How to hang a bike vertically on the balcony

Bicycle storage

Of course, such storage of a bicycle is possible.

And also this. But, in my opinion, the previous options are much more interesting, moreover, more functional, if the area allows. Those who have a small balcony are less fortunate, alas.

Storing a bicycle on a balcony or loggia, as it turned out, was not just taking it and putting it there, but it turns out that you can still beautifully and, which is important, organically and functionally fit into almost any room, not excluding balconies and loggias. Happy spring everyone.

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Storing your bike on stylish wooden racks

A very stylish solution. Without a bike, you can’t say that the main function is a bike rack. This so-to-say “shelf-mount” can be harmoniously fit both into a small apartment and into a spacious hallway. Also suitable for storing your bike on the balcony. You can not only hang your bike, but also store a whole bunch of all sorts of necessities and usefulness. This “thing” can be safely attributed to the necessary and useful things for the improvement of a balcony or loggia.

Particularly handcrafted for a note. You can stir up something like that yourself, only for your specific needs. I sit looking at the photo and think, I can really take and make a similar “shelf-mount” myself. Cool stuff.

I repeat that storing a bicycle using such design solutions fits not only into some separate room or corridor (there are a lot of options), but you can safely do this on a balcony or loggia, why not.

How and where to store your bike

The issue of bicycle storage is very acute for city dwellers. The lack of equipped bicycle parking with limited access, small living space makes people use very unpopular storage methods. Someone throws their bicycles out into the street, someone into the entrance, after which they grieve about the loss and eagerly read an article on what to do if a bicycle is stolen. In fact, there are tons of storage options.

Not the best, but acceptable option. to leave the bike in a specially equipped so-called “wheelchair”, the key to the lock of which only a few people have. At least there he will not interfere with other residents of the house, will not contradict the fire regulations on free access to apartments. True, such places can be found mainly in new houses, and if you live in an old building, then you will have to store your bike in an apartment. And this is the best option of all.

hang, bike, vertically, balcony

If you have a garage on your farm, then you can only be envied. I walked from the house to the garage, took the bike, rode it, put it back, greased it there, cleaned it. Perfect for a bike, but not for you. Especially if you need to go somewhere urgently, and the bike is used as a vehicle. After all, the road to the garage takes time and it is unlikely that it is located under the windows of your apartment. Still, the most convenient option is to always keep the bike “sideways”, so that if something happens, you can quickly use it.

Most houses have balconies in addition to apartments. In order not to constantly cling to the handlebars of the bike when walking around the house, you can put it on the balcony. It is very good if it is glazed. If not, cover the bike with at least an oilcloth so that it is protected from the rain.

However, not everyone can boast of having a balcony in the apartment. Or maybe you organized a recreation area there with a beautiful view of the courtyard and the neighboring house? Then you have to share the living space with your bike.

If you have a large hallway, you can leave it there, you just need to spread oilcloth, a piece of linoleum or newspaper under the wheels in advance. The same goes for storage in the room. You will not get anything dirty if you take care of the surface on which you will place the bike in advance. If you returned home in the rain and got dirty on your bike, then you can leave it in the entrance for 5 minutes so that the main water and dirt drain, after which it is imperative to remove the traces, because you are a neat and cultured person.

If you have a studio apartment with an area of ​​21 sq.m., then the manufacturers have come up with a lot of ways for you to attach a bicycle to the wall or fit organically and functionally into the space of the apartment.

Wall hook, one wheel hook

This hook will allow you to secure the bike to the wheel. It is advisable to mount it as close as possible to an unused corner in the apartment, because the bike will still take up some space. The good thing about the hooks is that you can store several bicycles in a relatively small area.

Hook in the wall, hook on the top tube of the frame

The hook is installed in such a way that the bike can be suspended from the top tube of the frame. A larger area of ​​the wall will be occupied, but the bike will stick out from the wall less than in the case of hanging by the wheel.

The ceilings in most apartments are not very high, so you still have to determine the corner that you rarely walk near. But under the bike there may be a chest of drawers, a table or something else.

