How to lift the rear wheel on a bike

Lesson 9 Rear Wheel Lift

Look where you are going

If you stare into a ditch next to it, you will definitely fall into it. The same applies to all the obstacles encountered on the way: if you look at them, they will “overwhelm” you.

Notice obstacles on the road, but don’t focus on them. Look into the distance, into the turn, where you are going. The body will automatically / subconsciously take the desired posture / adapt to the angle. This is how you will be able to enter a corner at speed. If you dwell on a pit, then you will definitely find yourself in it.

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How to enter a corner at speed: 10 tips for cyclists

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Learn how to enter corners at speed. and make your cycling even safer.

How to Lift the Rear Wheel on a Mountain Bike

Forward tilt

The lower your center of gravity is, the better the front wheel grip. The more stable your bike is and the less chance of falling off it, even if the rear wheel slips. By the way, in order to avoid the latter, we advise you to move the body back a little. Look for balance and be resilient / “don’t burrow”.


Engage the gear you want to get out of the turn before it. In the bend itself, you are unlikely to have the opportunity to do this.

Rate the turn

How to enter a corner at speed? First, assess how difficult it is, what kind of cover, are there hatches? How wide is the road? Are there cars going through there?

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The worse the coating, the worse the adhesion to it. So, accordingly, you need to slow down more speed by turning with the help of the steering wheel, and not by tilting the body.

Body and bike tilt

You need to tilt your body and bike wherever you turn. If the surface is dry, lean the bike and body at the same angle. In conditions of not the best coverage, tilt the bike more than the body. On which road, try to keep the bike in a level position, balance only with your body.

Maximum possible radius

Entering a corner in a smooth arc at medium speed, then exiting it in the same way is a classic of the genre. The main plus is the ability to rush a turn at maximum speed. But there is also a minus: the exit from the bend is not completely visible. What if he jumped out. and there was a stone, a hole, a car.