How to make a bike faster and lighter

How to pedal a bike

Many novice cyclists are inevitably faced with the question of how to increase the effectiveness of cycling in order to get less tired and ride more. Finally, a lot depends on the fitness level of the cyclist. But there are a few more secrets, applying which the cyclist will quickly achieve the desired results. One such secret is how to pedal correctly. In cycling terminology, this is called pedaling. Correct pedaling is the key to every cycling triumph.

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How to increase the speed of your bike | Do it yourself

When the bike ride gets longer, pedaling gets harder. Then the usual desire arises to force the bike to move faster, not at the expense of the cyclist’s strength, but with the support of technical means.

Tires (tires)

First of all, consider replacing your bike tires. Wide “toothy” tires look, of course, cool, but bad luck. they do not roll on the asphalt at all. If you want to go faster, you need to get thin slicks. These road tires have minimal rolling resistance and after installing them, the bike turns from a lazy nag into a fast cheetah.


It is unrealistic to turn an ordinary walking bike with two stars into a sports multi-speed one. However, a simple upgrade at home will help improve the speed performance of even the simplest bike.

Replace the handlebars with a lighter one. Find a lightweight seat that is comfortable for you. Try to give up wings altogether. In dry warm weather, they are not necessary, but in mud and slush you will be able to turn the wings back into place. These metamorphoses will increase the speed of the bike by reducing its weight.

Replace ordinary contact pedals. This will allow you to accelerate the bike not only by pressing on the pedal, but also by pulling the pedal when it moves up. True, to use such pedals, you will have to purchase special boots.

Try replacing the sprocket on the front wheel of the bicycle with a sprocket with an increased number of teeth, and replace the sprocket of the rear wheel with a sprocket with a reduced number of teeth. Typically, on a sports bike, the gearwheel is put forward fifty-four teeth, and backward thirty-six teeth. With this improvement, it is harder to turn the pedals when going uphill, but it is allowed to increase the speed of the bike.

Bicycle wheel diameters range from 20 “to 28”. Large wheels allow for increased speed of the bike. but pedaling will be harder. In addition, a bike with huge wheels is more stable. Large wheels also provide better passability, because the wheel can overcome an obstacle no larger than 1/3 of the wheel diameter.

It is allowed to go further and completely self-assemble the bike, choosing the components that are especially suitable for your requirements. The main thing is to know what kind of bike you want to end up with. Maybe like in Dolsky’s song with a triangular wheel from Picasso and Van Gogh’s Provencal loud?

How to change the pedal on a bike

Replacing bike pedals can seem like a breeze. But this is objective only if the cyclist who has decided to replace the pedal on his own is observant of this operation and knows the necessary wisdom and subtleties.

How to make a bike faster and lighter

How to make a fast bike? Details on the website

Cycling speed depends on many factors, some we cannot influence, such as road quality, wind, time of day, and factors that we can influence. the condition of the bike.

Depending on some parameters of the bike, the speed of movement will vary significantly. Let’s start taking things apart in order.

You should pay attention to the tires, and especially their size and studding. The wider the tires and the larger the stud, the slower your bike will go. You can see that on all fast bicycles they use very narrow and non-studded tires. Just keep in mind that you need to choose the right rubber on the rims of your bike so that it does not turn out to be small.

Top 5 | Cheap Ways To Make Your Bike Faster

Transmission. You should also pay attention to this system, namely the number of teeth on the stars. Often there are 42 or 44 teeth in the front, for higher speed they can be replaced with 48. On most modern bicycles, the stars are removable, so you will not need to completely change the entire system.

Fork. For higher speed, it would be better to choose a rigid fork, i.e. a fork without shock absorbers, it will allow you to gain high speed, and its weight will be much less than usual. If it is not possible to install such a fork, then you need to turn your attention to suspension forks with the ability to lock.

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To increase the pedaling efficiency, which will increase the speed accordingly, you can install the clipless pedals. As practice shows, efficiency can increase up to 20%.