There is an option for attaching to a hook in the ceiling, again you will need a secluded corner.

In order not to make unnecessary holes in the wall, they came up with such a wonderful thing. The vertical beam rests against the wall, due to which the structure stands very firmly and does not fall. Agree, it looks good, takes up as much space as hooks into the wall.

Functional mounts complementing the interior

There is a whole scattering of options here. You can fit your bike into the interior by hanging it on a bookshelf.

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An excellent option would be to mount to the wall in the form of a stem and a road bar. This is great, agree.

Places where it is not recommended to store your bike

In addition to the places where you need to store the bike, there are places where it is highly discouraged to store it.

First of all, you should not leave your bike on the staircase, because it is the most delicious option for a thief. Looking at the statistics of bicycle thefts, you will see that at least 95% are committed from the entrances of houses.

It is not recommended to store the bike in technical rooms of houses, as there is rather high humidity, which will negatively affect the steel parts of the bike, as well as the saddle and grips.

An unglazed balcony in the off-season and in winter is not the best place to store a bike, especially if it is equipped with hydraulic brakes, an oil fork. In this case, temperature changes are destructive, due to which the properties of the materials may change (for example, oil scraper bands will “tan” more intensively, which can lead to leaks or improper operation of mechanisms).

Top Five Indoor Bike Storage Ideas

Ace of useful tips Elena Malysheva recommends where to store the bike from 3:59 min.

Bike storage or stylish things

A great idea for a balcony and a room with a wardrobe. Hosh where you can put. The place does not take much, but the functionality is obvious here, and it weighs a lot, and the shelves under the “different” are nearby. A very original solution for storing a bike. On the balcony or loggia, in my opinion, it will generally be in the subject.

Double parking, family option so to speak. You can park 2 bikes (just for me). There is a possibility of mounting to the wall. Several varieties of such a rack are made. Robust, stable and very reliable construction. Height adjustment of the upper bike is taken into account.

Bicycle storage on the balcony or loggia

I strongly welcome everyone today! Spring is in the yard! The winter storage of the bicycle and all kinds of vehicles has ended. and more people are making forays into the parks. Walking, rollerblading and cycling. I also joined the general mass, especially since it is high time. He pulled out his Velek from the loggia and drove it to the park.

And today I want to talk about such a topic as keeping a bicycle on a balcony or loggia. over, the topic of storing bicycles for those who have them is more than relevant. Many people store their bicycles on balconies or loggias, thereby eating up the already small free space. Some people just can’t go out to their balcony or loggia, but here they also need to park their bike somewhere.

For me, too, this problem became urgent, as another bicycle appeared and it became a little crowded on the loggia. So I decided to study the topic of storing bicycles at home in order to increase free space. In other words, I decided to hang one of the bicycles on the wall of the loggia, or maybe both. But, at that time, I had no idea that the bike storage mounts could be so original and puzzled me so much.

I came up with a headache, there was no sadness, as they say. Now I don’t know what to opt for. And since, I also plan to combine this loggia with the room, then use some kind of ordinary mount, which the mass no longer wants.

Check out what I’ve dug up on this topic. Specially selected those that can harmoniously fit into the interior, not only apartments, but of course, on the balcony or loggia, they will take a proper place of honor.

What mount to choose

All preparations have been made, but there is no place for a bike on the balcony? Experienced specialists will help in solving the problem. Most craftsmen try to fix their two-wheeled friend on the wall and even hang it under the ceiling. Various fastening systems are used for this action.

Which mount is the most optimal, and what types of it are available to the average man in the street? There are three main types of fastening systems on the market today:

The floor bike rack is ideal for a family with a maximum of two units. The rack is installed on the floor, after which the vehicle is driven into it. No special effort is required for assembly and installation. This option is appropriate if the owner does not visit the balcony at all during winter.

The wall mount is specially designed for areas with limited space. The convenience of this method lies in the possibility of storing the bike in “floors”. It is ideal for families with several two-wheelers. The location on the floors allows you to assemble units of different sizes on the balcony, from the smallest to the largest options. The wall mount can easily support large parts.

