How to choose the right bike for your height

Choosing a bike by height and weight

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How to choose a bike frame

However, let us finally move on to the practical part of the question: “how to choose the size of the bike frame.” And let’s start with an extremely simple “applied” way of choosing a mountain bike by height. As you may have guessed, the bike itself is required to use it. Stand with the bike frame between your legs and your back touching the saddle. In this position, the gap between the top tube of the frame and your groin should be slightly less than the width of your palm (about 50-150 mm). In the case of choosing a bicycle frame of a small size, the gap will be smaller due to the strong inclination of the upper tube. A similar situation will occur if the cyclist has non-standard body proportions.

To maximize the size of the bike frame, consider the intended riding style. If you intend to operate the bike mainly off-road or for aggressive riding, the above measurements are best taken while standing not at the saddle, but at the steering column. And the frame itself in such cases requires a lower one than for walking promenades in the park.

How to choose the size of the bike frame for height: fit comfort

After performing the previous manipulations, you need to decide on the fit. To do this, do not hesitate to ask the seller to adjust the height of the saddle (I will talk about adjusting the handlebar and saddle in a separate article), and hold the bike by the handlebars. Sit in the saddle with your feet on the pedals in a “fighting” position. If it is possible to carry out a small test drive. do it, if not, then at least turn the pedals in the opposite direction, simulating a trip. This will give you at least some idea of ​​the comfort of the fit.

How to choose a bike by weight

In this context, we do not mean the weight of the bike, but its proud owner. In principle, there are no special “indications” on this issue, and it is relevant only in cases where a person’s weight exceeds 100 kg. The bike should be equipped with reinforced rims, a reliable suspension fork, a sturdy frame and transmission. Particular attention is paid to the carriage, since it carries the lion’s share of the load when driving. Most bicycles can withstand 100-120 kg, the main thing is to choose the right frame size. So don’t be afraid and ride your health!

Hybrid (Walking) / Hybrid (Sports)

Below is the most popular chart for most bikes. Matching sizes have been worked out through extensive experience, and also compared with many size charts from bicycle manufacturers. We take this issue as responsibly as possible, so your remarks and Комментарии и мнения владельцев are welcome. write in the comment form after the article.

What bikes can you pay attention to?

With moderate riding on an incorrectly selected bike, absolutely everything will fail: axles, spokes, bushings, bearings, cracks will appear on the rims, the saddle frames will bend. So that such situations do not arise and the bike does not need constant repairs, it is necessary to consider models with a cost of at least 300.

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These bicycles are equipped with reliable carriages, strong bushings and strong wheels. If you plan to attach impressive luggage to the bike, then you need to choose a vehicle with a reinforced rear wheel or install it yourself.

How to choose the right road bike?

The road options are designed for long distance travel and are comfortable on the move, so you need to choose the frame more accurately than on a mountain bike.

Finding Your Proper Seat Height

If you decide to choose the road type, then below is the table:

How to choose a bike, video

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Quantity table

There is a standard table of bicycle parameters, according to which the vehicle is selected according to the rider’s height. Many manufacturers have their own model-specific table. Most of the sizes are calculated for an average physique. For riders whose parameters are higher than the average, choosing a vehicle is more problematic. But thanks to the adjustment of the seat and steering wheel, you can select and adjust the product to the desired size.

  • 33 cm (or 13 inches). designed for height 130-145 cm;
  • 35.6 cm (or 14 inches). Fits 135-155 cm riders.

Correct fit

Choosing the right frame length is of the utmost importance as it directly affects the rider’s position on the vehicle. If the frame is too large, you will have to reach the steering wheel, which will tire your back and hands very quickly. If the frame is selected too small, the athlete’s body will hang over the handlebars, which will put a tremendous load on the arms and neck, since the head will have to be constantly held in an elevated position. The correct fit will also be influenced by the anatomical features of a particular person. Therefore, having given preference to a specific model, you should finally make sure that you have made the right choice. To do this, it is recommended to try on the fit.

Frame to person height ratio

Bicycle companies use three types of frame sizes. letters, inches and centimeters. The most common sizes are in inches, the rarest designation is centimeters.

For the correct selection of the frame, you need to know your height. It is better to measure it without shoes, standing with your back to a flat surface, such as a wall.

