How to choose the right bike frame for your height

Dimensions of the bike frame, wheels by height. how to choose a size?

Bicycle frame size (size) is the height and length of the frame, size (15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, etc.) in inches, centimeters (44, 45, 46, 47, etc.).) or conventional units (XS, S, M, L, XL) in the table “choose a frame. how tall?”. The vertical (seatpost) tube is most often measured, sometimes the length of the upper tube (from the handlebars to the saddle). We will help you choose a bike frame of your size for your height!

When choosing a bike, start with the wheel size and frame size. Different types of frames provide for different (vertical, inclined, recumbent) fit and several sizes of bicycle frames for different sizes.

Bike frame

The bike frame in the model range is made in several sizes: mountain bikes in 3. 5 standard sizes, road 2 or 3 options, and folding bikes in one universal size.

The frame of a children’s bicycle is sized for a specific wheel diameter: it is easier to determine how to choose a children’s bicycle by the size of the wheel (table of sizes of children’s bicycles)

How to choose the size of the bike frame for height?

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The size of the frame in terms of height must be selected from the size of the wheel: the larger the wheel, the smaller the size. The popular Stealth Navigator 500 series bike is available with three wheel diameters and 3-4 frame sizes. Let’s look at the height of 175-180 cm which frame is suitable for growth (table).

Tips for buying a new bike. Get the right size frame!

How to choose a bicycle wheel size (diameter) for height?

The table shows popular bike wheel sizes and heights for adults and kids bikes. Large bicycles in one wheel size are available in several sizes. The table shows the average value, you can choose the diameter of the wheel individually according to your height.

When driving in the city, it is better to choose a bike with an average wheel size of 24 or 26 inches. When driving on highways, asphalt roads and rough terrain, you should choose wheels 26, 28, 29 inches. Large bicycle wheels reduce energy consumption at high speeds and transmit less vibration to the handlebars and saddle. Recommendation: For a height of about 150 cm or less, limit the choice of a bicycle with wheels of 24 “for city riding and 26” for riding on asphalt and unpaved roads. Bicycles with a wheel size of 20 inches are easy to store and transport, but less convenient to ride. With a large frame size (16 inches and above. adult models), these models with small wheels are less stable on uneven roads when driving. The position of the center of mass and the distribution of the rider’s weight depends on the size of the bicycle wheels and the frame design. During the ride, there is a constant transfer of the cyclist’s weight between the handlebars, saddle and pedals. On bicycles with contact pedals (hooks or tour clips), the leg force is applied to both pedals at the same time. To reduce fatigue and stress on the knee joint, select a smaller frame size or a specially designed frame. On a bike with a regular frame, it may be necessary to change the height, shape and stem. The height and width of the bicycle seat is selected individually.

The inner side of the legs and why it really matters

Yes, the main parameter in the choice is your height. However, in order to accurately select the correct frame size, you must also take the correct measurements on the inside of the legs. To do this yourself, you need to stand with your back against the wall without shoes, only in your underwear. The knees should not bend, and the pelvis and heels should be in contact with the wall. In order to take a measurement, you can use a building level or tape measure. The easiest way is to make a mark on the wall surface and measure the height strictly perpendicular to the floor. This will be the height of the inside of your legs. If there is such a possibility, then it is better to measure it initially in inches. This will greatly simplify the choice and protect you from having to recalculate units of measurement at the time of purchase.

Once you know the inside length, calculating the required frame size becomes much easier and more accurate. But please note that you will have to make a miscalculation yourself, and for each category of bicycles the formula is partially different.

  • Bicycles of the double suspension category. To calculate your internal leg length, you need to multiply by 0.225. That is, if the legs are 80 centimeters long, calculate as follows: 80 x 0.225 = 18 inches. In this case, you can select a frame size of 17 inches for a sporty riding style, and 19 for a touring style.
  • When choosing MTB bikes and hardtails, the coefficient by which the leg length is multiplied. 0.226.
  • For road and cyclocross bikes, the coefficient is 0.635. The result must be divided by 2.54.
  • For cross bikes, the coefficient is 0.259.
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Size, pipe length, connection angles

Regardless of whether you choose a bike only for short-term walks or for regular and active riding, it is absolutely important to choose the right size. It affects the dimensions of the entire frame as a whole, the parameters of all frame pipes.

First, let’s look at how to choose the frame size for the most common bike models: mountain bikes, off-road bikes, hybrids. It is they who today form the basis of the market and it is in this segment that the buyer has the most choice.

