How To Hang A Bike On The Wall On The Balcony

Bicycle disassembly, dismantling

If there is room for extra things at home, you can try to resize the bike.

Basic solution options:

  • Storage in a container, for which it will be necessary to completely dismantle Not only protruding parts (steering wheel, pedals, front wheel, saddle, lights, etc.), but also to completely disassemble the entire base of the structure, but as a result, the container can be placed even at home under the bed thanks to compact dimensions;
  • Storage in the original packaging, for which it is enough to remove the protruding parts, and the fasteners are screwed into place to avoid loss, the main nuance of this method is the need to protect non-dismantled elements, for example, with a bubble wrap.

Storage in the original box, remove only the front wheel and parts: handlebar, saddle, pedals

The first method is more convenient to use in order to store the bike for a longer period (from six months or more). Reducing size for storage at home is implemented in several stages:

  • Dismantling the front wheel;
  • Then the pedals are removed, which can be done by turning them out of the connecting rods;
  • The position of the steering wheel is changed by turning it 90 degrees.

Dismantling the bike is a more time-consuming process, so this method is better to choose in case of long-term storage or in conditions when there is not enough free space to install the bike indoors.

Preparing for the cold season

Rubber and plastic under the influence of temperature extremes tend to change their properties: elasticity decreases, parts made of THESE materials become more fragile. In the most advanced cases, rubber and plastic will crack. The properties of the varnish also change, as a result of which the protective coating deforms, and the exposed metal is exposed to the harmful effects of moisture.

That is, improper storage: will lead to repairs or even worse to the purchase of a new one

Choice of fastening structure

It is possible to hang the bike on a wall, ceiling or fix it on the floor. The last of the options is realized by installing on a special stand with a slot for the wheel. In this case, the bike can be easily returned to operation, you just need to pull it out of the slots in the stand with your own hands.

If there is NO space left in the room for storing second things / objects or bicycle transport, you can fix it on the wall at home, for which you use built-in structures (hooks, props).

The second solution does not allow hanging bicycles with a large weight (over 22 kg). In addition, this solution is more suitable for storing cycling vehicles in the winter.

How to protect from sunlight?

It is recommended to store the bicycle in an unheated room in an apartment so that it does not fall on direct sunlight. If you hang it on a wall, then there is a high probability that it will NOT work to avoid exposure to solar radiation.

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Therefore, you need to either determine the most shaded corner on the balcony in the apartment, or use protective materials:

  • Thick material cover;
  • High density paper.

In this case, you need to try to completely hide the entire surface of the frame, control system and tires.

Wet protection

Storing your bike on your apartment balcony in winter requires careful preparation. It is best to pre-insulate this room, but, as a rule, it is inappropriate to spend money on thermal insulation of the loggia for the sake of a bicycle alone.

At high humidity, it is necessary to protect the main components. This can be done by lubricating the chain as well as the bearings and moving parts. But first you should wash the bike, then dry it.

Store the bike in a suspended state, then you can not help inflating the tires and they will NOT deform.

Often in the house next to the bike there is a pantry or clothes drying. These are additional sources of moisture, which will negatively affect the metal structure. Therefore, if it is not possible to perform thermal insulation Glazing of balconies or increase the efficiency of the existing insulation layer, it is better to try to place these items (drying clothes, bicycle) in different parts of the house.

Mounting methods

When deciding how to store your bike in winter, you need to consider all the options. At the same time, different surfaces of the room in the apartment and several methods of fastening are used.

Photo and description: Various types of fasteners

How and where to store your bike in winter

Storing a bike in winter requires observing a number of rules so that the main structural elements do NOT lose their appearance and, much worse, do not fail. The main enemy for metal is water. Therefore, it is best to consider a glazed balcony in an apartment for this purpose. Then neither precipitation nor temperature drops will affect the condition of the bike.

  • Stages of preparing a bike for winter
  • Moisture protection
  • Unbalance and deformation
  • Protect from sun rays
  • Various mounting methods
    • Choice of fasteners
    • We disassemble and dismantle
    • Looking for storage space
    • Unbalance, deformation

      The immobilized state entails deformation of the tires, as well as a change in the characteristics of the cable control system. To prevent these processes, you need to weaken the chain with your own hands: it should be rearranged to stars of the minimum size.

      If you hang the bike on the wall of the balcony in the apartment, then the tires will not deform. In the case when it is not possible to place it on the weight, it is recommended to inflate the tires, and then control the pressure level in them during the winter.

      Choosing a storage location

      It is best to place the bike in a heated room, while the humidity level, temperature, as well as the intensity of solar radiation will be normal. If it is not possible to equip a special bicycle storage cabinet at home, you can consider alternative options:

      Storage on a balcony or loggia

      In this case, you need to decide how to hang the bike on the wall or ceiling, since only in rare cases there is enough space on the loggia for installation on the floor. An insulated room is more suitable for this purpose.

      The ideal solution would be to simply hang on cables.

      If the balcony is damp, cold, you need to carefully prepare the bicycle for winter, but these measures do not always save.

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      In the room

      Living room: on the wall, under the bed. The storage conditions are ideal in this case, however, bicycles in the interior often look irregular.

