How to connect the Xiaomi 1s scooter to the phone

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse connection and setup

Became the owner of a fitness bracelet from Xiaomi? But don’t know how to connect your Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse to your smartphone and set up the “Mi Fit” app to collect data from the Mi Band ? Then our lesson on the first connection and setting up Mi Band 1S Pulse is designed to help you!

You can see a detailed review of Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse here.

Preparation First, we need to recharge our Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse tracker. put it on charge for 1-2 hours so that the battery is fully charged.

The fact is that from the factory, most bracelets come with a 1% battery charge.

Then go to the smartphone settings and turn on Bluetooth. We do not connect to anything specific, since our bracelet called “Mi” should connect automatically.

Next, open the downloaded application and start registration.

Setting up the “Mi Fit” application After all the preparations, open our application and click on the bottom icon “Sign in”.

Next, we must go to the authorization and registration page, since we are launching the application for the first time, we select the “Create Mi Account” item.

Now we got to the account linking page, where we will need to enter the current mobile phone number, since a confirmation SMS with a code will be sent to it. We select the top item with the country code and look for our homeland. for Belarus the field with the code is combined with the Barbados code.

There is a separate line for Russia, according to the alphabet.

After we have chosen the required code, we must enter the phone number with the operator code (you do not need to enter the country code).

In the “PW” column, we must enter the password. the password must be between 8 and 16 characters, including letters and numbers. For example: “Kfmr455mele”. this is very important (remember to rewrite or remember the password).

After entering the password, click on the “Create Mi Account”.

Then we need to enter the code like in the picture to prove that we are not robots. Enter the 1 in 1 code as in the pictures, observing the capital letters. After entering, click “OK”.

After entering the code, you will be taken to the page for entering the secret code, which will be sent to your number via SMS, only one minute is given to enter the code. hurry up. In the window on the left, remove the inscription “Enter verfication code” and enter the code from the SMS. press the button “Next”.

Registration is almost complete, you are taken to your profile page, we wait about 1-2 minutes until it is fully loaded and click on the “Sign in” button.

On the next page we will be asked to come up with our nickname. enter any name in English and click on “Next”.

Now we proceed to the personal data settings. Select your gender on the next page.

Of course, you will also need to enter your actual weight.

The last point is very interesting, as you need to choose how many steps you usually walk in one day. this is very important, because based on this parameter, the application will calculate your “successful” days, that is, whether you met your norm today or not. For most, it will be quite normal to set 10,000 steps for yourself. this is the norm of an ordinary person who does not even go in for sports, if you are running (you run distances of 5-10 km, then the optimal value will be set to about 18-20,000 steps). This setting can be changed in the future.

After you set the value of the number of steps taken, click on the “Finish” button and here I had a problem, since the button remained inactive (the setting was carried out on the iPhone 5S). If the same thing happened to you, then do not be nervous, but follow our instructions. Just close the application completely through the Launched Application Manager. do not be afraid, the connection settings will not fly off and you will not need to enter them again. Close the application.

And re-launch the “Mi Fit” application on your smartphone.

Now we are almost done with the first step. Now we need to directly “bind” our Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse to the application in order to start measuring data. To do this, on the main page of the application, select the “Profile” item. it is located at the bottom left.

Now we are with you on the profile page, where we can connect our Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse to the application, and therefore to the smartphone. Select the item “Add device”.

This is where you need to act quickly. remove the bracelet capsule from the strap, if it was in it and attach the front part (where the metal insert with LEDs is located) to the screen, exactly along the office, as shown on the application page. Wait until the capsule begins to vibrate, wait another 5-10 seconds and put your index finger on the face (which was applied to the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse to the smartphone). A confirmation should appear on the screen. By the way, each operating system has its own binding system and on some versions of Android you just need to put your finger on the face and wait for the vibration, this example of attaching the tracker to the screen was described for an iOS device. After all these steps, you can receive a notification about the synchronization of the tracker and incoming calls to your smartphone. confirm this action and continue setting.

After linking Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse to the phone, you are taken to the page of the most important tracker settings. Let’s take a look at each point separately:

  • Find band. activates vibration, helping to find a lost bracelet
  • Band position. the setting that responds to which hand you wear your 1S Pulse
  • Other information related to the versions of the software for the tracker and heart rate monitor, as well as its MAC address

After all the settings, click on the arrow in the upper left corner. You will be returned to the profile settings. there is nothing interesting for us here.

This completes the setup and the tracker should start working. try to walk a little so that it starts counting your steps, but if this does not happen, then the next chapter of our Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse connection is just for you.

Phone settings for Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse operation The fact is that in most smartphones, in order to approve the collection of information about the number of steps and rhythm, you need to make some changes in the privacy settings. Therefore, we go to the phone settings and find the item “Privacy” (example on the iPhone).