Also, do not forget about aerodynamics. If you change the fit on the bike, so will the speed. The lower the landing, the less air resistance, thus, we can increase our speed in a very simple way.

Cycling and sports in general are gaining momentum: a waist appears, an elastic stomach and butt, a beautiful posture. Speaking about health, I would like to add that it is important what kind of water a person drinks, it would be good to filter it. Nutrition also plays an important role.

Contact pedals

This is something that will greatly change your riding style, increase your pedaling efficiency, etc. Perhaps it will still make you younger, more beautiful, but this is inaccurate.

The trick of the contact pedals is that when you put them on and start driving, there is no improvement in sensations, and at first you generally feel discomfort and fear of falling. Well, that is, if you have established contacts for yourself and nothing has changed, then you will surely experience disappointment. this is the norm. It is worth traveling for a couple of months and sitting on the usual treadmills. you know right away how much it sucks.

If you have a mountain bike, then MTB contacts are for you, road bikes have their own road bikes. Each type of pedal has its own set of shoes, which usually cost 3-4 times more than the set of pedals itself. In general, get ready that this event will not be cheap.

If you have both a mountain bike and a road bike, it will be quite convenient to put on both MTB contacts. Of course, true road fetishists will throw scornful glances at you, but you don’t have to buy a second set of shoes.

5 Completely Free Hacks To Make Your Bike Faster

How to improve your bike at home?

In the life of any bicycle lover, sooner or later, there is a desire to improve something in his horse. It comes imperceptibly, quickly flares up and turns into a mania that haunts you. I went through it myself, little by little I learned to fight, but exacerbations periodically arise 🙂

In general, there are several reasons for itching to improve the bike. This may be the poor performance of individual units due to deterioration or poor adjustment. then your itching is maximally justified and you should not be ashamed of it. It might be a desire to make cycling easier for yourself. It may be an innate craving to alter something and supposedly improve (the owners of tuned kopecks, for example) in order to express themselves. Fighting the urge to improve the bike becomes easier with experience. when you ride different models, different types of bicycles, you begin to feel the influence of certain mechanisms on the feeling of riding, you will understand the effect of changes.

But now you have a meter-long alloy steel awl sticking in your ass, which haunts you. you have some amount of money, they burn your hands, and your faithful iron horse ceases to please you. “Improve yourself first!” the most correct and most useless advice in this situation, like advice to stop eating sweets or go to bed early. Train, improving performance bit by bit in hard work. this is not our way, we need a result now. If you bought a bike to get emotions, then even more so, everything is in order. a new strap on your bike will definitely give you a burst of good mood, so why not?

Important! If your bike does not fit your size, then discard all the improvements, and quickly change the bike to another one with the correct size. Cycling is not for you. this is a big harm to health and no improvement will fix it.

Where to start and what is the easiest way to feel the changes from the upgrade? List of improvements. subjective, from most useful to least on my internal scale of importance.

Gear shifting

A very grateful topic for those who like to lighten their bike. My opinion. change only when your current switching system can no longer cope even after tune. Well working switching. it’s fun to ride, but there’s no point in shelling out for a super-expensive system if you’re not a professional athlete.


During a long ride, your butt suffers a lot. If your seat looks like your grandmother’s favorite sofa, then you are creating a lot of problems for yourself. Find a good tight seat and fit it onto your bike. With seemingly less comfortable geometry, you will get tired much less.


That’s right, not the wheels, but the tires are in my second place. Changing the toothy tire of your favorite mountain bike to something more civilian (semi-slick or even slick) will significantly reduce rolling resistance, and hence your pedaling effort. In addition, the non-aggressive rubber weighs much less.

Having put my Continental Speed ​​King on my 29er (very light and very bald rubber), I stopped recognizing my bike. Much less noise, much easier to ride.

Here, of course, you should understand that off-road driving on such tires should be much more accurate, but how often do you actually drive off-road? If you still want more confidence. look towards semi-slicks like Schwalbe Hurricane. They will allow you to drive fast on asphalt and feel confident enough off-road.

