How to choose a bike seat

Bicycle saddle: nuances and secrets of choice

The saddle is one of the most important components of a bicycle, on which your level of comfort while riding depends. At the time of buying a bike, you should pay special attention to the choice of a saddle, because a lot depends on its size and shape, including your safety. And although many cyclists who prefer fast sports riding mostly ride standing up, a comfortable saddle is a must.

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Choosing a saddle by width and shape

When cycling, the weight of the human body should be evenly distributed among all the components of the bicycle, among which, of course, the saddle takes an important place. Do not choose too wide or narrow models. In the first case, it will be simply uncomfortable for you, and the second option will bring quite painful sensations, because the saddle will begin to press on the internal organs.

Pay attention to the nose of the saddle. If it is very wide, the saddle can chafe the thighs unpleasantly. Cyclists who plan to ride long distances should opt for a saddle with the narrowest nose possible.

The most comfortable and comfortable are saddles with the so-called anatomical surface, which maximally copies all the curves of your body. Such a saddle will not lead to a violation of blood flow, and most importantly, you will not have a feeling of stagnation in soft tissues.

When choosing a saddle for yourself, you must clearly understand that this is not an ordinary sitting in the form of a chair and the sensations during a walk will be completely different. Soft saddles with a short nose, supplemented with special springs, are considered the most comfortable today. They are very versatile, but most often found on touring, city and folding bikes.

Bicycle manufacturers strive to create the most comfortable saddle that can minimize the discomfort of road bumps, bumps and holes. Typically, the following innovations are used for this:

  • Top layer of shock absorbing material
  • Springs
  • Cushion frames in titanium and magnesium
  • Gel inserts

Saddle for the fair half of humanity

The female saddle should be different from the male, because anatomically, a man and a woman have different body structures. As a rule, ladies’ bike saddles are wider and made of quality materials to guarantee a comfortable ride. Therefore, if a bike with a universal saddle is purchased for a woman, it is better to immediately replace it with a ladies version.

Coating features

In choosing a saddle, the material with which the surface is covered is very important. The best option is natural soft leather, which makes the surface breathable and gradually conforms to the shape of your body. A less successful, but quite acceptable option is high-quality synthetic materials. Experts do not recommend purchasing saddles covered with leatherette or vinyl plastic. If you purchased a bike with such a saddle cover, it is better to immediately replace it with a better one.

Installing the saddle on the bike

The biggest cause of discomfort while riding is the low seat. Its position is very easy to adjust using the seat post, which allows you to set the optimal angle and distance from the handlebars. Typically, the male saddle slopes upward and the female saddle downward. If you own a sport bike, the saddle should be pushed back. In classic walking models, the saddle is usually moved closer to the handlebars.

Choosing a good bike saddle

Fans of an active life who have switched from a classic bike to a mountain bike should take into account some nuances. In addition to the fact that the size of a bicycle can radically differ from the usual one, the fit and, accordingly, the function of the bicycle seat is different, no matter how strange it may sound.

Bike saddle setup and design

By design, all seats are approximately the same. They are attached to the seat post with a metal frame. Let me remind you that the metal frame can be titanium, steel and chrome-molybdenum. Of course, titanium is better, but it costs a little more than the others. For cyclists whose weight is about a centner, I do not recommend a seat with a steel frame, as it may not withstand.

A leather seat is definitely better. After all, it is able to adapt to you, which will affect its comfort. However, this is for those whose weight does not exceed 80 kilograms. There is some good news: today, quite comfortable plastic seats for mountain bikes are being made. The convenience of these seats is that there are clever shapes and gel inserts where necessary.

Each saddle has three adjustments, and saddle tuning is just as important as adjusting the bike’s front fork correctly. First, there is a longitudinal offset. closer to or further from the steering wheel. Second, turn right and left. I think you can fix it in parallel with the bike. And, thirdly, the desired angle of inclination. Pay attention to the choice of the height at which the seat will be mounted. Since in the case of an incorrectly selected height, you will not be able to properly distribute the load. As a result, the entire weight of your body will press on the saddle.

How to find a bike saddle?

First of all, it’s worth remembering that a regular riding bike allows your back to be nearly perpendicular to the ground. That is, on a classic two-wheeled horse you sit almost like on a chair. The seat of a mountain bike cannot be designed for your weight. Without deforming, it only holds a smaller portion of your pounds. The main load goes to the steering wheel and pedals.