We see our application “Mi Fit” and open it.

We activate all available settings. ready.

Now you can safely study the functionality of the application and what is responsible for what.

Functionality of the application “Mi Fit” Open the main page of the application and see a circle. the circle will gradually fill up as you go through the steps, but the number of steps required depends on the value that we set with you at the very beginning of the setup. If you pass the required amount per day, the bracelet will happily vibrate on your hand, and the application will count you one “Goal”. a point for a productive day. Also, this circle displays not only steps, but also the distance traveled and calories burned.

If you click on the arrow in the upper right, then you can tell your friends about your successes.

Next is an interesting point in the analysis of sleep. In it you will take away: how many slept in the last night and what was the period of deep sleep.

If you click on this tab, then you will be taken to the general graph of your sleep statistics, where you can see the periods of alternation of deep and easy sleep. At the bottom there is a button “History”, where statistics are available in the context of weeks, months and even years.

We go to the main page and click on the item “Weight”. here is the calculation of your weight change.

Go to the main page again and open the “Heart rate” item. here we can measure our heart rate. To do this, click on the tab itself and go to the page for calculating the heart rate.

To calculate the heart rate on Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse, we need to press the “Measure” button at the very bottom.

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After that, we get to a page where we are shown how to correctly position the bracelet. ideally, you should place it with the inside towards the veins and not move. Click on the “Got it” button at the very bottom.

Your heart rate is being read.

We return to the main page again and pay attention to the very last item, which keeps statistics of our successful days. of the days when we passed our step rate.

Here you can also open all statistics and share them on social networks.

This is where all the available data for analysis ends.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse settings for interacting with a smartphone We return to the main page again and select the “Play” item at the very bottom in the middle.

Here we can connect notification of incoming calls to your smartphone. And also set the time and days for the alarm. To notify about incoming calls, simply select the “Incoming call” item on the left.

Then activate the mode and select how long it will take to start vibrating the bracelet after the start of an incoming call.

To set the alarm, return to the previous page and select “Alarm”.

Here you have access to three different alarms, the time in which you can set as you like. taking into account the days and frequency. A smart alarm clock is also available for Android, which selects the most comfortable moment to wake up.

Easy to set alarm clock by day of the week.

General information about Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse We go to the main page and select the “Profile” item at the very bottom of the page, all data about your activity are available here.

Just below there is an opportunity to change the rate of steps if you are going to increase your pace. item “Activity goal”.

This completes the whole process of connecting Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse to the phone and setting it up. we wish you success!

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And for an even more detailed review, we filmed a video lesson “Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse connection and setup” for a pleasant viewing:

How to connect a Xiaomi fitness bracelet

The next question concerns how to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet. There is nothing complicated here. the connection is carried out via wireless technology Bluetooth version 4.0, and the user just needs to follow the recommendations of the application. First you need to select the type of device, and when you are asked to click on the gadget, you need to lightly tap it with your finger. A successful operation will be displayed with the inscription “Binding completed”. In addition, according to the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S user manual, after a problem-free binding, its firmware will be updated. In this case, you need to keep the gadget next to the phone, and upon completion of the operation, the application interface will be automatically displayed.

How to turn on Mi Band

Before turning on the Xiaomi fitness bracelet, it must be pre-charged. To do this, one of the sidewalls of the gadget contains two metal contacts that are placed in the charging socket (when the gadget is fully assembled, you first need to remove the cover). Then you need to connect the USB plug to any power source (laptop or smartphone charger).

Setting up a Xiaomi fitness bracelet

Next, you need to understand how to set up a Xiaomi fitness bracelet. To do this, you need to connect together the gadget itself, the application and the previously created account.

  • go through authorization using the previously entered data;
  • upon requests, enter your nickname, gender, full date of birth, height, current weight, minimum number of steps (goal for the day).
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All data of the sports bracelet will allow you to change later.

Registration of Xiaomi fitness bracelet

Before using the Xiaomi fitness bracelet, you need to register your own account, which is done through a browser or through a mobile application. The first option involves filling out a questionnaire on the official website, indicating the country, email address and date of birth. When filling out, it is better to uncheck the box “Stay up to date with news and offers from the Mi store”, because this is a proposal for sending news written in Chinese.

Also, the branded fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band Black, the instruction suggests the possibility of using a phone number instead of an email, for which there is a special item at the bottom of the page. After completing all these steps, the user will be prompted to enter a password, confirmation and verification code. Then you can enter the system via login (mail or phone) and the created password.

Additionally, it offers the possibility of registration through the application directly from its interface. Everything goes here in the same way, only when filling out the questionnaire it is better to initially use an email address, because for users of Russia (CIS countries) the possibility of registering by phone number has not yet been debugged.

Xiaomi Mi Band: instruction in Russian for a fitness bracelet. registration of a fitness bracelet. How to enable, configure and connect Mi Band?