Ceiling storage matches perfectly with a floor stand. Special hooks are installed directly at the top of the balcony, with a margin of several centimeters. Experts recommend choosing fasteners with a pulley system and a simple version with hooks. The first method is considered more optimized, it allows you to raise and lower the vehicle without using a stepladder. The second method is not so simple, you will have to use a stool to secure it.

Folded storage

There are models of bicycles with a folding frame, pedals and handlebars. The foldable bike is convenient to store on the balcony of a small area. It easily fits in a closet or hangs on the wall. It takes no more than 15 seconds to change the state of such a model.

How to Hang a Bicycle on the Balcony

Storage is great on the balcony or loggia

I strongly welcome everyone now! Spring is in the yard! Completed winter storage of great and various vehicles. People more and more often make forays into parks. Walking, rollerblading and biking. I, too, have joined the general mass, especially since it is high time. He took out his own Velek from the loggia and drove it to the park.

And now I want to talk about such a topic as keeping a bicycle on the balcony or loggia. over, the topic of storing bicycles for those who have them is more than burning. Many people keep their bikes on balconies or loggias, thus eating up the already small free space. Some people just can’t go out onto their own balcony or loggia, and here, besides, the big one needs to be parked somewhere.

For me, too, this discrepancy became urgent because another great appeared and it became crowded on the loggia. So I decided to study the topic of storing bicycles at home in order to increase free space. In other words, I planned to hang one of the bicycles on the wall of the loggia, or maybe both. But, at that time, I did not mean that the storage mounts for large can be so unique and so will burden me very much with the task.

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Invented a migraine for myself, there was no sadness, as they say. Now I do not know how to suspend my own choice. But because, I also plan to connect this loggia with the room, then use some kind of ordinary mount, which the mass is no longer willing

Look what I dug up on this topic. Specially selected those that can be harmoniously fit into the interior, not only apartments and of course, on the balcony or loggia, they will occupy a proper respectable place.

The following options for fixing a bicycle are common:

A very simple and reliable device that is used more often than others. Its advantage is that the two hooks are not connected to each other, and if the bike accidentally falls off one support, it will remain hanging on the other.

Differs in gracefulness of fastening the bike with hooks in an upright position. In this case, the front wheel is fixed to the upper hook, and the rear wheel rests on the lower thrust bearing.

The hooks are easy to set up with your own hands. The two hooks are installed to fit the frame. To protect it, the hooks are covered with liquid rubber.

The device allows you to store several bicycles in an upright position. It is attached to a brick or concrete wall with anchors. Removing the bike from such a structure is not difficult.

These shelves are made of wood and then covered with a material that protects against damage and slipping.

Hang your Bike!. Cheap Bicycle Wall Mounts for your Roadbike or MTB

  • Ceiling installation

First of all, this method is used during long-term storage, since efforts must be made to remove the bike.

The bike on cables is attached to the ceiling, so there is a lot of free space on the balcony, however, for safety reasons, it is better not to hang heavy models.

The hoisting mechanism uses a pulley and a rope. The device is fixed to the ceiling and allows you to lift the load to any height. A limitation for use may be the height of the ceiling on the balcony.

In the living room

Alexander rents a room in a five-story building.

In fact, there is very little dirt from it: linoleum saves me, with which I covered the entire floor. Of course, you have to vacuum and wash it once again, but it takes very little time. After the rain, all that remains is to wipe off the dirt from the storage area. And in winter I leave my bike for a couple of hours at the entrance. During this time, water, salt and road reagents drain from it. Then I calmly lift it dry to my floor and roll it into the room.

The bike also serves as a hanger. It is very convenient when I am not using it, when I dry my clothes or leave my clothes on. Not quite aesthetically pleasing, but more than convenient. The only drawback with this kind of storage is the wide handlebar in a narrow aisle. I almost always touch him when passing by, which makes the bicycle bell make noise and the cat freaks out. And it is impossible to turn the bike in this position. Although quite recently, right at this place in the room, I completely went through the entire chassis: I cleaned and lubricated all the bearings, replaced the pedals with metal ones, changed the chain, cassette, tires. I thought that I would smear everything around in grease and dirt, but everything turned out neatly.