What problems can start with the seat? In the event that you are tired of riding your bike for a long time and the bulk of your body rests on the seat, it will seem rather solid. As a result, many have a desire to feel something softer like a sofa. However, a soft saddle will become more comfortable for you only for a while and will not solve the problem.

The seat is recommended to be installed large, if the fifth point is large. Otherwise, she will soon be rubbing her legs in the crotch area. Girls usually have to listen to stories that after a bicycle some part of the body hurts. this indicates a wrong setting or choice.

Also, do not choose a saddle that is too soft, as it can miss a lot. An excellent option in this regard are seats with a groove along the saddle.

Bicycle seat: male and female

I would also like to answer the frequently asked question: what is the difference between women’s and men’s seats? Modern girls no longer have such large hips as before, so there is no need for a female saddle. However, there are such, they are slightly wider and shorter than ordinary seats.

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Usually this material is used in models of the middle price category. There are many varieties of leatherette, they all have different parameters of strength and density:

Leatherette. This material is quickly wiped off and becomes unusable. Polyvinyl chloride is stronger and more durable, but at the same time it slips and is not able to pass liquids (including sweat). Stretch leather is also quite slippery material, but has the greatest strength.


The very first bicycle seats were made of leather. Its main advantage is plasticity. the ability to take and “remember” a certain shape, as well as the ability to freely pass air and absorb liquids.

A seat like this may initially feel uncomfortable or even painful, due to the stiffness of the new leather cover. But in the process of operation, the material will gradually take the desired shape for the features of the body, pushing through at certain points. After a while, being on such a seat will be as comfortable as in an old leather chair. This type of seat material is the one to choose from.

Unfortunately, a significant number of bike saddles, called leather ones, are not in fact. In many products, leather is used only as a thin covering layer, while the base is made of plastic or carbon. Such a seat will not allow air to pass through, and will also be too hard for the pelvic bones to be able to push through it.

Among the saddles made of real leather are the products of the British company Brooks. In their manufacture, they do not use helium or foam pads, thanks to which such a seat perfectly lets heat and sweat in the warm season, because it has no soft insulating materials.

The leather seat is ideal for those who like to travel long distances. In the event that the old saddle is too low, it is only necessary to adjust the tension bolt located on the frame, and its shape will be restored.

Saddles of this type are too heavy for use on bicycles, racing or performing various stunts, but they are great for hiking.

How to properly adjust a bicycle saddle?

For fear of falling, beginner cyclists often lower the seat too low so that they can reach the ground with their feet, but this seating method has to bend the knees too much to pedal, which can be compared to squatting in terms of physical activity. The result is quickly tired legs, as well as a high risk of injury to the knee joint.

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To adjust the seat height correctly, you need:

Set the pedals in such a position that one of them is at its lowest point. The height of the saddle should be set so that the fully extended leg reaches the pedal with the heel in the lowest position. When pedaling, the leg should not be fully extended.

It is important that the seat post should fit at least 10-15 centimeters into the frame tube, otherwise it may be damaged. These pins have a special mark-limiter.

The ideal position is zero, because when the nose is moved upwards, it will press on the crotch, and when leaning down, the cyclist will be forced to lean forward too much, leaning on the handlebars. This position is best for driving on a flat road.

Zero slope is ideal for long distance trips, but if pressure is felt on the crotch, then the nose should be lowered literally a couple of millimeters.

Almost all modern bicycle models provide the ability to move the seat closer to or further from the handlebars. For the correct setting you need:

Set one of the pedals to the 3 o’clock position. Move the saddle until the kneecap is over the axis of this pedal.

If the seat cannot be positioned in the desired position for anatomical reasons or because of the design of the frame, then a special curved seatpost must be used, moving it back.

How To Choose The Best Saddle For Road, Mountain Or Triathlon Bike. NO MORE Butt Sore. SickBiker

Plastic seats

Most bicycle saddles these days are made of PVC, with a foam pad and covered with artificial leather or similar material. It is these types of seats that come with the overwhelming majority of new bicycles.

Plastics today for the most part act as a cheap material, and therefore the quality of saddles made on their basis will be low. Using such a seat, you should attend to the acquisition of a special bicycle uniform or simply wear thick clothes. If you neglect this advice, then painful calluses may appear on the legs, due to constant friction of the legs on the slippery surface with artificial turf.