Over the past few years, almost all major players in the electronics market have introduced their own wearable gadgets. Among them there are many smartwatches or high-quality sports devices, such as the modern model from Hiaomi. The advantage of the solution from the Chinese brand is not only practicality, excellent functionality, attractive appearance, but also a very affordable price, which no other manufacturer can compete with today.

Xiaomi has traditionally taken a responsible approach to the package bundle. The buyer receives a neat box made of ordinary gray cardboard. After opening it, the user immediately sees the core of the gadget. Below is a high-quality rubber strap, a USB cable for charging (the charger itself is not included), as well as instructions for a Xiaomi fitness bracelet.

Mi Band gestures

Inside the Mi Fit app there are three separate tabs: Activity, Profile and Notifications. Statistics provide the ability to view the following information:

Data on the steps taken with a detailed display of the activity of the current day. 2. Statistics for previous periods. 3. The ability to group information by day, week, month and general course of study.

It also contains data about the user’s sleep. Statistics are also detailed, including information for the current and previous days, as well as sleep phases, moments of awakening, duration of all phases, and so on.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse, as indicated by the proprietary manual, allows you to watch the dynamics of your weight change. BMI is also displayed here, the difference in weight compared to the previous mark. Their introduction allows you to calculate the figure of the physique. All data can be switched between multiple users.

Achievement bar includes metrics for reaching the required number of steps per day. Information is displayed day by day, including date stamps when the user has reached a given goal. If desired, the data can be shared with friends on social networks (messengers) using the appropriate buttons.

The jogging function can only be used after activating GPS. You just need to wait until the icon for the number of satellites turns green, after which you can press the “Start” button. During your run, the Mi Fit app will display basic information. Additionally, the program has a “Map” view that displays the trajectory of the run. If it is necessary to stop the function, then it is enough to carry out a long press of the “Pause” button.

It is possible to view information about how much passed in a day, through a smartphone or by moving your hand (as if you were looking at the time). Such a gesture will cause the indicators to flicker:

  • no glow. a third of the planned number of steps has not been reached;
  • one flashing. more than 30% passed;
  • two blink. more than 2/3 of the daily plan is fulfilled.

Having reached the goal, the user will feel the vibration, accompanied by the winking of the gadget. When checking the device with a gesture, the completed goal is displayed by the glow of the extreme indicators, and the blinking three lights, as the official Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse fitness bracelet says, indicate that the set task has been exceeded.

Additional functions of the device are represented by various notifications: notification of an incoming call, duplication of a telephone alarm clock that works even with an empty smartphone, as well as notifications about messages on the phone or in certain applications.

The gadget from Xiaomi is protected according to the IP67 standard, so the device is completely protected from dust and allows you to dive with it for a short time to a depth of 1 meter. The first version of the gadget had a problem related to the quality of the strap, but for new batches, a more durable alloy is used, which increased the overall wear resistance of the product.

How to connect the Xiaomi 1s scooter to the phone

Engine control mode. Sine Wave Vector Control, Current Speed ​​Closed-loop Control Algorithm

The braking distance of the electric scooter. 4m (on dry asphalt)

Electric scooter battery. Li-ion, LG High Security 18650 (30 pcs.), 7.8Ah LG M26 2600mAh 10A. Build 10S3P

Rated power of the charger. 71W

The nominal input voltage of the charger. 100-240

Error codes 10. Communication error with the head module 11, 12, 13, 28, 29. Calibration errors of current sensors or problems with power switches. 14, 15. Accelerator and brake lever errors 18. Hall sensors error 21. Communication error with BMS 22, 23. BMS serial number errors 24. Incorrect supply voltage 27. Wrong serial number. In practice, it means that the controller has not been activated and a service procedure is required, available at the factory, in service centers and some dealers. 39. Similar to the previous one, but if the controller was not activated correctly 35 36. Battery temperature sensor error or overheating 40. Controller temperature sensor error or overheating

Bearings in Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter S1: Front: 6002 RS (32 mm) (In the Russian system 101, corresponds to GOST 8338-75) Inner diameter: 12 mm Outer diameter: 28 mm Bearing width: 8 mm

Rear: 6001 2RS (28 mm) (In Russian system 180101, corresponds to GOST 8882-75) Inner diameter: 12 mm Outer diameter: 28 mm Bearing width: 8 mm

Load, kg Recommended pressure, PSI Recommended pressure, atm
Front wheel Rear wheel Front wheel Rear wheel
50-70 35-40 40-50 2.38-2.72 2.72-3.40
70-90 40-45 45-55 2.72-3.06 3.06-3.74
90-100 45-50 50-60 3.06-3.4 3.5-4.0
Over 100 50-55 60-65 3.4-3.74 4.0-4.42

