How to make a big bike


The most common and popular attachments are cut-off wheels. Good discs for metal are produced by Makita and Bosch. The best diamond bits are produced by Hitachi (Japan). such discs are universal and can successfully cut any material.

How to Make Bigfoot bike/Fatbike

Grinding attachments from the DeWALT company from America are appreciated. They differ in the material from which they are made, can be: from a sponge, matter, felt.

For working with stone and metal, special peeling nozzles are used. The highest quality of them, experts are considered products of companies DWT (Switzerland) and Interskol (Russia). The products of the latter company stand out for their combination of price and quality. The named companies also produce good roughing discs, which are diamond-coated.

In addition, DWT manufactures high quality angle grinder attachments called roller cutters. They are used to remove old paint, cement, primer.

Fiolent produces a variety of very good quality turbine nozzles. for nozzles from this manufacturer are low. Fiolent appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already managed to gain a good reputation and authority.

The company Bort from China (Bort) also makes good attachments for grinders. As you know, the products of Chinese manufacturers are traditionally distinguished by a low price.

Grinding machine for metal elements

There is another option that will allow you to process metal parts. To do this, take profile pipes (2 pcs.), Attach them by welding to a rectangle made of steel sheet 5 mm thick. Holes are drilled in the uprights and arm, and dimensions can only be determined empirically.

  • Lever is attached.
  • Spring is attached.
  • Holes drilled for bolt fasteners.
  • The rod is also drilled (the drill will fit 6mm).
  • After preparatory work, the turbine can be mounted on the working plane.

The device is simple in design. It turns out a portable edging machine. In some joints, clamp fasteners can be made, gaps can be laid with wooden dies.

For a more secure stop, an additional corner is screwed on. It is also permissible to attach a small angle grinder to a metal strip (5 mm thick), while it is also reasonable to use a clamp fastening.

To remove dust during work, a dust collector is most often used. For an angle grinder, you can make an effective attachment from a PVC container with a volume of 2–5 liters. A frame is made on the bottle with a marker, a rectangular hole is cut in the side. The dust collector is attached to the impeller, an exhaust hose is mounted on the neck.

The gaps can be sealed with a special thermal putty, which is used to seal up wooden windows.

An exhaust device is necessary: ​​it significantly helps in work when an angle grinder is used to clean various surfaces from old paint, insulation, rust, cement mortar. In this case, you can use various attachments with a metal mesh. These works are associated with the formation of a large amount of dust, therefore, personal protective equipment should be used.

All About Angle Grinder Accessories

Angle grinder attachments greatly expand its functionality, they can be installed on impellers of any size. With the help of simple devices, you can make a cutting unit or a machine for cutting grooves (grooves in concrete), which will ensure the quality of work at the highest level. The need to purchase an expensive professional tool disappears, since a good job can be done with homemade improvised means.

Creating a machine for sawing wood

Two pieces are cut from the corner (45×45 mm). precise dimensions should be viewed according to the dimensions of the angle grinder gear unit. 12 mm holes are drilled in the corners (an angle grinder is screwed to them). If the factory bolts are too long, they can then be cut off. Sometimes, instead of bolted fasteners, studs are used, this does not in any way affect the quality of the connection. Often, the corners are welded, such a mount is the most reliable.

A special support is made for the lever, the unit is attached to it; for this, two pipe segments should be selected so that they enter one into the other with a small gap. And to make the marking more accurate, it is recommended to wrap the fragments with adhesive mounting tape, draw a mowing line with a marker. A cut is made along the mowing line, a pipe element with a smaller diameter should be smaller (1.8 cm). For the inner diameter, it will be necessary to find two bearings, which are inserted into a more massive pipe, then a pipe with a smaller diameter is inserted into a pipe of a larger diameter. Bearings are pressed on both sides.

The mount is placed in the bearing, it is imperative to put the lock washer in the bolted mount. After the pivot assembly is prepared, a small piece of the corner should be fixed.

The vertical mount for the swivel unit is made from a corner of 50×50 mm, while the segments must be of the same size. The corners are fixed with a clamp and cut.

