How to fold a bike stels pilot

Review: Stels Pilot 310 teenage bicycle. I have a bicycle! There is simply no better friend!

Personal transport. often it is also a good friend. Especially when you are young, and your transport is two-wheeled and carries you to adventure))

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The bicycle is domestic, steel. Frame size. 13 corresponds to frame height = 33cm. and is suitable for height 130-150cm.

Since I started talking about the size of the bicycle elements and the height of the rider, then I must immediately say about the wheels. The size of the wheel of our Stels Pilot is 310. 20. Recommended for growth from 140cm, since the bike is folding. I don’t really understand here. With the same diameter of 20 inches, non-folding bicycles go like children and for a height of 120-130 cm. From our riding experience, I would determine the ideal height of a rider. 140cm. The height of the son is now 134cm., And the bike fits him perfectly in size (both the body and the wheels).

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But I think that another 1 summer season will pass, it will be necessary to buy a bike with a larger wheel size. A folding bike with 20 wheels according to indicative tables is suitable for a height of 140-180cm, a huge spread. And I can’t imagine how a person with a height of 180 would wind pedals with such small wheels. Yes, I am with my 164cm. can ride my son’s bike. but it is felt that frankly not enough.

Let’s continue our examination of the bike. The steering wheel is steel, the height is adjusted by a bushing, which is classically fixed with a nut.

Rear view mirrors. accessories not included. But my son wanted to, they hooked it 🙂

Call. from a set to a bicycle, classic, 2 years has called back and will continue.

Rigid rubber handles with embossing. No scrolling, comfortable.

The bike hibernates in the country house, in the barn. Grains of rust appeared on the steering wheel this year.

There are stickers on the body, in some places they come off. Near the wheels are about to fly off.

Single aluminum wheel rim. They say it’s stronger than a double. But even single rims did not deform in two years of operation.

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The tread pattern is good. The dirt in the tires does not get stuck. So I drove in the rain on a country road.

I drove through the grass afterwards, and it was almost clean, the ground fell away.

The wheels have fenders, they perfectly protect from splashes. The front wheel.

The manufacturer starts about the safety of the cyclist on the road, therefore reflectors on wheels.

The pedals are plastic, with pimples. the leg does not slip. And yes, there are also small reflectors here.

The chain is protected. So the trouser leg does not chew, as it happened in my childhood))) The mechanism is good. The pedals do not rotate. Foot brake.

The seat height is adjustable with a bushing. And it’s great that without unscrewing / fixing with a nut. Lever to the side. made the sleeve of the desired height, clamped the lever. Holds iron, seat does not rotate.

Обзор велосипеда Stels 360 pilot

Seat model. Cionlli. I like it very much. wide, moderately soft, made of dense rubber.

And the seat is equipped with springs! Comfortable, even if you jump on a rough road :))

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The trunk of the bike is unpretentious. The son carries me bouquets on it)))) I tried to roll my younger sister, but she did not like it.

And the footrest on the bike, like a quarter of a century ago) Simple and convenient)

We weren’t looking for a folding bike, it just matched our frame height and wheel size. There was no ungainly in this size. In general, the idea is convenient and relevant for those who carry bicycles on vacation and back to the city. The bike will be folded in half. From fold to edge. about 80cm.

At the height from the ground to the seat. about 65cm. steering wheel.

The Stels Pilot 310 bike is awesome if you take it at a promotional price. super! It is durable, the son on it and rides through potholes, and flew more than once for sure. For 2 years there are no dents, scratches, chips. There were no problems with the chain.!