The electric scooter in the blocking mode does not connect to the phone. Connect the electric scooter to the network. Next, we hold down the power button, Gas and brake at the same time. Gas-brake-inclusion. it’s also a password reset

We also carry out fast delivery to all cities of Russia

How to connect the Xiaomi 1s scooter to the phone

Engine control mode. Sine Wave Vector Control, Current Speed ​​Closed-loop Control Algorithm

The braking distance of the electric scooter. 4m (on dry asphalt)

Electric scooter battery. Li-Ion, LG High Security 18650 (30 pcs.), 7.8Ah LG M26 2600mAh 10A. Build 10S3P

Rated power of the charger. 71W

The nominal input voltage of the charger. 100-240

Error codes 10. Communication error with the head module 11, 12, 13, 28, 29. Calibration errors of current sensors or problems with power switches. 14, 15. Accelerator and brake lever errors 18. Hall sensors error 21. Communication error with BMS 22, 23. BMS serial number errors 24. Incorrect supply voltage 27. Wrong serial number. In practice, it means that the controller has not been activated and a service procedure is required, available at the factory, in service centers and some dealers. 39. Similar to the previous one, but if the controller was not activated correctly 35 36. Battery temperature sensor error or overheating 40. Controller temperature sensor error or overheating

Bearings in Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter S1: Front: 6002 RS (32 mm) (In the Russian system 101, corresponds to GOST 8338-75) Inner diameter: 12 mm Outer diameter: 28 mm Bearing width: 8 mm

Rear: 6001 2RS (28 mm) (In Russian system 180101, corresponds to GOST 8882-75) Inner diameter: 12 mm Outer diameter: 28 mm Bearing width: 8 mm

Load, kg Recommended pressure, PSI Recommended pressure, atm
Front wheel Rear wheel Front wheel Rear wheel
50-70 35-40 40-50 2.38-2.72 2.72-3.40
70-90 40-45 45-55 2.72-3.06 3.06-3.74
90-100 45-50 50-60 3.06-3.4 3.5-4.0
Over 100 50-55 60-65 3.4-3.74 4.0-4.42

The electric scooter in the blocking mode does not connect to the phone. Connect the electric scooter to the network. Next, we hold down the power button, Gas and brake at the same time. Gas-brake-inclusion. it’s also a password reset

We also carry out fast delivery to all cities of Russia

How to connect a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to a smartphone?

These instructions for connecting and setting up Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners are suitable for most of the manufacturer’s models. How to connect the device to a smartphone and make its operation even easier, we will tell you on the example of the popular model of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner robot vacuum cleaner.

On the smartphone, you need to turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, and the vacuum cleaner must be pre-charged;

  • Find the vacuum cleaner in the Mi Home application and click on the icon to start synchronization (Mi Robot Vacuum must be turned on);

If the synchronization of devices does not go well, you should restart Mi Robot Vacuum (hold the two front buttons for 3 seconds).

  • After a successful connection, in the menu that appears, you must specify the name and password of the Wi-Fi network;
  • Upon completion of the synchronization of devices, the vacuum cleaner is reflected on the main desktop of the application;
  • After connecting to a smartphone, the Mi Home application invites you to familiarize yourself with the user manual for the robot vacuum cleaner, offering to watch videos:
  • In the application, you can mark the main tasks for a smart vacuum cleaner (cleaning Clean or self-moving to the Dock base, if you need more functions, then you should go to the “Settings” of the gadget (three horizontal dots in the upper right corner).

Paragraph Scheduled cleaning responsible for setting the timer and automatic cleaning on the specified day and hour.

Paragraph Cleaning mode allows you to choose one of four cleaning modes. They are displayed in ascending order of power: from nighttime to most powerful and noisy. Full speed. When you connect the vacuum cleaner for the first time, the cleaning mode is set to Balanced default.

Paragraph Care reflects the degree of wear of the components of the vacuum cleaner. Paragraph Remote control turns the robot vacuum cleaner into a remote-controlled car. Here the device can deviate from the planned route and remove a certain section.

How to connect a Xiaomi electric scooter to a smartphone

Xiaomi is in awe of the world around it, that’s why it presented users with an electric scooter to reduce the poisoning of nature from exhaust gases, but leave you on wheels. In this tutorial, we will show you how to connect your Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter to your smartphone.

To sync Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter and your smartphone:

connect, xiaomi, scooter, phone
  • download and install the “Mi Home” application using the Play Store or AppStore;
  • We open the program, create or activate an account;
  • Find a scooter in the device menu, select it;

Do not forget that the scooter must be turned on, and Bluetooth must be activated on the smartphone.

After the synchronization level reaches 100 percent, the smartphone and the scooter will merge into one network. But what does the user get from this?

