How to make a bike basket

Self-assembly options

Since these can all be expensive, many people choose to pay where possible. As a result, your setup will probably not be as aesthetically pleasing, but it will still help. Starting with a basic rear rack for about 15-20, you can take a plastic milk crate and attach it to the rack with zip ties. Voila! Bike box.

Plain old elastic cords. an obvious replacement for belts, and it’s always handy to have one or two handy in case you spontaneously commit suicide and buy a mop on your way home from work.

How to carry things on a regular bike

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How to Make an Awesome Wooden Bike Basket

Using your bike as your primary (or sole) means of transportation requires some modifications to maximize your comfort and minimize the time you spend on transportation. a backpack that is too heavy or cycling home with grocery bags dangling from the handlebars. While cargo bikes are a great substitute for a family car or work car, the reality is that most single people or childless couples just don’t need to carry 200 pounds of cargo with any kind of regularity. Thankfully, there are several ways to turn your regular everyday bike into a work bike. a horse for transporting goods that will not break a penny or your back.

We’ve described the many options available, from more expensive trailers to DIY options. There are a million backpacks, messenger bags and shoulder bags that are designed with cyclists in mind, and while they have many benefits of their own, we want to specifically focus on systems that make the bike 100% carry, so whatever you wear. this is your shirt. Or shirtless, whichever you choose. While one setting may be ideal for one person, another may prefer a completely different method. It is best to think about how much you will carry with you every day, what you can afford and what your style preferences are, and then choose the option that suits you.

Manufacturing material

Baggage items can be made from the following materials:

  • braided from natural rods. These types of devices are very rare. However, they are very durable and attractive in appearance;
  • metal. made of a metal mesh, which has rigid inserts that do not allow the device to deform. They are used very often, with dents, a person can fix the problem on his own, however, if the mesh is damaged, it is very difficult to repair it. Also, without the lack of the necessary processing and care, it can become rusty;
  • plastic. this type is made of durable plastic and can last a long time, the models do not withstand impacts and quickly become unusable when cracked. Practically indestructible;
  • textile material. these types have a rigid frame, and the walls are made of fabric. Models are not used to transport heavy objects and are damaged very quickly.

There are a large number of models, as well as the material from which they are made. Each cyclist individually approaches the choice of a device that will serve as a rack on a two-wheeled vehicle.


Trailers can cost anywhere from 200 to 1000.

Basil. it is not only stylish, but also incredibly practical.

  • Bicycle bags
  • Disposable Cycling Bags
    Double bike bags
    Bicycle Backpacks
    Steering wheel bags
    Luggage carriers
  • Bicycle baskets
  • .Bicycle baskets


    Zippers. To attach the basket to the handlebars and struts, you will need zip ties. The zippers are strong, but if you want to make your basket prettier, you can grab the ribbon to tie it up.

    Drill 3/16 (5 mm). You will need to punch a couple of holes in the aluminum strips, for this you will need a drill and drill bit capable of drilling through metal. If you don’t have this home, I’ll go over your options in the next section.

    Hacksaw for metal. What? Don’t have a hacksaw for cutting aluminum at home? You don’t need to buy it. I will cover this in the next section.

    Metal files. You won’t want to leave sharp edges on your bike rack racks.

    DIY a simple, STRONG bike basket, using dollarstore materials

    Gripping vise. Again, if you don’t have a grip at home, you have a choice.

    Fixing the basket

    The basket can be mounted using the following methods:

    • The device is installed using a bracket and supports on the steering axle and remains for a long time. This mount is mounted without further regular removal of the luggage compartment.
    • Temporary mount. can be removed and mounted on the handlebar.
    • Plastic mount to the steering wheel. Quickly removable if necessary. Special clamps can also be used to fix the luggage compartment to the frame.
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    The type of fastening depends on the material from which the basket is made.

    13 Clever Bike Hacks And Tips

    Bicycle basket construction

    There is a wide variety of baskets for a two-wheeled vehicle. The material of manufacture is different, however, they have one thing in common.

    All bike baskets are strong and practically lightweight, which is well reflected in the speed of the bike while on the move. Products are pre-processed, erosion-resistant and can be used in all weather conditions.

    Some models are equipped with covers and close when driving with locks, devices can also be equipped with handles and other additional functions.

    The basket is attached to the bike with a special hook or clip and is firmly attached to the handlebars even during fast driving.

    On the trunk

    The trunk basket is chosen depending on the location of the trunk. The rear bicycle baskets are more spacious, they can hold up to 10, 20, or even 40 kg of cargo (for different bicycle models. in different ways). But the rack baskets above the front wheels are more compact and less spacious (but still they can be folded much more than those that are attached to the steering wheel).

    Baskets mounted on bicycle racks are often used to transport pets. often dogs than cats, because the former are much easier to tolerate any road and practically do not need constant control of the owner during movement. However, for small animals, special luggage baskets have been developed, which have not only a fixing lid, but also a soft bedding with sides.