Bicycle frame manufacturers themselves are interested in reaching as much of the market as possible, so each frame model comes in several sizes. For some bicycles, there may even be ten or more. In this case, the dimensions of the frame are always indicated in the marking. Designations can be in centimeters, inches, and sometimes even letter designations are found. Professional manufacturers measure the size of each tube, not just the seatpost. In addition, even the connection angles of all pipes are taken into account.

We suggest orienting yourself according to the table below. It is considered one of the most versatile frame sizes.

Frame size, inches Your height, cm. Frame size, cm. Frame size. conditional units. Designation
13″ 130-145 33 XS (XSmall) Minimum
fourteen” 135-155 35.6 XS (XSmall) Minimum
fifteen” 145-160 38.1 S (Small) Small
sixteen” 150-165 40.6 S (Small) Small
17 “ 156-170 43.2 M (Medium) Middle
eighteen” 167-178 45.7 M (Medium) Middle
nineteen” 172-180 48.3 L (Large) Large
twenty” 178-185 50.8 L (Large) Large
21 “ 180-190 53.3 XL (XLarge) Very big
22 “ 185-195 55.9 XL (XLarge) Very big
23 “ 190-200 58.4 XXL (XLarge) Maximum
24 “ 195-210 61 XXL (XLarge) Maximum

Best Online Bike Fit Calculator. How To Choose The Right Bicycle Frame Size.

Note that this table is most relevant when buying mountain bikes. However, in the absence of alternative sources of information, it can be used when choosing other types.

If you choose a city bike and you are small (up to 170 cm), then an important selection criterion for you will be the presence of a rear shock absorber. Namely the seatpost. The fact is that in most models it does not allow the saddle to be fully lowered. Because of this, with short stature, it is better to choose a frame not 18, but 16 inches.

Important: if your height does not clearly fit into the table and into a specific category, experts recommend choosing a larger size. But if this is a model with a shock absorber, then you need to act the other way around.

Tips & Tricks

The problem with many aspiring cyclists is that they have the wrong approach to choosing a bike. They pay attention to anything: the color, the number of gears, the comfort of the saddle. But at the same time, the majority completely forgets about the most important criterion. the size of the frame. And while all the details play a role in the selection, the ratio of your height to the size of the frame is the main thing. The wrong choice can be one of the main causes of back and joint pain during prolonged skiing, and also causes more severe fatigue.

Additional tips for choosing a frame

An important factor in choosing a frame is also your personal riding style. If you are a fan of extreme riding in difficult terrain, then it is recommended to choose a frame that is one size smaller than your norm. This way you will feel more confident on difficult terrain and under heavy loads. And the bike in this case will be much more maneuverable, which is important. But if you prefer a calm and measured ride on a regular road, then it is quite possible to accurately navigate according to the table.

Road Bike Fitting: Choose your Frame Size According to Your Height (Tagalog)

Choosing the right stem is just as important. There are really a lot of them, so we strongly recommend that you spend some time choosing so that later you do not feel discomfort while driving.

Always consider your own physique. And it’s not so much about the load on the frame as about ride comfort. If you are thin or have a standard physique, then you can easily choose a large size bike. For overweight people, it is recommended to take one size smaller. It is easier to drive, get on and off the bike.

Remember that you can adjust the saddle position and stem at any time (but not on all bikes). In many mountain bike models, the stem cannot be adjusted, but the saddle can be raised and lowered quite perceptibly. If you see that the handlebars are not adjustable, do not rush to refuse such a bike. This is made in accordance with the safety standards for bikes designed for extreme riding.

Road and road bikes

In this case, it is also recommended to take a reference point to the table:

Frame size (regular geometry) Cyclist height Frame size (Giant Compact RoadTM geometry) Frame tube length (seatpost / top)
49-51 cm. 157-163 cm. XS 42/52 cm.
51-54 cm. 163-170 cm. S 44 / 53.5 cm.
55-57 cm. 170-178 cm. M 50 / 55.5 cm.
57-59 cm. 178-183 cm. M / L 53.5 / 57 cm.
58-60 cm. 183-190 cm. L 55.5 / 58.5 cm.
61-63 cm. 190-198 cm. XL 58.5 / 61 cm.

Do not forget that there is no rear shock absorber in these models, so if your height does not meet the required criterion in the table, focus on the larger one. In any case, you will have the opportunity to adjust the level of the saddle as it is convenient.

Children’s bicycles. Difficulties and features of choice

Choosing a bike for a child is a rather specific task. And the main thing to consider. children grow up very quickly. Today the size distribution of children’s bicycles is based on height and age. And the fact is that in many articles and forums there are rather conflicting advice on choosing. We bring to your attention a detailed and accurate table that will help you choose the right frame size for your child.