Thanks to the application, you can track the battery level, average / current speed and distance traveled, as well as block the scooter so that it is not hijacked or turned off. This can be done with a right-to-left swipe.

Using the mobile application, you can change some parameters of the scooter:

click on three dots on the main desktop of the application;

In the menu that appears, you can change the password for the scooter, the activity of the cruise control and rear parking lights, the recuperation parameters, which will increase the range on a single battery charge, and you can also check for software updates.

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It also displays information about the status of the battery and data about the scooter.

After preparing all the parameters, the scooter will be ready for full-fledged work. Enjoy your travels and don’t forget to check the battery charge.

Profile tab

The last tab, in fact, does not require explanation, because it is already clear that the profile contains all the information about the user of the bracelet and the configuration of this device.

Still, it should be said that in this menu you can:

  • View personal information entered at the stage of setting up and connecting the bracelet to a smartphone;
  • Examine the list of devices connected to the smartphone and their configuration. In the case of the Mi Band, we are talking about the ability to search for the bracelet using the phone (makes it sound and blink), change the colors of the LEDs, determine the location of the device, activate / block notifications;
  • You can also view the data on the firmware of the bracelet and untie it from a specific phone;
  • Even below are the settings for the goals of the owner of the bracelet, notifications about the collected statistics, other settings and services.

Notifications tab and how it works

On this tab, you can configure the configuration of triggering notifications for the main events, as well as configure the function of their duplication on the bracelet. The list of monitored notifications includes:

  • Challenges. The bracelet will respond to each call after a certain period of time. Also, the included blocking function will get rid of calls from unfamiliar numbers.
  • Alarm clock. After setting, the bracelet will wake up the owner even when the phone is discharged or duplicate the signal of the phone itself, which may not be enough to wake the owner out of sleep.
  • Messages. Works by analogy with a call.
  • Applications. Customization is done for each application installed on the phone, and message-based notifications work.

“Achievement streak”

This section is a good incentive for Mi Band 2 owners, as it displays all the goals that they managed to achieve when using the bracelet. The main indicators are the following:

  • A streak of success in overcoming the number of steps specified at the setup stage;
  • Other achievements of a different plan, which you can share with your friends by posting the corresponding entries on social networks, if you click the “Share” button.

When starting the “Running” section, the user must activate GPS navigation in advance for the device to find active satellites. As soon as Mi Fit displays the optimal number of satellites (lights up green), you can press start and go a distance. During the run, basic information about the runner’s state will be displayed, and if you switch to the “Map” view, you can follow the trajectory of the movement. You can stop reading information, for example, when you go to a step, by holding the “Pause” button.

How to set up a Xiaomi Mand Mi 3 fitness bracelet

Setting up any of the generations of the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet is quite a simple matter. You will need the bracelet itself, a smartphone and a proprietary Mi Fit application preinstalled on it, which Xiaomi uses to communicate with all its “smart” fitness gadgets. It is through him that it is best to set up the bracelet for the first time so that it works correctly, and after that you can configure third-party applications.

Using Mi Fit and Mi Band

After successfully connecting Mi Band, you can start studying the application interface, which became available to us. The main screen has three tabs: Activity, Notifications and Profile.

Activity Tab

From the screen of this tab, you can go to several functional sections: “Statistics”, “Sleep”, “Weight”, “Achievement bar”, etc. In the English version, this tab is called “Status”. From this section, you can go to the statics of various actions by clicking on the circle with steps or other sections in the event bar.

How to set up a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Band

In the Mi Fit app, there are three buttons at the bottom to navigate through the sections: “Status”, “Activity” and “Profile”. To configure all the parameters of the bracelet, we need the “Profile” section. First of all, we enter our goals for the number of steps taken and the desired weight, if necessary. It also includes the visibility and location of the device. on the right or left wrist. This is necessary for a more accurate bracelet operation. To go to the section with other settings, you need to click on the name of your device.

In this section, the battery level is displayed at the top, and below it there is a menu with settings, the set of which varies depending on the model of the bracelet. First, determine how long the bracelet will vibrate about an incoming call (and whether it will be). You can select an interval from 3 to 30 seconds. It is also possible to configure the operation of up to three alarms at the same time, select the time and interval of their activation. Bracelets older than the second version support message notifications in various messengers and social networks, as well as SMS and email.

You can also activate the option when the bracelet reminds you that you are too late and it’s time to move (notification of inactivity), and the screen turns on when you turn your wrist (noticeably drains the battery and wakes you up at night). Do not forget about tracking the heart rate during sleep. it helps to better monitor sleep phases, although it also reduces the autonomy of the bracelet.

The parameters, which will be sequentially shown on the screen when you press the “capsule” button, and the time display format are separately configured. Here you can also more accurately measure the load using behavior labels if you are driving a vehicle, standing, climbing stairs, etc. But they work starting from the second version of Mi Band.

