How to disassemble the rear wheel of a speed bike


Repairing the front part is even easier than the rear one, because it is not equipped with brakes and other complex systems. It may be necessary to remove the front wheel, for example, in order to remove the tire from it. To do this is elementary and simple. It is enough, as in the rear element, to unscrew either the nut using special sized wrenches or using the lever, in the right direction and carefully. At the same time, no structures will interfere with the repair, which greatly simplifies the task.

How to: Remove and install road bike rear wheel in 4 easy steps!

Summing up, we can conclude that removing the wheels is not such a difficult task. The main thing in this matter is to show maximum accuracy and to turn the parts correctly, on which, in fact, the wheels are fixed. Following this algorithm, you can easily provide yourself with a high-quality repair of wheels or other necessary spare parts, which will subsequently allow you to fully enjoy driving your favorite vehicle.


When to remove the rear wheel

It is unlikely that the idea of ​​unscrewing the chassis from the bicycle frame would just come to mind, unless, of course, a person specializes in bicycle dismantling. But this is a completely different case. Dismantling the rear wheel will be required if the following problems are observed:

  • noticeable damage to the rim;
  • complete wear when a wheel needs to be replaced;
  • a flat tire or a burst tire;
  • bulkhead bushing.

This includes the planned replacement of the rear sprocket system and chain.

disassemble, rear, wheel, speed, bike

Usually one wrench of the appropriate size is enough, with which the nuts are removed one by one. If the hub axle turns, then the nuts are unrolled simultaneously in different directions. It is recommended to use open-end wrenches or box wrenches. The adjustable version is undesirable, as its thick horns eat up the corners of the nut due to a loose fit and sliding.

How to remove the rear wheel of a speed bike. Velobaggio

Carrying out various types of repair work on bicycles is, in essence, not so difficult. This type of transport has rather simple designs of most of the parts, which allows its owners to carry out repair work with their own hands, instead of contacting a master. It is only important to show a little patience and diligence when performing certain types of work, especially those associated with any complex structures such as a brake system or gearbox. This is usually the case with high-speed and mountain types of devices.

How to remove the rear wheel of a high-speed bicycle with disc brakes with your own hands?

The bicycle is the most popular and convenient means of transportation. It is convenient and comfortable to travel on it both in the city and off-road. High-speed bicycles provide a lot of opportunities to feel comfortable even on a rather problematic road. But in order for your pet to continue to delight you, he needs appropriate care, and the owner’s ability to cope with unforeseen circumstances will also come in handy.

Removing the wheel from the bike may be necessary in various cases. For example, you have a puncture or your tires need to be replaced due to high levels of wear. But you never know what can happen. Someone will say that some kind of puncture does not require large-scale work. There may not be large-scale ones, but they are performed with knowledge of the matter. The quality of your work will determine how well you can continue to ride. And there is something to think about. Modern high-speed bicycles are produced by various companies and often with their own characteristics. It is on them that you need to pay attention.

For example, first you need to understand what kind of brake system is on the rear wheel of your bike. It is with him that all your work will begin. If you are a disc brake owner, then you shouldn’t have any problems. If the rim, then your actions will require a little more effort. If you forget about this kind of brake and do not release it, then you will never be able to remove the wheel, no matter how hard you try. So, we have decided on the brake, now we go directly to the process of removing the wheel.

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To get started, make your work environment comfortable: flip the bike over on the handlebars and position it so that you have free access to the wheels from different sides. And here we also remember the brakes. If your brake is hydraulic, then these models absolutely do not like being held upside down. And in case of replacing the rear wheel, you should bleed the brake so that no air would get into it. Do not ignore this moment, despite its laboriousness, if you want your brakes to remain as reliable.

There are various types of wheel attachment to the axle. If it is on nuts, then your actions are not difficult and understandable. If the option is an eccentric, then you should not be intimidated by complex names. The process is pretty straightforward. Move the chain to a smaller sprocket. On the left side of the hub is a lever that controls the eccentric clamp. Unscrew this lever by rotating it counterclockwise 180 degrees, but do not rotate around the hub axis. There is a special nut on the right side of the sleeve, which should be unscrewed a few turns.

Do not release the lever and slowly remove the wheel itself from the fork end. That’s all. Removing a bicycle wheel was not too difficult.

The wheel has been removed, but the puncture site is not yet available. To do this, it is necessary to deflate the wheel and disassemble it. If you do everything right in a short time, the damaged camera will be in your hands. The puncture site should be cleaned and sealed with a special pad, which will reliably cover the damaged area and prevent air from leaving the wheel. If the damage is serious, then the camera needs to be replaced.