It is recommended to drill the corners immediately, and then with the drilled holes they can be attached to the swivel unit using nuts.

Now you need to figure out how long the lever will be needed. an angle grinder will be mounted on it. A similar action is performed using the selection technology, while the parameters of the impeller should be taken into account. Often, parts are pre-laid out on a flat plane and analyzed, then the configuration and dimensions of the product become clear. The pipe is most often used square with a size of 18×18 mm.

After precise adjustment of all elements, they can be fastened together by welding.

The pendulum unit is easy to place on any plane. This can be a wooden table that is sheathed with a metal sheet. A more rigid fastening is provided by welding two small fragments into which holes are drilled.

During installation, one of the main working moments is setting an angle of 90 degrees between the plane of the disc and the supporting surface (sole). In this case, a construction square should be used, which is attached to the abrasive wheel (it is mounted on an angle grinder). Welding a piece at an angle of 90 degrees is easy for a craftsman, it will take a little time.

BMW S1000RR BMW Bikes Production | HOW ITS MADE Supersport BMW Motorcycles

An emphasis should also be made so that the workpiece is rigidly fixed during operation. A vice is often placed on a flat surface, which provides a reliable fastening. After all the operations performed, a protective coating (casing) should be made. It is recommended to take into account the size of the disk. Before starting work, an exact template for the future part should be cut out of cardboard.

The protective screen can be made from two pieces of tin. An aluminum corner is attached to one of the blanks, it will allow you to reliably fix the protective screen using a crossbar. Such accessories are necessary for normal operation, since the angle grinder is a tool of increased injury.

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Small holes are made on the screen, the prepared fragment is fixed with nuts and bolts. The protective cover can be painted with oil paint, and if done correctly, it will serve for a long time and reliably protect the worker.

The base-stand for the machine is sometimes made of silicate or red brick.

Varieties of devices

Angle grinder attachments are available with a wide variety of functions:

  • for smooth cutting;
  • for grinding;
  • for cutting bars and pipes with a diameter of 50 to 125 mm;
  • for peeling old layers from surfaces;
  • for cleaning and grinding;
  • for polishing;
  • chain saw for cutting wood;
  • for collecting and removing dust during operation.

These fixtures are also called accessories. They are often purchased separately from the main unit. Some of them can be made independently from available material or old technology.

How to do it yourself?

Before doing, for example, any machine using an angle grinder (the device is quite simple), it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the schematic drawings that can be found on the Internet or special literature. They will help you better understand the principle of the arrangement of the grinders themselves, as well as how the various attachments that may be required are made. The nodes will have to be selected empirically, focusing on the actual dimensions that are available for this particular turbine model. Such a unit can be ideal for cutting and facing various workpieces.

There are dozens of different attachments, which can be of very different sizes, so the parameters of the working elements should be selected when this particular model is in front of your eyes.

Making a pendulum saw

The pendulum saw is done as follows.

For rigid mounting, brackets are suitable, with which you can fix the angle grinder. To make the device, you need five identical pieces of metal reinforcement. They are welded to form a bracket-mount. A clamp-type mount is created that will fix the handle of the grinding head. A vertical support (leg) is attached to the front edge of the rods so that the bracket can be fixed. The bracket is mounted on a hinge, which makes it possible to rotate the assembly at any angle with respect to the working plane.

How to choose an adult tricycle

Before you start talking about tricycles for adults, you need to answer yourself a question: “What is it”? Bicycles with a tricycle configuration are classified as tricycles (translated from Greek. “three” and “a circle”). We generalize the meaning and get the conclusion: a tricycle is a vehicle (car, motorcycle, bicycle) with three wheels.

In this article, we will focus exclusively on bicycles. So, what are the bike tricycles and where they are applicable?

Let’s start with the main external differences, the arrangement of the wheels:

  • One in front, two behind (deltoid);
  • Two in the front, one in the back (reverse delta);
  • Very rare, but there are models where the third wheel is located on the side of the front or rear and is connected by one axle.

