How to choose a bike for heavy weight

Choosing a bike up to 150 kg

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Cycling is one of the most important sports hobbies. For many, it is not only a means of transportation, but also a way of life. But what about fat people whose weight is approaching 150 kg? Let’s try to dispel the myth about the inaccessibility of cycling for large people. The main thing is to choose the right iron horse and modify it for your physical data (height, weight).

Shock absorbers

Need more than high strength stiff shock absorbers and springs to ride safely on steep climbs and descents.

Rigid fork, leather saddle, steel pedals preferred.


Experienced practical cyclists advise not to reinstall anything on a new bike after the purchase, but to roll back what is, and only then proceed with the upgrade (replacement of equipment), and not upgrade everything at once, but gradually replace individual components and parts as their quality deteriorates. It is practical, convenient and less burdensome from a financial point of view.

Normal bike in the 600 price range

Technical features

with careful driving, it will not be killed so quickly, even with a large-sized owner.

Riding a bike for heavy people, both men and women, is comparable to an extreme mode, so such cyclists need to be prepared for more frequent repairs of a two-wheeled friend and change of consumables.


To shorten the braking distance of the bike under a massive load, you must choose the disc brakes. They will work even with a small eight rims, and if they are still equipped with hydraulics, they are effective and sensitive during emergency braking (while being extremely careful not to bite forward).


Choose strong rims: double or triple for wide tires (slick or semi-slick), preferably with 36 spokes. These wheels will support your weight without any problems. Anti-puncture tires allow you to ride for a long time without surprises.

General points

The bike must be selected in accordance with the rider’s dimensions. A walking bike is not suitable for obese people. A two-wheeled vehicle must be durable, comfortable and practical.

Lightweight versions and folding models are not even worth considering when you plan to get behind the wheel of an adult heavyweight.

When choosing a bike with sufficient carrying capacity that can withstand large people, you must take safety as a basis for choosing. The design must be reliable, durable and without unnecessary bells and whistles. The best option would be the stable and hardy mountain models. Forward tilt and even distribution of the load on the saddle and arms allow the rider to confidently ride difficult areas on such a bike, while the muscles of the arms are slightly tired, and the tension in the intervertebral discs of the lower back decreases significantly.

It is naive for a heavy person to think that in search of a suitable option, you can find something cheaper. If you’re new to the bike market, remember that pricing is the surest way to pick a reliable bike. Budget models are assembled from materials of appropriate quality. Start looking at options worth 600 and more, because we are talking about your health and safety. But this does not mean that the more expensive the better.

It is unlikely that an obese person weighing 150 kg will light up on extreme tracks and will be able to fully use all the technical potential of an expensive model. so why overpay?

Useful Tips

Keeping the bike in good condition for as long as possible will help not only the correct technical equipment, but also competent riding under maximum load. A few simple tips for an obese cyclist:

  • exclude aggressive driving, do not drive the bike, because you drive quieter. you will continue;
  • follow the correct fit;
  • when driving over uneven areas or moving off a curb, do not sit on the saddle, but stand up on the pedals;
  • when climbing a hill, drive in while sitting in order to keep the pedals and carriage longer;
  • do not forget to change your hand grip;
  • gradually increase your daily bike ride;
  • plan a stop in advance, avoid sudden braking, since a large mass, due to inertia, cannot stop instantly;
  • constantly think over the upgrade (replacement of equipment).

Regular cycling will allow you to pump all muscle groups with a guarantee and help you lose at least some of the excess weight. The main thing is to put aside complexes and not pay attention to the sympathetic smiles of others, or even to the caustic remarks of envious people. Cycling, don’t be afraid of your weight, enjoy the speed and be healthy!

How to choose a bike for a lot of weight, you can learn from the video.


Depreciation is another thing worth considering. Most often, bicycles can be found on sale with shock absorbers that work by means of springs, designed for a standard weight. Therefore, for a person with a large physique, they will not work: the fork will compress too much, and it will not be possible to adjust it.

It is recommended to pay attention to air-oil cushioning. due to the air chamber, you can adjust such a fork for its own weight by setting the required pressure.


