How to make a bike a home trainer

What you need to consider at the initial stages?

Many people start training incorrectly due to ignorance of the basic rules:

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For additional removal of toxins from the body, you can sometimes visit a bath or sauna. Among other things, such procedures help to relax strained muscles, relieve pain.

How to prepare for home workouts?

You should prepare in advance for sports activities. For this you need:

  • determine the goals of classes (lose weight, keep fit, tone muscles, remove fat from any part of the body, etc.);
  • think about exercises (it is desirable that they bring both benefit and pleasure);
  • stock up on the necessary sports equipment (sports mat, fitness uniform, sneakers, dumbbells, weights, etc.);
  • draw up a training plan for the near future (week or month).

Attention! It will be easier and more fun if you can connect one of your family members to sports training.

What exercises to do for weight loss?

The following exercises are considered a good option for fast and safe weight loss:

  • Lungeing with legs.
  • Pushups. Girls do not always succeed in push-ups from the floor, they can perform the exercise from any other surface (bench, sofa).
  • Deadlift using dumbbells or barbells. You can then add pulls on one leg.
  • Exercise plank (endurance). For those who have mastered the bar from the floor, you can try to perform it while standing on the balls. You can also do this exercise by touching your shoulders with your palms.
  • Hanging on the horizontal bar with pulling the legs to the body.
  • Squatting and swinging legs to the sides.
  • Side step squat.
  • Reverse Leg Raises.
  • Swing legs with touching the foot.

Home exercise for weight loss

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It is believed that sports activities are good for shedding extra pounds and reducing body fat. Not everyone has the time and money to go to the gym, so you can work out at home. How to properly conduct self-training at home?

It is quite possible to do weight loss workouts at home. It is only important to choose the right equipment and draw up a training program.

Please note that all information posted on the Prowellness website is provided for informational purposes only and is not a personal program, direct recommendation for action or medical advice. Do not use these materials for diagnosis, treatment, or any medical manipulation. Consult a physician before using any technique or using any product. This site is not a specialized medical portal and does not replace the professional advice of a specialist. The owner of the Site does not bear any responsibility to any party that has suffered indirect or direct damage as a result of improper use of materials posted on this resource.

DIY bicycle rollers

Unlike the previous version of the bike trainer, bicycle rollers are a frame with torsion cylinders. The frame is on the floor, you put the bike on top without attaching it, sit on it and start pedaling.

This gives you a more realistic riding experience compared to a bike trainer as you need to balance to stay in motion. This means that the ride will benefit the major muscle groups. But it can be difficult to keep your balance early on in the ride.

Try one trick that works well with rollers. Place them inside the doorway. This will help you stick to lean on or push off your shoulder. Just be careful, falling can be painful.

If you want to try DIY cycling videos, watch this video.

How to make an exercise bike out of a bicycle

Is it possible to turn a street bike into a home exercise bike without the help of specialists? Yes, and we’ll look at the best ways to do it yourself.

Don’t worry if you are not skilled with tools. There are ready-made design options.

In this article, you will learn and see the pros and cons of each of them, and you can choose the right one for you. So let’s go.

Make an exercise bike with your own hands from a bicycle

What’s the best way to turn a bike into an exercise bike with your own hands? One option is to make a stand that fits under the rear wheel of your bike. It either supports the bike so that the rear wheel does not touch the ground, allowing it to rotate freely when you pedal, or it takes the place of the rear wheel.

If you are making one of the options yourself, the easiest way is to make a stand out of wood and then install BMX-style pegs on either side of the rear axle. The pegs will sit in the grooves at the top of your wood stand, supporting your rear wheel.

This way, you can pedal as much as you like. Keep in mind that with a homemade bike trainer like this, there is no resistance when you pedal. This means it will feel like you are just driving on smooth, level asphalt.

This may be ideal for beginners, but after a while you may feel like there is no load. However, these exercise equipment stands are affordable and easy to assemble. Therefore, it is worth experimenting with them to see if they suit you. Watch the video. how to make such racks.

Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Bike

These are all great DIY options, but often you may be missing important components needed to build a homemade exercise bike.

What you need to set up and ride your bike?

  • For any indoor bike setup you need to make sure you have enough room to place the bike trainer, with additional accessories outside for bike setup and removal.
  • Cycling machines often require nutrition. Therefore, you need to install the bike next to a power outlet. Floor wires are a stumbling hazard that is unnecessary if your legs wobble after cycling. And this is a minus for a stationary exercise bike.
  • Setting up a platform with videos is very quick. Since there is no need‚ to attach the bike to the rollers, you simply place it on top.
  • Balancing and pedaling takes some getting used to, unlike exercising on a stationary bike.

