How to Flash the Xiaomi M365 Pro Scooter

Flashing the Xiaomi M365 scooter to custom firmware

It is no secret that the xiaokat is suffocated enough from the factory by software, but fortunately it is not at all difficult to solve this problem. Until recently, there were only paid (they were stolen, they were laid out for free) firmware and it was possible to install such firmware only from a developer or dealer. Later, software for self-flashing appeared, and today there is even a custom firmware designer with the ability to adjust a number of parameters to those required by a specific user. This article will discuss how to assemble the desired firmware and how to install it on a scooter, as well as the possible pitfalls of this procedure.

What you need to know about the limitations of the stock firmware:

  • maximum speed limit of 25 km / h
  • power limitation 250W (in peaks up to 500W)
  • forced recuperation when the throttle trigger is released (with the cruise control off)
  • the motor starts to work only from 5 km / h, i.e. you need to push off hard enough to start moving on electric traction.

All these and some other parameters can be adjusted, but you need to understand that, for example, with an increase in power, the peak current consumption will increase, heating of the scooter elements and, first of all, the motor-wheel, and the power reserve will decrease. The load on the electronics will also increase. after all, on the stock firmware, the peak current consumption is about 16A, on the 850W firmware (CFWw people) it is already up to 27A, which is almost twice as much. The components have a margin of safety, but you should understand all the risks associated with flashing the scooter controller to “improved” firmware versions. Nobody is responsible except you.

You can find ready-made firmware, but it is much more convenient to assemble it “for yourself”, knowing what parameters are set and what to expect from the scooter. Therefore, let’s move on to assembling the firmware in the constructor.

To get started, open the site http: //proshivka.syokat.rf or to the English-language source These links are relevant for a simple M365, if you have an M365 Pro, then the address of the firmware designer will be http: //syokat.rf/ru/konstruktor-proshivok-pro

Next, you need to select the base version of the factory firmware, on the basis of which the firmware with custom parameters will be assembled. Based on observations, version 1.3.8 is the best choice. In older versions, some functions are missing, and the scooter also works less stable. In the newer ones, nothing useful was added, for which protection against flashing was added and a number of other restrictions that do not work for the benefit of the user.

All other items are disabled by default, which corresponds to the factory values. If you want to change something, then you need to enable the corresponding item by checking the box “Change?” and enter the desired value in the field next to it. Now let’s look at the possible settings for the most important and non-obvious points.

Minimum activation speed of the recuperation mode. the setting that is responsible for the speed above which the scooter will, after releasing the throttle handle, brake by recuperation instead of coasting. It makes sense to either leave it at the factory value if you like to use recuperation, or set it at the maximum speed so that braking starts only when the maximum speed is exceeded, for example, when driving on a long hill.

Maximum speed in normal mode. I think no explanations are required, this is the speed above which the controller will not allow acceleration. You need to understand that the peculiarities of the xiaokat wheel when powered by a 36 volt battery (the standard one is 36 V) will not allow it to accelerate to a speed above 32 km / h (approximately) without taking into account the movement downhill. Changing this parameter for scooter components is safe.

Maximum speed in economy mode. similar limitation, but in ECO mode.

Engine start speed. the speed to which it is necessary to accelerate the scooter by pushing off from a place in order to make electric movement possible. For convenience, you can reduce this parameter, for example, to 2 km / h

The constant engine power is the most important parameter, for the sake of which everyone is probably doing the flashing. The power factor of the motor, which is responsible for limiting the current pumped into the wheel and therefore the power. The lower the number, the higher the power. The stock power corresponds to the number 51575, it is possible to reduce more or less without fear for the safety of electronic components to 27877, which was verified by long-term testing on several scooters. The complete correspondence table for this factor and power is below. Please note that in the early copies of xiaokats there was a weaker BMS with one fuse instead of two, and even such firmware can harm them. It is possible to determine how many fuses and whether it is possible to increase the power by the serial number of the scooter. the problem was solved by the factory from serial numbers 35 for the black version and from 25 for the white version. As a rule, scooters purchased in 2018 and later no longer have this problem. The serial number is the number to the right of the / sign in the serial number item in the appendix. When driving at high power, pay close attention to the temperatures of the wheel motor, battery and controller. Especially in hot weather (30) for the battery (do not allow heating above 50 degrees, if you have reached it, give the scooter a rest), and for the motor-wheel when driving for a long time under load (not depending on the street temperature). uphill, at high speed. upwind, high power CFW version (see next point), etc. There is no motor temperature sensor in the xiaokat, so the temperature of the wheel motor is determined by hand by the metal cover on the side, if it is almost impossible to hold your hand, let it cool. Also note that the temperature of the motor cover reaches its peak a couple of minutes after stopping.

