How to Fold the Kids Tricycle Scooter

Scooter. three-wheeled scooter: description, characteristics

The toy industry is not standing still, but is rapidly gaining momentum. Every year she offers original novelties, which are designed not only to entertain little ones, but also to develop them physically. This time, Scooter turned out to be such a universal fun. a three-wheeled scooter. It will be a wonderful gift for a child, his reliable, stylish friend and original means of transportation. Thanks to active riding, the baby will develop the musculoskeletal system, improve coordination and develop balancing skills.


Scooter (three-wheeled scooter) is based on an impact-resistant frame made of high-quality plastic with an aluminum suspension base. It features an easily adjustable steering wheel, two large polyurethane wheels at the front and one small at the rear. The scooter also has a spacious foot platform. Such a device ensures maximum structural stability and child safety. The scooter maneuvers dexterously, is compact and lightweight to carry.

Branded scooters are divided into three groups: mini, maxi and with large wheels. Classification is based on age and weight characteristics of users.

Mini model

The Scooter mini scooter was created especially for the youngest fans of active movement (from two to five years old). The design comfort is achieved by its light weight (1.8 kg), compactness, stability and ergonomic design. The kid can ride it on the flat paths of parks and sports grounds, and in difficult places it can be freely carried in his hands. In addition, this scooter is very easy to operate. Turning the direction is not regulated by the position of the rudder, but by the tilt of the structure. This is a completely natural way for a baby and a huge plus for his safety. Even if the child turns the steering wheel abruptly while driving, he will not fall and collide with something. For uncertain little drivers who do not want to ride while standing, the scooter can be equipped with a special child seat. As a rule, it is included in the kit or purchased separately.

The structure reaches a height of about 60 cm. The width of the footboard is 11 cm, the length is 52 cm. The model is presented in several color options (pink, blue, purple, green). Thanks to this variety, this scooter can be used for girls and boys.

Maxi model

The three-wheeled scooter Scooter maxi is designed for children from 5 to 12 years old. The working name of the model is 21ST Scooter. Ergonomic design, lightweight and easy to operate, the design is reliable and durable. She will serve the baby for a long time and ensure his safety as much as possible.

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The scooter weight is approximately 2.6 kg. The height of the handlebar (assembled) is 60 cm. This model is classified as a “growth scooter”. That is, the steering wheel is easily adjustable in height (up to 84 cm) and adapts to the child’s height. The width of the board is 14 cm, the length is 55 cm. The wheels are illuminated when driving, which is very convenient for a child’s evening walks. This scooter is also available in several colors (red, pink, blue, orange and green).

Model with large wheels

The scooter with large wheels (200 mm) is designed for children over 12 years old. It usually has only two wheels in its design, so it looks less stable. However, this moment is compensated by a comfortable foot platform with an anti-slip coating. The body is made of metal or shock-resistant plastic with high-quality aluminum suspension and is equipped with solid polyurethane wheels. The steering wheel is also adjustable for the child’s height.

A scooter with large wheels (200 mm) can withstand a weight of up to 100 kg, so it can be successfully used for adults. There is a difference between the models in terms of cross-country ability: urban, stunt, off-road structures. For example, the TT City Scooter with 2 shocks is a classic urban model. Its weight reaches 5.5 kg. The height of the handlebars is from 95 to 108 cm. The body is aluminum, with a non-slip coating. Ideal for active teens and adults.

General characteristics

Scooter (three-wheeled scooter), regardless of model type, includes a platform with wheels and a handlebar. The structure is easy to assemble and disassemble. The handles are covered with rubberized material. Their ergonomic shape prevents children’s handles from slipping and losing control. The rear brake (“advancing”) of the three-wheeled scooter (maxi) allows the child to make quick and safe stops, and the maneuverability and comfortable control exclude a sudden collision with people and objects.

What to look for when buying?

Scooter, a three-wheeled scooter, is of reliable quality. But when buying, you should still carefully inspect the structural elements and correlate with the weight and age of the baby. What you need to pay attention to?