The application will display all statistics in the “Status” section, and you can start tracking a specific type of activity with constant heart rate measurement at intervals in the “Activity” menu.

But you can’t continuously track your heart rate using the Mi Fit app. If this is important, it is better to additionally configure other applications for the Xiaomi fitness bracelet that can do this, for example, Mi HR or Notify Fitness for Mi Band.


This section can be accessed by clicking on the circle with the number of steps, which is located on the “Activity” tab. Clicking on the “Statistics” button will open a general summary that can be sorted by days, weeks and months.

Going to the “Sleep” section, the user can get the following information:

  • Statistics of the sleep session for the previous night, indicating the duration of all phases and moments of awakening;
  • Swipe to the right will allow you to view statistics for earlier sleep sessions;
  • If you click the “Statistics” button in the “Sleep” section, you can group the data by days, weeks, months, etc.

Getting into this section, the user observes the following functional elements:

How To Connect To Your Xiaomi Electric Scooter To The Smartphone App

  • Graph of changes in weight indicators;
  • Above the graph there is a list of users, which can be adjusted directly from this section (you just need to click on the desired name to go);
  • A specific weight indicator is memorized by pressing a special button “Weight record”;
  • You can always control the indicators of body mass index, its weight, dynamics, as well as assess the physique.

Setting up Xiaomi Mi Robot without an app

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes without an additional app. However, in order to take full advantage of its full scope of functions, you should definitely read the instructions in this article.

  • First, connect the base station to the mains and hide the extra cable in the special socket.
  • The base station should be positioned so that there is a free distance of 50 cm left and right and 100 cm forward.
  • Now insert the Xiaomi Mi Robot into the base station. If the rear contacts are properly seated, the light on the top panel starts flashing.
  • If the light on the Xiaomi Mi Robot is constantly on, then this means that the battery is fully charged. Press the button to turn on the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • If the battery is sufficiently charged, the LED will be white, less than 50 percent amber, and less than 20 percent red.
  • Important: Before using for the first time, remove all installed cables, reinforce any loose objects and block free access to the steps to prevent the device from falling.

Setting up the Xiaomi Mi Robot robot vacuum cleaner: step by step tuning

Modern robotic vacuum cleaners, such as Xiaomi Mi Robot, are completely independent and are immediately ready to fulfill their duties. But the full extent of their abilities can be revealed by first making some settings. CHIP will tell you how to do everything step by step.

Alternatively: configure the Xiaomi Mi Robot via the app

If you don’t want to start the robot vacuum cleaner by pressing the button every time, integrate the device into the Xiaomi app. With it, you can set a fixed schedule for cleaning or activating the robot, even without being at home.

  • First download the Mi Home app for iOS or Android.
  • Once you launch the application, you will be asked to select a server. If possible, choose a server from Europe, USA or Singapore. Some options are blocked on the Chinese server, such as, for example, connecting to Amazon Alexa.
  • Then login to your account or create a new account by clicking “Login”.
  • Click “Add device” in the middle of the application and select Mi Robot from the list.
  • Connect Xiaomi Mi Robot to power and hold the top button for 6 seconds. If you hear a beep, the robotic vacuum cleaner is connected to the app.
  • Select Mi Robot and then your home Wi-Fi.
  • Next, you can assign a main location, for example “Kitchen” for the device, thereby completing the setup of the robot vacuum cleaner.

After these steps, you can control the robot vacuum cleaner through the application, and also change all other settings as needed.

Connecting the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet to the phone

In the past couple of years, almost every major technology manufacturer has introduced at least one of their own accessories. a fitness tracker, or fitness bracelet. Among the mass of products released, there are also high-quality devices for sports, such as 2 modern gadgets from Xiaomi, and one of them is the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet. Its main advantages are wide functionality, pleasant price, as well as practicality and nice appearance.

The Mi Bend delivery set here is classic. the bracelet capsule itself, a high-quality rubber strap for it, a cord for connecting to a PC and recharging the device and instructions are in a gray cardboard box.

How to connect a fitness bracelet

Now you need to understand how to connect Mi Band to your smartphone. To do this, you need to synchronize the tracker itself, the program and the account that we created. We turn on Bluetooth on the phone and follow the recommendations of the program for connection:

  • Click on “Connect device”.
  • Choosing the type of connected accessory. Band.
  • The application will ask you to click on the bracelet. Do it or tap it lightly with your finger.
  • When the operation is completed successfully, the program will inform you about it.

Also, the Mi Band 1s manual says that after the bracelet has been tied to the phone, it will automatically update its firmware to the current version. During the update, keep the Xiaomi tracker close to your smartphone, and after the process is complete, you will see the program’s user interface on your iPhone or Android.