Video how to use the rollers for the bike

Pros of an Exercise Bike Exercise Bike:

  • The main advantage of a bicycle trainer is associated with its low cost.
  • Such a homemade simulator can be used not only at home, but also outdoors.
  • It is suitable for beginners who need to prepare for more difficult loads in the gym.
  • Do-it-yourself exercise bike can help you lose weight and work out muscle groups.

Cons of Exercise Bike Exercise Bike:

  • A do-it-yourself exercise bike from a bicycle won’t last long.
  • Homemade construction is not entirely stable, so there is a risk of falling off the bike.
  • The platform under the bike can make noise, unlike the stationary bike. Because of this, you may have problems with your neighbors.
  • On such a bike simulator, you will not be able to regulate the load, as on an exercise bike.
  • For obvious reasons, you will not receive information about calories burned, driving speed, etc.

Why do you need homework?

better remember what you hear in the classroom.

Teachers give homework so that students learn knowledge better, and not so that it flew into one ear, flew out of the other (Mari).

For example, mathematics and physics help you find ways to solve a given problem, and this, according to scientists, contributes to the creation and strengthening of neural connections. So homework is a kind of brain training.

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Be that as it may, homework is part of your life, and there is nothing you can do about it. But not everything is so sad: although you cannot influence the number of lessons that are given to you, it is in your power to learn how to do them faster. Let’s see how.

What your peers say

At first, I took on simple tasks. Satisfaction with the work done spurred me on and helped me not to give up (Angelica).

Although I didn’t like doing my homework, it taught me how to plan my time and be a responsible person. So homework prepares for adulthood (Austin).

How to deal with an avalanche of homework?

Sitting for lessons until one in the morning is a torment! Sleep death as you want (David).

I used to do my homework until 5:30 in the morning, and then get up for school at 6. This is madness! (Theresa).

Do you also feel that you can’t breathe from the lessons? Then this article will help you clean up the rubble of homework.

Useful Tips

If you’re having a hard time coping with a ton of homework, you don’t have to spend even more energy on it. You just need to turn on ingenuity. Here’s what to try.

plan ahead. The Bible says: The plans of the diligent lead to success (Proverbs 21: 5). Organize your workplace so that everything you need for study is at hand, and then you do not have to be distracted once again.

Also, think about where to stay so that nothing interferes with your concentration. Some find it easier to do their homework in a quiet, well-lit room. Others prefer to study outside the home, such as in the library.

In order to plan everything and not waste time, it is useful to have a diary. When all tasks and deadlines are in front of your eyes, there is much less stress (Richard).

prioritize. The Bible says: Let everything happen. in proper order (1 Corinthians 14:40 Restoration Translation). Think in advance which lessons you will do first.

Some people like to start with the most difficult, while others prefer to accelerate on easier missions. Decide which method is right for you.

It is helpful to make a list of what you need to do and in what order. Then you feel that you have everything under control, and the number of tasks does not scare you anymore (Heidi).

get to work quickly. The Bible says: Do not hesitate in your work (Romans 12:11). Try not to get distracted from your homework, no matter how much you want to do something else.

People who are used to pulling rubber usually do everything late or in a hurry. As a result, quality suffers. You can save yourself from unnecessary worries if you start lessons without postponing the matter indefinitely.

When I sat down to do my homework right after school or started preparing a report as early as possible, then later I was less nervous. And I also had enough time for other things (Serina).

IDEA: do your homework at the same time every day. It will become a habit and help you to be more organized.

Do not be distracted. The Bible says: Let your gaze be straight ahead-Proverbs 4:25. When doing, don’t be distracted. especially by devices.

Lessons will take twice as much time if you simultaneously surf the Internet or correspond with someone. Therefore, it is better to completely immerse yourself in work, and then you will not only save your nerves, but will also be freed faster.

How can you concentrate here when mobile phones, set-top boxes, a computer and a TV are all around! So I turn off my phone and whatever might get in my way (Joel).

avoid extremes. The Bible says: Let your prudence be known to all people (Philippians 4: 5). To avoid fatigue, take breaks: go for a walk, ride a bike or go for a run.

But if you’re still struggling to get out of the avalanche of homework, talk to the teachers. Seeing that you are trying your best, they may come to meet you.

Don’t let your homework squeeze all the juices out of you! Do everything in your power, but without fanaticism. Homework is not something to risk your health for. (Julia).

