How to disassemble the rear wheel of a stealth speed bike

How to disassemble and reassemble the rear wheel of a speed bike

The rear wheel of a bicycle requires maintenance more often than other components. This is due to the fact that it is the most loaded element. it is it that accounts for the bulk of the user’s weight. Those who like to ride such a vehicle often and for a long time should learn how to disassemble and assemble the rear wheel of a high-speed bike correctly. Of course, you can go to the workshop, but if you have the necessary tools, any person can do all the work on disassembly, repair and maintenance on his own, while receiving moral satisfaction and not burdening the family budget.

Types and arrangement of the rear / front hub of a mountain bike

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In the MTB class, only two types of sleeve mechanisms are common: axle-cone-ball bearing and axle-industrial bearing. It is clear from the names of the classes that the difference between them lies in the structure of the supports.

Renovation work

Before you start disassembling and assembling the rear wheel of a high-speed bike, you need to find a comfortable place to stock up on gloves so as not to get your hands dirty. If there is no relevant experience, you should strictly follow the sequence of actions, take into account all the subtleties. A great help in this matter. training videos.

Removing the cassette and bulkhead bushing

A hub is one part of a bicycle wheel that requires periodic maintenance. On average, you need to look into it once every 2000 km of run, in terms of time it is 2-3 months of active driving. If the wheel is already creaking and there is a decrease in the efficiency of rotation, in other words, the great rides worse, then it’s time to remove it and inspect the hub.

The main problems with the bushing are backlash and insufficient lubrication of the bearings. Due to a violation of the fit or increased friction, the parts begin to wear out rapidly. If the wheel has not been serviced for a long time, the bearings may crumble altogether. To gain access to the bearings of the hub, you will need to temporarily get rid of the rear sprockets.

The rear speed device is removed using a puller and a so-called whip. Removing the cassette is a short-lived affair, but it will take a lot of effort to unscrew it from the wheel. In stages it looks like this:

  • The stripper is inserted into the cassette nut.
  • The whip holds the large star of the system so that it does not turn.
  • With a wrench, the puller rotates, unscrewing the slotted nut.
  • We remove the small stars that are installed on top, carefully fold them to the side along with the washers, and then remove the cassette itself.

Before disassembling the hub, you should slightly loosen the spoke tension. This can be done using a round key with knock-out holes for different diameters of the knitting needles. You need to loosen a little, a quarter of a revolution is enough. If the sleeve needs to be replaced, then the spokes must be unscrewed enough to easily pull it out of the engagement.

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A complete bushing replacement is required if both the axle and the bearings become unusable. However, often when the bushing is jammed, the axle is in normal condition, it is enough to change the bearings. Often, both will still serve faithfully if they are well lubricated. Proper lubrication will prevent parts from wear under dynamic loads.

The bulkhead of the axle part of the wheel is associated with cleaning the axle and bearing balls from dirt. The removed parts must be temporarily placed in a solvent, then allowed to dry, lubricated and reinstalled. Bearings in a skewed position must be adjusted by returning them to a straight position. However, during the backlash, the parts are already faulty, so replacement is the best option.

When to remove the rear wheel

It is unlikely that the idea of ​​unscrewing the chassis from the bicycle frame would just come to mind, unless, of course, a person specializes in bicycle dismantling. But this is a completely different case. Dismantling the rear wheel will be required if the following problems are observed:

  • noticeable damage to the rim;
  • complete wear when a wheel needs to be replaced;
  • a flat tire or a burst tire;
  • bulkhead bushing.

This includes the planned replacement of the rear sprocket system and chain.

Before removing the bike, turn it over and place it on the saddle and handlebars. It is better to remove awnings in the form of a mirror, a bell and a lantern in advance so as not to damage them under the weight of the frame. V-brakes are first released and disassembled, otherwise they will not allow the wheel to be pulled out freely. With disc models, everything is easier. you can immediately remove the wheel.

I must say that the removal process itself consists only in unscrewing the eccentric or unscrewing the fastening nuts from the axis of the bushing, who has something. If the mount is an eccentric, simply unscrew the handles and twist the wheel. The nut fastening is loosened with one or two wrenches.

Usually one wrench of the appropriate size is enough, with which the nuts are removed one by one. If the hub axle turns, then the nuts are unscrewed simultaneously in different directions. It is recommended to use open-end wrenches or box wrenches. The adjustable version is undesirable, as its thick horns “eat up” the corners of the nut due to loose fit and sliding.

Main constituent parts

The rear wheel of a speed bike consists of the following parts:

Replacing the camera

To remove the tube from the tire, you must completely deflate it. It is necessary to pry the latter with spoons for disassembling, inserting them at a distance of about 15 cm from one another. After that, you need to start to spread the spoons little by little, until the entire side of the tire is removed from the rim. It remains to remove the nipple and remove the camera.

Installing a new camera is carried out in the reverse order:

  • You need to insert the nipple into the rim and tuck the entire tube into the tire around the circumference, avoiding twisting and wrinkling.
  • Before beading the tire onto the rim, you can slightly inflate the tube so that it takes its shape and takes its place in the tire.
  • After prying the tire, it is necessary to fill it with spoons into the rim, first in the area of ​​the nipple and then along the circumference.

After making sure that the tire has taken its place on the rim, you can inflate the tube to working pressure. After that, it remains to deal with the installation of the rear wheel of the bike, and the repair can be considered complete.