Like two-wheeled bicycles, trikes are single-speed and multi-speed. They are often equipped with electric motors. After all, operating conditions may require that, for example, the presence of lifts and transported cargo.

They operate trikes in such areas as recreation, sports, and commercial purposes. Tricycles for life’s needs are very diverse. As a rule, they are equipped with large luggage compartments. The basic point of use of tricycles is the adaptability of this bike to move more load than its two-wheeled counterpart. Therefore, tricycles find their admirers among summer residents and people engaged in agriculture. This technique serves them as a help, kind of. a modern workhorse.

A large proportion of trike users are elderly people. In old age, health does not allow much, and riding a tricycle is everything that can moderately load your body. Also, a trip on a tricycle has found application in the rehabilitation of disabled people and people with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

In the standard, the tricycle is designed for one rider, the seating position of the cyclist is straight, the transport has a deltoid structure, the number of gears varies. But there are models with two or more seats. Basically, the range of their use is walking with the whole family. There are multi-seat models specially designed for comfortable riding with small children. passenger seats can be located both behind and in front, in relation to the driver. In addition to passenger multi-seat versions of trikes, there is a three-wheeled tandem. This is a bike ride where both riders can pedal.

In the work and trade areas, tricycles also find their use due to their cargo capacity. Courier deliveries, billboards, and recreational retailers and drinks are just a short list of commercial uses for tricycles. Also, practice the use of bike rides as a taxi.

The proliferation of tricycles in professional cycling is not that great. Many well-known liguerades or rikambents have a reclining fit on the back, in rare cases. on the stomach. The advantage of such models is in the minimum load on the back and higher aerodynamics, and, accordingly, in high speed. The disadvantages are heavy weight, size, slow turning and more difficult uphill climb. There are special competitions where bikers take part in bike ride liguerades.

make, bike

It is not uncommon when mountain tricycles are used to deliver the main sports equipment, for example, a surfboard or snowboard to the place of extreme recreation. After all, the qualities necessary for a mountain bike are preserved on a tricycle. They are even joined by another plus. the ability to place sports equipment and accessories.

Let’s take a quick look at the handling and maneuverability of bike rides. The obvious advantage of three wheels is that there is no need to keep balance, but at the same time. instability of some models when entering a turn. Also, the disadvantages include. dimensions and heavy weight of trikes.

Having collected a little information about tricycles, it is possible to draw a number of conclusions and answer the key question of the topic: is a cycling tricycle stupid or a blessing? Paradoxically, for some people this device is extremely strange, unnecessary and, perhaps, funny thing. And for others. an assistant in everyday life, entertainment at leisure, the only way to get around and get physical activity.

Based on this, we can safely say that for one audience the tricycle is indeed a blessing, but for another it is nonsense of design engineers. It all depends on the needs and interests of this or that person: someone likes to catch balance on extreme descents, and someone’s life conditions are put in a situation where a tricycle is a necessity. Therefore, it would be wise to respect both opinions, because it can be due to a variety of factors that not everyone knows about.

Thinking about the future

It is also important to consider whether the model of your choice can be fitted to your bike. It will be a shame if you don’t succeed in remaking your bike and you need to buy a new one.

Will you be able to do this work on your own, or do you need to look for a qualified bicycle mechanic with knowledge of electrical engineering, which is a very large deficit?

Determine exactly where the battery will be placed, estimate its dimensions so that the homemade e-bike is comfortable.

What do you need it for?

First of all, you should think about what the bike will be used for, which has received equipment in the form of an electric motor. It will become heavier, it will not be possible to do XC and downhill on it, because the center of gravity of the system rises, the weight increases, and besides, you should not fall on such a bike. This can damage the motor and require replacement.

  • power reserve just in case, in case of fatigue, for a reserve. This is a very good solution for older cyclists, as well as for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, obesity. This allows you to go on quiet walks without the danger of being exhausted on the way back, if you cannot calculate them correctly;
  • constant use for climbing a hill, in the form of a connection on difficult sections of the route. For this, the electric bike must be able to move on two sources of energy at once: muscular strength and the engine.
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It is better not to use an electric bike on rough terrain. His destiny is country paths, asphalt pavement. Also, an e-bike does not like jumping.