What do I need to have on hand to do my homework?

What is the best time to practice?

Where can I study to better concentrate?

How to break the habit of procrastination?

What can prevent me from focusing on my studies?

How not to be distracted by electronic devices and other matters?

What will help you to have a balanced attitude towards homework?

REMINDER: Make sure you understand how to accomplish what you were asked to do. If something is not clear to you, check with the teacher before leaving the class.

Let’s summarize. How to deal with an avalanche of homework?

Plan ahead. Keep everything you need close at hand. Find a place where you can concentrate better.

Prioritize. Decide in which order you will do your homework.

Get to work faster. Don’t be lazy and don’t postpone.

Do not be distracted. When doing homework, remove anything that might interfere with your concentration, especially your devices.

Avoid extremes. Take a break if necessary. Don’t let your homework squeeze all the juice out of you.

^ para. 4 From the book by Jeanne Shumm School Power.

Beach season is just around the corner! Preparing the figure for summer with homemade STEPPER. How to lose weight through exercise? Is it possible to use it to pump up the ass and legs, or vice versa. reduce them? Feedback from an experienced ever-losing weight simulator user!

Good mood everyone!

Fizkult-hello! A little more than a month is left until the summer, which means it’s time to get sports equipment and start training right now. it’s time to take care of yourself, your figure and your health.

For several years now, my main home assistant in the fight for beauty (and health!) Has been a mini-stepper. In general, its purchase was not planned at all: I work out in the gym, so I see no point in purchasing simulators home. But at that time, I had planned state standards, the defense of my diploma, I had practice, and therefore for several months I could not go to the gym regularly. But the priest does not care whether I have a diploma or laziness, and therefore the lack of physical activity made itself felt. So the mini-simulator came to the rescue.

What is a stepper for?

Contraindications to classes

How to train properly

What results to expect from classes

Description from the manufacturer:

Compact home cardio exercise machine. a simulator of walking up the stairs. The best option for a thorough workout to work out the muscles of the thigh, calf and gluteal muscles.

  • ACTIVITY MEASUREMENT The simulator shows the workout time, number of steps per workout, rhythm, total distance, calories burned.
  • LOAD REGULATION The loading system consisting of two hydraulic cylinders and the interdependent pedal travel allow the load to be adjusted.
  • FACTORY-ASSEMBLED Ready-to-Fit: treadmill comes pre-assembled.
  • STRENGTHENED DESIGN EverProof design will last long.

Dimensions (L x W x H), cm 44 x 30 x 30


Stepper type: Classic

Pedals: Interdependent Stroke

Loading system: Hydraulic

Computer power: Batteries

Maximum user weight: 100 kg


The stepper, as mentioned above, is a cardio equipment. Thanks to its design, when training on it, all the muscles involved in the movement when climbing the stairs are involved. And what starts to hurt us when we once again “crawl” to the ninth floor due to a broken elevator? That’s right, legs! And where the muscles of the legs are involved, the gluteal muscles are also involved.

The main purpose of the stepper. cardio workout. Few people can boast of the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle. Meanwhile, the body needs daily physical activity, especially walking. It is at this task that the stepper is aimed. First of all, it strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. And naturally helps you lose weight by burning extra calories!

A stepper burns up to 500 Kcal per hour during intense training!

Ultimately, the USE of a stepper is great and boils down to the following:

  • Burning extra pounds.
  • Strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks;
  • Back and abs workout;
  • Stimulation of metabolic processes;
  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system (hereinafter referred to as CVS);
  • Stimulation of the respiratory system;
  • Development of coordination;
  • General strengthening of the body’s defenses and improving well-being.


So, the benefits of exercising regularly on a cardiovascular machine are undoubtedly great. Nevertheless, one must remember that each organism is individual, and sometimes, by apparently strengthening the organism, you can harm it. Well-intentioned, as they say.

How to Set Up your Bike on the Conquer Cycling Trainer

Training is not recommended without consulting your doctor in the following cases:

  • With untreated injuries of the limbs and spine (sprains, dislocations, injuries), diseases of the knee joints;
  • If there are serious diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver;
  • During pregnancy (2-3 trimester);
  • Diabetes mellitus in the stage of decompensation;
  • With arterial hypertension 3 degrees.

When choosing a simulator, it is necessary to take into account the objectives of its acquisition. In this section, I will not dwell on the technical characteristics and description of the steppers, but I will only clearly and briefly indicate the points that I paid attention to when buying.

