How to choose a children’s bike by wheel diameter

Whether the choice of wheel size depends on the height of the cyclist

High frame advantages

For those opting for a tall frame, there is one incredible benefit. A bag can be hung on the high frame, which cannot be done if the bike has a low frame. The bag itself can be of different sizes, depending on what things to pick up there. Maybe the bag is small for the necessary tools, spare parts or wrenches in case of any minor breakdowns. Also, the bag can be larger if you need to transport the goods. It is very important that the bag is of the correct diameter in order to maintain balance and balance.

Why do you need to do Accent on the frame and wheels when choosing?

Very careful selection of the frame and wheel size is necessary in order to make it comfortable to ride the bike, as well as to reduce the possibility of serious injury in the event of any unforeseen situations. Frame and wheel size greatly affects ride quality. There are three types of bicycle frame sizes, they are defined as follows:

Kid’s Bike Sizing Guide: How to choose the right size bike.

  • Women’s bicycles. Typically, women’s bikes have either one or two frames, but they are set quite low. This is due to the fact that the growth of women, in most cases, is small, and riding with a high-set frame will not be so comfortable for them, and in some cases even dangerous. Therefore, if you are planning to choose a vehicle for a woman, then you need to look exactly those bicycles where the frames are set low;
  • Men’s bicycles. For men’s bicycles, everything is simpler, since almost all bicycle models are suitable for men. But if you take into account the standards, but bicycles for men, in most cases, have high frames, because they are usually much taller than women;
  • The third type is bicycles for a child. In fact, it is not necessary to separate them into a separate type, since all bicycles for a child are divided according to the same principle as for adults. The only difference is that the child’s bikes are smaller. As for the frame, there are also bicycles for children that have high frames and low.
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Kids Bike Sizes: How To Choose The Right Children‘s Bicycle

How to choose a bike using a calculator

How to choose the right size using the table

There is also another equally effective way to make a choice. using a wheel size table. No matter how trite it may sound, there are a huge number of very useful tables that greatly simplify the choice of parameters, namely, which frame to choose, the size of the wheel and the number of inches of the tire, in accordance with the height of the person. Looking at such a table, you can easily select your height or other parameters that are presented there, and determine which frame and wheel diameter should be prioritized when buying a vehicle such as a bicycle.

Why you need to pay attention to the diameter of the wheels?

The answer is very simple. It should be noted that unlike the frame, the diameter of the wheels is not chosen in accordance with the physical data of the owner. It is necessary to determine the diameter of the wheels solely in order to choose exactly the model that will be perfect for the area on which the bike is planned. By diameter and wheel size, bicycles are divided as follows:

  • Bicycles for a child. Let’s start with the smallest size. this size is usually inherent in children‘s options. By itself, they have a small diameter, and in most cases they are not intended for any serious travel;
  • The next type is teenage bicycles. The difference from a child’s vehicle is that they are slightly larger in size and tend to look like adults. Such vehicles are also more suitable for driving on flat surfaces at moderate speeds;
  • Walking and mountain bike. This type of wheel diameter is already much larger than the previous two, because mountain walks require a certain balance to help maintain balance when driving on uneven surfaces. In doing so, it also makes it easier to travel both downhill and uphill;
  • The next largest are road bikes. These vehicles have rather large wheels, since they need to be able to quickly develop speed on a flat asphalt surface;
  • Hybrid models have one of the largest wheel diameters. They are suitable for several types of cycling and can withstand different types of roads and speeds.
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we can say that in order to choose the right bike, you need to know some parameters that contribute to a comfortable ride. Each of the above parameters, be it frame height, wheel diameter, or tire inches, will affect ride quality and safety to varying degrees. Therefore, you need to make the choice correctly and taking into account all the physical characteristics of the vehicle owner.

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