But even among this type of seats, there are quite high-quality models, for example, the Tioga Spyder, which has a complex cellular structure. Such a saddle is able to take the shape of the body, it is perfectly springy and does not overheat. Even in warm weather, riding a bike with such a seat will be pleasing, but the high price of this component (about 100) can upset.

Seat cover

If your bike has a cheap seat, you can easily rub your legs in hot weather if you wear light clothing. swimming trunks, shorts, especially made of synthetic materials. Here special covers come to the rescue, pulled on the seat, due to the fact that now the skin will interact with their surface.

Using a cover, you can improve a lightweight plastic seat, it will soften a slippery and hard surface.

Seat shape requirements

The platforms on which the pelvic bones rest must have sufficient length to allow free movement back and forth during the ride. With regard to the nose of the saddle, it is preferable to have a narrow and long shape. The sides of the spout should not protrude too much to avoid chafing the inner thighs

A fairly new development, offered, for example, by MoonSaddle. helps to avoid pressure on the groin area while riding. It is devoid of a spout; a wonderful technical solution is used to provide support for the torso. the seat is designed in a crescent shape. This model is universal in terms of size, perfect for both children and adults.

A number of manufacturers produce a range of bicycle saddles with a concave or completely cut out center section in the nose area. The purpose of this technical solution. decrease in pressure on the groin area.

Critics of this model have suggested that when sitting on such a seat, soft tissues will fall into the hole, which, instead of the intended benefits, will have a negative impact. However, these fears are unfounded, because usually they do not sit quietly on a bicycle saddle, but are constantly in motion, climbing on the pedals, moving forward and backward. In addition, such a seat, like the usual narrow one, is also selected individually, taking into account the distance between the pelvic bones.

For a speed bike (mountain bike, road bike, or touring bike), no springs are required. When riding these types of bicycles, a person leans more towards the handlebars, transferring about 40% of their body weight to it. In the case of rapid pedaling, the soft springs will begin to swing to the sides, reducing the efficiency of the torsion, and due to this, the hips will be excessively rubbed.

The stiffer springs used in some saddlery models do not cause swinging from pedaling, while being able to absorb the impact of the rear wheel. Such seats, equipped with springs, will be relevant for city models and cruisers, if almost all the weight is on the saddle itself, when seated vertically.

This type of seat is better suited for models with a high handlebar position, otherwise a different saddle model is preferable.

How to choose a saddle for a bike?

A suitable saddle for a bicycle will not bother you for a long ride, but on the contrary, it will become even more comfortable over time, because it will sag a little and take the shape of the ischial bones. The scheme works on the principle of leather shoes, which eventually take the shape of a foot and become like a glove, and therefore the most comfortable.

There are different shapes of bike saddles. The difference depends on the riding style as well as the bike itself:

  • If you ride mostly around the city on a city bike or cruiser, at a relaxed pace, then the seat, often called a sofa, is for you.It is wide and comfortable for a leisurely ride with a straight back position. In addition to the size, it also differs in the amount of filler of the seat itself. It can be gel, silicone and other materials resembling foam rubber for a soft fit. Also, the sofa can optionally have springs, which is great for driving on rough terrain and softens the bumps in the road as much as possible.
  • If you have a mountain bike, the saddle, bindings, and seat post must be strong enough to handle the up and down stresses. The saddle itself should be soft, but not a sofa as for a city one. Some cyclists put on a road bike saddle for the sake of lightness, but in this way they sacrifice a soft landing.
  • If your iron horse is not iron at all, but aluminum, and perhaps a carbon road bike, then it is desirable that the saddle is like a glove for you. Long high-speed runs on highways require control, discipline, and strategy, and distraction from the friction, pain, and irritation of the saddle is time and loss of control. There are different options for racing bike saddles, but most of the difference lies in price, weight, width and the option of a cutout that allows men to have normal blood flow to their genitals during long rides.

Bicycle saddle for men and women

The main difference between a male and female seat is the difference in the physiology of the ischial bones. At the same time, the difference in the distance between the bones of a woman and a man is not so noticeable. it fluctuates around 9%, but the angle of the location of these bones is different.

