How to make a bike step with your own hands

Making a bicycle bag for the rear rack of a bicycle.

To create a homemade rear bike bag, I used two identical backpacks made from recycled water bottles. In order to reduce the size of the bike bag, I cut off the straps, though not all. I left the top handle so that there was something to hold the backpacks for when I took them off the bike. Also, small cylindrical objects can be attached to the handles using rubber ties.

As with the front bike, I brushed Plasti Dip to the bottom and seams, then sprayed it over the entire bag. I even sprayed the zippers. To make sure that they did not stick together, I periodically unbuttoned and fastened them during drying. Although the zippers worked a little tighter after spray application, they became more waterproof. To keep out the rain, I made the same hood as for the front bike.

The photo above shows the attachment mechanism installed on the back of the backpacks. To maintain good tension, use rubber straps to secure the bottom of the rear rack and the hook that secures the bike bag to the bike. As in the case of the front bike bag, I installed corrugated plastic (corrugated plastic) on the bottom of the bag to maintain shape and increase rigidity on the inside of the bag. True, in the case of the rear bicycle bag, an additional layer of corrugated plastic had to be added, since it will have to withstand a much greater load than the front one. In a similar way, I installed aluminum lines. the large one held the tops of the rings, and the smaller one itself.

The photo shows a bicycle bag with a polymer coating already applied in several layers. You can see how the bottom sags. the photo was taken after installing only one layer of corrugated plastic. That is why I got the idea to install an additional layer of corrugated plastic on the bike bag.

Making a bag for the front wheel of a bicycle.

The homemade bike bag is made of polyester. First you need to cut out a long rectangle and fold it in the shape of the letter U. Then cut out two more rectangles that will serve as the side walls of the bag.

The bag will be closed with Velcro and therefore there will be two holes in the area of ​​the side walls that can allow moisture to pass through. This problem is solved with a special hood that covers the upper part of the bike bag.

We connect the fabric with a soldering iron with a flat tip and additionally apply zigzag seams to increase strength.

I have experimented with Plasti Dip liquid polymer coating in the past. I thought it would be nice to cover the bike bag with it. Working with Plasti Dip is not very pleasant, but its use guarantees high strength and durability of the fabric. I painted the bottom and seams of the bag in several layers using a regular brush. Then I sprayed the bag with this substance from an aerosol can. I applied layer by layer until the bag was no longer showing through the light from the light bulb. At the same time, I took one can of Plasti Dip for two bike bags.

When working with this substance, be sure to observe safety precautions. Even outdoors it is necessary to wear a mask. In addition, this substance is quite flammable.

The photo above shows the back of the front bag. I also borrowed the method of installing the bike bags on the bike from the Internet. True, I had to change it a little, since I bought a Jandd trunk. At first I just wanted to attach the bike bags to the trunk with rings, but it turned out that the lower part of the trunk got in the way. Therefore, the fastening system had to be changed a little. to fasten them to the lower rack of the trunk. With this method, the bike bag mount will not dangle.

Completed homemade bike front wheel bag!

How to make a bike bag with your own hands

The photo above shows two bike bags I made with my own hands for my touring bike. I found instructions for making a bike bag on the Internet and improved it a little.


So that is all! I managed to make bike bags with my own hands. I am completely satisfied with them. In these bike bags, camping equipment stays completely dry even during the strongest rainfall. They even successfully survived one fall from my bike. I can only note the only drawback associated with the front bike bag. when you take things out of it, it staggers a little from side to side.

How to choose a footrest for your bike: tips for choosing

There is no consensus on the need for a footrest, but it’s safe to say that it’s more comfortable with it than without it. However, there are situations where a footrest is even necessary. As with many other things, first you need to understand the purpose of use.

Riding in the evening or on weekends in the park with friends or with a girlfriend is very pleasant, and sitting on a bench and chatting is doubly pleasant. And the question “what to lean the bicycles on?” will not occur if they are equipped with a footrest. Otherwise, you have to look for trees, poles, or lean bicycles against a bench, narrowing the effective seating space. over, if you decide to stop for rest and socializing in the Volgograd steppe, bicycles without a footrest will have to be stacked on one side.

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With constant travel in the city on business, the use of a footboard will make stopping much more convenient. It’s good if there are bicycle parking lots at all stops. they partially replace the footboard. But if on the way you urgently need to make a stop, with this accessory you will not have to hug a bike or run to the nearest pole.

Oh yes, the step is essential here. After all, lifting a bicycle loaded with things from the ground is not the most pleasant experience. On top of that, while lying on its side, some things in the bags can get damaged.

Just as there are no standard bicycles, there are no standard footpegs. Let’s analyze the differences between the footpegs by the type of attachment.

Mounts between the frame bottom bracket and the rear wheel. Most road bikes, or simply inexpensive mountain bikes, have footrest pads. Footpegs vary in length depending on the diameter of your wheels.

