How to DIY a 3 wheeled bike

Tools and materials

To make a tricycle with your own hands, you will need to stock up on certain materials. These include:

  • Old donor two-wheeled bicycle.
  • Steel frame.
  • Plywood.
  • Body kit.
  • A pair of wheels, preferably 20 inches in diameter.
  • Square shaped blank.
  • Saw “angle grinder”.
  • Welder.
  • A hammer.
  • Set of wrenches and screwdrivers.
  • Drill and hacksaw.

Features of the

The most essential moment when creating a tricycle with your own hands is the need to modify the frame. This will require reinforcement of the metal frame using profiled ribs.

One of the simplest and most economical ways to create such a structure is considered to be the use of a frame from “Ural”. You will need to cut the rear fork, install a new frame made of duralumin pipes. The second element is mounted below the seat. This will allow you to install a container for transporting goods. Wheels connected by an axle are installed on both sides, and an asterisk is adjusted in the center.

The dimensions of the frame when making a tricycle with your own hands can vary, depending on the creative ideas of the designer. The most reliable and fastest in terms of production of the model in question is considered to be the use of a rear factory axle with a differential of the UK-65 type.

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How to make a bike with a differential?

Oddly enough, assembling a tricycle for adults with your own hands with a differential is even easier than without it.

First of all, you need to disassemble the rear, remove the wheel, chain and disconnect the brakes. The assembled factory bridge is fixed to the frame with clamps.

The axle is driven into the rear wheel attachment points. After installing the bridge, a 90 ° angle must be achieved with respect to the frame. The bike is placed on a smooth surface, a “level” is hung on the handlebars. a weight on a string. The thread should stretch strictly parallel to the frame, without deviating. After such a check, the bridge fastenings are again tightened with clamps.

A new chain must also be installed. The structure has lengthened, and the chain should be longer. so we add additional links.

The final stage of assembly is setting up the reverse gears. Making a tricycle with your own hands is not an easy and costly task.

And at the end, here are some general tips for choosing a bike:

Brake system

The assembly of the equipment can be considered complete. However, you should pay attention to the brakes. The fact is that only disc elements are suitable for such a modification, it is not possible to install a rim option. This unit will require certain investments, but it will help to protect the cyclist and will please with reliable operation. The purchased kit, in addition to the discs themselves, includes hubs, calipers, a brake lever (located on the steering wheel).

Where to begin?

To create a tricycle adult bicycle with your own hands, you will need to purchase a two-wheeled model of domestic or foreign production. Depending on the selected modification, the aesthetic side of the future vehicle will be determined.

When carrying out work, you should not rely only on the quality of parts. The basic rules must also be followed, namely:

  • Calculate the height of the model so that the owner is comfortable to sit on it.
  • Check the stability of the sample so that it does not fall over when the steering wheel is turned sharply.
  • The new bike must be equipped with a reliable braking system and a signal bell.
  • It is better to mount new pedals and wheels to avoid slipping and slipping.
  • The steering wheel and wheels must rotate smoothly, without emitting extraneous sounds.
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Bridge installation

The assembly order of this element is not particularly difficult, since it fits almost all classic frames. The work is performed in the following sequence:

    First, all the standard rear end elements are dismantled, including the standard chain, wheel, fender, trunk and hand brakes.

As you can see, tricycles with hands are not such an overwhelming task.

wheel bike adult do it yourself

Until the child has learned to pedal and steer himself, a tricycle with a handle is chosen for him. For most models, the pedals are either removable or with locks; up to a certain age, they rather act as a support for the child’s feet. At the age of 2-2.5 years, children begin to show interest in pedals, they can already understand the sequence of actions. pedaling. driving, turning the wheel. turning. From this time on, the child can ride on his own, without the participation of his parents, cycling becomes an exciting activity for him, which will not soon get bored.!

Basic requirements when choosing a two- or three-wheeled friend for a toddler:

And if the choice of tricycles for toddlers is really great, then the choice of models for adults is very limited. But if you put in the effort and ingenuity, you can assemble a tricycle with your own hands. In addition to the right attitude and desire, you will need:

  • Bicycle repair tool kit;
  • Base. for example, an old bicycle with wheels;
  • Additional wheel, chain links, rear bushing with additional sprocket, set of brakes, clamps;
  • Rear axle with differential assy.