Due to the natural function of a woman. to give birth to a child, her ischial bones are located more parallel to each other, that is, the angle between them is less than that of men. Therefore, when tilting, a woman on a narrower saddle will feel the discomfort of rubbing even in a bicycle diaper, and all because when tilting, the bones no longer rest and the woman rides on the skin. While the man continues to push his ischial bones into the saddle even in an incline.

The picture shows how anatomically female and male ischial bones huddle on bicycle saddles of different widths.

That is why many manufacturers make separate series for HIM

Note for men: while driving, it is better to get up from the seat from time to time so that the nerves and arteries that are pinched have the opportunity to rest and get saturated with oxygen.

Choosing a bike saddle shouldn’t scare you. Here’s how to do it painlessly and simply!

How To Choose A Road Bike Saddle

Finding the perfect saddle is like finding your life partner: the process is lengthy and offers many choices. Of course, some lucky ones find their seat right away, but it happens that the search for that one lasts for years.

It is important to feel the saddle not only by touch with your hands, read the composition and find out the weight. It is much more important to ride a bike with a position that you plan to ride in the future. Here you can test a saddle on a rented bike, or on your own.

There is a misconception about large, padded bicycle seats that never rubs anything. This is not true! Due to their softness, the ischial bones do not have a fulcrum and sink deep into the saddle. This leads to the fact that all the pressure is transferred to the softer points of our Madame Sit. And if the first 20 minutes you ride in awe of the softness, then after half an hour on such a seat you will feel all the inconveniences.

Every cyclist is an individual and his fifth point too. This is why saddles are available in different lengths, widths and levels of stiffness. Therefore, as we have already written, there are differences in sensitivity, riding style and duration, cycling fit and so on. It is necessary to first find specific answers to these questions for the clearest understanding of what exactly you are looking for.

The saddle should fit your anatomy so that the nose of the seat does not press, the sides do not chafe the legs and it is not too narrow. If the seat presses on tender fate, then in the future you will want to change the saddle. It is better that the ischial bones rest against the saddle, otherwise the soft places will be squeezed and the first to start rubbing.

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Measure the distance between the ischial bones

A saddle, like shoes, is a very individual thing, so you should not rush to choose. It is better, if possible, to test different options, understand which one is needed, and in the end choose the one from which you will not get off later and will rearrange it on all other bicycles.

The choice of a seat for a bicycle is a whole epic for a cyclist who rides actively and at the same time wants to feel comfort and confidence that, having skated a day, he will not suffer from the pain of chafing.

The saddle is individual, intimate and very important. Understanding this, we will help you find the most convenient and comfortable seat on the street. Degtyarevskaya, 51B or st. Prince Zaton, 11

Angle setting

Experts and professional cyclists state that the saddle should be installed horizontally and directed towards traffic. Tilting the saddle is not recommended. How the load will be distributed on different muscle groups depends on the angle of inclination. In the event that the front of the saddle is strongly raised up, the pressure on the soft tissues will increase, and this is fraught with negative consequences and diseases.

With a strong forward tilt of the saddle, you will constantly slide, and the ride itself will not bring pleasure, but only discomfort.

How do I adjust the seat for a comfortable riding position? You just need to sit on it, find the optimal comfortable body position and fix the slope.

How to properly adjust the bike seat?

The bicycle is a very popular transport today. Many people choose it not only for sports, but also as a means of transportation. This is not surprising, because it is cycling that contributes to excellent muscle training and improved well-being. In this article, we will talk about how to properly adjust the bike seat so that riding on it is as comfortable as possible and brings only benefits, and not harm to the body.

Why do you need to adjust the seat?

A bicycle is a simple mechanism that everyone is familiar with. But very often, people who ride this type of transport professionally or simply out of necessity do not even think about the fact that before saddling their iron horse, it must be carefully prepared for the trip. One of the main preparation steps is the correct positioning of the seat. This is necessary in order to:

  • the bike ride was comfortable;
  • all muscle groups worked correctly;
  • the load on the body was evenly distributed;
  • it was easy to manage transport;
  • benefited the body.

The first thing to do after buying a bike and before starting to use it is to fit it for yourself, taking into account all the structural features and body parameters of the one who will ride it. You should know that for each model of such transport there is its own adjustment option. For example, on a mountain two-wheeled transport, it is different from that which is characteristic of an amateur, ordinary type of mechanism. There are certain rules that are mandatory for all bike modifications. Should be adjusted:

  • seat height relative to pedal level;
  • seat angle is determined by its offset.