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How to apply lubricant

  • Lubricate the cup with your finger.
  • Put the balls into the cup using medical tweezers, observing the intended purpose of the groups sorted during disassembly.
  • Apply a thin layer of lubricant over the balls.
  • Repeat steps 1-3 for the second side.
  • Put the boot on the locked cone located on the side of the cassette (only relevant for the rear bushings).
  • Apply a thin layer of grease to the beveled surface of both cone nuts.

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There should not be a lot of lubricant at the contact points. This statement is relevant only because excess grease is squeezed out through the anthers, and it intensively begins to collect dust. You can estimate the sufficient filling level from the photo. There are usually no problems with the installation of balls. They adhere well to the lubricant, which is already in the cup according to paragraph 1 of the technological instructions.

It is customary to lightly coat the thread on the axle and the ends of the nuts with a compound that was used to treat rubbing surfaces. This activity is designed to minimize oxidation of metals and the formation of rust at the interface of detachable parts.

Rear wheel repair

The rear and front wheels are important parts of a bike. Why? When driving on uneven surfaces (holes, bumps, stones), it is the wheels that take most of the impacts. Therefore, timely maintenance helps to maintain not only comfort while riding, but also speed, which is equally important for every cyclist.

In order to repair the rear wheel of a Stealth bike (with your own hands), you need to stock up on the necessary tools. For this we need:

One of the main problems with the rear wheel is the uneven rim (figure eight). Every cyclist faces this challenge. Why can a wheel become a figure eight? As we have learned, more than 85% of all shocks are taken by the wheels. Most of the load falls on the rear wheel.

To align it, you need to install (perpendicular to the rim) two cotton matches, and use the pliers to loosen or strengthen the knitting needles. For example, if the rim is bent to the right, then the spokes on the left side must be tightened, and those on the opposite side must be loosened.

Do-it-yourself Stealth bike repair: subtleties and tips

Modern bicycles (high-speed, full-suspension, mountain, hybrid, road, etc.) have a beautiful and graceful look. They consist of complex mechanisms (disc brakes, bottom bracket, shock absorber, cassette, etc.) that significantly increase ride comfort, but require constant maintenance. In order to repair any part, you need to know what it consists of and how it works.

From this article you will learn about the complex repair of a Stealth bike with your own hands, after which you will be able to service it yourself. We will also discuss several complex mechanisms (bicycle cassette, carriage), how exactly they need to be repaired and what tools will be needed for this.

What roads is Stels Adrenalin intended for?

Due to poor amortization, this “bike” is intended only for urban roads at an average distance (up to 50 km per day). The front fork wears out quickly, but replacing it with a more powerful one can significantly extend its life. Stels Adrenalin has reinforced front and rear rims. Therefore, for a while you can not worry about their curvature.

In order to repair a Stealth bike with
your own hands, you will need a little knowledge and all the necessary tools.

Stels Adrenalin

We have analyzed some of the features of DIY Stealth bike repair. Now let’s look at a specific model of the “bike”, namely Stels Adrenalin.

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The bike frame is made of aluminum alloy. This model cannot be called light, because it is more intended for men than women. Depreciation leaves much to be desired, but if you use this “bike” only for short distances, for example, cycling around the city or to work and back, then it will be quite enough.

Do-it-yourself Stealth bike repair is no different from repairing other models. All the same mechanisms and structures that can be easily removed and replaced if necessary. Almost any oil can be used for lubrication, but it is best to buy special lubricants that will provide more reliable protection against corrosion and other contaminants.


As you know, there are only a few types of bicycle carriages. cartridge and integrated. Both types consist of industrial bearings, which are connected to the shaft and connecting rods using a spline connection. In fact, the cartridge carriage cannot be disassembled, but if it is integrated, then it is quite amenable to such manipulations.

When disassembling, you will stumble upon two completely identical cups, which contain industrial bearings. Pay attention immediately to their location. After cleaning and lubricating the two cups and carriage tube, they must be reinstalled where they were. Typically, the first cause of breakage is improper thread placement.

Tools with which you can service the carriage:

  • screwdriver;
  • puller for mechanisms;
  • special wrench for squeezing the connecting rods;
  • slotted wrenches;
  • set of wrenches.

Before starting to remove the mechanism, you must secure the bike so that it is stationary. After that, you need to pull off the plugs that are on the connecting rod itself, unscrew the fixing bolt, get the connecting rod and release the axle.

Repairing the carriage of a Stealth bike is quite simple. If it is cartridge, then it cannot be repaired, it is best to change it to an integrated one. In this case, the carriage can be serviced for a long time.

Bicycle cassette

The cassette consists of several pairs of stars that are attached to the hub, namely the drum itself. Often, the cassette contains 7 gears that are installed on the spider. But on some bikes, like hybrids, there can be 8 to 11 stars, which greatly increases the acceleration of the bike.

Do-it-yourself Stealth bike cassette repair consists in timely cleaning of each star from dust and plaque, as well as monthly lubrication of parts. You can clean the sprockets with a toothbrush, as it will help you get to hard-to-reach places. As for the lubricant, do not use grease, petroleum jelly or any other similar product. The most optimal substance for these purposes is ordinary engine oil (transmission or motor). If finances allow, you can purchase a special solvent for cleaning stars.

A bicycle is the most environmentally friendly form of transport. Many argue that a daily ride on it improves well-being, raises tone and helps to always stay in great physical shape.

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Do-it-yourself stealth bike repair is not as difficult as many people think. If you have at hand all the necessary tools, as well as the knowledge of how to maintain it, then this work will not seem burdensome to you. The most important thing is timely maintenance of the bike (lubricating all available parts and mechanisms, adjusting the brakes and speed switches, aligning the rim, etc.), and then you will not have to repair it soon.