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1) For what purposes is a simulator needed? I need it to work out the muscles of the legs, maintain shape and, what is there, lose weight. And since I regularly work out in the gym, I do not need a large stepper, and therefore the mini-stepper is an ideal option for periodic home workouts.

2) Do you need additional “goodies” for pumping other muscle groups: arms, abs, back. For this, mini-steppers with expanders, balancing and rotary steppers were invented. In my opinion, the purchase of such models makes sense only if you do not have time for a full (at least minimal) workout.

✓ Refers to classic models with mechanical (hydraulic) type of work. That is, when one pedal goes down, the second goes up.

✓ The simulator is quite effective, and with regular training, the result will be as pleasing as with training in the gym.

✓ Compact, attractive appearance. Soft plugs on legs.

✓ Mini-computer that shows the number of steps taken, speed, calories consumed per workout (of course, the average value) and workout time.

Naturally, the stepper characteristic is not limited only to positive features.

✗ The load in the mechanical version of the stepper’s work is limited only by the body weight of the student, the body gets used to the monotony and ceases to “respond”. lose weight or work out muscles, and therefore classes on the stepper must be alternated with other types of physical activity. Or periodically arrange Hard workouts: pick up dumbbells, a child, a cat

✗ The computer counts steps only if the stepper pedal is fully pushed in, and the pedal knocks loudly against the leg of the machine

✗ Despite the fact that when buying the stepper it was quite heavily lubricated (and repeatedly during operation), it squeaks loudly when the pedals are moved.

✗ With prolonged training, the mechanism heats up, and the simulator begins to shower everything around with metal filings mixed with black machine oil.

✗ It is quite problematic for a girl to change batteries on a computer counter on her own)


Stepper workout can be a standalone long-term cardio workout or part of a general workout. I usually only use the stepper as an independent workout.

a) Step is carried out on the forefoot (half step), while the training speed increases. In this case, mainly the calf and quadriceps muscles will be loaded, the load on the buttocks will be minimal, and as a result, girls may complain of an increase in legs in volumes where they are not needed. This method can only be practiced as a short-term (5-10 min) workout for CVS.

b) Step on a full foot, pay special attention to the heel. the load also goes to the buttocks and the back of the thigh.

Depending on whether you want to lose weight or strengthen the respiratory and CV systems, the training speed should be correspondingly medium or high.

In order to have a result, training should be carried out regularly, at least 40-60 minutes a day. It is believed that the process of fat burning in the body turns on only after 40 minutes of continuous training.

During the day, I drink enough water, but be sure to keep it next to me during training and occasionally drink in small sips. After training, food intake should be carried out no earlier than an hour later. Food, of course. a prerequisite for successful weight loss.

During training, I alternate a fast pace with a slow one. The last 10 minutes of your workout. hitch, you need to reduce the pace to a minimum, but better. just walk around the room or stretch. The training time increases gradually, from a few minutes to an hour or more. I usually train for 1-1.5 hours.

In this case, the result will not be long in coming.


Certainly, you should not expect that your butt will significantly increase or be afraid that your legs will be overly inflated. ass and legs MUST be noticeably tightened and get feminine curves, but nothing more. Still a stepper. cardio machine, and ONLY ITS load is not enough to build muscle. At the same time, many girls claim that their thighs and calves have increased “like a man’s” from running or walking on a stepper. I believe that this is either a subjective perception, or an individual reaction of the body, which should also not be forgotten.

By nature, I have full hips and pronounced buttocks, which primarily react not only to excess nutrition, but also to physical activity. increase rapidly and noticeably. However, stepper training not only did not increase my already not thin legs, but also reduced them. Of course, this happened due to fat burning. I did not leave strength training in the gym, they increase my legs, but the stepper, running and stretching helps to maintain balance. By the way, the difference is in the photo. just a month. A month of regular stepper training and small dietary restrictions!

Home mini stepper. a great option for maintaining your figure and health in good shape!

Beauty does not require sacrifice, but regular training!


❀ܓ❀ܓ❀ܓ Thank you for your attention! Until next time! ❀ܓ❀ܓ❀ܓ

٠ A HERE. about my assistants in creating the figure of your dreams ٠

How to load the bike?

It is clear that you will not go far without strengthening the resistance. It is very difficult to train endurance or lose weight when absolutely no effort is made. Therefore, you can add several kilograms of counterweight to our simulator. Immediately it is necessary to mention the factory counterweight options. For example, the braking system consists of two small rollers of soft materials that brake the wheels, creating additional stress. Such a system will take root more in trainers for bicycles under the rear wheel. There will be problems with the installation of such a weighting system on the track.