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How to choose the size of the bike frame

When buying a bike. it is very important to choose the right frame size. Since, often, one model of a bike is produced in different frame sizes. just like clothes or shoes, so that you can choose a bike for you.

Human height (leg length). is the primary parameter when choosing the size of the bike frame, just like the size of the shoe directly depends on the length of the foot.

The size of the bike frame is usually indicated on the vertical tube (between the crank arms and the saddle), usually the size is indicated in inches (22 “), as in clothes (XL) or in centimeters (56cm).

Different manufacturers measure frame sizes differently. that’s why frames of the same size differ from manufacturer to manufacturer (bike frame geometry).

Approximate table for the selection of frame size bicycles

Height, cm Inches Centimeters The size
140-155 13 34 XS
150-165 fifteen 38 S
160-175 17 44 M
170-185 nineteen 48 L
180-195 21 54 XL
190 23 58 XXL

These recommendations are approximate and an error of 1 size is easily corrected by adjusting the saddle and handlebars. If the bike is too small, then you can lift the saddle up and move the saddle back, tilt the handlebar or replace the stem with a longer stem, and vice versa, respectively.

You can make it even easier, when choosing a size, stand with the bike on a flat surface, placing the bike between your legs, and check how many centimeters are left between the crotch and the upper tube of the bike frame. A gap of 5-10 centimeters is the norm (palm width).

When choosing the size of the bike frame, consider the intended riding style. for aggressive off-road driving style, choose a lower frame, for a more relaxed and “road” style. higher.

for adult mountain bikes with classic frame

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How to choose the right size of the bike frame for height: instructions

Let’s find out how to choose the correct size of the bike frame for height. not only the rider’s comfort depends on this factor, but also his health and safety. So that you have no doubts about the importance of this aspect, let’s find out why it is important to choose this size exactly according to your height.

  • In order not to damage the knee joints of the rider;
  • Contribute to the correct load on the back and lower back;
  • Increase the productivity of skiing;
  • Improve the parameters of the cyclist’s endurance;
  • Facilitate the correct seating position of the rider. The safety of the rider depends on this, which is especially important for children.

How to choose, depending on the type of bike

The table below will show you how to choose the right size for your bike frame. It contains universal sizes for an adult (men and women).

Height, cm Size in cm Size in inches Rostovka in conventional units
130-145 33 13 XS
135-155 35.6 fourteen XS
145-160 38.1 fifteen S
150-165 40.6 sixteen S
156-170 43.2 17 M
167-178 45.7 eighteen M
172-180 48.3 nineteen L
178-185 50.8 twenty L
180-190 53.3 21 XL
185-195 55.9 22 XL
190-200 58.4 23 XXL
195-210 61 24 XXL

Based on the parameters of this table, you will be able to choose the frame size of a mountain bike, as well as a hybrid, city, road bike, and folding.

  • If you are interested in which mountain bike frame to choose according to the height of the rider, find yourself in the table and stop at the previous option.
  • For extreme stunt riding, it is allowed to take two steps back;
  • Urban and hybrid bikes often do not allow the seat to be lowered too low, so in this category it is advisable to choose the size exactly according to the table. If you find yourself in the transition range, lean back in size one step.
  • To select the size and height of the road bike frame, on the contrary, you need to slightly add the size to the option suitable according to the table. Literally one step, no more. This is especially important for tall riders, they should definitely choose a size one order of magnitude higher.
  • Folding bikes are simple. most of the time their frame size matches the universal table. Find your cm and do not hesitate. you managed to find the right size.

If you do not know what size of a bicycle frame to choose for a child, it will not work to fit the height according to the above table. It is intended for adults, and children also need to consider the diameter of the wheels.

Pay attention to the following plate:

Child’s height, cm Age, years Wheel diameter, inches
75-95 1-3 Less than 12
95-101 3-4 12
101-115 4-6 sixteen
115-128 6-9 twenty
126-155 9-13 24

As you can see, in order to choose the wheel diameter of a child’s bicycle by height, you also need to look at the child’s age.

Please note that wheels with a diameter of 20-24 inches are also suitable for adults, but only on condition that the size of the frame at the same time was chosen for the height correctly.

How to choose the right size?

Why are we talking about how to choose a bike frame for height without affecting the dimensions of the bike itself? The fact is that all other parameters depend on the size of the frame. The larger the triangle, the proportionally larger the remaining pipes in the structure will be.