Removing a bicycle wheel will not be difficult for you, and with practice, the necessary skills will come. It is also important to put it back in place correctly. The technology itself is simple and requires basic knowledge. If you do not want to go to the service, but decided to do everything with your own hands, then with a certain level of desire and diligence you will succeed!

how to remove the rear wheel of a speed bike


Removing the wheel will not be difficult for the bicycle owner if all the steps are followed correctly. First of all, you need to determine what parts are planned to be removed. Most of the difficulties arise precisely with the rear. Before removing the rear wheel of a bicycle, you need to determine which brakes are used on it. It is important to remember that if the bike is high-speed, then the brakes, as a rule, are disc brakes and their repair should be carried out as carefully as possible so that, before removing the rear wheel of the bicycle, by unforeseen accident, the sprocket, which is the heart of the brake and the speeds of this type of transport.

  • So, having decided on the brakes, you can already get down to business.

There is also a special lever instead of a nut. The situation is even simpler with it, since no wrenches are required to unscrew it. In order to remove the wheel using the lever, it is necessary, as well as the nut, to start unscrewing it counterclockwise until it becomes possible to remove the part. You can put it back in the same way.

Removing the cassette and bulkhead bushing

A hub is one part of a bicycle wheel that requires periodic maintenance. On average, you need to look into it once every 2000 km of run, in terms of time it is 2-3 months of active driving. If the wheel is already creaking and there is a decrease in the efficiency of rotation, in other words, the great rides worse, then it’s time to remove it and inspect the hub.

The main problems with the bushing are backlash and insufficient lubrication of the bearings. Due to a violation of the fit or increased friction, the parts begin to wear out rapidly. If the wheel has not been serviced for a long time, the bearings may crumble altogether. To gain access to the bearings of the hub, you will need to temporarily get rid of the rear sprockets.

The rear speed device is removed using a puller and a so-called whip. Removing the cassette is a short-lived affair, but it will take a lot of effort to unscrew it from the wheel. In stages it looks like this:

  • The stripper is inserted into the cassette nut.
  • The whip holds the large star of the system so that it does not turn.
  • With a wrench, the puller rotates, unscrewing the slotted nut.
  • We remove the small stars that are installed on top, carefully fold them to the side along with the washers, and then remove the cassette itself.

Before disassembling the hub, you should slightly loosen the spoke tension. This can be done using a round key with knock-out holes for different diameters of the knitting needles. You need to loosen a little, a quarter of a revolution is enough. If the sleeve needs to be replaced, the spokes must be unscrewed enough to easily pull it out of the engagement.

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A complete bushing replacement is required if both the axle and the bearings become unusable. However, often when the bushing is jammed, the axle is in normal condition, it is enough to change the bearings. Often, both will still serve faithfully if they are well lubricated. Proper lubrication will prevent parts from wearing out under dynamic loads.

Speed ​​bike rear hub diagram

The bulkhead of the axle part of the wheel is associated with cleaning the axle and bearing balls from dirt. The removed parts must be temporarily placed in a solvent, then allowed to dry, lubricated and reinstalled. Bearings in a skewed position must be adjusted by returning them to a straight position. However, during the backlash, the parts are already faulty, so replacement is the best option.

How to change the rear wheel on a speed bike

Without a bicycle in the country, nowhere. In the literal sense of the word. not to go anywhere. Not for a loaf, not for self-tapping screws, not for matches. Besides, if there is no car. And if there is a car, and the driver tasted the aromatic apple Calvados in the morning? You have to walk, which takes a lot of time. And if there is a bicycle, I jumped on it, and in a few minutes there will be a loaf, screws are bought, and matches are obtained. Therefore, not only do you need to have cycling at your disposal, and besides, it must always be in good order, ready at any time to take you on urgent matters.

How To Remove The Rear Wheel On Your Mountain Bike | Basic MTB Maintenance

disassemble, rear, wheel, speed, bike

During the spring revision of my old high-speed bike, I found an eight on the rear wheel. a change in its geometry. The rim was bent so much that it constantly touched the brake pads, making it impossible to drive safely.

First we decided to tighten the knitting needles. There are special ways to do this at home. For those who are interested, it is enough to search the Internet for how to fix the eight. A closer inspection revealed that a pair of spokes was missing. The plastic spoke guard installed on the wheel makes it difficult to install new ones, so it must be completely disassembled.

Turn the bike upside down, unscrew the eccentric clamp nut, remove the eccentric itself from the hole in the axle, release the footrest, remove the chain and wheel. In this case, you need to loosen the brake pads and release air from the wheel so that the tire does not cling to them.

Unscrew the nipple, pull out one side of the tire, gently prying it with a flat screwdriver, without tearing the camera. Take out the camera, then remove the tire.

Now you need to remove the asterisk. It is impossible to do this without a special puller, so we took care of its purchase in advance.

Inserts the puller inside the sprocket and unscrew it with a gas wrench. By the way, for these purposes, any key for 24.

Our speed bike had a single rim wheel. Almost all modern bikes are equipped with double rim wheels. It is believed that they are stronger and more reliable. The difference in price is not very big, so we listened to the seller and bought a copy with a double rim.

