How to choose a bike size for a child

The choice of the size of the bike: choose the size of the frame for height

If you have already decided on the style of your riding, then you need to think about the selection of the type of bike and its size. choosing it according to your height. The choice of the size of the bike frame depends on the discipline (style) of riding.

Standard frame

45 cm)
Above Medium. Large (L), 20 ” (

50 cm)
Large. Xtra Large (XL) 22 ” (

The correct frame size also depends on its rigidity and the availability of shock absorbers. And this is also very important, especially now, when a lot of inexpensive double-hangers have appeared on sale, the size of which is considered differently. If you are going to become one of the owners of this technique. read on.

Frame size

Frame size is the distance from the top edge of the seat tube to the midpoint of the carriage axis, usually in inches, and is often denoted in Latin letters, similar to clothing sizes. Rostovka is probably one of the most important criteria for choosing a bike after determining the riding style. The correct size of the bike helps you move faster with less energy, and the wrong one can lead to pain in the back, knees and, even, to the aggravation of many chronic diseases such as scoliosis. I highly recommend that you take this parameter extremely responsibly, because your health also depends on it. so.

How to choose a bike for your height

The more aggressive your ride is, the lower the frame should be. Take care of your., sorry for the intimate details. To correctly size the frame, stand with your feet on top of the bike on either side of the frame, slightly closer to the handlebars.

If you are going to jump well on mountain paths and off-road, then the distance from the top tube of the frame to your crotch should be about 10 cm.For a steep extreme, this distance should be even greater.

In more detail on the types of bikes

For a rigid frame (hardtails and rigids), the size-to-height ratio should be (the photo shows a GT bike for example):

Height 135-155 cm. 14 inches
150-165 cm tall. 16 inches
Height 165-175 cm. 18 inches
Height 175-185 cm. 20 inches
Height above 185 cm. 22 inches

For double suspensions, the ratio is slightly less:

150-165 cm tall. 15.5 inches
Height 165-175 cm. 17.5 inches
Height 175-185 cm. 19.5 inches
Height above 185 cm. 21.5 inches

When choosing a size, the type of MTV itself and the degree of its sophistication can also play a role.

Road bikes

You probably noticed that the article did not mention road bikes. The fact is that the size of the frame for such bicycles is calculated a little differently. Full growth plays a much lower priority here. The length of the legs, arms and body is more important, so the choice of size becomes much more difficult. There are, of course, calculators for determining the size of the frame, but they give a very approximate result, which in practice may differ.

How to Choose a Bike Size for Your Child

I sincerely hope that this article will help you in choosing the right frame size for your bike.

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Choosing a bike size for your Child

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How to choose a bike for a child?

Each parent strives to provide his baby with everything he needs from the first second of his life. Every year, the needs of the crumbs grow, and much more complex things are replacing rattles and cubes. For the normal development of a child, it is very important to provide him with physical activity, for which a child’s transport will become a real helper.

The most versatile can be considered a bicycle that can be used from a year. To find the right transport for your baby, you need to know what to pay special attention to.

How to choose the right one by age?

The selection of bicycle transport for children is made individually, since peers can differ significantly in height and weight. The first bike needs to be purchased for a baby starting from 2 years old, when his body is already strong enough and can perform more complex movements than before. It is advisable to immediately purchase three-wheeled products in order to prepare the young cyclist for what awaits him in the future. As soon as the child begins to confidently pedal and steer, you can think about picking up a two-wheeled vehicle with safety wheels.

When choosing a bicycle transport for boys and girls aged 2 to 7 years, it is worth giving preference to the model with two main and two auxiliary small diameter wheels, which can be removed as needed. When evaluating a specific model of such a transport, it is worth looking at the level of the side supports, if the wheels are significantly higher than the main wheel, this will cause the baby to fall frequently during the ride. The most correct distance of the wheels from the ground is considered to be 0.5-1 cm, which will allow you to drive confidently without falling over and without losing balance.

When choosing a bicycle for representatives of the younger group, it is worth looking for a model where the seat with a steering wheel can be maximally transformed, which will allow the vehicle to be used much longer. This product must be equipped with a chain guard that prevents the entry of foreign objects while riding. In this case, the brake should be pedal, which will allow the baby to brake and stop in a timely and convenient manner. Representatives of primary school age are advised to buy products with two types of brakes. hand and foot, which will smoothly retrain from one braking system to another.

