How to Choose an Adult Bike

How to choose a bike

How to choose a bike? To choose the right bike. you need to answer three simple questions:

Who is the bike for. age, height, weight, gender?

The choice of a bike directly depends on who will ride it. and how clothes or shoes are selected individually. Consider the recommendations for choosing adult bicycles (we have already written how to choose a children’s bike).

Growth First. it is very important to choose the right size of the bike frame (selection of the size of the bike), here we will give only an approximate table for the selection of the frame size bicycles.

Height, cm Inches Centimeters The size
140-155 13 34 XS
150-165 fifteen 38 S
160-175 17 44 M
170-185 nineteen 48 L
180-195 21 54 XL
190 23 58 XXL

Weight If a person weighs more than 90kg, even for a quiet ride, we recommend choosing bicycles with only front shock absorbers (hardtails), double (reinforced) rims, cassette hubs and conventional frames (aluminum, steel). not carbon.

Gender There are specialized women’s bicycles. and these are not only bicycles with an understated “female” frame or cheerful colors. but also “ordinary” bicycles in the geometry of which the peculiarities of the female physique are taken into account (longer legs, wider pelvis, narrower shoulders, etc.) But. any girl can safely ride an ordinary men’s bicycle.

What is the bike for, where and how much are you going to ride a bike?

We have already written about the types of bicycles, here we will briefly go through the main types of bicycles for adults.

Mountain bikes Universal, widespread bicycles for riding on any type of road, there is shock absorption. Easy to upgrade and modify according to the owner’s needs.

Road bikes A very light and fast dedicated bicycles without shock absorption for riding on good asphalt roads. Impractical and expensive.

Cross bicycles Universal bicycles, which have incorporated the advantages of mountain and city models, have a good roll on the asphalt and moderately passable off-road. A little more expensive than mountain.

Extreme Bikes Specialized bikes for stunt, jump (dirt), trial and BMX. Impractical

City bikes and folding bikes Practical and comfortable bicycles for getting around town, not designed for off-road use.

On the topic of bike types, it is worth noting that if you are going to buy your first bike, you should not buy an expensive specialized model. in the future, your ideas about where and with whom you will ride may change.

For all these tasks. Mountain bikes and cross bikes with only front shock absorption (hardtails) are best suited and are probably the best choice when buying your first bike due to their versatility. And in cases of changing preferences, they can be easily modified by pre-installing or replacing part of the accessories.

How much money are you going to spend to buy a bike?

up to 300 New modern bicycles for adults cannot cost less than 300, but this amount can fit a child. teenage bike or a single-speed adult bike.

500 Budget bike models. This is the lowest price point for a quality bike that won’t be a problem. Starter to mid-range equipment groups, simple suspension forks and mechanical brakes. catalog

1000 Advanced models of most manufacturers. Lighter and higher quality frames, medium groups of equipment, normal suspension forks. Price-quality compromise. catalog

2000 Amateur and semi-professional bicycles. Lightweight and reliable, no compromise on quality. Upper equipment groups, light frame, good shock absorption, hydraulic brakes. The best choice for those who know what they want. catalog

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from 2000 Professional and exclusive models of bicycles. For athletes, fans and wealthy people. Latest technology, best components, exclusive design. There is no limit to perfection. catalog

The main thing. if you are not sure about the choice or have questions. contact us. we will always try to help.

How to choose an adult bike

Cycling is a useful and exciting business. Excellent condition of the heart and muscles, great mood and an ocean of new impressions. this is what awaits you if you start regular cycling. Riding a bike is, moreover, an excellent prevention against stressful conditions. Let’s talk about how to choose an adult bike.

Stores offer such an assortment of bikes that it is quite difficult for an inexperienced buyer to understand this abundance. At the same time, in order to make a choice, you need to have at least basic knowledge about different types of adult bicycles, since each type has its own design features and characteristics.

Classification of adult bicycles

There are such types of bikes, depending on the riding style.