Correspondence table of power and power factor in the firmware

“Russian” acceleration algorithm (from CFW). changes the operating mode of the throttle stick. In stock firmware, the throttle stick controls the speed. Thus, when you press the handle, say 50%, you tell the scooter that you want to go at 50% of the maximum speed (say, 15 km / h) and the scooter starts trying with all its might to gain and maintain this speed. This control method is not pleasant to everyone, and especially on firmware with increased power. the scooter starts to pick up the speed set by the trigger too abruptly and the movement becomes uncomfortable. The option under consideration allows you to enable an alternative scooter control scheme, when the gas trigger controls the power, by analogy with the gas pedal in a car. In the firmware with this option enabled, you will be able to meter the power pumped into the wheel and, with this, indirectly control the speed. Thus, it will be possible to gain maximum speed not only by pressing the gas “to the floor”, but also at lower values, only the acceleration will be slower. Please note that the cruise control does not save the speed, but the value of pressing the handle, respectively, if it is turned on in the stock mode of the throttle trigger, it maintains the appropriate speed, and if on the firmware with this option enabled, it saves the pumped power. It is also worth considering that when driving on the firmware with this option enabled, you do not need (and cannot) keep the gas “to the floor” all the time. this is several times higher battery consumption, engine heating, etc., but going faster is still will not give. Correct use. acceleration as you like, even “to the floor”, then release the gas completely and press just a little on enough force to maintain speed, and only in this position use the cruise if needed.

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If you need clarification on the remaining points, write in the comments, we will add to the article. After completing the settings, you must click the “Create Firmware” button at the bottom of the page and save the resulting file (zip archive).

You do not need to unzip the file. To flash it, you need to transfer it to your android smartphone by any available method and install it via the application

Attention! If a screen is installed on your scooter, then it is better to turn it off before flashing it through this program, otherwise the scooter may turn off. the screen interferes with the firmware process.

In the application, you need to select your scooter from the available devices to connect, then click on the check ver button, make sure that the program was able to get the data from the scooter. Then open the previously generated firmware file via “Open bin” and install via “Flash bin”. During the flashing process, the percentage of completion will be displayed. The entire firmware takes approximately 1 minute. After the scooter needs to be turned off and on and can be used.

Please note that firmwares starting from versions 1.5.0 have protection against flashing, and if you have such a version or newer installed, you will probably not be able to install the firmware this way. An option to bypass this protection will be in a separate article in the near future.

Xiaomi Mijia M365 scooter firmware

Get the most out of your scooter!

New firmware version for Xiaomi Mijia M365 scooters. more power, more movement. Discover the hidden potential of your scooter with!

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Xiaomi Mijia M365 scooter firmware version 2.0. even more possibilities with speeds up to 31 km / h.

The main advantages of the M365Max firmware version v2.0, in comparison with v1:

  • maximum speed increased to 31 km / h;
  • maximum power increased to 1000 watts (2 times);
  • improved indicators of acceleration dynamics (movement from a standstill at a speed of 0.5 km / h);
  • reinforced regenerative brake;
  • disabled function “Zerro start” (movement from a standstill at a speed of 0.5 km / h).
  • changed the behavior of the throttle lever (instead of speed, you can control power);
  • the ability to remove the software speed limit;
  • free rolling is possible without the need for constant engine braking;
  • the brake is applied at a speed of about 45 km / h while coasting.

And now about some points in more detail.

Maximum speed increased to 31-32 km / h

After flashing, the speed of your scooter is no longer limited by software, now you can go as fast as you want. But within no more than 31 km / h. Since the physical limitation of the voltage of the electric motor itself remains.

The 10S standard battery that the scooter is originally equipped with is about 32 km / h without loads. Physically, the motor will no longer pull.