As soon as a child turns 8 years old, he can choose products from the age category of 5-7 years old or 7-10 years old, which will depend on the child’s personal wishes and his anthropometric data. When looking at cycling, you need to pay attention to the frame due to the wide variety of its structure and shape. There are options adapted for riding either a boy or a girl.

Boys’ models often have a high and even frame, while girls have a flatter and lower frame for comfortable use of the vehicle.

Novice cyclists, who are trying their hand at cycling for the first time and are up to 1 meter tall, are advised to choose a transport of small size, where the wheels are 12 inches, which will be most convenient for young children. From 3 to 5 years old and with a height of no more than 115 cm, it is recommended to choose medium-sized products where the wheels are 16 inches. Children aged 4 to 6 years with a height of no more than 125 cm can ride bicycles with a wheel diameter of 18 inches comfortably.

Basic Rules

The use of bicycles has become very popular among all categories of the population. In any city you can meet people of the older generation, young people and children who enjoy riding two- and three-wheeled vehicles. Due to the reasonable price, ease of use and environmental friendliness, the bike does not lose its relevance, on the contrary, every year it becomes more and more in demand. The opportunity to relax in the fresh air, improve health, spend time on your own makes this transport option ideal for many.

Not only do adults enjoy cycling, children are also addicted to this process from a very young age. Children’s transport has a huge number of options and modifications designed for different age groups.

To choose the right child‘s bike, you need to navigate the classification by which products are distinguished by wheel types and diameters.

There are these types of bicycles:

  • for trips in the mountains;
  • for road riding;
  • for walking in the city;
  • tourist destination;
  • inventory that can be folded;
  • for freestyle;
  • for riding on a track;
  • children’s options.

Focusing on the types of bicycles, it is possible to find a starting point for the search, and then select the diameter of the wheels, which is individual for the type of bicycle transport and for the person who will use it. Two-wheeled vehicles are presented in the following dimensions in inches:

  • 12;
  • 14;
  • 16;
  • eighteen;
  • 20;
  • 24;
  • 26.

To find the right bike for your child, it is important to consider the recommendations according to which there are specific search rules for each age group and height. In addition, there are some more nuances, without knowing which it will be difficult to find a suitable product for children. When planning the purchase of a children’s bicycle, you must remember that this type of transport is not taken for growth, it must correspond to the height and age of the child, otherwise the risk of injury is high. Based on the leg length indicators, you can choose the desired wheel diameter, do not forget about the frame, the dimensions of which should be comfortable for the rider.

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When purchasing a bicycle, you should go shopping with your baby, which will help in choosing, since he will personally test the models and will be able to determine which option is most comfortable for him. It is important to estimate the height of the frame, relative to the child’s body, so that when jumping off he does not hit it and not get injured. The most correct would be a margin of up to 10 cm, in the position of a child on a standing ground with a bicycle between his legs. Another significant factor is placing the young rider in the seat and checking if the on DO is reaching the pedals with a straight foot.

While pedaling, your knees should not come close to the steering wheel, much less touch it.

How to choose according to height?

The choice of a bicycle by a parent for his child is an important task, therefore you need to understand which version of the vehicle is suitable for the child and which one should be abandoned. To find out the diameter of the wheels and the dimensions of the frame, as well as to correlate these indicators with the selection of the desired product, you need to refer to the well-established standards.

The table of the ratio of the height of a young cyclist and the criteria for a future bicycle will significantly help a parent determine the desired option.

In the process of selecting a bicycle, first of all, it is worth focusing on the growth indicators of the child, because these values ​​can be completely different for peers. The smaller the child, the more important it is to find the exact size of the transport.

As soon as the growth indicator passes the 135 cm mark, then you can purchase an adult version of the transport, which can be used for a long time.

Useful Tips

When purchasing a children’s bicycle transport, you need to be well versed in the features of the selection of this sports equipment for your child, and also take into account a number of nuances.

