How to install a child seat on a bike

How to Install a Baby Bike Seat

Types of child bicycle seats:

  • Front seat that attaches to the frame or steering column. It is designed for children under 3 years old, has a low back, small dimensions and weight. In such a seat, the child feels comfortable, because the whole area opens up in front of him and he can feel like a driver, and a loved one sits behind him. A cyclist parent will also be safer to ride if the baby is in front under constant supervision, because at this age he needs an eye and an eye.

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Rear seat that attaches to the rack or seat tube. It is designed for children under six years of age (from 9 to 25 kg). It has a high back, more closed, the backrest can be tilted. To look after a child, it is worth putting a rear-view mirror.

Child seat for bike on the frame

The appearance of a child in the family, to one degree or another, brings about its own adjustments in the life of each of the parents, but it is not at all necessary to give up your hobbies! So, those who like to ride a bike can safely take their one-year-old baby with them on a journey, seating him on a special child seat. Such trips will surely bring pleasure not only to you, but also to your little family member.

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Previously, children were also ridden on bicycles, but as a rule, either a frame or a trunk served as a seat for them. For a toddler under the age of 3 years, a special metal seat was installed on the frame. But how long could a child sit in such conditions? Fortunately, a lot of additional accessories for the bike are being produced today, including new seats for babies with increased comfort and safety level, as well as with the ability to install them either on the frame or on the trunk.

Child seat on the frame and safety

When buying a child seat for a bicycle, you should understand that your transport will become less maneuverable and faster. Do not forget about this while driving. Traveling with a child on a bike will be safe if the cyclist is an experienced and confident rider.

To keep your baby as safe as possible while riding a bike together, it is important to adhere to these rules:

How to install a baby seat for bicycle

  • The weight of the child must not exceed the maximum mark indicated in the instructions for the seat (as a rule, the seats are designed for children up to 25 kg).
  • You only need to buy a seat with seat belts that will securely fix the child.
  • For every bike ride, you need to put on a special bicycle helmet for your baby.
  • The bicycle seat must be made of sturdy material and reliably protect the child at the back and sides. A special stand should protect the legs well. A correctly selected seat will insure your baby against damage in the event of a bike fall.
  • Bicycle and child seat must have headlights or reflective elements on an evening or night ride.
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Important! When choosing a bicycle seat, you should pay attention to the type of fasteners. They should be such that when traveling, your baby cannot unbutton on his own.

Pros and cons of a child bike seat on a frame

  • the child is always in the parent’s field of vision;
  • mounts both to the frame and to the steering column;
  • nothing prevents children from contemplating the world around them;
  • the child is delighted with the trip, as he feels himself in charge at the helm;
  • free trunk can be used to carry the necessary things with you.

Front Seat Disadvantages:

  • suitable for short cycling trips, for example in the park. When overcoming long distances, the child may get tired;
  • lower safety level than the rear seat;
  • the need for windproof clothing, since the baby is not protected from the wind in the front seat;
  • some seat models may interfere with the cyclist’s pedaling;
  • the cyclist may bump his chin against his child’s bike helmet.
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Choosing a child bike seat and walking together

Among the most popular manufacturers of children’s bicycle seats are Bellelli, Polisport, Romer, Hamax.

This video review will help you familiarize yourself with the range of Bellelli children’s bicycle seats:

When choosing a child seat, in addition to the previously mentioned points, it is also important to consider the compatibility of its mounts with your bike.

So, you bought a chair and installed it successfully. Where can you go
with your child on a bike ride??

First of all, when riding with your baby, forget about high speeds and places with heavy traffic! The best place for a joint bike ride is a park, a forest park, gardens, a river, etc. Since the baby will not be able to sit motionless for an hour, or even longer in a chair, it is worth looking for places on the route where you could leave your transport aside and just chase a ball or pick flowers, that is, distract yourself from the trip.

When cycling, try to avoid bumps and holes, as well as places where you can meet stray dogs, as they often rush on the bike. This situation will not only scare your baby, but it is also very dangerous.

Adhere to safety rules and enjoy driving together!