Further in the article, we will talk in detail about each of the rules and how to correctly carry out the process itself.

Height adjustment

This parameter is one of the most important, from which you need to start adjusting. You can determine the height of the seat yourself, for this you need to take into account the growth of the rider and the peculiarities of the terrain on which the trip will be carried out. Before starting the setup, you must understand the following rules to ensure the safety of your trip.

  • Each mechanism has a maximum height mark. So, the level of the seatpost should be within acceptable limits.
  • Having decided on the optimal level of height, the seat must be well positioned and fixed at the selected level.
  • The front of the saddle must be level.

The adjustment itself is quite simple and consists of the following steps:

  • first of all, the tightening nut is loosened;
  • further, the pin is slowly pulled out (pressed in), while you need to hold the saddle;
  • then the mount is tightened;
  • at the last stage of adjustment it is necessary to check whether the seat is firmly fixed.

It is imperative to position the seat correctly. Methods that have been specially developed for this type of adjustment will help determine the level of the seat on a bicycle.

  • Numerical calculation. When calculating the required height in this way, you will need a tape measure or centimeter. Using a measuring tool, you need to determine the distance from the sole to the groin on your body. The resulting value must be multiplied by a constant factor of 1.09. For example, if the length of your legs is 60 centimeters, then after multiplying it turns out that the seat should be at a height of 65.4 centimeters from the floor.

But experts say that you do not need to fully rely on this method. it is very approximate.

  • Almost straight leg method. This method was developed so that it can be used to determine the bend of the leg. It was experimentally found that the correct position is the one in which the limb on the lower pedal is straight.

To establish the correct position of the leg, you just need to adjust the post, lower it, or raise it.

  • Heel method. This method suggests adhering to the following sequence of actions:
  • you need to put the iron horse so that it is motionless;
  • sit on the saddle and fix the heel on the pedal. at this moment it should be at the bottom;
  • adjustment and fixation should be done with the leg completely straight.

After this method of adjustment, the leg, being on the pedal in the lower position, must be straight. If, after adjustment, the leg at the knee is bent, the seat must be raised higher, and if it does not even reach the pedal, it must be lowered.

You can also use an option for which you need a special goniometer device. This method is popularly called the Hill Method. It makes it possible to reduce the likelihood of injury while traveling. With a goniometer, you can measure the angle of the knee joint. Ideal for an adult if the angle is 25º. 30º. But if you have problems with the knee joint, before using this method, you must definitely consult with a specialist.

Horizontal position

With this type of adjustment, the length of the arms must be taken into account. This setting allows you to:

  • establish the correct centering;
  • ensure good speed while driving;
  • make transport management easy and convenient.

The process is performed in the following sequence:

  • loosen the screw that fixes and secures the pin and the seat;
  • move the seat;
  • fix the fastening elements;
  • sit on the saddle and pay attention to the position of the knees, their level should be vertical in relation to the pedal axis (to check, use the position of the leg at the lowest point, the knee should not protrude much forward).

Horizontal adjustment is only possible after the seat has been correctly installed. After completing all the above steps, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the body structure, you can be sure that the load while riding will fall on all muscles in the same volume. At the same time, arms and legs will not get tired quickly.

When buying a bike, be sure to ask the seller about the availability of this document.

For information on how to properly adjust the saddle on a bicycle, see the following video.

Choice by price

If, when choosing other accessories, a lot of attention is paid to well-known brands, a variety of models and the choice among them, then when it comes to such unpopular devices as a seat for a child, the choice is too small. Stores, due to low supply, raise prices, and manufacturers, paying little attention to this area, do not particularly follow competitors.

When making a choice, price is not something to be guided by. When buying, it is enough to check:

  • are the fasteners reliable;
  • whether the base is strong;
  • Is the fit and size comfortable.

The rest for most models, even those not belonging to well-known brands, is at the same level, and the cost rarely indicates the real quality of the product.

One-piece armchairs

Fortunately, for their safety, modern parents prefer to transport children on bicycles in specialized chairs.