The maximum speed of 31 km / h is conditional. In reality, after the firmware, you can overclock:

  • up to 30 km / h, provided that your weight is about 60 kg, the wheels of the scooter are fully inflated, and you are driving on a flat asphalt road;
  • and up to 27 km / h. with a weight of 80 kg and the same conditions.

In any case, after flashing you will drive faster than with standard equipment.

Maximum power increased to 1000 watts

You can programmatically increase the constant power of your device by almost 2 times. This will allow you to ride faster, more agile and safer. True, the battery charge will be enough for a shorter distance, but it’s worth it.

Disabled function “Zerro start”

With the new firmware of the scooter, it became even easier to start moving. You will no longer need to accelerate with a foot, and reach a speed of 5 km / h. Now it is enough to make a light push of the scooter at a speed of no more than 0.5 km / h and the scooter will go immediately.

Free coasting without constant braking

The gas control algorithm has been radically changed. As in the standard version of the provision, the acceleration and movement of the electric motor is carried out as before. You also set the desired travel speed on the throttle trigger. After flashing, as soon as the maximum set speed is reached, and the gas is abruptly released to zero, the scooter rolls freely without the usual braking by recuperation. Of course, the regenerative brake engages and stores energy from the coast, but does not slow down your movement.

Changed the behavior of the throttle

With the standard firmware of the scooter, as in the firmware version v1, the speed was controlled by the throttle lever. It served as a standard accelerator trigger, the logic of which was extremely simple. In the basic version, with a certain turn of the throttle lever up to a certain speed and holding it, the scooter independently accelerates or brakes to a predetermined level. Previously, the speed could be controlled via the cruise control system.

According to many pilots, this control algorithm was not entirely convenient. Indeed, in reality, it is easier to control not the speed, but the power of the device.

After changing the firmware of your scooter to the new version v2.0, the throttle lever changes its purpose, now you can use it to control the power supplied to the motor-wheel. This method is similar to the way you drive any motorcycle and car. If you press the accelerator lightly, the scooter starts moving smoothly, if you want to go faster, squeeze the throttle lever harder. True, with an increase in the speed of movement, the power decreases, but if the indicator is not set to maximum, then you can simply increase the limit. Want to slow down or slow down. just loosen or fully release the lever.

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The truth is, do not forget about the coast! With the change in the behavior of the throttle lever, coasting became a real coasting, with practically zero indicator of energy supply and removal from the wheel. Practically, because the friction force has not been canceled.

Accordingly, after changing the purpose of the throttle stick, which with the new firmware v2.0 now controls power, the cruise control system controls and fixes not the speed, but the power.

Order and install the M365Max firmware v2.0

We are also installing a new firmware version for scooter owners living in other regions and cities of the Russian Federation. To do this, you need to purchase software from us. Further, to install the firmware, you need to send us the motherboard of your device, in any way convenient for you (courier service, transport company, mail). After flashing and testing, we send your board back in the same way.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How ECO mode with increased power will work?

ECO mode will work in standard mode as with base firmware. And when switching to ECO, the scooter’s power will decrease to the nominal level, that is, to 250/500 watts for constant / peak condition.

Do I need to make changes to the electronics of the device?

This depends on the serial number of your device, which can be found on the label affixed to the side of the deck or in the app. If your scooter has a serial number with a second number over 35000 (for example, it is like XXXXX / 35001), then you do not need to make any changes to the electronics. This firmware version will function the same as the base one.

For devices with the second number of the serial number less than 35000, it will be necessary to replace the fuse with a more powerful one (with a higher current rating). If it is not replaced, the scooter will break down very quickly, although this is not uncommon even with basic firmware.

What are the guarantees?

In the case of electronics, it is very difficult to give any guarantees at all. Everyone knows that a scooter can just pretend to be a “brick” and for no apparent reason. The firmware itself will not fix this. Here we can only recommend one thing: if you want to increase the power of a scooter with a standard battery, then it is best to make a small roar on the BMS board. This is most likely, but not a fact, will increase its trouble-free operation at increased loads.

What batteries can be used on the scooter?