Of course, the choice of frame is not that important, since most of them are capable of supporting any weight. But if you plan to engage in extreme sports, or will learn all sorts of tricks, and not just ride around the city, we recommend that you pay attention to models for trail, enduro and freeride. This is because their wheels, forks and frames are generally stronger than XC bikes, which is especially important for oversized riders.

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Planning to do extreme riding. choose a stronger frame


People with a lot of weight can safely buy a bike in the middle price category. Some experts in such cases advise to immediately change the stock wheels to more durable ones. Disagree: it is better to test the strength of those that are first. And only then replace them if suddenly something is wrong.

A rider weighing 100 kg should look closely at fat bikes

How to choose a bike for a person with a lot of weight

Most of all, due to the increased weight of the rider, the wheels will get. After the first 100-150 km, take the bike to show the bike mechanic. so that he carefully inspects everything and tightens the spokes.

When driving, it is important to monitor the tire pressure, it will have to be kept at the maximum permissible. in order to avoid a puncture or even more so a snake bite. Although your bike will most likely be a mountain bike, it is better not to jump from the curbs on it, but to slide down carefully.

Often the steel frame on the saddle can bend due to overweight. To take care of the saddle, you need to stand up on unevenness, especially during the exit from the curb.

Actually, due to increased loads, anything can not withstand:

  • the transmission will wear out quickly;
  • break the chain;
  • worn out bearings on pedals, carriage, bushings, etc.

You can extend the life of your components. But only if you engage low gears, reducing the load on the pedals at a higher cadence.

Weigh 100 kg? Check out the trail, enduro and freeride models

Bike type

As previously mentioned, it makes sense for people with a lot of weight to look closely at trail, enduro and freeride bikes. also because they better balance the load between the arms and the fifth point, which is not in the walking and city bikes.

It should be a hardtail, or a full suspension. Lightweight Aluminum Frame. Depends on the aggressiveness of your ride. But about carbon. not your option.

  • And, one more small, but important detail: a bicycle for heavy people must have disc brakes, moreover, hydraulic. Stopping a bike with a 140-150kg rider with rim brakes is pretty hard.

Steering wheel

It is very important for heavier people to pay attention to the quality of the steering. We recommend paying attention to aluminum handlebars for standard 31.8, the stem of which should also be made of aluminum and mounted on 4 bolts.

Summarizing all of the above, we come to the conclusion that a bicycle for a heavy person should have:

  • durable wheels;
  • air plug;
  • a frame designed for extreme disciplines;
  • good steering.

It is difficult to find such models among the budget ones. But if you succeed, consider yourself lucky. If fate does not smile in return, then yes: if you want to enjoy the process of riding, you will have to spend money.

Which bike to choose for a beginner?

They are divided into subspecies, so it is worth choosing based on the final tasks:

  • Off-road. routes of any complexity are subject to it
  • All-terrain. equipped with a particularly robust frame
  • XC, Rough Terrain. Lightweight, Dynamic
  • For downhill (downhill) and freeride (driving on difficult tracks with obstacles). develops maximum speed
  • For dirt jump. suitable for performing tricks, jumps, etc.

For the city and walking around the city, opt for simple mountain bikes in steel, aluminum and chrome-molybdenum with tires and medium tread.

Will not interfere with the complete set of two-suspension made of carbon fiber, mechanical / hydraulic drive and the most lightweight construction.

The bike gives you punchy cardio workouts

If you are going to travel through forests and villages, choose a road bike.

How To Choose The Best Bike For Heavier Riders

It is quite large in size, but it has a solid frame, raised handlebars and wheels 24-26 inches. For a pleasant ride, it is better if the steering wheel is curved.

How to choose a bike for a man by height and weight. table

The main thing when choosing a bike is not the price or brand of the manufacturer, but the ideal ratio of height and weight with the characteristics of the vehicle.

The easiest way is to try on the device at the time of purchase.

Namely: stand next to it and see where the top of the frame is located. It should be 5-15 centimeters below the mowing line of the seat, that is, under your buttocks.

Tip: alas, this method is only suitable for classic men’s frames and unisex models. In other cases, one cannot do without a dimensional grid.


Another American brand Schwinn has been producing and selling bicycles for over a century.