      Simple wall-mounted putter and is gone space-saving problem

      In the garage

      The problems in this case will be almost the same as in the case of the balcony. However, there is more free space and you can easily store the bike hanging.


      In some cases, an empty space is allocated for long-term parking, for example, a garage, where in the summertime bicycle transport is stored, brought for repair. Conditions for a metal structure are suitable, but you will have to pay for parking.

      When choosing a place for a long-term bicycle parking, you need to take into account your own capabilities (the presence of a garage, a balcony and free space in THESE premises), and also correlate them with the recommended storage conditions for such vehicles. The worst enemies of bicycles: sunlight, moisture, temperature changes.

      Where to store the bike. How to fix a bike: 4 types of mounts

      • On mounting hooks for fastening. Mounting hooks can be covered with rubber. There are also ready-made hooks for fastening the bike. It is convenient to hang more than one bike on them by the frame. Inexpensive.

      OZON. Ru. bicycle holder STG “YC-29S”. Mounting on the wall for the frame By hooks the bike can be hung on the wall horizontally

      • Rack. If there is no storage space, consider a clothes rack! No need to make extra holes in the wall. The beam rests against the wall, there are a couple of hooks on which the bike is attached.

      Bicycle rack: average price. 1500 rubles, the rack will complement the interior of the room

      • Ceiling mount. It can be horizontal or vertical. If you have low ceilings at home, you won’t be able to store your bike in your apartment.
      • Standing. a combination of a bracket on the floor and hooks, which are connected with a cable. The steering wheel, saddle and trunk are attached to the hooks. The rope is pulled and the bike rises to the ceiling. The clamp adjusts the cable. it prevents it from slipping;

      Bicycle mount on the ceiling price. about 1100 rubles Such a bike mount can be organized if the apartment has high ceilings

      • Lying down. the bracket is installed, it is also the bearing part. The combination is very similar to a crane. With loops you need to hook the bike, raise it to the ceiling. The second cable lifts the bike to a horizontal position and is fixed.

      Cantilever beam for fixing the bike to the ceiling: price. about 1000 ₽ Positioning the bike lying under the ceiling Takes up less space

      • For the wheel. Wall hook bracket attaches to the wall. The disadvantages of this attachment are that the constant load on the hook can lead to the bike falling off the wall.

      Hook for attaching the bike to the wheel to hang the bike on the wall: average price. 510 ₽ For a long time the bike is in this position, the wheel can stretch, this phenomenon is popularly called an “egg”

      For myself, I realized that the bike storage system on the wall is the most convenient. If you are having difficulty installing the bracket, take a look

      How To Hang A Bike On The Wall On The Balcony

      Storing a bike in an apartment: 4 types of fastening

      This year my bike is hibernating on the balcony and its frame is rusted. There is little space in the apartment. I wondered how to organize storage of a bicycle in an apartment. I looked at what they advise on the forums, and collected sensible ideas in one article.

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      Prepare your bike for wintering

      Before choosing a place to store your bike, you need to properly prepare it for wintering:

      • Wash and dry your bike. Remove all dirt and dust from it.
      • Conduct an inspection. If you need repairs. do it right away, and not leaving for the next season.
      • Loosen the springs. If this is not done, they will be in constant stress and may deteriorate or lose some of their properties.
      • Clean and lubricate the chain. This is necessary in case moisture remains in the circuit. It can corrode the metal during downtime. Oil the chain, cables, brakes.

      Remove old oil. Lubricate parts with fresh

      If, nevertheless, there is nowhere to store the bike, except for an open balcony, then you still need:

      • Process metal. Lubricate metal parts with silicone grease. This will protect the bike from temperature influences and humidity.
      • Pack in a bag or cover with polyethylene. It is dust proof. For example, the canvas cover is sturdy with a comfortable carrying handle.

      Tarpaulin cover is easy to clean from dust

      Into the pantry

      If there is a storage room, place your bike there. It’s better than it will stand and get in the way in the hallway or on the open balcony.

      In the closet

      If you do not want the bike to be visible in the room, organizes its storage in the closet. Make a separate shelf, pack well, and forget about it until next season. The main thing is to fix it firmly so that it does not fall when the door is opened.

      To keep the bike out of sight, you can put it in the closet

      On the balcony

      Storing the bike on the balcony is possible if it is a glazed balcony so that rain and snow do not fall on it. In winter, it is convenient and does not take up space in the apartment. But if you take the bike to the balcony after each ride and take it out again through the whole apartment. comments.

      Store your bike in a dry and warm place to prevent deterioration

      Reduce the size of the bike

      If a place for a bicycle in the apartment was not found. Let’s disassemble it in whole or in part:

      • Unscrew the pedals, hook them on the back of the connecting rods. Remove the fender and front wheel. Steering wheel Turn 90 ° C in relation to the frame;
      • Do not lower the seatpost with the saddle, it fits very tightly into the frame tube. If it hangs down, rotate it to the sides, scratches will appear. Better to pull the saddle and pin upwards and remove them;
      • If you want to put your bike on a mezzanine, under a bed or put a closet, you also need to remove the rear wheel. The chain must also be removed and put in a box or jar with a lid;
      • And in order NOT to remove dust from the bike in spring, cover it with a cloth or paper.

      : How to compactly place a bike in a small hallway