If you like to overcome impassable roads, downhill and do other crazy things, then you probably should not read this article. you need a bike of a completely different level and with a different philosophy.

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If you bought a mountain bike, as all normal people in this country do :), then for sure you will have some kind of shit in the form of a suspension fork. Bikes under 700 are rarely worth anything. This imitation fork tends to be heavy and perform poorly.

Fork task. not to make cycling more comfortable, but to provide better wheel grip on uneven roads. This is me to not look for comfort and softness from a good fork.

Good and inexpensive forks are the Rockshox XC32 in oil-air version. This is an unpretentious entry-level fork with one chamber, locking and rebound adjustment. Putting on the air plug, get ready right away for the cost of your MOT to rise. such forks require more careful maintenance, and it costs a little more.

It’s hard to believe that an air fork will make a huge difference to the ride experience, especially if you’ve been riding a regular cheap rubber band. But believe me. it’s worth it.

Attention! When buying a fork, make sure it has a mount for your brakes. there are forks for v-breaks, there are for disc brakes. The former are harder to find, but not impossible.

After traveling a couple of hundred kilometers on at least a basic air fork, you will understand how awesome it is.

Contact pedals

Contact pedals are a mechanism that allows you to mechanically fix the cyclist’s foot on the pedal, thereby connecting the cyclist’s shoes and the bicycle pedal into a single whole structure. Thus, full contact of the cyclist with the bicycle drive is ensured. And you can also make the bike faster this way. After all, now the effort will be exerted not only when pressing the pedal, but also when lifting the leg up.

Contact pedals increase the cyclist’s pedaling efficiency by an average of 10-20%. But such a system costs money. Sometimes considerable.

Clip-on pedal with a mechanism built into the bicycle shoe

Tires (tires)

The worst option for driving on asphalt is tires with a “complex pattern” on the tread and too large studs. They are designed for rough terrain, mud and sand (for better traction). They are usually put on mountain bikes. You will have to replace these. with tires without all of the above (tires with a minimal pattern / without it and without studs at all. are called “slicks”).

This type of tire has minimal rolling resistance. This is the easiest way to make your bike go faster. With this, it will almost turn into a sports car.

How to make a bike faster. change it into less toothy rubber

Don’t brake: 5 ways to make your bike faster

Even an old and dilapidated mountain bike can be made faster. For this, you don’t even need imagination, just our advice.

After buying a mountain bike, many owners become dissatisfied with its speed. Indeed: a mountain bike. for the fastest, but also a road bike. is an expensive thing. How to be? Cheer up: a mountain bike can be done faster. We will carry out a deep modernization: we will replace something, we will adjust something.


Most modern mountain bikes are equipped with shock absorbers. Shock absorbers. to absorb vibration when driving on uneven surfaces. Shock absorbers also “eat up” the speed, rocking you back and forth with the bike. This is especially noticeable with active pedaling.

In addition to shock absorbers, modern bicycles also have a shock absorber lock. With its help, with one movement of your finger, the fork can be turned into a rigid fork (rigid, without a shock absorber). That is, the shock absorber will remain “on board”, but it will already be fixed (it will not swing as the bike moves). This will not reduce the weight of the forks (rigid. not shock-absorbing: they weigh very little), but it will not eat up kinetic energy when pedaling hard.

Shock absorber lock. The weight of the fork will not decrease, but at the right time will make it rigid


Land below. This will reduce the area of ​​resistance to oncoming air and wind.

  • Pay attention to the seating position of road cyclists: it is almost horizontal.

A horizontal landing can be achieved with a mountain bike. To do this, raise the saddle higher and move it back (if the mechanism allows). At the same time, replace the stem with a longer stem and lower the handlebar lower.

  • Handlebar stem. the part that connects the handlebars to the bike fork. Serves for fixing the handlebars and adjusting the fit of the cyclist.