The easiest way to find a frame if you don’t know your height for sure is to take a bike and throw your leg over it. Stand on your feet steadily so that the upper tube of the frame does not reach the groin area at least 3 cm, or better. 10 cm.

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This is the best and safest option. True, it is only suitable for men’s bicycles. If the frame is female, then you need to sit on the seat so that it is convenient to press the pedals (the leg should be fully extended when the pedal is in the lower position), and it is also easy and convenient to reach the steering wheel with your hands.

There is no optimal frame size for all types of bicycles, as over time and the development of technology, manufacturers are moving away from the classic triangular frame. Products appear in new geometry.

The average table for road, city, hybrid and mountain bikes looks like this:

When choosing a frame, you should pay close attention to a number of points.

Mountain Bike Information : Mountain Bike Frame Size for Height

  • If the transport is planned to be used for regular trips, and the growth is approaching the upper limit, then it is better to take a smaller frame. For sports activities. more.
  • Smaller bikes are more agile and faster.
  • If the frame is large, this does not mean that it is strong. It is worth paying attention to the composition of the material.
  • It makes no sense to buy a bike separately for a man and a woman if they are of different heights.

What Size Bike Frame Should I Get? Does Bicycle Frame Size matter? FREE Buying guide

How to choose a bike for height and weight?

The bicycle is probably the most useful and environmentally friendly form of transport. It combines two important elements. sports activities and keeping the environment clean. Just two decades ago, it was difficult to imagine that two-wheeled vehicles would be presented in such a wide range.

In this article, we will consider in detail the issues related to the dimensions of the main parts of the bicycle, the selection of frames and wheels for adults and children, the main types of bicycles.

Determining the type of bike

To choose this type of transport, you need to ask yourself several questions. depending on the answers to them, they are already determined with the type of bike. The key points when choosing are: the budget for the purchase, height and weight, as well as the place of its use (roads, off-road, mountains).

For adults

Adult and mature people most often use standard wheel size for bicycles.

  • 26 “is the most common size, one might say” classic “. They are used on all models of mountain and ordinary bicycles. The advantages of these wheels are good sliding, the ability to easily overcome obstacles. They are most suitable for riders of small to medium height.
  • 27.5 “is the size for mountain bikes for a smooth ride and reliability over rough terrain.
  • 28 ″ is the most comfortable diameter for driving on equipped roads in cities or on highways. The width of such wheels is always narrower than usual, and tires without spikes of the “slick” type are usually used on them (in common people it is called “bald”).
  • Finally, 29 “is a new, not yet widespread size and is great for tall and above average people.
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When choosing wheels, the weight of a person is important. For overweight people, it is better to use 28-29 inches wheels. this will make the trip easier. But if, in addition to being overweight, a man also has a short stature, then the best option is 24-26 inches.

How to choose the wheel size?

The most important element of a bicycle’s design is the wheel. Its size, measured in inches (″), is the diameter of the rim without a tire, but some manufacturers may indicate it in centimeters for the convenience of buyers.

No one will be able to give an honest answer to the question of which wheel size is most relevant for this particular person, and which ones will be better for him to ride. They are different for adults and children. When choosing them, it is important to focus on the height and weight of the cyclist, because the convenience of riding a particular bike model will depend on this.

for all types of bicycles, except folding bicycles

for bicycles with a folding frame

This table shows the most common and average statistical values ​​of the ratio of wheel size to rider height.

For kids

If you believe the statistics, then the wheels on children’s bicycles are divided by ease of use as follows:

  • for the smallest users under the age of 3 years, wheels of 10-12 ″ are used;
  • at the age of 3 to 6 years, full-fledged wheels with chambers with a diameter of 16 inches are already in use;
  • when the child is from 6 to 9 years old, then the most suitable size is 20 ″;
  • in adolescence. this is about 13 years old. 24-inch wheels are most relevant.

Wheels are selected based on the height and age of the child. And if a young person is lagging behind or ahead of him, then it is better to use average values.

But one should not forget such a factor as a rather rapid growth, and if you focus on models of a smaller diameter, then there is a risk. the child will quickly outgrow them, and riding will be inconvenient.

Physical parameters of the cyclist

Their consideration when choosing a bike is described in detail above in this article.