How to Distinguish a Counterfeit Kugoo S3 Electric Scooter

Kugoo ES3 electric scooter review, comparison with Kugoo M4 and S3 models

The Kugoo ES3 electric scooter is similar in some respects to the M4, it has the same power and battery. But Kugoo M4 is equipped with turn signals, suspension and seat, and additionally. an alarm. But the new model has its advantages. So, let’s understand in detail what this scooter is.

Specifications Kugoo ES3

The scooter’s weight is 16 kg, and its carrying capacity is 120 kg. When measuring the clearance, it turned out that the minimum distance from the lowest point of the scooter to the ground is 8 cm. The steering column and 90% of the entire frame are made of aircraft aluminum. This ensures high structural strength. Only the steering fork is made of iron here, this can be seen from its magnetic properties.

It is convenient to store the scooter when folded at home and transport it in the trunk of a car, as well as to move in it in public transport. The steering rack is used as a carrying handle.

Main characteristics of wheels

The main advantage of the Kugoo ES3 electric scooter is its large wheels, their diameter is 12 inches, or 30 centimeters. This is what makes the model different from other representatives of its class. This is clearly seen if you put them side by side: compared to other models, ES3 looks like an older brother. Note that some buyers, purchasing a Kugoo S3, are starting to invest in tuning, purchasing an additional battery and inflatable wheels, and this brings the cost of the scooter closer to the ES3 model, which we are currently considering. However, the Kugoo ES3 does not need any tuning, the buyer gets comfort and power reserve immediately after purchase.

Let’s consider two more important points. We noticed a long free spin on the front wheel when manually started. However, the rear wheel stops almost instantly. Because of this, it is problematic to use the Kugoo ES3 in normal scooter mode, but this also applies to other models of electric scooters.

The ES3 wheels feel huge even when compared to the M4. At the same time, when folded, the scooter looks smaller in size. We’ll come back to the benefits of large wheels when we test drive. And now let’s get acquainted in detail with other technical characteristics.

How to fold the Kugoo ES3 electric scooter

In order to fold the electric scooter, you need to press the large pedal. To unfold it, you need to pull back the spring mechanism with your finger. The handles fold in the usual way, as on many M-Series scooters. It is important that freedom of movement is almost not felt, even if you move the handles with force.

When folded, the scooter is easy to carry. There are wheels in front of the deck, with which it can be transported along like a suitcase. A small minus of the model is found here. the wheels rattle on the go, but they can be removed if it is annoying.

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The folding mechanism looks massive and sturdy. By the way, in order to avoid pressing the folding pedal on the move, there is a locking bar that must be screwed onto the scooter. The strap is included in the key bag. The kit also includes:

  • Screwdriver.
  • Keys.
  • 2 amp charger.
  • Instructions in Russian.

By the way, we noticed that this manual has a pretty good translation into Russian. Not a literary presentation, but the Chinese translators have tried well to convey the meaning, and technical terms are called by their proper names here.

Features of the charger

The peculiarity of this model is that the charging socket is located at the bottom. This place is exposed to contamination from under the rear wheel. A plug is provided to protect the charging connector, and it is very important not to forget to replace it after each charging of the electric scooter. If you don’t, you will have to change the connector every year or two.

Brakes and lights

The brake levers, unlike the Kugoo M4, are not as large. They can also be gripped with two fingers, for avid cyclists. On a scooter, in addition to mechanical disc brakes, at the slightest pressure on the brake levers, an electric brake is activated. The electric scooter stops quickly, the braking distance is minimal.

The brake light on the scooter will light up without flashing when the button is pressed. It is small in size, about the same as on a regular Kugoo S3. By pressing the top button, the dimensions are turned on; flashlight is bright. When the dimensions are on, the rear light glows constantly, and when you press the brake, it starts to glow a little brighter.

The brake pads engage very well on the brake disc. Unlike many M Series scooters, the pad wear on this scooter will be even, and therefore you will not be left without brakes.


The location of the footrest on the electric scooter is very convenient, when using it it seems that you are using a motorcycle footrest. The tilt angle is optimal, so the scooter stands very confidently. The footrest is covered with a rubberized material, which is a big plus, as it will not scratch the surface of a wooden floor or laminate.

Height adjustment

The Kugoo ES3 electric scooter has a steering column height adjustment. We noted that it is slightly smaller than the Kugoo ES3. However, even with a height of 187 cm, everything can be perfectly adjusted for yourself. And, despite the folding mechanisms, the freedom of movement of the steering column is small compared to the M4.