    Basket fasteners

    Bicycle baskets can be attached to a two-wheeled vehicle not only in different places, but also in different ways. that is, using different fasteners:

    • Universal steering. This one is easy to remove, weighs little, has a low selling price and, most importantly, reliably holds the basket.
    • On a bracket with a support. Attaches to the hub axle on bicycles with 28 ” wheels.
    • Quick-detachable plastic (in various configurations) on the steering wheel.
    • Steering collar, etc.

    On the steering wheel

    Taking everything you need and traveling while pedaling is the dream of any cycling fan or aficionado.


    Secure the basket to the handlebars with cable ties, but not rigidly, but so that you understand where it should be. The best option looks like this: the upper edge of the basket rises slightly above the horizontal steering tube, while the clamps are fixed at the same distance from the stem, in those places that will wrap around the belts.

    Take a marker and draw a line under the bottom edge of the cable tie. You will later make an incision along it, through which the belt will be passed. All the same must be done on the other side.

    Before making a cut, attach the strap to the marker line and make sure the cut is not too narrow or too wide.

    Take sharp scissors and carefully cut holes in the wall of the basket.

    Use glue to secure the strips of vines or twigs around the cut to prevent further damage to the weave structure.

    After the glue is dry, pass the belts through the holes prepared for them.

    Check again that the slot size and the belt width match.

    If you use a belt made of leather strips like the one in the photo below, you can do without punching holes. Just tighten the strap (not too tight, otherwise you will break the basket bars) and pass the buckle tongue between the leather strips. Don’t cut off the excess belt just yet.

    If you are dealing with a one-piece belt made of leather or vinyl, most likely there will not be a hole in the right place in it, so you will have to do it yourself. Mark the point where it should be, and only then remove the belt from the handlebars. Take a leather punch or drill with a 5 mm drill bit and prepare a wooden board.

    First, make a few test holes in the part of the belt that will then be cut off to see how the material behaves. If the leather is not torn or cracked, proceed to drilling or punching a hole in the designated place.

    Thread the strap through the slot in the basket and fasten it in the usual way.

    Place the loose ends of the straps inside the basket.

    Thread the free ends through the slots again so that they are behind the back of the basket.

    Apply a small amount of glue to the inside of the belt as close to the notch as possible and cut off the excess.

    Fix the bonding area with clothespins until the glue is completely dry.

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    Remove your clothespins. Here’s what you should end up with:

    If you are working with a braided belt, immediately tie the strips of leather together after cutting off the excess. For reliability, coat them with glue.

    And of course, you can decorate the basket to your liking. Pompons, belts or fringe. the choice of decor options is limited only by your imagination!

    Do you also like to do things with your own hands? Tell us about your achievements.

    Bicycle basket construction

    Any modern bicycle basket, regardless of design or material, is a lightweight and durable construction that resists drops or bumps. She is also not afraid of unfavorable climatic conditions. Bicycle baskets can withstand torrential rains and the scorching sun with equal ease. True, it is better to protect products with a textile finish from constant exposure to sunlight (so as not to fade), and after a trip in the rain, it is worth wiping both the bike and bicycle accessories with a soft dry flannel cloth.

    Many bicycle baskets have lids. Including carriers designed for comfortable transportation of pets. small dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.

    Many luggage baskets have special hooks that make it easy (but secure) to fix and just as easily remove these accessories from the bike.

    Structurally, bicycle baskets intended for mounting on the handlebars are made especially durable, since in a possible collision with moving or immovable objects they take on a rather large shock load.

    Materials for making bicycle baskets

    Depending on the purpose of the bicycle baskets, they are made from different materials. This could be:

    • vine;
    • polypropylene;
    • Aluminium alloy;
    • steel;
    • and even titanium.

    Wicker baskets made of wicker decorated with textiles are very effective. It is these who are more often than others chosen for their bicycles by the fair sex. The most popular ones, combining lightness, strength and optimal price, are bicycle baskets of various designs made of ultra-strong and ultra-modern aluminum alloys.

    Basket fasteners

    Bicycle baskets can be attached to a two-wheeled vehicle not only in different places, but also in different ways. that is, using different fasteners:

    Trunk mounting technology

    First of all, we choose the height of the future product. A very important point is to determine the center of gravity, since it depends on this how a loaded bicycle will move on the road, whether it will be stable and manageable, or will fall on its side at the very first turn. As practice shows, the most rational solution is to install the trunk on the same level with the upper part of the frame.

    Having decided on the center of gravity, we draw a diagram of the future product. If you are not strong in drawing, do not be discouraged, I am a teapot in this business, I draw a dog with seven legs. Just in order not to spoil the product during assembly, you need to roughly imagine what size, what configuration it will be and, if possible, adhere to this scheme. Believe me, this is much easier than boiling a trunk by eye.

    Now we proceed to the most interesting, crucial moment. We take a steel profile, bend it in a vice to the desired shape. Now we prepare the corners and pipes and, cutting off the excess, we cook a perfectly even rectangle shape by welding.

