How to Choose the Right Bike for Your Child

How to choose a bike for a child of 7 years old. which one is better

If a future first-grader is growing up in your family, then it’s time to be puzzled by the question: How to choose a bicycle for a 7-year-old child? Riding on this transport is quite useful and exciting, it helps to develop a sense of balance, the ability to navigate in space, become stronger and dexterous.

Cycling also helps to strengthen the leg muscles and train the entire body. So what should it be for a student? How to choose the most suitable from the variety of models? Today, in our article, we will discuss the main criteria for choosing the best, two wheeled friend for your child! Let’s get started!

How to choose the right one and what to look for

Is it the right decision to buy a bicycle for growth, as it was done before. in the era of scarcity? If you want your child to have health problems or get injured while riding his new bike, then, of course, this option can be considered. The most correct option would be to choose with the ability to adjust the seat, steering wheel and other parameters. Such transport will be able to do good service for a single year for your child.

  • Child’s height and wheel diameter!
  • so with growth from 100 to 115 cm, it is recommended to take 16 wheel diameter;
  • for the height range from 105 to 115 cm, you can pay attention to the wheel diameter. 18;
  • height 100-125 cm allows you to choose 20 wheel diameter for bicycle transport;
  • tall children 125-155 cm, it is quite possible to buy 24-26 wheel diameter.

Steel horse height

It is advisable to take the baby with you when buying an iron horse in order to immediately understand whether the model you like is suitable for your child in height or not. Choose a flat surface and have your child saddle a bike friend by placing it between their legs.

Now see how much space is left between your child‘s crotch and the transport frame if he stands over the saddle with his feet on the ground. If there is a gap of 5-10 cm, then it is great, it is this distance that will be useful for the child if it becomes necessary to jump off the bike or hold it during an abrupt stop.

  • Correct seat adjustment!
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Needless to say, the seat itself must be comfortable and of sufficient size so that the child, sitting on it, does not feel discomfort. The seat must be adjusted in such a way that he can reach with an outstretched leg to the pedal below, while the baby himself must not move out of the saddle.

  • What about the steering wheel?

When choosing a bike, be sure to take a closer look at the possibility of adjusting the steering wheel of the model you are interested in. The steering wheel must be installed in such a way that the child can, holding on to it, sit straight, not hunching over or stretching towards it. When driving, knees should not hit the steering wheel.

  • Which brake to prefer?

For the crumbs, you should not complicate the driving process, so pay special attention to the brake that is installed on this or that model. In an emergency, he must be able to quickly respond and brake so as not to crash into a particular object or person. However, due to their age, many children get lost and cannot “squeeze out” the handbrake with sufficient force, so the foot option is the best option.

The foot brake is triggered when the child pedals in the opposite direction, children get used to this emergency stop very quickly. But as for models with a high-speed gearbox, it is better to leave them for an older age.

  • Chain and protection
  • Bike weight

It is desirable that the bike is not heavy by weight, this will allow your child to lift it on their own and cope with control easier. Most often, models of domestic brands are quite heavy, since they are made of steel.

Optional accessories

When buying, do not forget about additional accessories to it, which will not only be useful, but also will surely please your child: bell, headlights, reflectors, lock, helmet, wings.

When deciding which bike to choose for a 7-year-old child, do not forget about the most important selection criterion. the opinion of your child. Let the baby show you the models you like, and together with him you will choose the one that meets the parameters of safety, convenience, reliability and comfort. Successful shopping for your two-wheeled friend! And, until we meet again!

How to choose a bike for a child

Published: 07 June 2020

Wanting to quickly fulfill the child’s dream of greatness, parents sometimes rush and buy a bike at the nearest shopping center. Not particularly interested in how to choose a bike for a child. The new bike delights the kid with its bright colors, and the parents are happy with the price. But after a month or two, the joy fades. Velik begins to creak, crackle, demanding first the attention of the Pope, and then of an experienced master. A child, on the other hand, may lose interest in a two-wheeled friend, because the pedals become difficult to turn, the brakes do not work well. And if you have not guessed yet with the size of the bike, the baby has nothing to control, it is uncomfortable to sit.