  • Body material. Bicycles, depending on the country where they are produced and their cost, may have a different alloy, which affects the strength of the frame and other structural elements. Due to different materials, the weight of the entire product may vary significantly. If there is a need to transport the bike from the apartment, lowering it down the flights of stairs, then it is better to look for a lighter model. A light option will be more convenient for the baby, who will be able to cope with it in any situation. The most practical material is aluminum, which will be easy for both boys and girls. If the child rides in the private sector, and there is no need for transportation, you can opt for heavy models.
  • Brake system. For each age, it is recommended to look for a bike with a specific brake that meets the needs of children of a specific age. For the smallest, it is better to use pedals that roll back to stop movement. Having mastered the pedaling process, the child will have no problem stopping the bike by using the pedal brake. For older children, you can try combined models, gradually retraining them to stop not with their feet, but with their hands. As soon as the skill becomes stable and constant, you can safely purchase vehicles with a hand brake.
  • The presence of additional elements. Rear-view mirrors, bells, light and sound effects are considered inappropriate for the smallest cyclists’ vehicles, as this will distract them from their main task and increase the risk of losing control over control and falling off the bike. Children of the younger and middle age group can safely buy vehicles with a trunk and a basket in front, with a variety of additional functions that will only cause an additional desire to ride a bike, while not distracting the child. Older children are already striving for a minimum set of additional elements, leaving only necessary and useful gadgets for themselves. Any bike requires fenders to protect the rider from dust and dirt rushing from under the wheels.
  • Chain protection. An important element of safe riding and long-term use of the bike is the pad, which is attached to the frame, covering the chain. Such protection can be made of metal or plastic, it is necessary to protect the child from getting laces, toys or other elements into the chain while moving, in some cases it helps to protect children’s fingers from especially curious babies. Another important function of this protection is to prevent the bulk of dust and dirt from getting on the chain, which has a negative effect on ride quality.
  • Protective equipment. For a child planning his first cycling, it is worth purchasing a set of protection, which consists of elbow pads, knee pads, palm protectors, and a helmet. Over time, only a helmet will be used, but at first it is worth using the entire set to protect yourself from injury and psychologically calm the child.

When choosing a bike for the youngest cyclists, you should opt for those models where there is a special foam rubber protection attached to the handlebars, which will help protect the child’s head from hitting an iron object. If you find a suitable bike for a child, then he will quickly be able to master the basics of riding it and in the shortest possible time will be able to learn how to maintain balance and switch to a two-wheeled version, instead of a four-wheeled one.

The good quality of the product will allow you not to worry in case of frequent falls of the baby, and protective equipment will protect the body from abrasions and bruises.

For information on how to choose a bike for a child, see the next video.

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Child’s height and wheel diameter

First, find out the exact height of the baby. Please note that unlike adult bicycles, where the size of the bike depends on the size of its frame, children’s bicycles are selected according to the diameter of the wheels. Also, almost all children’s bicycles have a handlebar and seat height adjustment, which means that as the child grows, you can easily adapt the bike to her height.

Using the tables below, determine the required wheel diameter for your baby’s future bike. (Fig. 1)

For the smallest cyclists, we recommend the first bike choose a bike ride. small bike, has 12 “wheels and has one special feature. there are no pedals on the bike. This gives the child the opportunity to concentrate on control and balance skills.

It should also be remembered that different manufacturers have their own tables of wheel height and diameter.
For example, the Scott company provides its data, this helps to choose the size of the children’s bike as accurately as possible.
Use the data from the table below if you plan to choose children’s bikes of the Scott brand. (Fig. 2)

Do not forget the fact that children grow up quite quickly, but you should not buy a bicycle for “growth” with a very long perspective. So really buying a bike every year. there is little desire, but too big a bike will not give a child the opportunity to enjoy riding, and possibly vice versa. Also, too large a child’s bike can cause falls and injuries, because in situations where a child needs to stop quickly, she may simply lose control and panic.

In general, I think at this stage of the choice everything is clear, which means we can move on.

How to choose a bike for a child

How to choose the right children’s bike

Cycling skills

Determine your child’s riding level. If the child is just about to learn how to ride a bike, it will be rational to choose a bike with additional wheels. Additional wheels will help your little cyclist to get a quick mastery of driving and balance. It should also be remembered that the wheels must be gradually raised, and the process of driving with wheels itself should not be delayed, because the longer the child will ride with them, the longer he will learn. Once the cyclist has mastered the basics, the wheels can simply be removed and replaced with a footrest for easy parking. You can also start training without additional wheels. The learning process will require a little more attention from the parents, but who does not want to spend more free time with their child.

