How to learn to ride a bike

How to speed up on a bike

Problems start when the player wants to speed up the bike. You can push the W key as hard as you can, but it doesn’t help: the speed will be constant. The trick is that in order to accelerate, you need to hold down the Caps Lock key. In this case, you will not be able to accelerate all the time, since the endurance scale will quickly end, after which your character will fall off the bike.

Tri-Cycles Race Bike

Tri-Cycles Race Bike is another sports bike in the world of GTA 5. Its main features are a shortened wheelbase, a lightweight frame and an inverted handlebar. Not surprisingly, this is one of the fastest bikes in the game. The bike is available exclusively during the Triathlon mission; you will not find it anywhere else in the game. But everything is for sale. Tri-Cycles Race Bike is no exception. the cost of which in GTA 5 is 10 thousand


The main advantage of the BMX is its fantastic maneuverability. And the small size and short wheelbase allow you to make incredible jumps in height and distance! The speed of this one is far from the highest, so it is not recommended to use it for races or while running away from cops. It is also not advisable to use the BMX off-road, since it is easy to fall out of it and get injured.

learn, ride, bike

Where to find great? Most often, BMX can be taken from members of African-American gangs based in the Chamberlain Hills and Davis (Grove Street) areas. It can also be found on Vespucci Beach in a skate park. Also, a bicycle often appears in the Vinewood Hills.

Great in GTA 5

Let’s consider in detail all the bike models present in the game.


The Fixter is another sports bike. Its design is a bit unusual for this class of bicycles: there is only one gear. As a result, acceleration suffers quite a lot, but the maximum speed is at a high level. This could be tolerated, but the developers also rewarded the Fixter with terrible brakes. The only thing that helps is that on this model, as well as on BMX, you can make jumps.

Where can I get a bike? You can get it by completing the Rage mission from a series of missions from strangers and freaks. In this mission you need to kill 20 hipsters in Mirror Park as Trevor. Great is worth it, isn’t it? 🙂

Endurex Race Bike

The Endurex is your typical sports bike. Its aerodynamic performance is ideal for racing. But, unfortunately, high speed is achieved at the cost of comfort and handling, which seriously suffer from this model. Interestingly, in the case of this bike, we again encounter the humor of the developers, who apparently named it in Honor by the well-known condom manufacturer (Durex).


The Scorcher is a real mountain bike, the main advantage of which is excellent handling and traction, allowing you to confidently overcome the most uneven sections. His speed is not the most outstanding (although who will demand this from a mountain bike?), But acceleration is one of the best in the game.

You can find it in the reserve of Mount Chiliad, and in the Paleto forest. Sometimes he can be found near the residence of Michael de Santa.

How to learn to ride a bike

Argued with a girl, what is easier to get nazi to do wheelies on a motorcycle or a bicycle? From her arguments. the bike is lighter because it is more maneuverable and the bike is heavier and therefore more difficult to control. over, the speeds are incomparable. I find that the width of a motorcycle wheel makes it more stable. In addition, you do not have to constantly destabilize the device by rotating the pedals, and therefore by turning the steering wheel (although, on the contrary, the steering wheel turns align the trajectory of movement is great). Also, the bike is lighter than the cyclist, this also complicates the balance, since it is much easier for the cyclist to shift the equilibrium state with a large weight.

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what do you think? maybe there are those who know how to balance both on a bike and on a motorcycle?

what motorcycle. trial or supersport? what bike. highway or street?

Also, the bike is lighter than the cyclist, this also complicates the balance, since it is much easier for the cyclist to shift the equilibrium state with a large weight.

what do you think? maybe there are those who know how to balance both on a bike and on a motorcycle?

Well, if you consider that a bicycle is lighter than a cyclist, then a motorcycle is heavier than a motorcyclist.

well, let, we will initially take both a motorcycle and a bicycle that are comfortable for a wheelie.

Grisha_T34, re-read my message again, you even highlighted what you need.

as far as I know, they have such a thing as “willy”. I think the essence of the term is to maintain movement on the rear wheel by pedaling or gas.

learn, ride, bike

What if we don’t mind crashing a motorcycle? technically, which is easier? fear of falling off a motorcycle? but they can also ride in full protection. I think that’s how they train.

Teach Your Kid How To Ride A Bike | BikeRadar’s Ultimate Guide

as far as I know, they have such a thing as “willy”. I think the essence of the term is to maintain movement on the rear wheel by pedaling or gas.

What if we don’t mind crashing a motorcycle? technically, which is easier? fear of falling off a motorcycle? but they can also ride in full protection. I think that’s how they train. Even if you are fully protected when the motorcycle falls on you. probably not very pleasant) Probably this is unlikely, but no one is insured.