Connecting a Xiaomi bracelet to an account

To start using the fitness tracker fully, you must first register your account through the Mi Fit mobile application, downloaded earlier, or through the PC Internet browser. Through the browser, you can register by going to the official website of the company and registering there your e-mail address, date of birth and choosing your country of residence. We also recommend that you uncheck the box that offers you a subscription to Chinese news (you will see this option when registering an account).

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In addition, you can use your phone number instead of your email address to connect. To do this, click on a special item at the very bottom of the registration page. After all the necessary steps have been completed, you will be prompted to come up with a password and enter a verification code. Then we enter the system using our username and password.

When registering through the application, everything is also very simple. A similar scheme, but here it is better to use e-mail, since for Russians the possibility of registering using a mobile phone number is not yet provided.

Personal data setting

To set up Mi-tracker correctly, you need to connect the bracelet to the app. To connect correctly, log in to the Mi Fit program, fill out the second questionnaire, prescribing personal data such as gender, nickname, weight and height, as well as the desired number of steps that you plan to go through in a day. In any case, all this data can be changed later.

Turning on the fitness bracelet

Before you turn on your Mi-gadget for the first time, you must first charge it. To do this, find two small metal contacts (on the side) on the bracelet capsule and insert it into the special charging slot on the USB cable. After that, we connect the cord to the computer or through the “cube” into the outlet and wait a couple of hours. When the indicators on the bracelet stop flashing and just light up, it means that the tracker is fully charged and ready to work.

While charging is in progress, download a program called Mi Fit from Google Play or the App Store (depending on the operating system). This application allows you to control the bracelet and use its functions to the maximum.

Functionality and capabilities

After successful connection, the main screen of the application will display a map of the apartment / house drawn up by a vacuum cleaner. There you can also find information about the operation of the device (for example, data on the distance traveled). The device is controlled by the following buttons:

  • Go. It allows you to send a cleaning robot to a specific location;
  • “Dock station”. If the robot has a low battery level, just press this button and it will go to the charging station;
  • “Clear”. Responsible for starting sequential cleaning;
  • “Zoned cleaning”. On the room map, mark the specific area to be cleaned.

Additional settings are also available in the program:

  • “Timer”. Set the time during which the robot should clean the room;
  • “Cleaning mode”. The intensity of cleaning is selectable, ranging from quiet to turbo mode. A balanced regimen is considered the best option;
  • “Cleaning history”. All information about cleaning is available in this section, including the time of its start and end. Based on this data, you can find out how much time the device spends on cleaning the premises;
  • “DND mode”. Section for setting the time interval in which the vacuum cleaner will not work and make noises. If you are back from work and are planning to take a break, just set up DND;
  • “Carpet mode”. Designed for effective cleaning of carpets;
  • “Map save mode”. Allows you to add virtual walls to the room map.

All of these settings can be made remotely. You don’t even need to connect the device to the power supply thanks to the “Docking Station” section.

How to connect via Wi-Fi

Below is a quick guide to connect Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to iPhone and Android. But before that, you need to make preparatory settings: turn on the vacuum cleaner and activate Wi-Fi on your smartphone. Moving on to synchronizing the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner with the phone.

Setting up a vacuum cleaner without a phone

Unfortunately, in order to connect to Mi Home, the smartphone must meet the minimum requirements. Therefore, not all users will be able to control the device remotely. However, all settings can be done manually:

  • place the charging station on a level surface near a wall. Within a radius of 1 m from the station, remove unnecessary things so that the device can pick up a charge without any problems;
  • turn on the cable, and place the excess part in a special hole;
  • place the vacuum cleaner in the charging station. If you did everything correctly, the panel will blink;
  • when the vacuum cleaner is fully charged, the indicator will stop flashing.

Now press the power button and the device will be ready to go. There is no need to make additional settings.

Attention! After each cleaning, you need to independently connect the device to the charging station. When the charge level is less than 20%, the indicator will be red, at 50%. yellow, and when fully charged, the light will turn green.


The process of connecting a vacuum cleaner is about the same:

  • download the application and register an account;
  • after opening the program, click “Add device”;
  • find a vacuum cleaner in the list that opens;
  • then connect to wifi;
  • a new icon will appear on the main screen.

Important! If the phone does not see the vacuum cleaner for connection, the reason may be in the wrong region. Choose China, USA or India and the problem goes away.

This method is relevant for connecting all models of vacuum cleaners, including Roborock, 1S and Mijia LDS.

Connecting the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to the phone via WI-FI and setting in the Mi Home app

The main advantage of robotic vacuum cleaners over conventional models is the ability to be remotely controlled. Just connect the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner to your phone via Wi-Fi, and from now on, the robot will always keep your home clean.