Determining the power

  • the power of the engine, which is located around the wheel hub (the speed and traction qualities of an electric bike depend on it);
  • battery capacity. The autonomous riding time and the weight of additional equipment depend on it, which usually does not exceed 10 kilograms.

Of course, additional data can be included in the assessment list, for example, the number of battery recharges (resource), the time spent on a full charge, and many other indicators.

Much depends on the rider’s weight. A teenager weighing 50 kg and an overweight man weighing 125 kg apparently need different sets.

How to convert a bicycle into an e-bike

Sooner or later, every biker becomes corrupt for a short time, and, having wound several tens of kilometers in a day, begins to faintly dream of the means of small mechanization of an ordinary bicycle. However, after rest, these immodest desires usually pass, and the bicycle again becomes an object of desire. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​making an electric bike with your own hands is very popular and is becoming more widespread every year. We will tell you more about how to do it.

From the realm of dreams: In the photo, an extreme six-kilowatt bike, developing from a standstill at a speed of 60 km / h in three seconds. The peak current is 100 amperes on lithium-iron-phosphate batteries At the request of the manufacturers, it maintains a speed of about 60 km / h for 40 km. Magicians live here:

Our tasks are much more modest. Immediately, we will limit ourselves to the fact that we do not mean the production of an electric bike from scratch, but we will talk about how to choose and install a special conversion kit on your favorite bike. After this alteration, the electric bike will be able to help you out in a difficult situation.

What is included

In order to turn a bike into an electric bike, you need the following main components (they are included in every kit):

  • wheel motor. This is the heart of the electric bike, the electric motor. You just change one wheel for another;
  • accumulator battery;
  • battery fasteners, wires;
  • control panel, or console.

In order for disappointments not to be endless, you need to know that a sufficiently fast and long ride is possible only with a power of about 1000 W, that is, 1 kW. If you decide on the price, then for a wheel motor with a kilowatt engine, on average, you will have to pay 20 thousand rubles.

An electric bike can be made with a larger or smaller battery. So, a battery with a capacity of 18 Ah will cost 30 thousand rubles.

Therefore, it is not recommended to buy cheap electronic kits that can only drag for a short time on a flat road. They develop a power of 250. 35- W and can be considered children’s.

The ideal but expensive option is a 2000 W motor.

make, bike

A cargo tricycle powered by car batteries can be considered quite an interesting and budget option. As you know, one such battery has a capacity of 55 Ah and can give very good results. It is not difficult to make such an electric bike with your own hands, it is much more difficult to find a reliable cargo bike with a trolley for placing batteries. In addition, a bike with support for more than two wheels can be more comfortable for fishing, for cycling tourism within reach of an outlet.

However, chargers have already been created that can power a bicycle electric motor from solar panels, charging it during the descent, and also charge it at halts using miniature steam turbine generators powered by fire energy.

Handlebar and stem

As I said, in modern bicycles the handlebars are not height-adjustable, but there are a few things you can do. The stem of the rudder (the short stick on which the rudder is attached) has an angle and length. There are stems with different sizes, and buying the right one can significantly improve the riding experience. If the bike is too big, take a shorter stem, if it’s too small, then take longer.

The stem can be installed both with a rise and with a descent, there are also adjustable stems, handlebars with and without rise. This will slightly change the height of the steering wheel.

Set the seat height correctly

Many novice cyclists, especially teenagers, set the saddle well below the desired level, resulting in a fit we call the knees above the ears. It not only looks funny, but also very dangerous for the knee joints.

The height of the saddle should be such that when the pedal is set at the lowest point of the pedal, when set with the toe, the leg is slightly bent (or completely straightened if you pry the pedal from below).