The brand is loved by professional athletes. you just have to look at the rating of victories in various world competitions on the manufacturer’s bikes.

Schwinn collects mountain, city, cross, teen, kids models and cruisers.


The homeland of the concern is Taiwan. Giant not only manufactures, but also collects half of the world’s bicycles.

Previously, Giant was profiled on amateur athletes, today they also produce bicycles for extreme and professional riding.

How to choose a bike for a man by height and weight. 5 rules

It is difficult to imagine a more useful form of transport than a bicycle. at the same time you go in for sports and you do not pollute the environment.

Not only stars like Heidi Klum and Pink, but also the world political beau monde: Nicolas Sarkozy, David Cameron and Barack Obama moved to the two-wheeled iron horse today.

Former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak even rode a bike through the streets of 10 million Seoul to draw the attention of the country’s citizens to a healthy lifestyle.

And this is not surprising: for an hour of driving at an average pace, you lose about 600 calories.

So, if you have joined the ranks of healthy lifestyle adherents and are going to purchase a useful form of transport for city / sports walks, we will tell you how to choose a bicycle for a man in height and weight and review popular manufacturers.

Review of popular manufacturers of different price categories

It is important to understand that the main thing is not the name, but the characteristics of the vehicle. Most popular companies tend to inflate just because of the name.

The average pricing policy for men’s mountain bikes ranges between 200-1000, women’s. 200-600, children’s. 150-300.

Wheel size and other important parameters

There are 4 types of wheels. 24, 26, 28 and 29 inches. If you are short, your choice of 24 and 26-inch wheels.

At the same time, 26-inch are considered the most common.

The 28-inch ones make it easier to ride uphill and increase the speed of movement, are in demand among athletes with a large weight. Mountain bikes are more often equipped with this.

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Pay attention to details

If you want your two-wheeled friend to last as long as possible, pay special attention to the materials from which it is made.

The most inexpensive, traumatic and heavy ones are made of steel. Lightweight and high quality. made of fiberglass and aluminum with carbon. Take a closer look at magnesium bikes.

Tip: those who like to transport an iron horse in the trunk will like models with a folding frame.

It is necessary to pay attention to the brakes. disc hydraulic and mechanical, rim. The first two types slow down more confidently and with less effort, but at the same time it is difficult to replace in case of breakdown.

Hydraulics are in the highest pricing policy.

But the rims are affordable, easy to replace and do not require excessive effort to stop.

Price and quality are not always the same


You should start with the wheels, because they often do not withstand heavy loads. The rear wheel suffers especially, since it accounts for about 70% of the total load while sitting. This is why you should choose bicycle models with the most durable piston rims. Rims designed for extreme disciplines are also a good option.

How to choose a bike for a person with a lot of weight

Good day! In this article, we will provide tips for choosing a bike for a person with a lot of weight. We will highlight the most suitable types of bikes and talk about the strength of the main components. Go!

Many people with a large build, weighing over 100 kilograms, often have difficulty choosing a bike. The fact is that it should not break even under such severe loads. And for this, when buying, you need to pay attention to such components as the frame, wheels, fork and steering, on the strength of which your safety and reliability of the bike will depend.


Cushioning is another thing that deserves close attention. Most often, bicycles can be found on sale with shock absorbers that work by means of springs, designed for a standard weight. Therefore, for a person with a large physique, they will not work. the fork will compress too much, and it will not be possible to adjust it. We recommend paying attention to air-oil cushioning. due to the air chamber, you can adjust such a fork for its own weight by setting the desired pressure.

Of course, the choice of frame is not that important, since most of them are capable of supporting any weight. But if you plan to engage in extreme sports, or will learn all sorts of tricks, and not just ride around the city, we recommend that you pay attention to models for trail, enduro and freeride. The fact is that their wheels, forks and frames are usually stronger than XC bikes, which is especially important for large cyclists.

It is very important for heavier people to pay attention to the quality of the steering. We recommend paying attention to aluminum handlebars for standard 31.8, the stem of which should also be made of aluminum and mounted on 4 bolts.