Bicycle mount on the wall

Nowadays, there is a bicycle in almost every house and apartment, but often there are very big problems with storing this vehicle. This is due to the fact that most people simply do not have a garage or balcony where they could put their bike, and leaving it in the hallway or living room is generally impossible, because it takes up a lot of space or spoils the interior and comfort of your room. The situation is even worse with the winter season, since during this period cycle bikes are almost never used. It was to solve this difficult problem that the bicycle mount on the wall was invented. This simple device allows you to free up space that was previously occupied and at the same time decorate the room. This way of decorating your own lives and solving an important problem has been used for quite some time in all European and American countries. And even now, you can very often see a bicycle on the wall in our usual multi-storey building. Therefore, we will try in this article to answer the questions “how to hang a bike on the wall?” and “which bike rack is better?”


This is the most beautiful and functional option. However, it is the most uncommon type on the territory of the CIS, since not everyone is allowed by finances to purchase such a cabinet, and besides, it occupies a vast area of ​​a room or corridor. But this is perhaps the best choice for people who like to ride a bike often and use it several times a day. It easily fits any model and has a lot of space for other things that are necessary to take care of your vehicle. In the cabinet itself, the bike can be located and secured in completely different ways. And also it will harmoniously fit into the decor of any room. Budget option. you can create an additional niche in a regular wardrobe, or use an old and unnecessary one.

Buy and install mounting elements

Find a beam or frame post if you plan to hang your bike from the ceiling. To do this, it is necessary to use a discontinuity detector. If the ceiling is already finished, look for a row of nails along the paneling or joints and take measurements to decide where to attach the metal. If you have an assistant, have them hold the bike at the level where you are going to hang the bike. All you have to do is put the marks. Pre-drill the holes for the mounting screws. Make sure the holes are in the middle of the frame beam or stud. Use larger screws (# 10) to mount the hook to the ceiling than to mount it to the wall. Attach the selected hanger items and test them. Hang and remove the bike several times to ensure that it is secure and well-planned Note: This step is especially important for children, you must be sure that the child can remove and attach the bike.

How to hang a bike on a wall?

There are four ways you can place your bike on a wall:

  • Hang the bike;
  • Buy and install fasteners;
  • Alternative method;
  • Suspend the bike using the handlebar.

Mounting a bicycle on the wall is a convenient way to free up space and order in the garage or on the balcony, this method will help to arrange several bicycles at once, thereby protecting them from damage.

Bicycle mounts on the wall: types, tips for choosing and installing

Today, the bicycle has gone beyond the scope of an alternative means of transportation and has become a full-fledged vehicle on which you can travel long distances. Together with the question of using the bike, the question arises of storing it with minimal damage to free space and comfort. In this article, you will get acquainted with information about wall mounts for a vehicle, with their varieties, installation features and tips for their installation.

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How can you store a bike in an apartment?

All of these methods have their drawbacks. On the landing, the bike can be smashed or stolen. It may be too damp on the balcony or loggia, and during the period of use of the bike it is often not very convenient to carry it through the living quarters. Finally, in the closet most often the space is already taken, and the bike often has to be placed vertically, while there is often the threat of falling on it of any objects.

How to hang your bike on the wall: storage tips

Russia is a snowy country. than half of the year there is snow in the Asian part of the country. There are fans of winter walks on rubber with spikes, but they are an absolute minority. The rest have to think about where and how to organize bicycle storage in the winter season. It can be an insulated loggia or a major garage, but significant difficulties arise in a city apartment with a bike. Even disassembling it does not solve the problem, since the biggest part is the frame. Perhaps the best solution to the problem is to hang the bike on the wall yourself.

In the article, we will consider ways to store a bike in an apartment, explain why the wall mount is one of the best, we will talk about how to hang a bike, and how to make a shelf for this with your own hands.