From the very first days of its appearance on the market, the three-wheeled scooter Scooter has generated a wave of interest and grateful responses from customers. Parents note the good quality of the construction, its mobility. Children enjoy the ease of handling and the speed that the scooter can develop. In addition, its safety in use, stability and durability are noted. If the child grows out of the model, its good condition, due to technical endurance, allows the scooter to be sold.

The for branded products are quite affordable, which is another plus in choosing the three-wheeled Scooter scooters. And, although skeptics say that similar designs can be purchased from Chinese manufacturers for less cost, the quality of the original still remains higher and more reliable.


Scooter (three-wheeled scooter) occupies an honorable and demanded niche in the children’s toy industry. Restrained design and high quality models are the basis of the Scooter brand strategy. They guarantee the joy of using the scooter, safety and the development of physical health.

Children’s three-wheeled scooters

Scooters have been popular with children of preschool and primary school age for many years, therefore it is not surprising that the industry is trying to keep up with the growing demand and is introducing new models to the market. From about 2-3 years old, a child can already buy a scooter, and if previously a two-wheeled scooter was the classic option, now three-wheeled scooters are especially popular.

A distinctive feature of three-wheeled scooters is one central wheel at the front and two side wheels at the rear instead of the rear center wheel or vice versa. They are easier to balance, they are brightly designed and are more suitable for an early age, and after the child learns to ride a three-wheeled scooter well, he can switch to a two-wheeled one.

How to choose a children’s tricycle scooter?

In addition to choosing a scooter according to the color corresponding to the baby’s gender, there are a number of features that you need to pay attention to when choosing a scooter. There are different types of scooters, and they are made from different materials. the same plastic or in combination with metal, and it is difficult to say which is better.

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If the plastic children’s three-wheeled scooter is brighter, equipped with colored decorative elements, signals, light bulbs, then plastic-metal scooters are more suitable for those children who are not attracted by a calm ride on a flat surface. The metal scooter is perfect for children who love fast driving, jumping and scooter racing. It is important to check what material the platform for the child’s leg is made of: its surface should not be sliding, otherwise the child may fall off the scooter and injure himself.

It is better to choose those scooters that have one steering wheel. they are easier to maneuver, even if two front wheels make the model more stable. On expensive models, there is a front wheel shock absorber, which helps the child not to feel the bumps in the road. The steering wheel should be well adjusted in height, according to the height of the child. It is better to pick up a folding children’s three-wheeled scooter, as it will take up little space and is easy to transport or store.

For very young children from one to five years old, you can pick up a children’s three-wheeled scooter with a seat that can be positioned at the desired height, and it is controlled by tilting the steering wheel. When the child grows up, the seat is removed, turning the model into a regular scooter.

Preschoolers especially love the children’s three-wheeled scooter scooter, which is well suited for extreme riding.

But in recent years, combined models. kickboards have become popular. The kickboard is a combination of a scooter and a skateboard in one model, it has two wheels in front and a steering wheel that resembles a joystick. The kickboard can be controlled like a skateboard with the legs and platform tilt, as well as with the steering wheel. Dual controls allow for greater speed and maneuverability.

Sliding children’s three-wheeled scooters

For older children, these models will be interesting because they combine the qualities of roller skates and a scooter. Platforms with two rear wheels can slide and spread with your feet, allowing you to move and get acceleration. The legs, unlike the rollers, are not fastened to the scooter, and the handlebar helps to get an additional point of support.

Rear wheel braking can be done using the brakes at the steering wheel, and the need for leg movement while riding helps to strengthen the muscles and makes the scooter an excellent simulator.

How to fold and unfold the scooter correctly?

The scooter is the second most popular public vehicle after a bicycle. You can even drive it out of town, or even further. Along with a bicycle, it is becoming a rather popular means of transportation for travelers and hikers who go for a “walk” on weekends, holidays or even while on vacation. This means that the ability to quickly fold and unfold it is almost the first thing before parking or further “driving”.