However, the lack of a platform is not a problem, because footboards have been invented for bicycles that do not have a special place for fastening them. This footrest has not only a bolt, but also a clamp placed on the chain stays. It is universal because it has a retractable mechanism, which makes it suitable for wheel diameters from 20 to 28 inches.

Attaches to the lower frame stays on the left side. Has varieties.

Fastening to the lower and upper frame stays

The most convenient option for tourism. The aforementioned footpegs will not work because the load on the bike will simply tend to tip it over. With such a footrest, the bike will be very stable, and in addition to this, minor malfunctions can be eliminated in the field.

An exotic thing, but known in narrow circles. Foldable, lightweight, small-sized, which is very important in tourism, when there are already a lot of extra pounds on the bike. Its only drawback is that you have to get it from somewhere. But the bike will stand on it, rooted to the spot, because it is placed under the lower tube of the frame.

If you do not like any of the proposed options, they will tell you and show you how to make the footrest yourself.

A team of students of the Product Design course, Level 4 talks about how they created a unique bike and what difficulties arose during this.

One of the assignments this semester was to make a cycling kart, a custom type of bicycle that has 3-4 wheels and is propelled by human power. And most importantly, he had to actually go.

Initially, we were given a little over a month to work, but we immediately set ourselves a rather difficult task. to make a complete structure out of metal. We were stubbornly against the advice of our teachers and friends, who said: “Guys, don’t worry, make it easier, don’t bother, there is plastic, plywood.” As a result, we are very pleased with the result, although we suffered for three months and spent a decent amount of money on it.

Homemade wooden scooter

We present another and rather nice homemade product from our readers. Konstantin sent us a story about a homemade scooter made of wood. The scooter has a fairly simple design, so if you wish, you can assemble something similar for yourself.

Gear bike

Description: The bicycle has a frame on which two toothed rims made in the form of arcs are mounted with the possibility of rotation on rods around the centers of their initial circles, connected by gearing with the rear wheel through bushings connected to the wheel through free-wheeling mechanisms of one direction of action, both these links are the same. the axes of these rods of toothed rims, on which they rotate on the frame, have a rigid connection with the consoles with pedals, and at the same time these consoles are connected to each other by a flexible connection, for example, a cable that passes through a block mounted on the frame with the possibility of rotation.

Homemade bicycle sprocket watch

From the rear and front bicycle sprockets, you can make an excellent homemade watch with an original look with your own hands.

DIY Bike Rack. DIY Community on DRIVE2

After many falls of the bike to the ground, when trying to twist or adjust something, I realized that a bike rack is simply necessary for a person who constantly repairs bicycles. Having looked at the for branded bike racks, I realized that I could not afford it, it was decided to make the rack myself.

Having looked at the design of clamps of world manufacturers, I decided to focus on the design of the clamp by all known ParkTool company. I didn’t want to make an exact copy of the partula clip, my goal was to make the clip easier and cheaper to make. After making a few sketches and some calculations, I went to a local metal warehouse and bought all the materials I needed and proceeded to cut the metal bushes I needed and then weld all the parts.

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The stand is adjustable in height from 120 to 175 cm, every 10 cm the pipe is fixed with a pin for greater reliability, on the back there is a clamping bolt for better fixation. The clip is removable and can be rotated 360 degrees.

The I-beam stand is removable and the stand can be installed permanently.

I will not describe in detail the manufacturing process, everything is already visible in the photo.

What is a bike trailer for??

At the moment, there are several types of bicycle trailers, which are precisely divided according to the principle of the functions performed:

How To Make A Electric Bike EASY

  • Freight. As the name suggests, they are used for the transportation of oversized and heavy loads, in the absence of the ability to use vehicles. Truck trailers are equipped with sides and awning, as well as have a rigid welded frame. Carrying capacity can reach 90-100 kg. Weight. 10-20 kg.
  • Tourist. They serve as irreplaceable assistants in cycling tourism. In fact, these are the same truck trailers, but adapted to more extreme operating conditions. The tourist trailer is lighter and more maneuverable and has a small carrying capacity (up to 50 kg). Weight. 3-10 kg.
  • Children. Designed for transportation of children. Depending on the age of the child, there are two types of trailers for children:
  • Trailer. Has a seat belt and rain cover. Two-wheeled.
  • Semitrailer. It is an elongated frame of a child’s bicycle and is attached with its front part. Unicycle.

Bicycle trailers have become widespread in society. This is primarily due to the wide range of functions they perform. These devices help you to transport goods, travel and just enjoy the bike ride with your family.

Bicycle Cargo Trailer

It is worth noting that domestic cyclists are quite successful in making a variety of carts for transporting goods on a bicycle on their own. Sometimes cyclists decide to take such a step in order to save money, and sometimes to satisfy their desire. to create something with their own hands. Buy a ready-made structure or make it yourself. everyone must decide for himself.