What is a chair? The chair completely covers the child’s body and consists of a seat, a high backrest, separate niches for legs and a network of fastenings. Various manufacturers are making changes to their designs:

  • Seat. can be made in a hard version (budget models) or with a soft cover. for convenience.
  • The backrest. can be removable, with a soft or hard coating, but the main parameter is hardness. on most inexpensive models of seats, the back is very thin and breaks with any damage, sometimes just under the weight of the passenger.
  • Leg protection. in budgetary supplies of this element may not be at all, this is usually done when fixing the chair to the frame, since when located in the trunk of the trunk, there is a very high risk of the child’s feet getting into the spokes of the wheel.
  • Fasteners. usually one or two straps with multiple adjustment positions and additional straps for securing legs.

A bicycle seat is the most secure option for transporting a child, but there are also disadvantages:

  • Bulky and heavy weight of fastening elements. it is not so convenient to ride with a chair.
  • Incomplete protection and securing of the child. many note that the child’s head hangs on bumps, which is not particularly useful for the child’s weak spine, and you will have to worry about protecting the head separately. Even when riding in a chair, a children’s bicycle helmet is required.
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Choosing a mounting location

A chair is the best seat option for a child on a bicycle, but the question always remains: which anchorage point is better. front or rear? There are several opinions, and so far there is no single result. All accessory manufacturers offer one or the other.

Pros and cons of placing the seat on the frame:

  • Control over the child.
  • options for seating and securing the passenger. there are options with steering wheel pillows and other accessories.
  • Greater stability of the bike due to weight distribution.
  • A big problem with the convenience of steering and pedaling. the seat on the frame in any position will interfere with the cyclist.
  • Not the most reliable mounting options, which, moreover, is dangerous for cables and hydraulic drives.
  • Greater risk of injury in case of accidents. the steering wheel may turn in an accidental direction.

On the other hand, the placement that replaces the trunk. in the back, also has its arguments:

  • options for attributes on the chair. and protection of the legs and arms, and additional fastening straps.
  • Simplicity of fasteners and their reliability. just like the trunk has many connection points that can be used, there are even quick-release fasteners that allow you to remove the seat in a matter of seconds.
  • Convenience of the cyclist. the child in the back does not interfere with riding.

These seats are likely to remain options for a long time, because each positioning has its own advantages that do not outweigh each other. The trunk seat is more comfortable to use and the frame seat is safer.

How to choose the right bike seat for your child

Indeed, in those years when it is still too early for a child to take independent walks, albeit in the company of his parents, it is possible and necessary to introduce him to the bike, because it is better to share the hobbies of the parents. Carrying a child in a sling or a basket is not particularly convenient and safe, and craftsmen have long adapted for the seat of children and younger sisters and brothers small additional seats on the frame of the old Urals.

Well, who of us did not ride on the trunk as a child? Now, it’s not big brothers who worry about safety and comfort, but manufacturers of bicycle accessories. In this article, we will find out which bicycle seats are produced for a child, which ones are more popular, more comfortable, cheaper and more affordable.

Additional seats

The most classic option is attaching an additional seat to the bike frame. There are two ways here:

  • fastening the seat to the frame;
  • fixing the seat to the trunk.

Rare models of additional seats are equipped with protection. The maximum that can be found in manufacturers is belts for fastening a child.

If, in the case of self-manufacturing, the additional seat is an ordinary bicycle saddle removed from the pin, then the manufacturers apply considerable effort to organize the correct fastening, because in most modern bicycles, cables in shirts can interfere with installation, and vice versa, after installation, the cable can, for example, fray.

It’s even more serious if the brakes are hydraulic. Here, the drive must be protected not only from fasteners, but also from a small passenger, because repairs are unlikely to be included in the plans of the parent who decided to ride.

Manufactured, although very rarely, additional seats for the trunk. They are attached with very simple brackets, but the placement of a child, fastened with only one belt and sitting on an open seat, is not the most reasonable act of a parent who cares about the health of their child.

Homemade options

Of course, you can recall the original option for transporting children. a free trunk. It is not very convenient and safe, but it does not require any expenses. Over time, this option becomes less and less convenient. Mountain bikes simply do not have trunks, and I want to carry not only teenagers, but also very young guys.

Many people try to make a full-fledged home-made chair, but this task is quite difficult and non-trivial, and handicraft production has one big drawback. it’s reliability. In any case, when planning to do something with your own hands, we must not forget that the main thing is the safety of the little passenger.