How to fold a simple kids scooter?

It’s a good place to start by checking yourself if you know how to fold a kid’s or teen’s scooter before tackling the adult model. Do the following:

  • place the scooter on a flat surface, for example, by rolling it away from the threshold of a house or room;
  • pull the handlebar handle up slightly, firmly holding the deck (platform) of the product;
  • lower the steering wheel to the platform.

As an example, the children’s model Scooter 21st. The instruction is slightly different:

  • pull up the retaining sleeve up to the stop;
  • tilt the steering column towards the rear wheel.

Folding methods

There are basically 3 ways to fold scooters: traditional, with a push-button mechanism and the newfangled Super Rein Force system.

The traditional way is as follows. The folding mechanism is controlled by a special lever attached to the deck where the rider places his legs. This lever is located near the steering column.

To disassemble the scooter, the lever is moved to the upper position. Then the stand itself is pulled back until a click is heard. The product is ready for transportation. On some scooters, an eccentric is attached to prevent accidental folding while riding. it is transferred to the operating position.

In other models, a button takes the place of the eccentric. A folding mechanism, controlled with its help, is located at the bottom of the platform on which the rider stands. The button itself is protected by a plug and an additional latch, which prevents accidental pressing. This retainer resembles the one used on the grinder to remove the grinding and saw blade. Slide the plug to the side by pressing the additional tab marked with an arrow that indicates in which direction the plug is removed. While keeping the button pressed, raise the scooter stand until you hear a click.

The Super Rein Force system allows you to immobilize the steering rack (so that it does not decompose spontaneously) just as reliably. Today it is considered the best. This method has been used quite recently: the fuse tube should be pulled up to the front wheel, and this can be done with a special limiter in the form of a ridge fixed to the platform. The tube itself is inserted into it.

This method is used in all well-known brands of scooters. It is distinguished by its lightness, reliability and speed of execution. A similar fixation is used in metal-plastic windows, which allow the sash to be slightly opened in the ventilation mode, fixing it in a slightly open state.

How to decompose?

Unfolding the scooter into the working position is performed in the reverse order. Scooters with a conventional mechanism are laid out as follows.

  • Loosen the eccentric (if any).
  • Pull the lever up and move the steering column away from the deck until you hear a click, indicating that the structure is locked in the “driving” position.
  • Secure the eccentric bolt to prevent the scooter from accidentally folding while riding.

To properly assemble a scooter with a push button lock, do the following.

  • Turn the scooter over and find the button for the folding (folding) mechanism. It can be closed with a plug. Pull the latter to the side indicated on the marker next to it.
  • Press the button (or key) hidden by the plug and drag it along the arrow indicating the direction of pressing.
  • Without releasing the button, pull the steering column away from the scooter deck until you hear a click.

Follow the steps below to unfold the Super Rein Force model.

  • Unscrew the comb holding the steering rack.
  • Lift the safety tube to the front wheel of the structure.
  • Install the steering rack (until it clicks).

Scooters from popular brands

Micro devices are available for people of all ages. They mainly use a folding mechanism that is operated with a lever and a button. The scooters are laid out as follows.

  • Press the buttons under the base of the steering column.
  • Pull and lock the steering wheel upright.
  • Lock the retaining lever in the position indicated by the arrow.

The Xiaomi company produces most often compact city electric scooters with significant mileage on a single charge. Before folding such a scooter, it must be de-energized. Further. according to the instructions.

  • Rotate the retaining ring near the base of the handlebars and move the lever down.
  • Place the handlebars in the “lying” position and secure it to the hook included in the kit. It, in turn, is embedded in the ring itself and does not allow the steering wheel to move when carrying or transporting the scooter.

Oxelo scooters have different packing and unpacking systems. To fold the Town-7 XL do the following.