Tips for operating cargo bike trailers

In the process of using bicycle trailers, experts recommend adhering to the following rules:

  • Do not overload the trailer. For any cargo trailer, the optimal load should not exceed 50-60kg. Overloading has a negative effect not only on the frame of the bike trailer, but also on the bike itself (tire wear accelerates, rims deform).
  • When traveling with a trailer, take into account the increased dimensions of the vehicle. To feel more confident on the road, it is advisable to make several test drives before a long trip.
  • When paving the route for movement, it is better to choose asphalt or dense dirt roads, since it is very difficult for a trailer to travel on soft and loose soil, as well as uphill.

Assembling a bike trolley with your own hands

As we have already found out, a bicycle trailer is a very necessary and useful thing in the household that can be used for a variety of purposes. Only one thing is bad. the cost of a high-quality trolley often exceeds the price of the bike itself, and a low-quality one is not needed for nothing, as it will fall apart overnight. The way out of this situation will be to assemble such a device with your own hands, which will not be difficult for a qualified home craftsman.

So, to make the simplest cart, we need two bicycle wheels of the same size, several round or square steel pipes, four thick metal plates, bolts and nuts, boards or plywood, and some other little things. You also need a welding machine, drill and wrenches.

Before assembling the base of the cart, you need to decide on the dimensions. The pipes should be cut so that two of them are equal in length to the width of the trailer. They will be frontal elements. The length of the other four, which will become the sidewalls, must be equal to the length of the cart minus twice the thickness of the pipes. Now all these elements need to be welded in such a way that the wheel fits freely between the outer and inner sidewalls. The result should be something similar to what is shown in the figure below, only we did not bend anything, and therefore our corners are straight everywhere. We don’t have crossbars either, but for greater strength they can also be welded.

Now we should take the metal plates and make cutouts in them of such a size that the axles of our wheels fit easily but tightly in them. These plates will act as dropouts and need to be welded to the frame.

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On the resulting base, you can lay a flooring made of boards or plywood, install a box, seats or any other equipment that seems necessary on it. To fix it on the frame, you first have to drill holes in it, and bolts and nuts are used to fix it.

How to build a DIY trailer for a bicycle or e-bike!

That’s all, our homemade cart turned out to be no worse than the purchased one, but we made it with our own hands, spending quite a bit of time, effort and money. All that remains is to think about the suitable connection with which your new trailer will be connected to the bike. One of the easiest ways is to attach the bike to the rear axle using a drawbar and a hinge, but you can use some other method, since there are quite a few of them, and it will not be difficult to find the corresponding drawings.

Bicycle carts have proven to be a very convenient and multi-purpose device that significantly expands the transport capabilities of a conventional bike. Modern industry produces a large number of a wide variety of devices of this type, and it will not be difficult to choose the one that suits your needs and financial capabilities. You can also make a bike trailer yourself, and in this case, you will not only save money, but also get great pleasure from the process itself.

How to make a wooden bike cart with your own hands

Cargo bike trailer and its design

Since the bike trailer is designed to carry heavy but small loads, its design must be as strong as possible. But at the same time, the bike trailer must be light and maneuverable. It is also important that in the event of any breakdown, the owner of this device can fix the problem on his own, therefore, the design of a bicycle trailer should be simple and understandable to an ordinary person.

The cargo bike trailer can be either one-piece or a prefabricated structure, additionally equipped with a cover made of waterproof polypropylene. These devices move relative to the axis of the bicycle, thereby ensuring reliability and safety when driving on a dirt country road, even when the trailer is fully loaded.

Cargo trailers can carry up to 50 kg of cargo, and sometimes up to 70 kg. One of the most lifting models is the Y-Frame bike trailer, in which you can transport up to 90 kg, while it itself is lightweight and practical.

The indisputable advantage of bicycle trailers is their convenience during long trips. Ideal for cycling as you can take your essentials with you.

  • two-wheeled;
  • unicycle. Mostly used for tourist travel. The one-wheeled bike trailer is more maneuverable and allows you to drive without problems on narrow paths and paths.

The three basic components of a bicycle trailer are:

  • Frame, which as standard is a structure consisting of oblique fixing plumb lines and an aligned axle for the wheels. The frame of a bicycle trailer must be durable and reliable. As a rule, it is made from aluminum or steel profiles.
  • A platform whose main task is to withstand the load. Most often it is made from plastic, MDF or plywood. When choosing a trailer, the material from which the platform is made should be compared with the weather and road conditions in which the device will be used. For example, some material may get wet from excessive moisture.
  • The system for attaching the trailer to the bike, which is one of the most important parts of the bike trailer. The maneuverability and functionality of the entire device depends on the quality of this component.

There is a wide variety of bike trailer models on the market today. Choosing such an assistant for yourself, you should give preference to already proven and well-known manufacturers. The cargo trailer can be for a special purpose (for example, for transporting a surfboard) or universal, some models can be transformed into handcarts, etc.


The platform can be built from various materials (board, MDF, metal). It all depends on the conditions and imagination. A platform made of MDF and wood requires preliminary preparation of the metal frame, which is attached to the frame. If the trailer is planned to carry light cargo (tent, sleeping bag, etc.), you can make a platform only from wood.

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