But if you are homemade from start to finish, we suggest making such weights yourself.

  • Heavy flywheel. Load the front or rear axle with a special flywheel. The assortment of this simple device is huge, the holes for the pegs are made. We insert the flywheels and you can train. And you can also make such a counterweight yourself, from wood, for example. Factory models are made with a weight of 8 kg.
  • With a belt on a roller attached to the back of the exercise bike, like generators. This method is quite effective, but it creates some difficulties. One of them is the inconvenience of transportation: after all, an extra detail was added.
  • With conventional brakes, you can adjust the loads by braking the steering brake at the moments you need.
  • Rear axle counterweight. This method of braking requires fixing the weight. Difficulties can arise here. For example, a loose weight can break the spokes.

Perhaps the main disadvantage of exercise bikes is the difficulty of creating counterweights. If the factory models are equipped with built-in brakes, then it is difficult to boast of those created at home.


This simple method involves creating a bike trainer stand for the rear wheel. For small spaces, apartments or rooms, this is one of the best options. The stand itself does not take up much space. About half a square meter in size, it will easily fit into any corner of your room.

Bicycle Rear Wheel Stand

Such an installation can also be made of metal. Of course, such structures are stronger and more stable, but very heavy, so you can combine these two materials. The base should be made of more stable metal, and the supports should be made of wood.

The lighter the material you use, the larger its area should be. This will make your product more stable.

On homemade rollers

Stand design with three casters

First you need to take measurements. Please note that the length of the frame should be approximately 50 cm longer than the length. Also measure the width of the treadmill. The most comfortable is considered to be from 30 to 50 cm. It makes no sense to make such a simulator out of metal, since it will turn out to be very heavy and will create a lot of inconvenience for you. Take a tree, knock a rectangle off of it and start preparing the rollers.

For the rollers, we need 3 tubes of the same length, 10-15 cm in diameter, made of wood or PVC. A bearing should be placed around the edges of each tube. We mount these rollers into a wooden base as follows:

  • The front wheel should be directly under the first roller.
  • Attach the remaining rollers under the rear wheel so that it is in the middle.
  • Tension the belt between the first and second roller for increased load and for stability and balance.

It is better to place such a stand for a bicycle to create a simulator closer to the wall, because at first it may be unusual to train like this, and by holding on to the support, you can protect yourself from falls.

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Turning a bike into an exercise machine

Do you have an exercise bike at home? What about an old bike? With straight arms, imagination and a small amount of materials that everyone has at home, you can easily design a simulator for the whole family.

There is no need to talk about the benefits of training. Everyone knows that cycling helps to quickly tone the muscles, stimulate the cardiovascular system. And most importantly, they burn extra calories, and this is one of the most important moments for those who want to see relief on the body. After all, your pumped-up muscles are hiding under your accumulated fat. The only way to get rid of it is to burn it, and for this, exercises that burn calories are used: running, jumping rope, cycling. This kind of exercise is indispensable for warm-up. For beginners, before training, it is recommended to roll for 5-10 minutes in a calm rhythm.

Manufacturing methods

There are many ways to make a do-it-yourself exercise bike out of a bicycle. In this article, we will analyze the most popular ones. They have their advantages and disadvantages, and for those who want to get an old two-wheeled friend out of the garage, there are ready-made factory stands. But if you are a jack of all trades, then we are happy to present you a way

But! For exercise bikes

Everywhere there are flaws, they are here too. We tried to take into account all possible disadvantages so that you make a decision to purchase or make your own production consciously.

  • dimensions. in typical apartments this type of simulators will take up most of the space;
  • lack of sensors for measuring pulse and heart rate in homemade models. But you can measure the speed and distance on a computer in a bicycle, and for this, you need to use a roller track as the choice of the type of simulator;
  • it is impossible to quickly change the load;
  • inflated seat due to the height of the frame structure;
  • instability;
  • parts of your simulator will wear out faster than in factory models.

Too small living space for storing transport for cycling at home is not a reason to deny yourself pleasant hobbies. over, the issue of storing a bike has already been solved by craftsmen, who offer their own options for how to make a stand for a bike under the rear wheel with their own hands.

A bicycle is not only pleasant cycling, but also a vehicle and its maintenance. Step-by-step instructions will help you make a do-it-yourself vehicle repair rack.

How to make a headlight for a bicycle yourself? How to choose the right LED for your flashlight? The parts you need, how to assemble and mount on the bike.