  • Pull the locking lever near the handlebar base towards you.
  • Tilt the steering wheel slightly towards the rear wheel.
  • Move the steering wheel to a horizontal position.
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To unfold the Town-7 XL, pull back the lever again. But the Town-7 Easyfold has a push-button mechanism. The button itself is installed at the top of the curvature of the frame, next to the steering wheel. You can expand this scooter in the same way as the previous one.

Most of the Roces scooters have a folding design similar to the Super Rein Force. The latches snap into the grooves located on the edge of the scooter frame. But, for example, the Roces Citizen model does not contain a safety tube. instead, a steel plate works, located in the cavity of the steering column. To fold the scooter, pull this plate up. At the same time, the lock will become free, which will make it possible to install the steering wheel horizontally. After transferring the steering wheel to a horizontal position, fix the plate again. this will not allow the steering wheel to “walk” and spontaneously return to the working position when carrying or transporting.

Whichever scooter you and / or your child use, all popular models are easy to fold and unfold. The Super Rein Force system is available for children and without adult assistance. Once you show your child how to fold and unfold the scooter with its mechanism, you will be calm: your child will be able to repeat this or that action in seconds, if necessary.

How to assemble a scooter, see below.

How to fold a scooter. a guide for different models

The scooter has a fairly simple design that allows you to start using it immediately “from the box”, unlike bicycles, which are often supplied unassembled. However, some users have a question how to unfold or fold the scooter. The thing is that different manufacturers use different folding systems for the apparatus. This article will help you understand the main ones, in addition, the process will be discussed in detail using examples of some brands.

Basic types of folding systems

Studying the question of how to fold a scooter, it is necessary, first of all, to get acquainted with the main types of systems used. Knowing the principle of their operation, it will be much easier to deal with one or another variety that is used on a particular scooter model. So, the following types of systems are distinguished:

    Classic. In this scheme, there is a special lever, it is located at the junction of the foot platform with the steering wheel. To fold, it is enough to pull the lever up and move the stand away from the deck until a characteristic click occurs. Then you can fold the elements of the scooter and carry out its transportation. In some models, the lever is locked with a special bolt (eccentric safety). In this case, you must first loosen the bolt, and then follow the steps described. After unfolding, the fuse must be tightened all the way. this will prevent accidental folding of the device while driving.

Push-button. Found in scooters from Explore and MaxCity. In it, the folding and unfolding process is tied to a button located under the foot platform. Sometimes it is covered by a protective cap, which must be removed and replaced each time. To perform the operation, simply pull the button in the direction of the arrow, and the steering wheel. from the platform to the click.

Super ReinForce. Simple and efficient system. Having figured out how it works, you don’t have to rack your brains over how to fold a children’s scooter, because Super ReinForce is used in most of them. The action of the system is based on the movement of the safety tube. By lifting it up, you can fold or unfold the scooter, as well as set the angle of the steering wheel. Fixation is performed by returning the tube to its place. in the groove located on the scallop of the platform (deck). Since its introduction in 2017, Super ReinForce has gained widespread popularity and is now widely used by scooter manufacturers.

Now let’s look at the folding process using the example of some popular manufacturers.

How to fold the micro scooter

Micro scooters are made for both children and adults. Most models feature a push-button folding system. To unfold the scooter, you must:

    Press two buttons at the base of the steering column.

  • Set the steering wheel upright.
  • Tighten the locking lever located next to the buttons.
  • How to fold the Xiaomi scooter

    Xiaomi company produces electric scooters that have a long battery life and a nice price. The folding process of the apparatus consists in performing the following actions:

    • Power off the device.
    • Turn the locking ring at the base of the steering column and fold the lever down.
    • Move the steering wheel to a horizontal position. Fasten it with a special hook that is inserted into the ring and does not allow the steering wheel to dangle during transportation.