How to do it yourself?

So, if you decide to make a tricycle without a differential, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Dismantle the rear wheel fork, install the pre-prepared aluminum tube frame just below the seat;
  • An asterisk is attached to the center of the rear axle. From the front wheel, the drive goes to the driven sprocket of the rear hub. An additional gear sprocket is needed in order to rotate the axle shaft of one of the rear wheels;
  • Fixing the brake cables.

This is a classic configuration without a differential, in which only one wheel is driven (most often the right wheel). Therefore, slight roll is possible when turning.

Two wheeled truck

The easiest way to increase the load capacity of a bike is to fit large storage baskets on the front and rear, but this improvement is not optimal as the carried weight remains low. A rather easy-to-manufacture alternative can be the creation of a cargo bike of the Long John type, the design of which has proven itself well over more than a century of operation.

In order to make such a bicycle, you will need a donor, from which the lower tube of the front triangle is cut off, as well as a head tube. Instead, a long vertical steering wheel and a frame with a luggage rack are welded in. The front wheel is welded to the trunk, which is connected to the steering wheel with special rods.

Another easy option is to increase the wheelbase of the bike to create a long bike. In this case, you will have to cut off the stays of the rear triangle of the frame and weld in the elongated ones instead, which will allow you to install a much larger trunk. You can also install a ready-made branded kit, fixing it in the dropouts, then you do not need to cut anything.

Freight trikes

Two-wheeled cargo bicycles are fairly easy to make in a home workshop, which is not the case with the control of such a device, especially in conditions of busy city traffic. In the countries of Asia and Northern Europe, tricycles are more often used for these purposes.

In order to independently make a three-wheeled cargo bike with a deltoid configuration, you will have to get rid of the rear triangle of the frame, and instead weld a frame with wheels and a trunk or passenger seats. It will turn out to be a well-known cycle rickshaw.

The torque in such a tricycle is transmitted to one or two wheels at once. In the second case, an axle with a differential will be required, which makes the structure heavier, but makes it more controllable and stable. You can also use a prefabricated set that attaches to the stays and seat tube, again avoiding cutting and welding the metal.

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Deltoid tricycles are great for leisurely trips to the country, but in urban conditions it will be difficult to operate such a device, since it loses stability when cornering. In addition, you do not see what is happening with the load behind your back or what the children sitting in the back are doing. Therefore, it is more convenient to use the European trike of the reverse deltoid design, also known as the christiania bike, which got its name from one of the districts of Copenhagen.

Almost any bike can be used to convert to such a tricycle. At the donor, the front triangle is cut off, and a tube with a head tube at the end is welded to the seat tube with feathers. A cargo platform with wheels is attached to the steering column, and a U-shaped tube on it serves to control the resulting vehicle.

There are a great many options for converting an ordinary bike into a cargo bike, it all depends on your imagination and ingenuity. On the popular YouTube service, you can even find a video showing how a twelve-year-old boy assembles his first cargo trike. If he succeeded, then you will certainly succeed too.

DIY cargo bike

Anyone who knows how to work with tools and a community is alien to technical creativity, without much difficulty make a homemade cargo bike. Drawings of such a vehicle are easy to find on the Internet, and an inexpensive Chinese bike can be taken as a basis. You will also need round or square metal pipes (preferably steel), an angle grinder and a welding machine.

Types of cargo bikes

The design of such bicycles can be very diverse and largely depends on the conditions in which they are used. The simplest type is an ordinary city bike, on which strong baskets made of metal rods or special trunk boxes are installed in front and behind, allowing you to transport rather bulky loads. This type is most popular in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, and making such a cargo bike with your own hands is quite simple.

Another common type of cargo bike is a bicycle truck (English name. Long John). It usually has a larger wheelbase and a smaller front wheel that allows a cargo platform to be placed between it and the steering wheel. The cyclist drives the vehicle using a conventional steering wheel, which is connected to the front wheel by a special design. The carrying capacity of such bikes, often used by porters at train stations, can exceed 100 kilograms.