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If the child already knows how to ride, then you can safely choose a bike without additional wheels, and perhaps even with speed switches.
For children with basic riding skills and a height of more than 130 cm, you can choose a teenage bike. You can do it in this section.

Color and design

Without exaggeration, although the last, but apparently the most important parameter of the bicycle. So, really, first of all, the bicycle should be liked by its owner, which means that choosing a bicycle is best with a baby. Color and design should be like dreams.

Choosing a children’s bike is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. To make the right choice, there are several things to consider.

Using the size tables, determine the required wheel diameter.

Let’s choose a bike based on the level of riding. First bike. you can choose a model with additional wheels. The child rides pretty well. you can safely take a bike even from a shvikostyama.

Remember that almost all bicycles have a height and tilt adjustment of the handlebar and seat, which means that as the child grows, you will be able to adapt the bike to her height.

Choose a bike with your child. the child should like the color and design, because the child should first of all enjoy the ride.

Using these simple tips, you can easily and correctly choose a bike, and give your child a little happiness.

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What other parameters are taken into account when choosing a bike?

How to choose a bike size for women? Since the physiology of women and men is different, frames are divided according to gender. Women include frames with a beveled upper tube. True, this division is arbitrary, since men ride such a bike with comfort.

But for people with such, for example, physiological features as short arms and legs, it is recommended to take into account, in addition to the size of the frame, the convenience of landing, the upper and lower limits of adjustment of the seat and steering wheel.

In order not to be disappointed in the purchase, you need to choose the size of the bike according to your height. The table and markings on bikes will help with this.

Almost all frame models are produced in 3-4 sizes. Manufacturers label them differently using numbers and letters. The main parameter of this part is the height of the seat tube. Its length is determined by the distance between the center of the carriage and the cut of the pipe. The size is indicated in centimeters or inches.

There are 6 sizes in total, differing in seat tube height:

  • small. XS;
  • slightly more. S;
  • the most common is M;
  • more than average size. L;
  • large. XL;
  • XXL.

They are confused because each size has two numerical equivalents, which serve to roughly determine the size of the frame in accordance with the height.

The table of bicycles by height exists to make it easier to choose a bike, they are not a panacea, but you definitely need to use them.

There are many frames that differ in the length of the upper tube, which determines the load on the hands, elbows, shoulder joints and landing. In addition to the frame, you should pay attention to the size of the wheels and the stem, which is reflected in the landing. It needs to be adjusted to suit the cyclist.

When riding in different conditions, the wheelbase is important. Transport stability and handling is influenced by fork tilt.

Frame is an important parameter for choosing an adult vehicle

To choose the size of the bike frame by height, you should focus not on the appearance and equipment installed on it, but on this part. The choice should begin with it: the wrong size, according to experienced cyclists, reduces ride comfort, leads to injuries.

Doctors are unanimous in the opinion that an incorrectly selected frame spoils the fit, which leads to chronic diseases accompanied by pain in the knee joints, ankle, and back.

To help future cyclists become owners of safe and comfortable transport, manufacturers compile tables of its size depending on the height of the rider. The size of this part is understood as the values ​​of its width, height, length and weight.

Among the listed parameters, the main place is occupied by the frame height: the greater the height of a potential cyclist, the higher he needs a frame. At the same time, one should not forget about other parts of the vehicle. steering wheel, seat, pedal assembly. All of them should be selected in such a way that there is no discomfort.

Sometimes the buyer is lost due to the fact that some manufacturers use inches to indicate dimensions, others. centimeters. The size of that part of the bike is really what matters, not the measurement system used.

The frame size is the distance between the pedal block carriage and the seat tube.

It can be seen from the table that some frame sizes overlap, i.e. theoretically suitable for people of the same height. In this case, you need to choose, focusing on the driving style.

Choosing a bike depending on riding style and weight

The tables, of course, are not the only indicator that tells you how to choose a frame for your bike. The geometry of the frame depends on the angles at which the pipes are inclined at the joints, on their length, as well as on their relative position. Therefore, it cannot be said that a certain size is suitable for a particular rider.

As mentioned, frames are marked all over the world using letters and numbers and a combination of both.