    How to expand the Oxelo scooter

    Scooter models from the manufacturer Oxelo have several options for folding systems. For example, to fold the TOWN7 XL you will have to do the following:

    • Pull the lever of the mechanism located at the base of the steering column.
    • Tilt the steering wheel forward slightly.
    • Now the mount is loose, you can move the stand to a horizontal position.

    The Town 7 Easyfold has a different folding system. The owners of this device only need to press the button with the embossed “Press” engraving. It is located at the top of the deck bend. in front of the steering column. The scooter unfolds in the same way.

    How to fold the Roces scooter

    In the Roces Citizen scooter, the folding system resembles Super ReinForce: the handlebars are also attached to special grooves located on the edge of the deck. However, the model under consideration does not have a safety tube; its function is performed by a metal plate located in the cavity of the steering rack. To fold the scooter, just pull it up with your finger: the mount will be released and you can move the handlebar to a horizontal position.

    After following the procedure, it is best to reattach the plate so that the steering column is securely fixed during transport.

    How to unfold a children’s scooter

    Scooters made for children are often equipped with a simple folding structure so that a child can use their transport without the help of an adult. These include Super ReinForce, and a system that requires you to pull the handlebars up to fold. If a different form of fixing the rack was used on the device, then there should be no problems with it: it probably repeats one of those that were discussed above in adult models.

    In addition, children’s devices can be adjusted in the height of the steering wheel, so that as the baby grows, you do not have to spend money again. Resizing is easy and does not require any special skills or tools.

    Roces scooters: pros and cons, varieties, tips for choosing

    • Brand history
    • Varieties of models
    • Product selection
    • How to fold the scooter?
    • Description of popular models
    • Customer Reviews

    Nowadays, people are increasingly giving preference to outdoor activities, so on the streets of cities you can often meet someone on a bicycle, someone on a skateboard, roller skates or a scooter. Even the smallest members of society can be seen on the scooter, as manufacturing companies adapt to the needs of society and produce products for toddlers.

    Brand history

    Roces was founded in 1952 in the Italian town of Montebelluna by one married couple. The history of the brand began with the release of sports shoes and has grown to the production of various sports accessories. Gradually, the company has grown from a manufacturer of local footwear and sports equipment into a world-class corporation. Its offices are located in 54 countries of the world.

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    Key events in the history of the company:

    • in 1979, plastic skates for ice skating were manufactured under the company’s brand;
    • in 1981, the brand was the first to manufacture roller skates;
    • since 1994, under the brand of the company, children’s skates have been produced that could move apart.

    Varieties of models

    Under the brand of the company, the Roces scooter is produced, which belongs to city scooters. The country of origin of the products is China, despite the fact that the brand is Italian. The warranty period for all products is 4 years. The company produces both an adult scooter and a children’s one. It also produces models for teenagers.

    The children’s model of the product has wheels with a diameter of 145 mm. The weight of the product itself is 3.65 kg. The load on such a scooter should not exceed 80 kg. The product has front shock absorption. Available in two colors. The first one is suitable for girls and has a basic white color, pink steering wheel and pattern. The second color option is designed for boys and has a black and orange color.

    The urban version of the product for teenagers has a wheel diameter of 175 mm and front wheel shock absorption. The maximum user weight is 100 kg and the model itself is 3.93 kg. The choice of the owner is offered in 2 colors, designed for male and female audiences. Gray with pink and black with blue.

    The adult Roces two-wheeled scooter has wheels with a diameter of 200 mm. The maximum permissible load on the product is 100 kg. The weight of the model is 4.5 kg. The model has one feature. it can be folded in just one movement. This design is innovative. Damping is available on the front wheel as in previous versions. Also classic is the presence of 2 colors: turquoise with black and lilac with black.

    Product selection

    To choose a model, you should know that in addition to city scooters, off-road and stunt scooters are also produced, but the Roces brand produces only urban models. Before buying a vehicle, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the model range in order to be prepared for the purchase of a quality product.

    Criteria to watch out for:

    • weight;
    • strength characteristics of the frame;
    • folding mechanism;
    • handle height adjustment.