Taras is not right for the moto, too, “willy” is called

but it will be easier to learn on a bike because on a motorcycle, with a standard rear sprocket (for example), it will be very difficult to ride with the balance even! Only if you don’t care about the left and you’ll just accelerate on the gas! so this is how Stunt riding is not easy =)

Learn How to Ride a Bicycle in 5 Minutes

on motorcycles it is impossible to learn how to make a wheelie. it has no pedals. it’s unfortunate.

That is why it is called wheelie (wheelie) from the word wheel, and has nothing to do with pedals. In motorsport, riding in the back is also called a wheelie.

IMHO on a motorcycle is more difficult. Sensitive throttle, harder to align heavier motorcycle.

what the representative of the motorcycle culture says that they do not call Willy

in any case, the wheelie is on the bike. this is not the same as on a motorcycle. for you pedal. but not on a motorcycle.

what the representative of the motorcycle culture says that they do not call Willy

in any case, the wheelie is on the bike. this is not the same as on a motorcycle. for you pedal. but not on a motorcycle.

Well Google says the opposite, and indeed always, when I heard Willie called. Well, you play the moto with the gas, which essentially has the same effect as pedaling, so it’s a wheelie. And here and there you give gas (even if you turn your hands on a clever bike, it will not change the essence), forcing the wheel to rotate, because the trick does not oblige you to transmit torque by pedals. Surf will be if you go to the rear wheel with the gas, and then squeeze the balance to catch. I don’t know if this is really done on a motorcycle, and many have modern CVTs.

Only if you do not care on the left and just accelerate on the gas!

this is gop willy. on a bike, too. constantly accelerating, but that’s a different topic

Finally it’s called: Eat on the goats

hmm. But show me at least one person who, without the ability to make wheelies on a bicycle, excellently made wheelies on a motorcycle? we all start small (ie with a bicycle) and the argument becomes stupid to mine =) And you leave the bike forum and go to the motorcycle forum. I assure you you will find plenty of cool motorcyclists who are not friends with the great.

And the dispute will be resolved only by communication with two groups of people: 1. Who first learned how to make wheelies on a bike 2. First learned how to make wheelies on a bike. over, both groups must be able to make wheelies on both vehicles. Therefore, I am silent, tk. I don’t know how to use a motorcycle yet.

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Reduce tire pressure

A general rule of thumb for cycling on hard surfaces is that you adhere to the maximum recommended tire pressure. This provides a smoother, more productive ride and is better protection against flat tires and wheel damage when driving in holes. However, when you are driving on a mountain trail, the opposite must be done. tire pressure should be the minimum recommended or slightly higher. For standard mountain bike tires, this is roughly 35-40 psi (1 lb / in 2 = 07 kg / cm2). This gives you the best grip possible when riding over smooth roots, rocks and just dirt.

Even if the bike has shock absorbers, tires. really the first line of defense against irregularities on the way. If the tires are inflated with too much pressure, will you feel how you start to bounce? beating off his ass. Lower tire pressure helps to make the ride smoother, allowing better control of the bike, not to mention less bumps in the hands and other parts of the body.

Keep in mind that this is a compromise, the lower the tire pressure you use, the wider the impact area against the edges of stones and other sharp obstacles will get. But for the most experienced riders, it’s well worth it for the traction and control they get.

Mountain biking technique

Even if you are an experienced cyclist on the streets or bike paths, mountain biking requires a set of specific skills unique to each terrain and off-road riding experience. Even if you’ve ridden through the woods many times, these tips can help you hone your skills and enjoy even more.!

Use front and rear brakes equally

This is a good general rule of thumb for all types of cycling, but it is especially important for several reasons when you are mountain biking. Balancing the front and rear brakes will allow you to control speed with less chance of locking any wheel. If the front wheel is blocked. this is an almost guaranteed way to inadvertently fly over the steering wheel. If the rear wheel locks up, the rear tire will slip and may cause you to lose control.

learn, ride, bike

Some situations require quick braking to alternate between quick braking and descent to avoid wheel blocking, this mimics the anti-lock braking system found in many modern cars.

Up the hill: forward weight; from the mountain: weight back

When you drive up a steep incline, the front wheel will tend to lift off the ground, involuntarily forcing only the rear wheel to ride.

To counteract this, lean forward with your nose slightly behind the steering wheel. Keep your glutes on the seat, but quickly move to the edge of the seat.

This shifts the center of gravity forward, keeping weight on the rear wheel, preventing loss of traction and pulling to the curb.