What are the advantages of fixing on the wall?

The figure shows the savings in floor space: just look at the space occupied by a standing bike.

What accessories can be used to fix the bike to the wall? The following devices are most common.

Hooks of various modifications. Hooks are the most common fixtures for fixing on the wall. The advantage of the design is the fact that the hooks are not connected to each other, and if the bike accidentally “jumps off” from one point of support, it will remain on the other.

They can be either isolated or combined into a structure, sometimes similar to a shelf. This makes it possible to put some things on it.

If the hooks are connected into a single structure using stiffening ribs, then a wide flange is formed. The disadvantage is that you cannot place the bike close to a wall if you remove the front wheel and turn the handlebars 90 degrees. Also, the design of the shelf clearly indicates its separate “inferiority” without a bicycle. She seems to be waiting for the bike to take its place on the outstretched hooks.

Upright bike hooks are sometimes distinguished by a peculiar elegance and austereness. An example of how to hang your bike beautifully is the DaVinci split system. A hook is attached at the top to fix the front wheel, and at the bottom. a thrust bearing for the rear wheel, so as not to stain the wall.

The next option for placing bicycles is vertical racks, like handrails in public transport, but since they are most often attached to the floor and ceiling, and not to the wall, we will only mention them in passing in this review.

It remains to mention, perhaps, the most functionally advantageous opportunity to hang the bike on the wall. with the help of a shelf.

Above we mentioned such a possibility, but here we will talk about a completely “ordinary” shelf, in which the ability to hang a bike is a pleasant “option”, and the absence of a bike on the shelf does not prevent its use in any way; moreover, the absence of a bicycle is completely invisible, and if the owner puts the bike on it in the presence of guests, this can cause fair amazement and admiration of the guests by the owner’s technical genius.

Examples of such shelves are shown below: The variant shown in fig. 1 is more “ergonomic” as it requires less effort when setting the bike up and out, as the frame can slide along the rails.

These designs are so primitive that they do not require attaching drawings in order to hang the bike on the wall using shelves. In the shelf shown in Figure 1, the only “difficulty” is sampling a curvilinear figure at the ends, which is easy to do even without a machine and mill, just with a hand jigsaw.

In the shelf in fig. 2, you can get by with an ordinary hacksaw. Then holes for confirmation are drilled, countersinked, and the structure is assembled “flush”. To the rear wall at the ends, the places are drilled where the nail heads will enter. the dowels fixed in the wall, and secret loops are attached For the reliability of the connections, you can additionally coat the perimeter with PVA glue.

Tips for securing hooks, shelves

As a rule, the hooks are fixed with dowels, the hooks themselves act as a screw. The main thing when buying is to find out the installation method, whether there are dowels in the kit. If not, then you need to purchase them of the appropriate size, that is, 1-1.5 mm narrower than the screw. It is also necessary to consider the material of the wall before drilling. For a more reliable fastening of the supporting structures in the wall, drilling must be done by lifting the drill slightly up and deviating from the perpendicular by 5-10 degrees. Only then there will be no component of the force that “turns” out of the wall.

As a result, I would like to remind you of what for some reason is not mentioned in such articles, namely, about additional functions and opening opportunities in the case of choosing a shelf for hanging the bike horizontally to the wall.

The competent cyclist will immediately realize that together with the storage he gets an ideal place for washing. Since childhood, all of us have gone through a situation when a bicycle standing on its wheels falls during the process of washing, for which we put it on the bottom. Therefore, you immediately need to choose the height of the attachment so that you can put a stool and, without haste, wash the iron horse when it is securely fixed.

In the event that the bike is mounted vertically, washing is difficult due to the natural flow of liquid down, and the need to start it at the ceiling. In the case of horizontal mounting, the upper, least dirty parts are washed first, and then the lower ones, which is very convenient.

The second, in our opinion, more important circumstance: the suspended wheels with the correct position of the bike (as when riding) provide an invaluable opportunity to adjust the brakes and gear shifters.