    The first thing to look out for is the weight of the model, as city scooters are believed to be lightweight for a comfortable ride. Also, this factor is important when purchasing a children’s vehicle. After all, the younger the age group, the lighter the model should be.

    The second important criterion when buying a vehicle is frame strength. For very young users, it can be made of plastic, but for urban use it is better to purchase a scooter with an aluminum alloy frame.

    The third aspect to consider before buying a vehicle is the folding mechanism. For babies, it is better to select one-piece models, without this mechanism. Since the presence of such a function makes the scooter heavier and more difficult to operate. However, a scooter for adults and adolescents should be foldable, and it is desirable that such a function be realized with the help of one hand movement.

    Another important criterion for choosing a particular model is the adjustment of the handle. The presence of such an option will be a great addition to a scooter for any age group. Children, for example, quickly grow in height, and this function will allow not buying a new scooter every time for the child’s height, but simply adjusting the handle in height. For an adult model, this option is also necessary, since people are all different in height, and it is simply unreasonable to produce such a number of vehicle models.

    How to fold the scooter?

    To fold the product’s handles, there is a plastic stand for the scooter handles on the steering rack. They are folded by pressing a button located next to the handles and inserted into a plastic holder.

    In order to completely fold the product for easy transportation, there is a connecting bar at the junction of the steering column and the foot plate, on which the plate is located. By lifting the plate up, the steering column can be lowered directly to the platform. For convenience, a folding mechanism is drawn on the plate itself.

    Description of popular models

    The Roces 01928 Scooter scooter model has a wheel diameter of 150 mm, the maximum load that it can withstand is 80 kg. She is an adult model of a city scooter. The color of the product is red, it has a foot brake, an aluminum frame and wheels made of polyurethane. Folding mechanism available.

    Roces Citizen has large wheels with different diameters. The diameter of the front wheel is 230 mm, the rear wheel is 200 mm. The wheels are equipped with bearings, and the anti-slip deck coating provides good grip on the outsole, which eliminates the possibility of foot slipping.

    The Roces 200 mm W scooter has a hand brake, which is more convenient for users than a foot brake. The model is equipped with bearings that allow for 7-speed skiing. The height of the steering wheel has 5 positions, which makes it easy to adjust the transport to your height. There are shock absorbers at the front wheel for a smooth ride. The diameter of both wheels is 200 mm, the weight of the product is 4.93 kg.

    The maximum permissible user weight is 100 kg. The model has a footrest for easy parking and a folding mechanism. Frame material. aluminum. The maximum height of the steering rack is 100 mm.

    The 2-wheeled scooter Roces 230 mm Lux has a front wheel diameter of 230 mm, and a rear wheel diameter of 200 mm and 2 built-in shock absorbers. Product weight. 6.13 kg, folding mechanism and footrest are available. Platform dimensions. 53×15 cm. Warranty period. 4 years. The maximum load on the scooter is 100 kg. The frame is made of aluminum alloy.

    The two-wheeled scooter Roces 145 mm G has shock absorption on the drive wheel, and it also glows when driving. The maximum height of the steering column is 88 mm. The diameter of the wheels is 145 mm. The platform dimensions are 51×12 cm. The weight is 3.5 kg. Maximum user weight. 80 kg.

    The scooter comes with assembly instructions and a bag for carrying and storing products. Some models of the Roces line have a slight problem. the steering wheel will scroll. It is important to always check the condition of the tie bolts that tighten the steering clamp to avoid such a nuisance.

    Customer Reviews

    Reviews of Roces scooters are mostly positive. Even though the manufacturing and assembly is done in China. The models meet all the strength characteristics, as well as have a stylish design and are comfortable when traveling. Among the advantages of the scooters of this company, users note the presence of shock absorbers on the front wheels, and it is also mentioned that the products have good cross-country ability. Unlike other folding models, the vehicles of this brand are lightweight, which is convenient.