Another option is the so-called long tail. Such cargo bicycles have an increased wheelbase at the rear, which allows you to install a special platform, trunk or additional seats for transporting one or more adult passengers.

Paano Gumawa ng 3 Wheels Bike (Homemade). Part 1

The production of long bikes is established by Xtracycle, which offers not only ready-made vehicles of this type, but also special kits that allow you to create a cargo bike with your own hands from an existing one.

All of the above bicycles have only two wheels, which makes them rather inconvenient to use. After all, it is quite difficult for a rider on such a bike to maintain balance, especially if the bike is fully loaded. Therefore, most often adult tricycles are used as cargo bicycles. These devices can have both forward and reverse deltoid configurations, and the luggage compartment is usually located between the wheels of the front or rear axle. The tricycles are stable on the road and do not fall even at a complete stop. In addition, in them, you can easily increase the size of the trunk, thereby increasing the carrying capacity. Many bicycle manufacturers offer off-the-shelf cargo trikes, some of which are even equipped with an electric motor, expanding the range of applications for this type of transport. There is also an opportunity to purchase a whole unit, which is a bridge with a differential and stars, which allows you to convert a regular bike into a tricycle.

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Cargo bike applications

Cargo bikes are mainly used for the following purposes:

As you can see, the scope of cargo bicycles is quite extensive and is not limited only to the above options. And if you install an electric motor on the bike, then the scope of its use becomes almost limitless.

Cargo bikes have a number of undeniable advantages. They do not pollute the air, which is very important in closed rooms like a warehouse or factory. The bikes do not require fuel, are inexpensive to operate and are quiet. However, such vehicles are not without certain disadvantages. The bicycle is set in motion by the muscular force of a person, which imposes restrictions on the distance of travel, as well as on the weight of the transported cargo. The need to maintain balance, the demands on the rider’s physical condition and his insecurity in urban traffic make many people abandon the use of cargo bikes. Nevertheless, in some situations, a cargo bike is simply irreplaceable, in addition, many of the problems described above can be solved by using a motor.

DIY tricycle

Tricycles are becoming more popular every year, so many two-wheeled vehicle owners are wondering how to assemble a tricycle. Such transport has a number of advantages in comparison with a conventional bicycle bike. Due to their good stability, they can be used as a freight transport for transporting small loads, become an excellent simulator for middle-aged and older people, stimulating the work of muscles and joints.

It is quite possible to make a tricycle with your own hands. However, relying on the quality of the parts used is not enough to build a reliable bike. It is important to follow simple rules that will ensure the bike owner’s safety in the future:

  • pre-calculate the height of the bike, which will provide its owner with a comfortable fit;
  • it is necessary to make sure that the bike is stable so that it does not fall to one side during a sharp turn;
  • take care of reliable brakes;
  • purchase new pedals, which will eliminate the possibility of slipping or slipping.

How to make a 3 wheel electric Bicycle at home

Making a tricycle: features

The most crucial moment in the manufacture of a tricycle is changing its frame. To do this, you need to make an effort, use special equipment. The simplest solution is to use a two-wheeled bike frame. The rear fork is attached to it and a frame made of light pipes is mounted. Duralumin pipes are perfect. The frame is installed below the seat, which will allow you to install an additional container that allows you to transport various goods. On both sides of the frame, wheels are installed, connected by an axle, an asterisk is mounted between them. The dimensions of the frame to be mounted can be different. It depends on the current, what kind of cargo you plan to carry on your tricycle.

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We mount the bridge

This operation should be straightforward as the bridge fits all classic bicycles. The assembly is carried out in the following sequence:

  • All frame elements are removed, the standard chain and wheel, trunk and fender, the brake system is disassembled.
  • The bridge is mounted on the rear wheel seat. When performing this operation, it is important that the stops are placed on the lower tube of the frame.
  • The installed parts are tightened, clamps are used to attract the stops.
  • A new chain is installed and must be longer than the standard bicycle chain. To make one, you need to purchase two standard ones, using calculations, removing unnecessary links, make a chain of the desired size.
  • The final stage of work is the installation of the brake system, setting the speed switches.

Completed work will not be if the brake system is not installed. Only disc brakes are suitable for tricycles.