How To Choose A Female Bike For Height

How to choose a bike for your height. Table

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If you want your child not to have problems with the control of the bike, so that they always do without injuries and falls, you need to know how to choose a bike for your child by height; a table is available showing the relevant technical parameters of the bike and the height of the child.

What is a size?

If you do not know how to choose a bike by height (table, size, you think that it will not be useful) and are going to choose a “two-wheeled horse” by eye, in a hurry, without taking into account individual characteristics, ─ all this, in the end, will lead to sad consequences (for example, to orthopedic problems).

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The classification of all children’s bicycles is built with an orientation to the size, which is understood as the dimensions of the vehicle frame (they are indicated in inches; there are both centimeter and letter designations). The main thing in such cases is to know the height, and with a “run-up” of 10 cm.

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What else you need to consider when choosing a bike:

If the child is under 2 years old.

Better to get a tricycle, with a handle, or a balance bike.

Child 2-4 years old.

It’s time to change to a two-wheeled one with safety wheels. Add balance wheels, foot brake and chain and crank guard.

The dimensions of the wheels and frame should be somewhat large.

The “adult components” are added again, namely: speed switches, front shock absorber, side wheels and steering brake.

Children aged 8-13.

It is a scaled-down model of a city / mountain bike, only the paint is bright. The presence of 1 shock absorber (there may be none). For teenagers over 140 cm, choose a low frame adult bike, similar to an adult female.

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What you need to consider when purchasing a female version?

Based on the above, given that at 13 years old a teenager can look quite mature, you can consider buying a female model as an option.

How to choose a bike by height (table, female version):

Bike size Very small, XS (Xtra Small) Small, S (Small) Medium, M (Medium) Above average, L (Large) Large, XL (Xtra Large) Extra Large, XXl (Xtra Xtra Large)
Frame size (inches) 14 (from 35.4 cm) 16 (from 40.6 cm) 18 (from 45.7 cm) 20 (from 50.8 cm) 22 (from 55.8 cm) 24 (from 60.8 cm)
Height (centimeters) 135-160 155-175 170-185 180-190 185-200 195-210

Consider cycling with a narrower handlebar and a saddle that is wider than usual.

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