On-board computer

In our opinion, this model is equipped with a non-standard computer. The upper and lower buttons switch the power mode. The middle button is responsible for turning the scooter on and off. The main feature of a computer is that it needs to be configured so that the indicators on the monitor are adequate. Pressing the top two buttons turns on the display of the average speed since the last activation. At the moment, when the scooter is standing, the average speed is recalculated, taking into account the zero speed at the moment. After pressing the top two buttons again, the maximum recorded speed at the time of the trip is displayed. Holding the upper and lower buttons opens the service menu.

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Testing in action and comparison with the M4 and S3 scooters

So, let’s move on to the tests. To begin with, we will separately measure the maximum speed so that the data is not distorted during the descent from any hill. The maximum weight of a person who will test the scooter is 100 kg with a backpack. During the test drive, we got a speed of 36.5 km / h. For comparison, we measured the maximum speed of the Kugoo M4 on the same distance and with the same weight (100 kg). In a comparative test drive, we got the M4’s top speed, which is 1 km / h less than the ES3. We consider this figure insignificant.

We immediately begin to feel the benefits of the Kugoo ES3. Despite the suspension, the M4 is less comfortable to ride. And it’s not just ES3’s soft move. The problem is that the M4 model starts to wag the steering wheel at the same speed. On the Kugoo ES3, we felt a more comfortable ride. Such advantages are provided by the large inflatable wheels of the electric scooter.

At first we decided to test the electric scooter on a country road. It cannot be said that this is his element. At the same time, there is no strong discomfort, although there is a slight shaking. Previously, we tested the S3 on the same road, and the model did not pass the test: every bump on the road was felt.

Test drive: drive to the maximum distance

Now let’s start the main test for maximum distance. First, charge the scooter to 100%. We turn on the GPS measurement program and go ahead!

We remind you that we tried to carry out testing at maximum speed. But sometimes we drove along the sidewalks, stopping to cross the road. Due to these stops, the constant speed ended up being low. Note also that regular accelerations have a negative effect on the range.

Please note that the ES3 scooter‘s on-board computer does not show voltage, which is why we took a multimeter. We carry out measurements and see that the charge is already less than half, and the scooter display shows that only one division has been used up.

We test for safety

Immediately, the scooter decided to show its character. With a power of 500 watts, the car tends to jump out from under the driver. This will happen if you step on the gas before you stand with both feet on the deck, transferring all your weight to it. It is not safe, so you need to get used to using this vehicle correctly.

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We drive up the hill

The scooter has enough power to drive up a steep hill. We advise you to do this with a slight acceleration and stand confidently on the scooter with both feet. This need arises from the previous point; otherwise the scooter will soar into the air like a rebellious horse.

Coming home

When we returned home, the Kugoo ES3 electric scooter never ceased to delight us. We noted that it has never been so convenient to ride a scooter. We have fully appreciated all the advantages of large wheels. With them, the tiles on the sidewalks are not felt at all. And even the rails that protrude above the asphalt surface did not interfere with our comfort.

Battery charge

As the battery charge comes to an end, traction begins to disappear, the charge indicator flashes. We take out a multimeter, measure and see that the voltage indicator is close to disconnecting the battery. At this stage, we stop the test drive.

kugoo, electric, scooter

Arrival results

As a result of the race, we drove 29 kilometers. For a weight of 100 kg (together in a backpack). this is an excellent result! And if your weight is about 60-70 kg, and you will not include the maximum speed, then you can drive more than 40 km.

Power consumption

With a wattmeter, you can measure and compare how much power the scooter’s battery draws from the outlet while charging. We found out this parameter, it was 0.567 KW / h. charging time was 5 hours 47 minutes. We also ran a standard discharge test and measured the battery capacity. The capacity declared by the manufacturer is 11 ampere hours.

Test: we discharge to 39 volts. We saw that at 40.5 volts, the scooter no longer runs. However, the capacity is most often measured up to 3 volts per cell, and here there are 13 of them. That is, the minimum voltage should be 39 volts. In this mode, we were able to measure a little over 10 ampere hours. Bottom line: the parameters are somewhat overestimated.

And one more thing: when the BMS was discharged, the controller did not turn off the power, so we decided to check if this protection works at all. Indeed, it works, but at 38 volts. This is acceptable, as some cells can discharge up to 2.5 volts. For some, 2 volts is the norm, but they are an exception.

So, we present the results of the test drive and talk again briefly about the main characteristics of this model. Let’s list the main features and benefits of the ES3 scooter:

  • Large 30 cm inflatable wheels make the ride softer and more comfortable.
  • Lightweight. 16 kg, compact folded size.
  • Easy to carry and transport.
  • Suitable for comfortable driving on city roads.
  • Adjustable steering column height.
  • The declared mileage on a single charge is 35 km (with a driver’s weight. 83 kg).