How to teach an adult to ride a bike quickly and simply | Cycling UK

When descending, the problem is exactly the opposite. the bike will tend to roll over forward. To prevent this, stand on the pedals (keeping your knees bent and tilted) and slide the body back slightly over the edge of the seat. In extremely technically challenging downhill conditions, some cyclists lean so far back that the seat presses on the intestines, and the buttocks overhang so that they almost touch the rear wheel. This shifts the center of gravity towards the rear of the bike, transferring more weight to the rear wheel, and helps keep the bike upright.

Speed. your friend when overcoming obstacles

When you are approaching a tricky section of track or an obstacle, your first thought is to apply the brakes and slow down, an idea that comes when it seems impossible to pass and it is better to slow down to reduce the impact of a collision. As you gain experience, you will soon realize that maintaining a steady speed will help you navigate the path more easily, be it a log, a large rock, or a patch of small rocks or roots. Momentum helps the bike ride over obstacles, reducing the chances of being thrown from side to side.

To take a good path through an obstacle, it can be helpful to think the other way around. In other words, ask yourself Which path should I take to get through this section as quickly as possible? This reminds of the old adage: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Sometimes it is necessary to maneuver in the space between obstacles, but remember to maintain speed and efficiency, eventually you will find that it is better to go through an obstacle than to avoid it.

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Don’t be discouraged if you are a beginner and cannot always find the best trail for a difficult section. As you drive your favorite routes over and over again, you will soon begin to remember which paths work and which don’t. Plus, you will develop the experience and ability to read the course in order to choose the best path, even on unfamiliar routes, like a professional golf player who can recognize subtle irregularities on a green field, or how an experienced kayaker can see the current while crossing rough waters.

Look where you want to go, not where you don’t.

Imagine you are traveling following a route and you see a large tree covering everything ahead. If you stare at it and start repeating to yourself: Don’t hit a tree, don’t hit a tree, chances are you’ll hit it. Sometimes, our body can be smarter than our brain. The body will seek to guide itself where the eyes show. This trick will make the brain point to the eyes in the right direction, and the body will have a better chance of going further.

Imagine you are a terminator with a laser beam coming out of your eyes.

Guide these beams forward along the route and, based on your experience, follow the best path that appears to be the fastest, safest, and safest. Pay attention to the edges of the trail on sharp turns. If you keep your eye on this mowing line, your bike is much more likely to stay on it.

This principle also applies to other active sports such as skiing, rock climbing, and even ball and goal sports like tennis, baseball and hockey. This is the use, as psychologists say, of positive images. So, if you can build a mental picture of yourself doing a difficult maneuver, you really have a good chance of doing it.

Learning to make a wheelie on a bike

Hello everyone, in this article we will tell you how to make wheelies on a bike. This trick is one of the simplest and most effective trick, which is riding on the rear wheel with pedaling. And if you learn how to do it correctly, then your skating will become more varied and fun. So let’s go!

What you need to learn a trick

In order to start learning wheele, we need:

  • Any mountain bike.
  • Flat surface.
  • Protective equipment (helmet, gloves, knee pads).

As you can see, you don’t need anything special. The only important point is that bicycle pedals should not be contact pedals. This will allow you to jump off the bike at any time without risking injury.

Technique and nuances

The first thing to learn to learn the wheelie. it is learning to lift the front wheel off the ground in a seated position. This is accomplished by quickly shifting body weight backward while simultaneously pulling lightly at the steering wheel with your hands.

After you learn how to lift the front wheel off the ground, try doing the same, but in conjunction with pedaling. As a result, you will be able to ride a little on the rear wheel, but after a few pedals, the front wheel will return to the ground.

We think that such a result will not suit you, and therefore you need to learn how to make a more protracted wheelie. This requires:

  • Lean back harder.
  • Always keep your finger on the rear brake.

In this case, you can ride on the rear wheel for longer, preventing falls. Pressing the rear brake firmly will pull the front wheel down, and pedaling will prevent it from dropping. This way, you can maintain balance while riding the rear wheel by controlling only the pedals and the rear brake.

There are also a few more important nuances that will help you master this trick faster:

  • Try to keep your arms straight. When riding on the rear wheel, you should practically hang from the handlebars.
  • Don’t be afraid to fall back. To be on the safe side, you have a rear brake. Plus, you can always jump off the bike by pushing off the pedals with your feet.

If you do everything right, and begin to regularly hone your skills, then by the end of the season, you will most likely be able to calmly perform this trick.

And that’s all for today. We hope you find this article interesting. Be sure to share it with your friends and like us. Until next time!