Provided that the data of a particular person is satisfied by two frames at once, you need to consider when choosing a riding style:

  • if a person is going to actively use a bicycle, it is worth giving preference to a smaller, therefore, lighter transport, which is easier to manage;
  • it is also recommended to take into account the weight of the cyclist. a high frame will not work for too full, it will not be easy for him to “climb”, but skinny ones, on the contrary, need it to be a little larger;
  • with long limbs, a bigger bike is undoubtedly the best choice.

Don’t forget about the settings. You can always adjust the handlebar and seat, replace the seat tube and stem. You will not need to select the bike size table if you use the formula.

The table values ​​were calculated according to the formula D = d0.66 / 2.54 (for road bike) and D = d0.57 / 2.54 (for mountain bike), where d is the distance from the ground to the groin (leg length), and D “is the size of the frame, 2.54 is the conversion factor in centimeters, and 0.56 is the ratio of leg length and height.

How to determine the size of the frame from the table

For those who plan daily walks on city streets, where they often have to overcome curbs, accelerate and slow down, preference should be given to smaller sizes so that the bike is sized by height. The table will facilitate this process. This will both facilitate the fit and reduce the weight of the structure and make the ride more comfortable, as well as the transportation of the bike.

If they buy a bike for long walks, they choose a large frame. Accordingly, the wheels are large, betraying the stability of transport at high speeds.

Table of dependence of frame size on height

Depending on the class of the bike, the size of bicycle frames by height is used in various combinations with the height of the cyclist.

  • road;
  • mountain;
  • double-suspended.

The road bike has the largest frame and wheels compared to other types (for people of the same height). It will not work to choose the diameter of the wheels in accordance with the height, because manufacturers use different combinations of them. There are models with the same frame size, but different wheel diameters.

The benefits of riding a bike

Skating strengthens the muscles of babies that are not used when walking and running, improves metabolism and blood circulation. While cycling, the brain is enriched with oxygen, activates its activity.

Children gain dexterity, become hardy. They develop coordination of movements. In addition, riding is considered the prevention of myopia, since the cyclist constantly peers into the distance.

Knowing the basic criteria, it is easy to choose a bike for the child’s height.

Three-wheeled vehicles are purchased as the first transport. At an older age, the child is transplanted onto a two-wheeled bike: first, additional wheels are used to help maintain balance, then, after the young rider has acquired the necessary skills, they are removed.

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If the dimensions of bicycles are incorrectly selected for height, they are dangerous and uncomfortable. When buying, it is recommended to pay attention also to the quality of parts and fasteners.

The move must be easy so that the child does not make excessive efforts. The chain must cover the safety guard so that clothes do not get caught in it while riding.

It is desirable that there are protective pads on the steering wheel. then the palms will not slip off it. The package must include: signal, brake, mirrors, reflectors. This will increase safety.

How to choose a bike size according to height according to the table

Children’s bicycle is an interesting and useful thing. All children dream about this transport. Parents, on the other hand, should not forget that they need to choose the size of the bike by height. A table compiled by manufacturers so that the selected transport is comfortable to use.

Choice of transport for children

For children’s bikes, the size of the frame is not as important as the wheels. Their size affects vehicle speed and handling. You need to buy a bike for a child with a small margin, given that children grow up very quickly. The table below will help a child choose a bike by height.

Height in cmAge in yearsDiameter in inches
75. 95thirteenUp to 12
95. 1013. 412
101. 1154. 616
115. 1286. 920
126. 1559. 1324

Bicycle age table for children

It is important that the child, sitting on the bike, can freely reach the pedals. If the model is large for a child, there is a danger of it slipping off the seat, which could result in injury. And the muscles get very tired when the bike does not fit in height. Such a ride will not give children pleasure. Small children cannot use the hand brake. they do not have enough strength to “squeeze” it.

Knowing the basic selection criteria, it is easy for little ones to choose the right size bikes. The table (see above) will help you navigate correctly.

How to choose the size of the bike frame, find out the size of the frame.

How to choose the size of the bike frame for height?

