:

As practice shows, there are no problems with the choice of a suitable wing. This is due to the fact that the frame design is manufactured taking into account the standards.

How to install wings on a fat bike yourself?

After purchasing a ready-made wing, problems with its installation, as a rule, do not arise. This is due to the presence of special mounts.

Among the features of the work carried out, we note:

  • The set may include special fasteners. In their absence, they are purchased separately. A seasoned cyclist has a set of different bolts and nuts, so there are no problems with the selection of mounts.
  • Be careful when tightening the fasteners, as excessive loading can damage the wing.
  • In some cases, it is necessary to use plates and washers to adjust the position of the product.