  • Download the app and open after downloading.
  • After starting, you will need to create an account. To do this, select a region. We recommend choosing China, India or the USA, as for other countries some of the vacuum cleaner’s features may be blocked.
  • On the main page open “Add device”.
  • In the list that opens, click on your device. If there is no vacuum cleaner in the list, add it manually.
  • Synchronization of devices through the application will start. To finish, connect the vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi.
  • Now the Robot Vacuum Cleaner icon will be highlighted on the main screen of the program.

Attention! If the devices are not connecting, check if the gadgets are connected to the network.

Connection problems

Problems may occur during the connection process between devices. Here are some common sync issues and how to fix them.

  • Does not connect to Wi-Fi. The reason may be a mismatch between regions. If you have a European version of the system, you will have to select Europe as the region. For the Chinese version, you need to select the PRC.
  • DNS problem. To fix it, go to your phone’s network settings, then open Network Properties and Change. Open “Advanced”, “Custom” and enter the combination 114.114.114 in the address bar. The problem should go away.
  • The servers do not accept traffic from the device. If it’s simpler, in other countries the program may work properly, but in yours it may not. The easiest way to solve this problem is to install a VPN. To do this, download VPN Master, turn it on and click on the icon located in the upper right part of the display. Then select a country (we recommend Germany or China, since synchronization with them is performed as quickly as possible). After a successful VPN connection, you can turn off.

You have learned how to connect a robot vacuum cleaner to a smartphone and control it remotely. Before syncing the devices, make sure the Internet connection is working and turn on the vacuum cleaner.


One option is Ninebot, a Xiaomi electric scooter app that is freely available on Google Play. Can also be used for Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Segways.

After downloading, installing and launching the application, you need to press the button with the “9” icon and the inscription “Vehicle”, it is located in the lower left corner of the program window. This will start the search for the electric scooter. Before connecting the transport, you should turn on the power on it, and activate Bluetooth on the phone.

After the search is completed, synchronization will begin, then the main software menu will open, where the user will have access to the following information:

  • speed in the form of a pie chart;
  • the distance that can be covered with the remaining charge;
  • Energy Recovery. energy saving mode;
  • cruise mode.
connect, xiaomi, scooter, phone

From a smartphone, you can lock the Xiaomi scooter by pressing a button with a lock. If at the same time press in the center of the screen. the camera mode is activated on the phone.

When opening the section with the energy saving function, the user will be shown the model of the product, as well as the password required to connect it using Bluetooth.

When Rear Light is active, the rear light of Xiaomi electric vehicles will be constantly on, and when driving, when the brake pedal is pressed, the light flashes: this will attract the attention of pedestrians, reducing the likelihood of an emergency.

Cruise Mode option. enable cruise control. In this case, it will be enough to hold the throttle stick in one position for 5 seconds. then the scooter will continue to ride at exactly the same speed. To turn off the mode, you just need to change the position of the throttle.

This section also provides access to the function of restoring the capacity of the built-in battery. weak, medium and maximum. The principle of its use is as follows: during the trip, the gas is released sharply, the scooter at the same time brakes, the battery is recharged. The energy reserve is replenished also during coasting and when descending a hill.

Access to the rest of the application’s functions is opened by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. There the user has access to sections:

  • Firmware Update. download and install the latest version of the program for the phone.
  • Basic Information: information about the firmware version and serial number of the scooter, its battery temperature.

Connect and sync

To connect and sync Xiaomi Mijia M365 with a mobile device, do the following:

When the progress indicator reaches 100%. the gadget and the vehicle will be connected into one network.

Xiaomi electric scooter apps

Mijia scooters from Xiaomi are a very convenient vehicle that is perfect for use within the city. The functionality allows you to travel about 20 km on a single charge, so the device is a great alternative to public transport when you need to travel short distances.

One of the important advantages of such electric transport is a well-thought-out control system, thanks to which it can be controlled even by means of a mobile device, having previously installed a special application on it. What is such software, how to configure and use it. we will consider further.

Mi Home

Another option for controlling the Xiaomi Mijia M365 scooter and other models is using the proprietary Mi Home application. In fact, this program is designed to create and manage a smart home system, but it provides the ability to perform many settings for Mijia electric vehicles.

Work in the program

When you start the program in the main menu, a complete list of supported Smart-equipment is provided, among which you only need to select a picture with a scooter. after that, access to the main menu will open.

The first screen displays the current and average speed, distance traveled and the level of remaining charge. To fine-tune the device, select the button with three dots in the upper right corner.

As a result, it will be possible to perform the following actions:

  • activation of the cruise mode;
  • enable energy recovery mode;
  • ensure continuous operation of the rear headlight;
  • update firmware and change password.

The Basic Information item contains the same data as a similar menu in Ninebot.

The item with information about the battery contains a lot of useful information, including:

  • total number of recharges;
  • full charge cycles;
  • battery temperature of electric scooter and phone;
  • battery firmware version.