To understand if a battery is suitable for your scooter, it must:

  • have operating voltage within the limits that are perceived by the device controller (for basic firmware this limit is 31-42.3 volts, for firmware v2.0. 31-50.5 volts);
  • create a current that is necessary for the operation of the device’s electric motor (in the database, this indicator is about 10 A for a constant load and 15-20 A for a jerk, for firmware version v2.0 these indicators are 15 A and 30 A, respectively);
  • have a built-in BMS module that monitors charge and overdischarge;
  • the BMS module must work “symmetrically” (that is, it must pass current in both directions and not disconnect the battery in case of reverse current that flows from the electric motor controller to the battery cells, if there is a short-term excess of the charging current, otherwise it will damage the controller scooter);
  • the BMS model must track the temperature indicators of all elements (both during consumption and when charging).

Can I flash the scooter myself??

You can flash the scooter in three ways that currently exist:

  • via Bluetooth channel, without disassembling the scooter;
  • through the controllers of the device by connecting through the standard connectors;
  • through the controller processor, using a specialized programmer.

Each of the ways is working. Although the first method is the most convenient, the third is guaranteed to be effective. Because firmware using a Bluetooth channel can sometimes fail, this is due to the peculiarities of the implementation of the protocol of the device itself. If this happens, then it will be necessary to install the firmware via the controller.

We do not recommend flashing the scooter yourself, as this can lead to system failures and even damage to the scooter. It is better to entrust this to the professionals of our company who have experience and all the necessary equipment.

Is it possible to rollback to the base firmware?

Yes, you can. There are several different ways. But if you need to roll back the system, it is better to contact our specialists.

Electric scooter Xiaomi M365 Pro. a tank among scooters

Xiaomi M365 looks very powerful, no doubt about that. It weighs 14.2 kg, so it is not easy to carry. It is significantly heavier than its competitors, which weigh an average of 8 to 12 kg.

Weight corresponds to size. The platform measures 45 x 15 cm and the handle extends as much as 99 cm. It differs significantly from traditional scooters.

Between the handles is a display that shows the speed and battery charge, as well as the speed mode. The button on the bottom of the display turns on the scooter when you press it, and also turns on and off the headlight when pressed once, changes the speed mode when doubled and turns off the scooter when held. Large handles make it difficult to reach the button with your fingers on the go.

The pens have a good grip. It’s nice to hold on to them, even if you drive for a long time or in the rain.

There is a footrest on the left of the platform, which easily reclines with one movement of the foot. You get used to it very quickly.

Aesthetically, the M365 Pro looks very good. Black body and red elements match perfectly.


Contrary to the sturdy build, this scooter is not easy to transport.

The handles can be folded. When folded down, the steering column snaps into the lock on the rear fender. At first this is a little unusual, but later you will do it automatically.

There are no hinges on the scooter to which you can attach a lock. Therefore, if you want to fasten your scooter in a crowded place, then you risk losing it.

Using the Xiaomi Home app on your smartphone, you can block the scooter. If someone, without your knowledge, wants to use it, then an alert will be sent to you, but nothing will stop the attacker from simply folding it and taking it with him. Of course, if the thief controls his weight.


In our tests, the M365 Pro had enough battery for 4 7km trips of up to 30 minutes. When averaged, this gives 30 km per charge. We tested the scooter in full speed mode, so in economy mode, where the maximum speed is limited, the range can reach 45 km, as promised in the promotional materials.

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The M365 Pro is charged with the included cable that plugs into the front wheel connector.

The charging speed is not very fast. Within half an hour, about 8% of the energy is replenished. If the cable is inserted every time you are at home or in the office, then there will be no problems with this, but you need to constantly monitor whether there is enough time to fully charge the scooter.

The battery capacity of the M365 Pro is 474 Wh, which is significantly higher than the vanilla version (280 Wh), so we recommend the Pro version.


The Xiaomi M365 Pro has three riding modes: economical, normal and high-speed. You can switch between them by double-pressing the button between the handles, which is problematic to do directly while driving. Better to stop or slow down as much as possible.

The speed in economy mode is limited to 15 km / h, which is acceptable for riding in places where there are a lot of people and between cars in a traffic jam. The battery in this mode is consumed in a sparing mode.

Normal mode allows you to accelerate to 20 km / h and is ideal for keeping your speed on par with cyclists. This is the most commonly used mode in our practice. It’s slow enough to be safe, but fast enough to comfortably get you to your destination.