To choose the right bike frame for your height, you need to take some measurements:

  • The size is measured in centimeters, inches and conventional units: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.
  • Measure yourself correctly, from crown to heels, try not to be mistaken by more than 10 cm;
  • Also think about what style of riding you plan to practice. extreme, calm, long distances;
  • Decide on your physique: thin, plump, tall or short, or you choose a big one for a child.
  • To choose the frame of a men’s bicycle for your height for extreme or active riding, it will be right to stop at the smaller size from the allowable size for your length;
  • For tall, thin people, it is recommended to select the largest bike frame size allowed;
  • For full ones, it is worth choosing the smallest triangle, but make sure that the pipes are thick and strong;
  • It’s great if the bike has a wide range of tilt and stem adjustments, seat positions and height.
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How to choose the right wheel diameter for your height

If you do not know what diameter of a bicycle wheel to choose according to height, start from the average values. On older bikes, the most common wheel size is 24-26 inches. This meaning is found in urban, hybrid and folding bikes. Road bridges are distinguished by a diagonal of 27-28 inches. Mountain bikes and off-road bikes are available from 28 ”.

How to make sure that the dimensions were chosen correctly?

We hope with this information you will be able to correctly size the bike frame for your height. Don’t forget about the wheel diameter and the future use of the bike. If, after buying over the Internet, it turned out that you did not guess a bit with the dimensions, do not be discouraged. adjust the saddle and handlebars. If it still doesn’t fit, it’s best to return the bike and order a new one. Your comfort and health is more expensive than the financial costs of the return postage of the purchase.

What does frame size mean and where to find it?

All bicycles have a frame size designation, which is applied as a sticker or is part of the design of the bike. Often these markings are made on the seat tube and can use a variety of numeric or letter combinations. Numeric designations can use a measurement system in inches or centimeters. Letters look like symbols of the English alphabet, and in this case, you can draw an analogy with the sizes on clothes (S, M, L, XL, etc.). Each designation is able to cover a certain interval of a person’s growth, thanks to the adjustable seat height. The seat tube of the frame is welded at a certain angle so that lifting the seat post changes not only the height of the saddle, but also its distance from the handlebars.

Why can’t we make one frame size and set the saddle height and seat-to-handlebar distance with the seatpost? For such purposes, manufacturers would have to significantly increase the wall thickness of both the frame tubes and the seat tube itself, which will significantly weigh the entire structure. It would also have a negative impact on the ride quality of the bike, as the frame stiffness is reduced. No, this practice of course applies, especially in folding bicycles. That is why they, with such a small size, have a weight approximately equal to a full-fledged bike. Well, as you yourself understand, you won’t go fast on a folding bike and you won’t put much effort either.

Selection of a bike for height. how is it right?

If you have already decided which type of bike suits your needs, then it is worth moving on to the next important stage. choosing a bike for a person’s height. In this article we will talk about the features of choosing the correct frame size for an adult. Choosing a bike for a child has its own nuances, so we recommend reading our article How to choose a bike for a child.

What are the risks of riding a bike that is not your height??

First of all. it is not comfortable. Here you can safely draw an analogy with clothing or shoes. discomfort will cause you to stop dressing or shoeing a particular item because of the inconvenience or awkward appearance. It’s the same with a bicycle. An awkward seating position that distributes your body weight incorrectly in relation to the control of the bike and the seat contributes to pain in the neck, lower back and wrists, which can completely discourage the desire to ride a bike.

Secondly. your productivity and efficiency decrease. The frames of modern bicycles are designed taking into account the anatomical features of the body at certain growth intervals. The length and height of the frame are selected in such a way as to provide your torso and legs with the optimal position for the rational use of your strength and capabilities. Violation of one of the parameters leads to an incorrect position of the joints and muscles, in which you will not be able to make the most of your efforts.

Thirdly. more harm than good. Riding a bicycle that is not your height, you risk ruining your posture and disrupting the work of the knee joints, or even putting them out of action. Wrong position of your body will force you to bend more or, on the contrary, hunch over, which over time will lead to fixation in this position of the spine even outside the bike. As for the knee joints, when the legs are not fully straightened, friction occurs in completely different areas of the necks of the knee bones, which are not designed for such loads and movements. Over time, rubbing may cause inflammation or other, more serious diseases.

How to match frame size markings to your height?

It’s pretty simple. just find out your exact height. You will be surprised, but most find it difficult to answer this question and run to look for a roulette wheel. Knowing the length of your body from heels to crown, as well as the inner length of your legs. you can choose the right bike with the frame size you need, just look at the plate below.

And if you still have additional questions. feel free to ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев or directly to us. We hope this material was useful for you, share it, maybe some of your friends also need help;).