Self-immersion in the memory of a past life with audio recording

I collected my thoughts for a long time to make this entry with an explanation of how to dive into the past on my own. And finally, everything is ready, and you can taste what kind of fruit it is.

Perhaps you have already tried to see the past, but for some reason it did not work. This audio recording will be a simulator for you, with the help of which the ability to see the past life will gradually be developed. One day you will try again and a miracle will happen, you will see your past.

I recorded this audio specifically so that everyone can train their ability to remember a past life. Someone will be able to do this the first time, but someone will not immediately, and patience will be required. Everyone has their own speed. However, seeing your past is available to many is a matter of time and effort.

Our unconscious is constantly training and learning new abilities. The ability to see the past is not developed for the majority, and this has to be learned. I recommend turning on this audio recording twice a week and just trying it. One day you will succeed and you will see your past.

How to Prepare to Watch a Past Life First, decide for yourself which past life you want to watch. I recommend starting with a resourceful past life where you were doing well. For example, a past life where you were a rich person. I do not recommend looking through a problematic past life, as you may see something unpleasant. This can trigger certain processes in the psyche that require professional support. But if this is important to you, at your own peril and risk you can try.

Then choose a place to sit or lie. It can be a chair, bed, or chair. Prepare a blindfold, blanket, and headphones. Choose a time so that you will not be distracted for 50-60 minutes. Lie down or sit down for comfort and start recording. Close your eyes with a bandage and throw a blanket over it. It gets cool while watching the past as the body relaxes as much as possible.

Regression terms and nuances

The practice of past life regression consists of five steps: 1. Intent creation; 2. Induction of trance with the help of hypnosis; 3. Transition to a past life; 4. Past life view; 5. Coming out of trance into a normal state.

1. Create intentionThey usually do not go into the past without a goal. Our unconscious needs some kind of purpose. Therefore, first decide for yourself what kind of past life you want to see. The intention itself may sound like this: I want to see a past life where I was a lucky person.

Unconscious. what is it? The unconscious. a part of consciousness that controls those parts of the brain that operate without our direct participation. For example, these are the basal nuclei, hippocampus, amygdala, etc. The unconscious manages all processes in the body and is a powerful part of consciousness. It is constantly learning and taking over control, making our life easier. For example, in childhood we did not know how to walk, but later we learned, and now we don’t think about how we do it. This also applies to driving a car or bicycle, the ability to speak, and more.

2. Induction of trance through hypnosisTrance. it is the habitual state of relaxation we experience before bed. We lie down and close our eyes, but have not yet fallen asleep. At this moment, our consciousness gradually enters a state of trance. However, trance is not only relaxation, it is also focusing without tension.

A trance occurs when we carefully read a book or think with concentration about something, without hearing anything around. Trance. it is a state of immersion outside or inside oneself. In regression, we use an inward trance.

Hypnosis is the process of creating a trance state in another person. For example, when you listen to an audio recording of a regression, in it I will create conditions for you to enter a state of trance. However, no one can be hypnotized or put into a trance without their consent. Therefore hypnosis. voluntary matter.

3. Transition to a past lifeIn the literal sense, you will not go anywhere. you will still lie on your bed and feel your body, being aware of yourself. For the transition, we will use imaginary doors leading to a past life. The main thing at this stage is to have a desire to see some specific past life. In this case, you will perceive information from a past life in the form of pictures, sounds, sensations, smells or tastes. This is similar to how you can remember a situation from childhood. Try to stop right now and remember something.

Perhaps you remember some pictures from your childhood, or you may hear sounds or remember how hot it was one day. Each memory is different, but we perceive them in one of the previously listed types. The past life is remembered in the same way, but since this is not the present life, it may seem to you that this is all a fantasy of your mind. To distinguish fantasy from past life memory, during regression, pay attention to your state. how you feel. Much can be imagined and drawn in the mind, but usually no one imagines feelings. And if, when looking at the past, you feel joy, sadness, dislike or something else, then you see your past.

4. View past lifeAfter you move into the memory of a past life and begin to see, feel or hear it, we will explore it starting from childhood. You will move from one age to another and thus review some moments from a past life. So you can get an idea of ​​how you lived it.

5. Getting out of trance into a normal stateComing out of trance is very easy. In general, it is impossible to get stuck in the past, simply because you are in the present, and this is just a memory. Therefore, it is worth opening your eyes and moving a little, as you will again return to your usual state.

I wish you to have your own unique experience of immersion in a past life, which, perhaps, will deepen your understanding of what is happening.