How to disassemble a chainring on a bicycle

How to replace front sprockets on a bike?

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Before starting work, find out the exact landing diameter (PDD) of your leading star system before purchasing new ones. Typically PDZ 110 or 130 mm. or significantly reduced or traditional size. If the bike is equipped with a 50x34T system, then the PDR is almost certainly 110 mm. If it is 53x39T, then the PDZ will be 130 mm.

Of course, you can always measure the circumference of your system to be sure. There are exceptions, such as the “four feet” used in Shimano’s newest 11-speed hitch, for which sprockets of various sizes are available without worrying about the difference in PDL.

How to remove a big star on a bike

Required tools

In order to remove the sprockets from the bike, you must:

  • A puller suitable for slotted nuts and circlips;
  • Whip. a metal key, consisting of 10-20 links;
  • Adjustable wrench.

Bicycle sprocket design

The mechanism externally has several stars of different sizes, which are fixed with a bushing. After that, everything is connected with a lock nut.

  • The usual version is that the stars are connected to each other by a plastic spacer;
  • Spider cassette. cassettes made in the form of stars, fixed on an aluminum frame;
  • On several spiders. devices that have a high cost and are usually installed on professional and expensive models. The appearance has 2 spiders, which are connected by sets of stars;
  • X-Dome is a monolithic system that connects the drum to the lid on the opposite side;
  • OpenGlide. Most Relevant for Road Bikes.
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how to replace the rear sprocket on a speed bike

There are not many key parts to a speed bike. The main ones include the stars, which serve to switch speeds with the provision of gear ratios in the transmission. With the constant operation of the bicycle mechanism, worn sprockets are formed. This is facilitated by the usual physical process. friction. What is the threat? The chain starts to jam and simply slips deformed parts.

The problem that has arisen requires an immediate solution. If the question is ignored, then any movement on the road will turn into a solid negative. The model of a modern bike allows you to change a worn out part. Our article will tell you how to replace the rear sprocket on a high-speed or mountain bike.

Stages of installing new stars

How does assembly work when replacing a bicycle cassette chainring?

  • Install a new sprocket and fix it.
  • We assemble the cassette completely in the reverse order.
  • Using a puller, mount the drum to the slotted area.
  • The drum must first be leveled.
  • Next, we carry out the process of assembling the bushing. All actions described in the first paragraph are carried out in reverse order.
  • Install the rear wheel and fix it securely.
  • Put on the chain.

It is imperative to check the smooth operation of the transmission. This procedure involves adjusting the rear derailleur.

If everything is carried out according to the proposed instructions, feel free to get on the bike and enjoy the ride.

Disassembly process of transmission cassette

Some theory beforehand. On the rear wheel there can be two variants of parts related to gear shifting.

  • Transmission cassette. This product features modernity and innovative spline mountings that attach to the hub axle.
  • Ratchet. A somewhat outdated model typical of inexpensive speed bikes. The set contains no more than seven gears. As for the mount, it has a thread with external installation parameters.
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Let’s focus on the ratchet right away. Changing the rear sprocket on a ratchet bike is not possible. Only change the entire component completely.

Therefore, the topic of the article will be a problem describing a situation when a bicycle cassette star needs to be replaced. As for the set of stars in the transmission, up to 11 pieces are possible, depending on the bike model.

So how do you change the rear sprocket on a speed bike? Consider the algorithm of actions.

  • Take the bicycle wrench for the rear wheel and dismantle it. We sequentially unclench the levers and loosen the fixing of the nut.
  • Now it is the turn for the axle nuts. Using another key, we turn off the mount.
  • The next step involves unscrewing the bearing cone and pulling it out.
  • We take out the axis with all the elements.
  • We take a special tool. a cassette remover. We insert it into the slots.
  • The whip is placed on the largest sprocket. We make rotational movements clockwise.
  • At the same time, using an adjustable wrench, the puller rotates in the opposite direction.

The preliminary stage is over. Such simple actions are possible in ordinary home conditions. We emphasize that if more than one star is worn out, but several, then it is better to replace the entire cassette at once. This option is also desirable when the largest star is damaged.

And one more recommendation. We put all small parts, washers and nuts in a certain place, so that later we do not search all over the room

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When and How to Replace your MTB Chainring | CRC

Bicycle sprocket care

Needless to say, all mechanisms require maintenance, otherwise they will quickly fail. If you clean the transmission of dirt as it gets dirty, it will significantly extend the life of the part.

You can clean the bike structure according to the following principle:

  • Release the brake and remove the rear wheel;
  • Inspect the inner cassette for dirt. If the dirt is strong, then without removing it will not be possible to clean, in the case when the dirt is minimal, then you can clean it directly on the bike;
  • Use coarse-bristled brushes for cleaning, but they should be small enough to get into hard-to-reach areas. An old toothbrush that is not planned to be used for its intended purpose is suitable for such cleaning;
  • Initially, a rag should be dipped in kerosene and only then start removing dirt from the sprocket;
  • After cleaning, apply grease to the brush and wipe over the teeth. Then install back.

How To Replace Chainrings Without Removing Your Crank

In order not to change the asterisks, you should constantly carry out proper care and diagnostics. Spending once a month a few minutes of your time to lubricate the sprockets, you can protect yourself not only from large costs, but also wasting extra time.

Therefore, it is much easier to take care of in a timely manner than to repair your bike, especially if you use it often enough.

If a breakdown still happened, you should not be upset, but make every effort to fix it yourself.