  • Urban. As the name suggests, this adult bike is the choice of metropolitan residents. It is also known as a walking tour. Its frame is simple in design, and the operation is as comfortable as possible. Many models are equipped with rack mounts. As a rule, pleasure bikes are equipped with gears designed for 18-24 speeds;
  • Highway. High-speed roadsters are also called high-speed ones, and it is no coincidence: this class of two-wheeled cars develops quite decent speed. The design features of these adult bicycles are such that they can accelerate and maintain a significant speed for a long time. The average mass of the highway is about 7 kg. All characteristics are “sharpened” for high-speed operation;
  • Mountain. This all-terrain vehicle is the choice of lovers of driving on country roads and off-road. Velik ideally suited for cross-country travel. It has an extremely well thought out shock absorber system (on the rear suspension, as well as a specially designed fork). Thanks to these characteristics, driving on the worst roads becomes at least not uncomfortable. And in more advanced models, it is completely enjoyable and exciting;
  • Hybrid. This is a kind of cross between a road bike with a mountain suspension. Hybrid adult bike. the choice for lovers of high speeds and ride comfort at the same time;
  • BMX model and trial (for tricks). These models have a low frame and only 1 gear. In addition, often “trick” models lack a saddle, because in most cases it is simply not used;
  • Downhill, freeride, enduro bikes designed for extreme driving. The main design feature is the combination of good shock absorbers with a reinforced frame. With this “monster”, overcoming the steepest descents and ascents is a mere trifle!

How to avoid mistakes when choosing an adult bike

Now. directly about the selection criteria for an adult bike. Basically, before finally choosing a suitable steel horse, such points are taken into account.

  • Frame;
  • Brakes;
  • Shock absorbers;
  • Wheels;
  • Saddle.

Below we will dwell on every detail of an adult bike in order to make your bike rides even more enjoyable.

Shock absorbers

Oddly enough, they are not always needed. For example, in bikes designed for high speeds, it is better not to use shock absorbers, be content with only the springs in the saddle. If speed is secondary, and comfort is more important, you need to pay attention to different types of shock absorbers for adult bicycles.

  • Air. They are quite effective, but they “give in” to dust and low temperatures. This is due to the structural features of the oil seals;
  • Oil. They are unpretentious and durable, but they are heavy. Another disadvantage is the high cost;
  • Oil-air. This type of shock absorber can withstand significant loads and operating conditions close to extreme. The only drawback is the high price.


The usual braking system (pressing the linings to the rim) fully justifies itself in recreational models of adult bicycles, but this is clearly not enough for more serious models. These brakes are sensitive to soil buildup and rim changes.

Disc brakes are much more efficient. They allow you to brake in any conditions. Compared to the first option, their cost is much higher, but this choice is quite justified.

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The seat configuration depends on the type of large. Saddles in recreational bicycles are wider, in high-speed bicycles they are narrow and elongated. When choosing a bike, pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the saddle for a more comfortable ride.


The speed characteristics of an adult bicycle depend on the parameters of the wheel. The larger the wheels, the less energy is needed to drive. On road models, narrow wheels with small treads. This contributes to comfortable and safe driving at high speeds.

Choosing a bike for the purpose

For city dwellers, mountain or hybrid models are the best options. They have a short length and good maneuverability. For long, high-speed journeys, road-type bikes are more suitable. If you have to ride on rough terrain or tricks, then the best option would be special bikes.

Review of the best models

The rating given will allow you to choose an adult bike model, depending on the specific use case and characteristics.

  • FORWARD 4212;
  • GIANT FD 806;
  • FORWARD 4232;
  • FORMAT 5342;
  • FORWARD 1132.

Check out the models below.


  • Well-made suspension;
  • Durable brakes;
  • Provides a comfortable ride in all weather conditions;
  • Relatively low cost;
  • Powerful wheels;
  • Only high quality materials were used for the manufacture.
  • The handlebars are sliding;
  • There are no brakes on the rear shock;
  • There is no correspondence between brakes and wheel power.


This bike model is considered one of the most popular, one of the best sellers. Can be used by both the older generation and children. It’s a choice for the whole family.

  • Easy steering and seat adjustment;
  • Compactness. Great fits in a car trunk and takes up a minimum of space in the house;
  • Strength;
  • Unusual, very beautiful design.
  • Low height. Tall people are uncomfortable to ride on it;
  • Poor quality tires;
  • No protection for the chain.


Mountain bike is one of the most popular and demanded.

  • Plugs blocking function;
  • Quiet, smooth running;
  • Made of high strength materials;
  • Small weight;
  • Compactness;
  • Relatively low price;
  • Bright design. Reliable brakes.
  • Poorly proven when driving off-road;
  • Large, not very comfortable steering wheel.


This is a hybrid model of an adult bike that combines the characteristics of a mountain bike and a recreational bike.