    Do not forget to put on a visor when cooking, after all, this process requires caution and adherence to safety measures. in any case, this is how the labor teacher always taught us. Good guy.

    When the product is somehow welded, we will only have to install it on the place prepared for it on the bicycle and fix it. The trunk is welded onto horizontal beams and vertical struts and, for additional strength, it is also fastened with bolts and nuts.

    The final touch. we overwrite the unsightly seams formed from welding with a file and paint our product. Everything, the work is ready. You can praise yourself for the manifestation of will and mind, and put this business on stream.

    But it is worth remembering that on the road, especially if you are used to driving over rough terrain at a good speed, trunk breakdowns may occur, for example, bolts may loosen if tightened poorly. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, always carry additional bolts, nuts, as well as insulating tape with you so that, in case of deformation of any part, you can fix it on the go.

    I think now I have told everything I wanted on the topic raised. I wish you good luck in the interesting business of making the trunk and good roads.!

    On the steering wheel

    Taking everything you need and traveling by pedaling is the dream of any cycling fan or aficionado. And everything you need fits into the basket, because there is simply no other way to ride a bicycle. precisely, it will work out, but it will not be so convenient. According to the general opinion of most owners of two-wheeled vehicles, the basket is the best thing that was invented by developers and designers of bicycle accessories for fans of cycling.

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    Useful to pay attention

    Cycling accessory developers have come up with many different baskets for a wide variety of bike models. And it’s not just about design. In addition to their appearance, these bike accessories differ from one another in:

    • appointment;
    • degree of load;
    • type and nature of fastening.

    Each cyclist or cyclist chooses a basket according to their own requirements. And they can purchase several of them, as they say, for all occasions.

    Removable cover

    The most time consuming part of the job. Glue the magnets at the top from the inside. We need them to secure the top. Three magnets on three sides. I put them on hot melt glue.

    Now we cut out the tarp as shown in the picture. Approximate dimensions. on the long side about 1.5 times the size of the basket, and on the short side 2.5. Allowances are needed in order to then make turns at the edges. We cut out the tapes from the tarpaulin or take ready-made ones if available. We glue or sew them to the long side. We turn the basket upside down, pass the ribbons through the holes in the basket, and connect the ends to the edge of the sweep. This will attach the roof to the bottom. See the photo.

    Now we put the roof on the basket and mark the places that correspond to the position of the magnets. In this place, you will need to stick a strip of adhesive tape, and in the marked places, fasten coins that will serve as clasps. When the coins are glued to the tape, we turn the remaining end, so we get an overlap in two layers.

    Now you need to make the roof mount when folded. To do this, take a couple of buttons and tie them to the net.

    We twist polypropylene and make rope loops. In size, they should be such that the twist is tightly fastened to the basket.

    How to make a bicycle basket with your own hands

    What do travelers with a bicycle put in it? A bottle of water, a little food, without being distracted by the lack of household trifles. But the methods of fastening the baskets and their purpose will be discussed in detail in this article.

    Permanent fixing of the basket to the frame

    This version of the basket will be fixed to the points of the frame for maximum reliability and comfort. The popularity of this location is very low. The most commonly used is a removable frame mount option. Permanent attachment. very rare.

    Typically, such structures are made in the shape of the letter V. In such a basket you can carry significant luggage, heavy weight. If permanent fastening is carried out using a frame, then such a bicycle will become a reliable workhorse for trips to the country or transportation of permanent loads.

    Mounts vary, but all use points on the frame. Additionally, other elements of the bike can be involved.

    Other materials

    We’ve written about standard materials, but of course that’s not all. For example, there is a large layer of models of solid baskets, which are more logical to call boxes. with a stationary mount, they turn an ordinary bicycle with a basket into a cargo one, and they themselves are made of solid metal elements.

    Homemade accessories also stand apart. Here you can find weaving from natural or synthetic materials, and fabric upholstery, and natural wooden boxes. there are simply no restrictions for imagination.

    Natural materials

    Indeed, on bicycles you can also find baskets made from natural twigs, for example, rattan. The woven material is environmentally friendly, very light, and, no matter how strange it may sound, it is reliable. Over time, the rods lose their properties, but up to 5 years, such a product is one of the best choices. There are only problems with mounts. It is not so easy to attach a basket and a sufficient number of rods to a small bracket element to make the structure reliable.

    Permanent handlebar mount

    • Option There are simply no attachment points. We solve the problem like this. A basket for a bicycle, that is, it is attached to the handlebars by hand. We put a clamp on the feathers, and fix the top of the basket with a clamp at a suitable point. This design is not durable and not strong. It can only be used for walking short distances.
    • Option The steel bracket is attached to the handlebar and spliced ‚Äč‚Äčinto the basket. reliable than the third option, but will not differ in durability.

    This should always be considered when attaching the basket to the handlebar.

    Permanent handlebar mount

    The bracket is attached to the handlebar and is integral with the rest of the basket. Most inexpensive, but not universal mount.