At first, the plan for replacing the rear wheel on a speed bike seemed simple: screw the sprocket onto a new one, insert the tube, insert the tire, and mount it on the bike. But upon closer inspection, it turned out that the wheel axles are different. The old one. with a hole inside for the eccentric, and the new one. without it.

Therefore, I had to rearrange the axle from the old wheel to the new one. This requires 2 keys. We hold the locknut with one, and unscrew the other with the other. Having unscrewed, remove the washer and unscrew the locknut, which is the bearing boot. When unscrewing the nut, watch out for balls that may fall out of the gap formed. Now you can remove the axle.

In the same way, we remove the axle from the new wheel. The grease in it is fresh, thick, so the bearing balls, sticking to it, were in their place.

Carefully, adding fresh grease, insert the axle with a hole for the eccentric onto the new wheel and tighten the nuts in the reverse order.

It is necessary to tighten the nuts with a cone for the bearing until there is no play in the carriage, but at the same time the wheel rotates freely. On both sides of the axle along the edges, we leave a space equal to 1 cm so that it fits into the eyes of the rear fork of the bicycle. This distance is adjusted with a bushing washer. Tightening the second nut, we fix the first with a key so that it does not move, otherwise the wheel will spin with effort.

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Then we collect everything in the reverse order. Install the spoke protection, use the puller to twist the asterisk.

On the one hand, fill the tire, insert the camera, fill the tire completely. We pump the chamber with a pump, then bleed the air so that it fits into place.

Now we take the wheel, put the chain on the sprocket and install the axle in the eyes of the fork. The tire, having pressed on it, must be pushed between the brake pads.

Install the footrest, insert the eccentric clip and secure it with a nut.

Let’s adjust the brakes by fixing the pads near the rim. We pump up the camera and make a test drive. This completes the replacement of the rear wheel of a sports bike.

General procedure for installing a bicycle

How to remove and install a wheel

How to remove and put on (install, put) a wheel on a bicycle, front or rear? It seems to be a ridiculous question for an experienced cyclist. But, note, in addition to experienced cyclists, there are also inexperienced.

So how is it? Everything seems to be simple. let the clamping nuts on the wheel axle, or in general a quick-release eccentric. and that’s it. But for an inexperienced bike enthusiast, the devil is in the details, and there are a lot of such details here.

Two receptions

There are two techniques used to remove and install a bicycle wheel:

  • emergency removal and installation in place, without its complete disassembly. It is used in case of damage (puncture, cut) of a bicycle tube or tire, for their repair or replacement. In this case, all units and parts attached to it. the brake rotor of disc brakes, a cassette or a ratchet. are not removed, they remain on the bicycle during the entire period of repair work.
  • removal and installation with complete disassembly. It is used when it is necessary to repair or replace the wheel rim, partially or completely replace the spoke set, wheel hub, or send the bicycle for storage in a closet or garage. In this case, you should disassemble both the front and rear wheel of the bicycle. remove the brake rotor, cassette (ratchet), tire and camera. This can be considered a partial disassembly. And in the case of major repairs, you will have to completely dismantle the spoke set and wheel hub, which will already be considered a complete disassembly. Before installing such a disassembled bicycle wheel, you should assemble it together with all the assemblies and parts hung on it.

Features of removing and installing bicycle wheels

The peculiarities of removing and installing bicycle wheels are determined by the design features of the brake systems and bicycle transmission used. Since only the drive rear wheel interacts with the transmission of the bicycle, it is usually somewhat more difficult to remove and reinstall it than the front one. Assemble the rear wheel of a bicycle together with attachments and parts (cassette or ratchet, brake rotor) before installing it on the bicycle.

  • On bicycles with single speed single speed hubs or multi-speed planetary hubs that use drum brakes, when removing the rear wheel, disconnect the brake lever mount from the rear right dropout (usually a bolt and nut). When installing the rear wheel in place, respectively, you should screw the brake lever back to its mount.
  • In the case of a multi-speed planetary hub. when removing the rear wheel, you must also disconnect the bowden cable that controls the gear change (when installing it, connect the control bowden back).
  • In the case of using rim brakes (vibrating racks, tick-borne) both on the rear and front wheels. you should open them with your hands and remove (insert) the removed (installed) wheel from engagement (into engagement) with brake pads.
  • In the case of using disc brakes on both the rear and front wheels, in parallel with the withdrawal (insertion) of the wheel axle of the hub from (in) the dropouts, follow the careful withdrawal (insertion) of the brake rotor from (to) its place between the brake pads into brake mechanism. calliper. Remove the wheel carefully enough so that the brake rotor does not bend.
  • If it is a motor-wheel of an electric bicycle (electric bike), then in order to remove (install), disconnect (connect) the power cable from the battery. And for the rest, the motor wheel should be removed and put in the same way, in compliance with the same rules and requirements as an ordinary bicycle.