  • Frame made of durable material;
  • High-quality body kit;
  • Original bright design.

Among the shortcomings, consumers note a not very good wheel assembly. The adult bike is suitable for riding on asphalt and country roads.


This model is great. the choice for cross country fans.

  • Small weight;
  • Reliable braking system;
  • Durable material frame.
  • Uncomfortable seat (too hard);
  • Poor pedals.

Whichever adult bike model you choose, the main goal is to have fun. With the right choice, you, in addition to health benefits, will receive a whole ocean of positive and new experiences.

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How to choose the right bike for an adult or child in formulas and tables.

It hardly makes sense to explain the importance of having a properly sized bike: if everything is well timed, your bike will run faster, the ride will be more comfortable, and it will be easier to handle. In this article, we want to share our many years of experience, which, we hope, will greatly facilitate your task of choosing a bicycle that fully matches the features of your body structure, and also tell you how to use the tables that are so often found in the specifications of Western manufacturers. In addition, we have included the tables themselves, which will undoubtedly come in handy for those who know the dimensions of their bike and have their own preferences for its geometry.

How to choose the right bike size?

Generally the size of the bike determines the length of the seat tube of the frame, i.e. the same pin on which the saddle is attached.

Traditionally, dimensions are given in centimeters for road bikes and inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm) for mountain bikes. In addition, in some cases, bike sizes can be designated as small (small), medium (medium) and large (large).

Further, the measurement system of the parameters of the bicycle may differ slightly from different manufacturers, therefore in our tables we will give the standard and most common sizes.

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What body sizes you need to keep in mind?

There are three main anthropometric parameters (body parameters) that you must know when choosing a bicycle: your own height, the length of the legs from heel to crotch and the angle of inclination of the body when landing.

Landing height

The length of the legs determines the height of the ride, i.e. this is the distance between the top tube of the bicycle frame and the crotch. It is measured when you just stand next to the saddle of a bicycle without sitting on it. Based on our many years of experience, we can say that it should be at least 5 cm.It is this length that will allow you to freely jump off the bike when you need to do it.

The angle of inclination of the body when landing

If the height and length of your legs puts you in front of a choice of two sizes, then the size of your upper body plays a decisive role. They determine the angle of the body, which affects how much you “stretch” along the top tube of the bike frame. To determine the angle of inclination of the body, you need to determine your so-called “Ape Index”, i.e. arm span minus height.

  • If the Ape Index is positive (i.e. the length of the arms span is greater than the height), then we advise you to choose the larger one of the two bike sizes.
  • And vice versa. If the Ape Index is negative (i.e., the length of the arms span is less than the height), then, most likely, you will be more comfortable riding a smaller bike.

Let’s give an example. With a person’s height of 163 cm.ApeIndexcan be calculated as follows: 152cm (arm span length). 163cm(height) = minus 11cm. Those. in this caseApeIndexnegative and should choose a smaller bike.

Does the girl need a special women’s bike or can she ride a unisex bike comfortably??

The general rule is that girls have longer legs and smaller upper bodies than men of the same height, so women’s bicycles have a shorter upper tube and a narrower handlebar and saddle.

But this is in general. At the same time, do not forget that two identical people do not exist in nature, so a bicycle should ideally fit exactly the structure of your body, and whether it belongs to the category of “female” or “unisex” is not so important.

Returning to general points, it is worth saying that if your height is less than 165 cm. Or if you had to stretch too much along the top tube of the frame on a men’s bicycle or unisex bicycle, then you should try a purely female model of a bicycle, which is distinguished primarily by a smaller frame.

How to choose the right bike for kids?

The sizes of bicycles for our kids are different from those for adults. They are usually broken down by age category and wheel size.

Below are the main considerations to keep in mind when choosing a great one for your child:

  • Never rely on your child’s age when choosing a bike. If your offspring is the tallest in the class, then apparently you will have to be guided by a different, more adult, age category.
  • Height and leg height still play a major role in bike selection. Keep this in mind when buying.
  • Many parents buy a bicycle for their child to grow. Try, if possible, not to do this, so as not to scare your unintelligent child to death and not to discourage him from the great because he is too big and awkward. Let him enjoy the ride instead!

Bicycle Size Charts

Well, now let’s move on to the tables of correspondence of body parameters to the length of the frame. These tables are given for each bike class. Have a good trip!