Summarizing all of the above, we come to the conclusion that a bicycle for a heavy person should have:

  • Durable wheels.
  • Air plug.
  • A frame designed for extreme disciplines.
  • Good steering.

And such models cannot be attributed to the budget category. However, if you want to enjoy the ride, you will have to spend.

Thank you for your attention, we hope this material will help you make the right choice. Share this article on social networks, like it and see you soon.

How to modify a bicycle bike for heavy loads

Experienced riders know how to strengthen their two-wheeled horse and extend its life. The seat is the heaviest load. A leather saddle with reinforced springs will help soften back blows and relieve pressure on the body. For example, a Brooks brand seat. Ergonomic grips that prevent wrinkles will help ensure a comfortable ride. Special options for wheels, rims, hubs, metal pedals will also make life easier for an obese cyclist.

How many kilograms a bike can withstand

If it is almost unrealistic to choose a bike with a rider weighing more than 150 kg, then a unit of an average category can withstand a load of up to 150 kg. It only needs a thoughtful revision. Variants of suitable models:

Possible breakdowns of an average vehicle:

  • deformation of the wheel rims;
  • bearing wear;
  • breakage of the seat mount;
  • deformation of the spokes.

To avoid these troubles, when buying, you need to take into account the increased pressure on the working units.

  • When leaving the curb and other ledges, it is better to stand up from the saddle to save the seat.
  • The maximum tire pressure will be the most favorable for avoiding punctures.

How much weight a folding bike can handle

On the market you can find comfortable, at first glance, folding bikes of famous brands Dahon, Strida, Langtu, Stels. However, such transport, in addition to its attractive compactness, has significant drawbacks. Folding bicycles are quite simple in design. Their collapsible frames are not durable, the vertical fit gives an uneven load on metal structures and wheels. The standard sizes of bikes are designed for a potential rider weighing up to 100 kg and a height of up to 185 cm.Even if these conditions are met, the reliability of the folding model in operating conditions of a large person is in doubt.

How much weight the bike can withstand

Velobike is a tool for an active lifestyle, transport of the future, with which traffic jams and a fuel crisis are not scary. and more people, regardless of age and physique, are changing from cars. The myth that an iron horse is inaccessible to large people is a delusion. In fact, the only question is the price. According to the basic specifications, the maximum weight of a cyclist on a standard bike is no more than 100 kg. Bicycles for large people are 150 kg more expensive.

How to choose bikes for heavy weights

Mountain bikes should be preferred as a road bike is not suitable for heavy people.

A wide selection of mountain bikes: Interest in them is explained by the reduced risk of spinal injury. Due to the high load, even a slight shaking on an uneven road can result in protrusion of intervertebral discs or hernias. Ergonomic back position while riding a mountain bike reduces the likelihood of injury.

Heavy-duty bicycles must have the following characteristics:

  • Disc brakes. They are highly sensitive and can quickly stop a vehicle. Rim brakes are not up to the task. For safe braking, the following configuration would be ideal: front v-brake, rear disc.
  • Aluminum frames. Lightweight models with carbon frames will not withstand significant stress, and are much more expensive than aluminum ones. Extremely durable options for extreme sports: trail, enduro and freeride models. Range of extreme bicycles:
  • Fork. Damping plays an important role in any transport, but with heavy riders the task is more difficult. Two-suspension units are not suitable for driving with a heavy load due to rapid wear due to improper operation. It is worth paying attention to the air-oil damping system.
  • Steering wheel. Steering plays an important role. For large people, an adult bicycle should be equipped with an aluminum handlebar under the standard 31.8 mm with a secure attachment on 4 bolts.
  • Wheels. Wheels are most exposed to heavy loads. Tires and inner tubes must be at least 2.1 inches wide. Do not neglect regular inspections of the bike at the bike workshop to timely tighten the spokes and check their tension using a tensometer.
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So, bicycles for heavy weight should have:

  • durable wheels;
  • air plug;
  • strong frame;
  • good steering.

Which bike to choose for a person with a lot of weight

The problems of obesity, inactivity, weak immunity are acute in our society. By changing to a bike, a person not only saves time by avoiding traffic jams, but also replaces a sedentary lifestyle with sports. Taking a ride to work with a breeze is a great workout option when it is difficult to find time for a daily visit to the fitness room.