  • 15-16 (wheel 24)
  • 14-15 (wheel 26)
  • 16-17 (wheel 26)
  • 15.16 (wheel 27.5)
  • 26
  • 27.5
  • 29
  • 17-19 (wheel 26)
  • 16-17 (wheel 27.5)
  • 16 (wheel 29)
  • 26
  • 27.5
  • 29
  • 19-20 (wheel 26)
  • 18-19 (wheel 27.5)
  • 16-18 (wheel 29)
  • 26
  • 27.5
  • 29
  • 20-21 (wheel 26)
  • 19-20 (wheel 27.5)
  • 18-19 (wheel 29)
  • 26
  • 27.5
  • 29
  • 22-23 (wheel 26)
  • 21-22 (wheel 27.5)
  • 20-21 (wheel 29)
  • 27.5
  • 29
  • 21-24 (individually)

The size of the frame in terms of height must be selected from the size of the wheel: the larger the wheel, the smaller the size. The popular Stealth Navigator 500 series bike is available with three wheel diameters and 3-4 frame sizes. Let’s see, at a height of 175-180 cm, which frame is suitable for growth (table).

Age 7. 9 / wheel size 20 inches

20 “is the most popular kids bike size on the market. In addition, it is at this stage that children usually really begin to feel the bike and understand the feeling of freedom to ride it. This bike is suitable for a height of 115-135 cm or for those who are between the ages of seven to nine years.

Already at this stage, bicycles begin to be clearly classified into disciplines such as mountain bike or MTB, road bike and extreme bike or BMX.

Children’s mountain bikes may contain the same technologies as adult sports ones: rear suspension, a large number of gears, disc brakes. However, the rear suspension adds a significant amount of weight to the bike and reduces its durability, or it will cost the same as a good adult sports bike. The front suspension provides shock absorption and more control in difficult terrain, so only needed in difficult terrain. Therefore, for city driving, we recommend considering options without a suspension. In a city with such a flat terrain as St. Petersburg, a large number of speeds is also not necessary, because this greatly complicates the design of the bicycle and affects the durability. Road bikes with 20 ”wheels generally have narrower flat tread wheels. Comfort models are equipped with full-size rigid fenders, wide saddle and footrest. Sports road bikes sometimes even have a ram bar and a large number of speeds.

BMX kids’ bikes are a popular option as they have a large margin of safety and often have a simple but striking design. Also, a big plus is that if a teenager likes BMX as a sport, he will be able to ride his first BMX for a rather long time, because adult bicycles have the same wheel diameter and similar geometry.

How to choose the right bike size for an adult or child?

Everything seems to be good. both the color is suitable, and the mechanics are working perfectly, but you get tired quickly, and skating turns into torture in an hour or two. All clear. The bike is incorrectly sized. To avoid such disappointments, you need to know what sizes of velor are, and how they fit your height.

Additional tips for choosing a frame

An important factor in choosing a frame is also your personal riding style. If you are a fan of extreme riding in difficult terrain, then it is recommended to choose a frame that is one size smaller than your norm. This way you will feel more confident on difficult terrain and under heavy loads. And the bike in this case will be much more maneuverable, which is important. But if you prefer a calm and measured ride on a regular road, then it is quite possible to accurately navigate according to the table.

Choosing the right stem is just as important. There are really a lot of them, so we strongly recommend spending some time on the choice so that later you do not feel discomfort while driving.

Always consider your own physique. And it’s not so much about the load on the frame as about ride comfort. If you are thin or have a standard physique, then you can easily choose a large size bike. For overweight people, it is recommended to take one size smaller. It is easier to drive, get on and off the bike.

Remember that you can adjust the saddle position and stem at any time (but not on all bikes). In many mountain bike models, the stem cannot be adjusted, but the saddle can be raised and lowered quite significantly. If you see that the handlebars are not adjustable, do not rush to refuse such a bike. This is made in accordance with the safety standards for bikes designed for extreme riding.

Tips & Tricks

The problem with many aspiring cyclists is that they have the wrong approach to choosing a bike. They pay attention to anything: the color, the number of gears, the comfort of the saddle. But at the same time, the majority completely forgets about the most important criterion. the size of the frame. And while all the details play a role in the selection, the ratio of your height to the size of the frame is the main thing. The wrong choice can be one of the main causes of back and joint pain during prolonged skiing, and also causes more severe fatigue.

Bicycle wheel dimensions

Age 11 / wheel size 26 inches

26-inch bicycles are suitable for children from eleven years old and those who are taller than 145cm.

Previously, bicycles with such a wheel diameter were considered only for adults, but with an increase in the diameter for adults up to 27.5-29 inches, it became clear that children can ride bicycles with 26 wheels, but with a small frame.