A child on a bicycle is not only a young cyclist, but also a passenger. Parents can comfortably and safely carry their children with them, even on long walks, using the seats and chairs. With these accessories, a child of any age and skill level can enjoy the bike.

Seat adjustment


Fearing to fall off the bike, people lower the seat low so that while sitting in it, they can reach the ground with their feet if they become scared. Sitting very low in the saddle and pedaling, uninformed cyclists will bend their knees excessively, to the point of being comparable to multiple squats. Of course, such a would-be cyclist quickly gets tired of his legs, and what is more dangerous, with constant driving like this, the knee joints are destroyed. Most cyclists make the mistake of setting the saddle too low.

To correctly adjust the height of the bike seat, you need to:

  • Turn the pedals so that one of them is set at the lowest point.
  • Adjust the saddle height so that you can straighten your leg in the lower position of the pedal, but you will touch it with the heel.
  • Check if the seat is too high, you should be able to touch your toes to the bottom of the lowered pedal.

Please note that the seatpost cannot be pulled further if it goes less than 10-15 cm into the tube, otherwise it will break the frame. Each seatpost has a limit mark.

Bicycle saddle: what it can be and how to choose it

During cycling, the pelvic bones are under a lot of stress. You may experience discomfort or even pain due to the wrong bike saddle. Also, the cause of painful sensations and quick fatigue is often incorrect installation of the seat in height and tilt.

When you buy a new bike seat, you have to run it in, so to speak. You need to get used to the new saddle, having driven more than one hundred kilometers in it. It’s possible to say unambiguously how well you made a purchase only after two weeks of frequent cycling. Do not rush to change your recently purchased accessory if you feel any discomfort while riding a bike. First, analyze what pain is bothering you. If the pain appears only when pressing on the pelvic bones, then you have not rolled yet. If you experience redness from rubbing, try different clothes first. The bike seat is rubbing anyway, then you need to choose a new bike saddle.

Fortunately, there is a huge selection of different types of bike seats from many reputable manufacturers: Allay, BBB, Brooks, Fizik, Mizumi, Romin, Ritchey, Spectra, Tioga. Thanks to the large selection, each cyclist can choose a saddle individually. Each person has a special anatomy and riding style, therefore, narrow and wide, as well as hard and soft models are made.


On a firm saddle, the back of the body hangs above its surface, touching only the right places where the bones are. From the experience of athletes, it is best to develop maximum speeds on a bicycle in such a seat. Solid saddle plus carbon seatpost and water-absorbing cycling shorts. perfect combination for long distance travel.

Narrow saddle

Professional riders always use a narrow saddle made from quality plastics or composites. Most often, softening lining is not used in such products. Indeed, in fact, the cyclist does not sit: he most often stands on the pedals, rotating them, and the athlete hangs most of his weight on the horns, lying on the steering wheel.

Typically, narrow, rigid saddles are fitted to road bikes. They are also very convenient when riding a mountain bike in the cross-country style, that is, when actively riding through forests, fields, parks.


If the nose of the saddle is lifted up, then it will press on the organs of the perineum. Well, if the seat is lowered with its nose down, then you will constantly move forward, resting with strained hands on the steering wheel. The ideal saddle tilt is zero position when parallel to a flat road.

It is always convenient to ride on a saddle that is straight and tilted, as this is the only way to find the ideal position for a long journey. If you feel that the aligned saddle is pressing you, then you need to lower it only a few millimeters.


On fast bikes like mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, the springs on the saddle are not needed. People ride such bicycles leaning towards the handlebars, in which case the rear part accounts for no more than 60% of the body weight. When pedaling quickly, the springs, especially soft springs, swing to the sides, thus reducing the pedaling efficiency. In addition, an excessively wobbly seat will rub against the inner thighs.

Stiff springs, such as those found on some Brooks saddles, are stiff enough not to wobble when you press the pedals, but they are good at absorbing rear wheel shock. Seats with springs will not be superfluous on city bikes and cruiser bikes, on which the rider sits upright, pressing with almost all his weight on the seat.

We can say that on bicycles with a handlebar high, it is better to put a seat with springs, and if the handlebar is located at or below the seat, then you can do without a saddle without springs.