Better to take a carbon stem: it’s lighter. But more expensive. If, due to a fork or financial situation, it is not possible to replace the stem, simply lower the handlebars lower. Paired with a high-lift saddle, this will also improve your aerodynamic performance.

Mountain bike handlebars are often very wide. This also prevents the bike from being faster. Tip: Trim the handlebars to the width of your shoulders. It could even be a little shorter.

The handlebars on road bikes are narrow and light. This is another important factor that has a positive effect on the speed and aerodynamics of the bike.


Largest chainring. On mountain bikes, it usually has 42 or 44 teeth. You need to replace it with a 48-tooth star. Do not be afraid: you may not need to change along with the cranks (the tube-shaped parts that connect the pedals to the chainrings). Since most modern bicycles have a large chainring that is detachable, not molded in one piece with the cranks.

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How to make your bike faster. replace the larger chainring with one with more teeth


The tips above will help you make your bike faster. But remember: not only the bike plays an important role in speed, but also the physical fitness of the cyclist. Regular exercise and weight control will help you achieve this.

For more information on how to train a cyclist, read here and see the following video:

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Repair and tuning. How to make a bike faster

Obviously, we have a slight lull after SuperD, I will offer one topic, namely, who knows which ways to accelerate the bike?

For example, yesterday I went for a ride and drove for a while (this is a segment in the strava) one asphalt interval uphill, but before riding I saw that the tires were inflated a little less than they could have been, and also that the system was idling with little ( but noticeable) effort. In the evening I disassembled the switch, and cleaned the system, poured the WD-40 (and the chain for it). In the morning I lubricated it, put everything together, and the tires turned out to be almost normal, added less than 5psi. And I went to test the changes. The result shocked me personally, the difference is huge! In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the post, I suggest recalling all the possible ways to accelerate with a bike, in addition to the obvious struggle for weight. I propose to write only ideas in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев of the first level, and evaluate their usefulness by votes for them. Let’s get started?

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This is important, thank you. Although, personally, I only tried cross-step from the top ones. But this is important.

By the way, your advice about cranks helped, it became easier, thanks.

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ps I know a person who changed his bike before the superd final and drove onto the podium 🙂

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It seemed to me you get used to the bike once, and you change all sorts of settings such as pressure, rebounds and compressions to make the bike faster / more comfortable.

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Some bushings do not roll at all. An example from life. but. Hope Pro 2 rolls worse than Xenium Chosen (behind). Tires / wheel pressure / weight are the same. b. Hope Pro 2 Evo rolls worse than WTB LaserDisc FR Novatek (back). over, the novatek has well-worn bearings, but with any sort of hook system it is unrealistically silent (possibly rolling). Tires / pressures are the same. The weight of the wheels in the second case is slightly more.

Amorth bushings. but. Stock bushings, like foxes / marzocchi. bullshit. b. The manitou are more interesting, but they quickly wear off and begin to play. in. KKDBs are even more interesting, but they also quickly erase and begin to play. nifiga is not cool because knocks begin, and this infuriates. r1. Caprolon. All in all, this is a bomb. Works fantastic when properly sized. In addition, it is elastic and even if it fits tightly, it still works. With a punt and such a feint will not work. Pros: fierce waste by weight, spinning like a spin. The only negative is that you cannot use it on fingers that are too wide. I have a 40mm bottom mount. the finger is now bent. But after lying down for a couple of months it levels off. And it is being exploited again. r2. Needle bearings. Heavier than r1, and, probably, there will be problems during winter operation (we will check this winter), but it is guaranteed to spin. And it turns just fantastic. Even better than caprolon. But in this situation, I would say that I preferred caprolon, because it is no longer necessary to spin so steeply, and the weight can be thrown off. Of the shortcomings, the stock set of fingers may not be enough. Then either you have to ride on a rattling cart or sharpen it under your amort / frame.

By the way, when I clamp the amorte with conventional bushings and g1 or g2, I feel a noticeable difference. How much energy does it take? If you transfer it to the amorta with the least loss, then he will return it. With losses, of course. But it’s better than warming Amorth’s ears.