How much weight can a Stealth bike support?

When choosing your first transport, do not pursue high prices. It doesn’t matter how much it costs, the main thing is reliability. The most affordable and budgetary are Stealth bikes. The Russian bike can withstand the large dimensions of the rider, ideal for beginners and amateurs. The Stels Navigator 710, Navigator 620, Navigator 450 MD models can easily support the rider’s weight up to 120 kg. Maximum weight for Stealth. 150 kg.

Choosing a bike for heavy weight

Many overweight people find cycling not for them. They are afraid that it will be uncomfortable to ride, that any bike will literally collapse under the weight of their weight, and they do not want to look ridiculous. In fact, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the joy, enjoyment, and benefits of cycling. You just need to competently approach the choice of a bike for a large rider’s weight.

People with a lot of weight can have problems with a randomly chosen bike on the first ride. For example, excessive energy transmitted through the chain while pedaling can damage it, and if you drive it constantly, then the chain will wear out much faster. Tires also lend themselves to much more stress, and where a 70-kg person passes without problems, a heavyweight can puncture a wheel on a small piece of glass or a sharp stone. Snake bites and figure eights are also very common problems for heavy cyclists.

It would seem that the question of choosing a bike for a large weight concerns more the plane of the bike’s purpose. So, comfortable bikes, for example, cruisers, have a more durable-looking structure, usually made of steel, in contrast to the mountain models with aluminum frames so popular in our country. In fact, even a relatively budget MTB is rated for up to 110kg, while a touring bike can carry a maximum of 100kg. So how do you choose a bike for a lot of weight? Focus on the details:

For riders with a weight above average, experts recommend choosing a hardtail with a steel or lightweight aluminum frame with pipes of the same thickness along the entire length. Such a frame can withstand heavy loads and does not break as sharply as aluminum counterparts. An additional triangle that reinforces the seat tube will not hurt. The height of the bike for heavy weight should be chosen based on the height of the rider, but if you find it difficult to get into the saddle, give preference to a bike with a low frame.

Best of all, a person with a large weight will feel on the niner. And the point is not only that such a bike looks more harmonious. The 29-inch wheels are also good roll-over, making the ride easier due to inertia. Rims should be strong. double or triple, designed for wide tires (slick or semi-slick). Choose wheels with 36 spokes. they can withstand even very high loads. If you are tuning a bike for a heavy weight yourself, then at least you need to strengthen the rear wheel, since it is on it that the cyclist’s main load goes. about 65% of the total weight. Anti-puncture tires, as well as maintaining the pressure level in the chambers close to the maximum, will allow you to ride comfortably and without unpleasant surprises.

This is another important point that a heavyweight cyclist should pay attention to. To stop the bike quickly and shorten the braking distance, give preference to the most grippy brakes. The disc version is best, these brakes work even with small eights on the rims. Hydraulics will make the brakes more efficient and responsive, especially when braking at high speeds.

Fork, pedals, horns and grips

Of the other parameters for choosing a bike for a large weight, you should pay special attention to the fork. it must be rigid. If you need depreciation, then you will not be able to save money, you will have to buy a high-quality one, preferably an air-oil type. It is preferable to install horns and grips for a cyclist as ergonomic as possible, because the load on the muscles when riding is much higher. Pedals, of course, are better to put steel, but modern plastic ones quite well keep the weight in the range of 110-120 kg.

Tips for Heavy Weight Cyclists:

  • the riding style should be careful, you should not get carried away by repeating the tricks of other cyclists, even if they seem quite simple;
  • jumping from curbs and other hills should be with extreme caution, and it is better to completely abandon such an idea in order to maintain health and the bike;
  • it is wiser to pass difficult sections of the road while standing on the pedals in order to avoid sudden falls and impacts;
  • try in every possible way to minimize the load on the spine;
  • use low gears. this will allow you to quickly get rid of excess weight.

And the last thing. do not pay attention to the mocking glances, boldly ride for your pleasure. And VeloSklad specialists will be happy to help you choose a bike for a large weight. you just need to knock on the online chat.