Whenever possible, we have included the high-speed mode, in which the maximum speed reaches 25 km / h. This is not too high a speed for an electric scooter, since the top models allow you to accelerate to 50 km / h, but on most roads this speed is not needed.

In order to start moving, it is not enough to press the acceleration button. you must first push off with your feet. Acceleration is smooth but fast. In the stream, you will be ahead of cyclists at the start.

Regardless of the mode, the motoorchik works quite quietly. In an urban environment, where everyone honks and the engines of cars work, it is barely audible most of the time. At higher speeds and on hills, the sound becomes more noticeable, but it certainly cannot be called intolerable.

But there are also not very pleasant nuances. The wheels do not have sufficient grip for wet weather, so in such conditions you need to brake strongly in advance. The scooter’s turning radius is not the smallest, so you have to make turns at a wide angle. However, this does not greatly affect driving if you are used to more control of the scooter with your body.


Xiaomi M365 Pro is a large and massive electric scooter. It has one of the largest frames found in the mid-range segment. But you get good power. Great for both road and traffic jams.

The battery capacity could have been more, especially considering the charging time. It may need to be left at home at times simply because there is not enough time to charge the scooter sufficiently.

Summing up, we can say that the Xiaomi M365 Pro may be a large scooter, but it is ideal for driving on the road. If only the battery had more capacity.

Electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter M365 Black 289253. Electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter M365 Black (289253). Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter M365 Black (FCB4001CN / FCB4004GL). Electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter M365 Black (289253). Electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter M365 (Black) EU

Modern scooters have seriously “grown up”, have received electronic control and have ceased to be transport for children: all over the world you can meet adult men in a strict suit, getting to work on a scooter.

An electric scooter from Xiaomi will appeal even to a critical user, and after riding it just a couple of meters. you

Appearance and device

The appearance inspires confidence with high-quality assembly and solid construction, two colors are presented: black and white. With a maximum driver weight of 100 kg, the device quietly accelerates to 25 km / h and can travel up to 30 km on a single charge.

The scooter’s weight is 12.5 kg, as it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It may not be the smallest weight, especially for female users, but it provides stability and good cross-country ability.

Transport easily folds up and you can easily throw it into the trunk of a car, ride with it in public transport or leave it in the locker room of the cinema.

flash, xiaomi, m365, scooter

A 7.8 Ah battery hidden under the deck is responsible for the life of the gadget, in the creation of which the masters from LG helped.

The scooter battery is covered by an insulating cover that can keep the device from dust and moisture.

The motor is located under the front wheel, but unlike electric bicycles, the coupling with the road is not lost when cornering, and when you press the throttle, the scooter does not jump forward, but gradually picks up speed. To start moving, you must first push off with your foot and only after the rotation of the wheels has transferred acceleration to the motor, press the “gas”.

Smart brake

The device can brake in two ways: with the help of a rear disc brake, controlled by a handle on the steering wheel, and a regenerative brake on the front wheel. The latter turns on automatically after the driver releases the throttle stick. That is, when the speed drops, the front system begins to brake smoothly on its own. The level of automatic braking can be adjusted in a special application on the smartphone, choosing: hard, medium and light. Adjustment must be carried out depending on the weight of the driver.

The brakes of this model are really worthy of attention, since the ABS-system operates on the principle of an automobile, which allows you not to lose traction during hard braking and not to be in the bushes.

Cruise control

A kind of cruise control is provided for comfortable rides on the scooter. You pick up the required speed and after the scooter beeps, it remains fixed, and the transport will carry you without your participation at this speed. If you want to return control, you must either press the rear brake lever or the “gas” trigger.

Pairing with your phone

To track the “health” of the scooter, you can use two applications at once: proprietary MiHome from Xiaomi (very confusing and focused on China) or intuitive. Ninebot, developed by Segway.

There is nothing to find fault with the device, however, if you are a fan of power or plan to regularly drive serious distances, you should think about replacing the wheels. The thing is that the wheel chamber tends to quickly fray and burst due to poor-quality tires, so it must either be pumped up to 3.5 atmospheres, or immediately replaced with tubeless tires.