Also, place your heel on the pedal, in which case it will fully straighten. This is a very important point, remember, friends! Perhaps at first it will seem uncomfortable to you that in the event of a sudden stop of a large one, you cannot touch the ground with your feet without getting off the seat, but believe me, the health of your knee joints is orders of magnitude more important than convenience.

ETT table for different cyclist heights

Note that mountain bikes for sporting applications now use modern forward geometry. the frame is longer and the stem is shorter. This makes the bike more stable on trails.

Cyclist height: Effective Top Tube (ETT 🙂
150-165cm 580-590mm
165-175cm 590-605mm
175-185cm 605-630mm
185-195cm 630-650mm

I emphasize that these numbers are suitable for mountain bikes used in aggressive sporting directions, their frame is longer than usual. If your new mountain bike is not sporty, but more recreational, then subtract 5% from the above ETT values.

Of course, these are subtleties that a beginner can dismiss, but still I advise you to be very careful when choosing a bike size. If you fall ill with this hobby, then the wrong frame length will cost you the purchase of a new bike (I went through this myself).

Wheel dimensions and the dependence of the choice of frame on height

There is an opinion that you need to choose a wheel size for your height, such as if you are an uncle with a height of 190, then in no case should you take a bike with 26 wheels, only 28 or 29. This is an erroneous opinion, it comes from Soviet times, when models there were very few, and each of them was intended for a different age.

Now everything is decided by geometry, it cannot be said that the diameter of the wheel is suitable for any height (this is if we do not take into account children’s bicycles). For example, a 26 ” and 29 ” frame will be equally well balanced for any adult height.

Or take, for example, folding bicycles for adults. there are generally wheels from 16 to 24 inches. And imagine the frame is designed so that even a tall person would be comfortable on it. One of my velos is a folding Dahon on 24 wheels, I feel great on it with a height of 188.

Longitudinal saddle adjustment

Ideally, your foot should be on the pedal so that, in the position shown in the picture, the pedal axis is directly below the knee joint. This can be achieved by moving the saddle longitudinally.

What is ETT and why frame geometry is so important

Here is a drawing of a mountain and road frame. Notice only two sizes: ST (seat tube length) and ETT. an imaginary line from the center of the head tube to the intersection with an imaginary axis through the seat tube. In fact, ETT is the length of the bike, the most important size when choosing a bike, and which novices will never look at.

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Note that both frames are for the same person, although the ST size (exactly the one that will be listed as the frame size) will be different in this case. That is, due to the differing geometry, a person who was advised an 18 “frame without looking could be very mistaken.

This example shows the differences in geometry between road and mountain frames, but don’t think that frames are the same within their class. For example, I have one of my mountain bikes. 21 “and it is a little short for me, while the other is only 19”, but longer than the first. The difference is that the second has a longer upper tube (ETT size), but the seat tube (ST) is shorter.

When choosing a bike by height, first of all look at its length, because, as I said, what is written on the frame means only the size of the seat tube, and this is not a very important parameter.

What to do if the bike size doesn’t fit

Now let’s say that the bike has already been purchased, but what to do. if it doesn’t fit a little. It is possible that the bike can be adjusted a little to your height, even if the frame does not quite fit. Read the following guidelines.

Offset seat post

If even after the maximum longitudinal adjustment of the seat back, you still feel that the bike is too short, then the seatpost can help with the shift back. This will give you the extra 3-5cm you were missing for a comfortable fit.

Hope these tips help you navigate and choose the right bike size. The next logical step will be skiing itself, and soon I will publish an article on how to prepare yourself for long distances. Don’t miss, subscribe to receive my notes by e-mail.

If you have any questions or suggestions for choosing a bicycle size. please in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Hanging kitchen utensil hanger

Two old remanufactured wheels will serve as an ideal dish hanger. To do this, you need to fix the wheels to the ceiling or to any convenient surface. Hooks are attached to the knitting needles, on which the kitchen utensils are already placed. Also, such a hanger can serve to store clothes, the meaning will be exactly the same. Your guests will be surprised at this solution and will definitely want the exact same design for themselves.