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Great for children are presented in a wide range. And if you adopt a few simple rules, it will be easy to make the right choice. And everyone will be satisfied with the purchase. And you. And your baby.

How to choose a children’s bike for height

The most important criterion when buying a bike is to match the rider’s height. This is a fundamental rule for both children and adults.

Unlike older models, whose size is determined by the frame, the size of bikes for children depends on the diameter of the wheels. We talked about this in more detail in the article How to choose a bike for a child by height.

2 common myths about children’s bike size:

  • “It’s easier to learn to ride on a small bike.” No, not easier. And even more difficult. The kid sits hunched over, raising his knees high, sometimes taking them behind the wheel. This position constrains movement and it is difficult for a child not only to control the bike, but also to keep balance. Removable training wheels are provided for learning to ride a two-wheeled bike.
  • “It is better to take a bigger bike so that it will last for a longer time.” As a result, the child can barely reach the pedals and steering wheel. The landing is very stretched. Handling a large, heavy bike is as tough as a small bike.

If the wrong size is chosen, riding not only does not bring benefits and pleasure, but also harms health. The load is not distributed correctly. As a result, the spine, joints of the hands and feet suffer, nerve endings, blood vessels and internal organs are pinched.

How to choose a bike for a child according to technical characteristics

The child prefix can be misleading. Some adults tend to treat children’s bikes like toys. Although in practice this is far from the case. Models for children also have technical parameters, which determine how high-quality and reliable the bike will be.

How to choose the right bike for a child, taking into account the technical characteristics? First of all, pay attention to:

  • Frame material. preferably aluminum. It is lightweight and durable enough. Steel frames are slightly stronger than aluminum frames, but significantly heavier. At the same time, models with steel frames can cost significantly less than their aluminum counterparts.
  • Wheel hubs. Industrial hubs are best. They are protected from dirt, dust, water and do not require maintenance for a long time.
  • Rims. Reinforced or double rims are stronger, do not deform or burst. They are more prepared for all the tests that fall on the wheels of children’s bikes.
  • Brakes. if a young cyclist is between 3 and 5 years old and is mastering his first two-wheeled transport, choose the foot brake. There is a combination of a rear foot brake and a front rim brake (v-brake). On models for older children, rim or disc brakes are installed. The latter are clearer, but more expensive.
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How to choose a great for a child with a multi-speed transmission? Some 20 “and nearly all 24” wheel models are equipped with 6 or more speed transmissions. To make the right choice. pay attention to the brand of switches. They must be from Shimano or Sram. Unknown Chinese switches will not last long and often require constant repair and adjustment.

Brand matters too

A bike brand has a lot to say about a bike. How reliable and high quality it is. It’s like a generalizing characteristic. In the cycling community, no one doubts the high level of any great from Cannondale. This brand has established itself as a manufacturer of cool bikes with the latest technology and developments.

How to choose a children’s bike if parents do not know anything about the reputation of this or that brand? It is enough to check if the selected brand meets the following criteria:

A good brand must meet these points. If athletes or bike travelers ride the brand’s bikes, this is an additional plus for the manufacturer.

choose, right, bike, child

A prime example is Cannondale. The company has won worldwide recognition long ago. On their bikes they successfully participate in sports competitions and go on long journeys. Cannondale produces not only adult models, but also children’s ones. They are perfect for children who ride a lot and actively. And it is the best choice for young athletes.

It is generally accepted that a cool brand is expensive. But there are always exceptions to the rule. For example, Pride perfectly combines high quality and low price. The children’s series are sturdy bikes with excellent ergonomic performance. The kid will be comfortable on such a bike, and parents will not be constantly concerned about the repair of children’s vehicles.

Remember, a bicycle is not a toy, but a sports equipment. Choose responsibly so that your child enjoys riding.