How to choose a rear derailleur for a bike

Long Cage vs Short Cage Derailleurs. Which Do You Need


This issue is dedicated to the bulkhead of the spring-hydraulic, one might say elastomeric (since their differences are minimal), SunTour XCM Rl forks. This means that the model is equipped with an external lock. We will also consider cheaper purely spring-elastomeric models, and more advanced air-hydraulic models of this company, we will indicate what you should pay attention to when servicing.

The model and manufacturer of the fork were chosen for a reason. this is one of the most popular models on modern bicycles in the middle segment, i.e. most users should have such forks.


In this video, we’ll talk about how to choose the right rear derailleur for your bike. The switch basically consists of three parts:

The foot, together with the parallelogram, is displaced relative to the bracket, which provides gear shifting. At SRAM, the switches of the higher ranges are completely collapsible down to the screw and can be carefully maintained, at SHIMANO all switches are non-separable. When choosing a rear derailleur of a bicycle, you should pay attention to the technical compatibility with your transmission, then we select it in terms of quality and cost.

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In this video, let’s take a look at the 2021 NAVIGATOR 970D Stealth bike. Let’s study what components this model consists of, whether it is worth the money and why it is worth paying attention to the Stealth Navigator 970D.

Preparing for surgery

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Competent adjustment is unthinkable without cleaning the mechanisms. Sometimes it is enough to thoroughly clean the drive to transfer the gear selection to an adequate channel. Cleaning measures are as follows:

  • Clean the spreader and cassette.
  • Wash and lubricate the chain.
  • Wash the rollers from old grease.

Replacing the derailleur on a bicycle: the algorithm

  • The replacement process begins with removing the old
    mechanism from the frame. To do this, open the chain link, unscrew and remove the old switch.
  • Next, to the “cock”, which is a protruding triangle with a hole, we fix a new mechanism. It should be screwed on well, but not too tight.
  • Then we install the chain on the smallest star so that the roller and the star are visually located on the same line.
  • Carefully slide the derailleur back to the largest sprocket without grasping the easy-to-bend roller. Thus, you will be insured against the risk of the chain hitting the spokes.
  • Using the adjusting screw, we fix the position of the switch so that it still remains opposite the large star. If the mechanism hits the star, you can lose the spokes, too much clamping is fraught with failure of the lower gear.
  • Moving on to the cable. normally it should move freely in the shirt. It is necessary to check the absence of creases and the course itself. To do this, we install the chain on a small star, pull the cable and fix it in a taut position.
  • We check the operation of the mechanism. First of all, turn the pedals. in the process there should be no clicks, and the very switching of speeds up and down should occur smoothly, without jumping over the stars and without delays. At first, it is better to take a screwdriver on a bike ride. under load, the mechanism may need to be adjusted.
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Regardless of the mechanism of which company you choose, sooner or later you will have to face preventive maintenance. After all, the rollers are consumables and wear out as the bike is used, so from time to time it is necessary to carry out their preventive replacement.

Many people think the rear derailleur is much easier to set up than the front derailleur. In both cases, you will have to make some effort, but this work will pay off with interest in comfort while riding. If you do not want to waste time installing the derailleur, contact us for a bicycle repair service.

Additional accessories

Usually, setting up a Shimano rear derailleur for normal operation is limited to a quick readjustment. To complete it, you need to hang out the rear wheel, which will require one of the following:

  • Repair rack.
  • Rear wheel stand.
  • Ironing board.
  • Friend’s help.

Final adjustment

The listed transitions must be performed when installing a new “switch”. Basic adjustment can acquire a separate relevance in the case of a deep revision of the drive, shirts and cables, but not always. The main criterion for the emergence of the need to adjust the limiting points is the violation of the clarity of the transition of the chain to the extreme positions.

Installing the rear derailleur on a bicycle

Owners of an old bike, equipped with a switch of an unknown brand, always reach out to “bring it to mind.” Often, with a device assembled independently from spare parts of various brands, many problems arise: from the constant throwing of the chain over the star to the complete “sabotage” of the movement. Therefore, it is easier and cheaper to “get hold of” a new one, rather than trying to adjust and repair the rear derailleur on a bicycle, which is already hopelessly damaged.

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Rear And Front Derailleur Capacity. Short, Medium Or Long Cage?

For a bike that is used periodically and only on flat roads, it is impractical to install an expensive derailleur of famous brands (Shimano, Sram, etc.). However, if you are planning to ride on hills and slides, pay attention to mechanisms with a large range of speeds.

How to install a rear derailleur on a bike

How to adjust the rear derailleur of a Shimano speed bike: detailed instructions

There is a popular belief among newbies that it is better not to go into the gearshift mechanism. The argument is. I don’t know how, I’ll knock everything down. However, there is nothing to be afraid of. self-adjusting the brakes on a mountain bike is no more difficult than adjusting the transmission. In addition, the shift index system is configured in such a way that it cannot be broken. The process should start with preparatory activities.

How to install a rear derailleur on a bike?

Having clocked many kilometers on a bicycle, I was convinced that a branded derailleur is much more important for a comfortable ride than stylish grips or leather Brooks. But it’s not enough just to get Shimano or Sram, the quality of installation and setup is important.