What can be made from an old bike

Cycling is one of the easiest and most popular means of transportation for people of all ages. Riding a bicycle invigorates, builds muscles, and maintains the health of the body at a high level. Cycling more than 10 km each day cuts your risk of heart disease by almost half.

recently, in our country, no one knew about professional two-wheeled bicycles, and children were bought outdated, but high-quality creations of the USSR (stork, satellite, eaglet, Salute and much more). For many, these bicycles evoke good memories, and for some, they still collect dust in the garage. If you feel sorry for throwing away an old gift from your parents, we will help you use it for useful purposes! Especially for you, we have prepared a selection of unique ideas for using old unnecessary bicycles in everyday life. Give new life to your favorite bike!

Christmas tree

You heard right, a set of wheels will make an exclusive New Year’s beauty. Nowadays, it has become fashionable to make Christmas trees from improvised means, wheels are no exception. The idea will need wheels of different diameters, large and small. To assemble a Christmas tree about 1.5 meters high, five wheels are enough. An ordinary steel rod with a diameter of at least 10-20 mm will serve as a rod for fastening the wheels. We fasten the wheels along an increasing trajectory, from the largest at the bottom to the smallest at the top. Now it remains to decorate an impromptu Christmas tree with toys and celebrate the New Year!

Coffee table

Everyone understands that the shape of a bicycle wheel is round or oval (it all depends on how you felt about the bike), its ideal dimensions can be used as a coffee table. If you try, you can assemble a mobile table. For a regular table, you need a base for attaching the wheel, an old table or a metal structure will do. The spokes from the wheel must be removed, everything must be sanded, painted or left in its original form, this will give a special entourage.

Also, we need a material for the table top, tempered glass is ideal. We turn to the nearest glazier or cut out the required size according to the inner diameter of the wheel. We fix the tabletop, the table is almost ready! It remains only to install it on the base. If you are a more advanced craftsman, you can fill the wheel rim with a special transparent epoxy resin. In general, there are a lot of options for implementation.!

Bench for the garden and the yard

An interesting and somewhat difficult option. To implement the idea, you will need two wheels from an old bicycle, large diameter wheels are best. They must be removed from the bike frame and prepared for installation, sanded, rust removed and painted. Can be opened with a special varnish to prevent further rusting.

Next, you need to prepare the base for the bench, for this ordinary boards of the required length are suitable, we fasten them together. The cleaned and painted wheels need to be installed on the sides of the structure and the pivot should be fixed so that your bench does not roll away while you enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

Chandelier in the house

The idea represents the most creative choice. If we consider the wheel as a ceiling chandelier, it is necessary to install lamp holders on the rim, fixing them along the entire diameter of the wheel. The needles do not have to be removed, they add exclusivity. To mount the chandelier, you will need the usual materials and fixtures.

You can decorate the structure with various elements, creating an antique look. Ideal for a country house with high ceilings, especially since such a structure can be made multi-tiered.


Do you want to show your territory in the most non-standard way? Make a bicycle fence! However, this building will be purely decorative.

Bicycle parking

Old bike in poor condition? Give it a new life as a parking lot. Let him be a helper for new models.

Garters for cucumbers or beans

An option that will appeal to every summer resident. To use the garter wheel, you need to fix it at the desired height with a stick.

Pot hanger

A way to stand out for any housewife. Bicycle spokes are ideal as holders for various kitchen utensils.

Rocking chair

One of the similar options was discussed above. But this one has an interesting feature. In order to be able to swing normally, the locks should be installed for the maximum indicator of the axis movement.

Basketball ring

Do you like sports? Pay attention to the old bike! It can be used as a ring. To do this, you need to remove the wheel and take out all the spokes. You can hang it both horizontally and vertically. Fun game guaranteed.


This fantasy is quite easy to realize in the modern world. It can be hung in the garden so that you know where to go at night. You can find a place for the nursery. The child will be happy with such an original gift.

Seat bench

This will require several bike seats. They need to be composed and delivered as in the image below. After that, the bench will be ready.