How to choose a bike for a teenager 12

How to choose a bike for a teenager?

Sooner or later, a son or daughter will ask their parents for a bike. And this is a completely normal desire of the child, which in spite of everything you need to try to fulfill. After all, great is an incomparable feeling of freedom, an opportunity to expand your circle of acquaintances and just have a good time. By the way, the latter is very important for those children who spend too much time at the computer or watching TV.

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So, the decision has been made, it remains to implement it. First, you should read the recommendations on how to choose a bike for a teenager if parents are not very good at it. After all, the money invested can be beneficial or harmful if the purchase is made thoughtlessly.

To know how to choose the right bike for a teenager, you should decide on the area where he will ride. Of course, it will not be possible to foresee all situations, but if the family lives in a metropolis, then most likely the child will ride on bike paths. But for the villagers, of course, you will have to pick up an iron horse with good cross-country ability. Bicycles by type of ride are divided into:

  • road / road;
  • walking;
  • hybrid;
  • stunt;
  • mountain.
  • rigids. on a rigid fork; they are suitable for a good asphalt road;
  • hardtails. with one front shock absorber-fork, which are found on mountain bikes;
  • double suspensions. with front and rear shock absorbers. for super-cross-country ability.

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How to choose a teenage bike for height?

By teenage bicycles we mean those that have wheels of 20, 24 inches and are suitable for height from 135 to 150 cm.In addition to these distinctive features from adults, they do not have, except that a shorter handlebar and a low frame.

It is very important for a child not to buy a bicycle over the Internet, but to try it directly in business. that is, at least sit on it in order to understand whether the size is needed. The correct choice will be the one where there is a distance of at least 10 cm between the crotch and the frame in a standing position above the frame.

How to choose a teenage bike for a girl?

As a rule, there are no fundamental differences in rigging between a great for a boy or a girl. The difference comes down to lower frame geometry for safety and more striking paintwork. Many girls are comfortable to ride with a male frame. the main thing is that it fits in size, because the wrong bike can negatively affect posture.

How to choose a high-speed sports bike for a teenager?

How to choose a mountain bike for a teenager?

Pretty much all guys love mountain bikes with a bright and attractive frame design. But you should not buy into a catchy appearance, unless, of course, there is extra money in the wallet, since by purchasing such a model even in the middle price category, the buyer gets the minimum speed and maximum weight. this is clearly not what the child wants. In urban conditions, such a bike is completely useless.

It is better to pay attention to a single suspension (hardtail) bicycle with an aluminum frame, which will be light, maneuverable and fast at the same time.

How to choose a teenage bike

We will help you choose the right bike for your teenager

Teenage bike. we can safely say that this is a small copy of an adult bicycle.

Typically a bike has 24 “” wheels and is the link between kids’ bikes with 20 “wheels and adult bikes with 26” and larger wheels.

The geometry of the frames of such bicycles, for the often low height of only 11 “to 16” inches, so it will be much easier for your child to learn how to ride a bike, and, accordingly, his interest in bicycles will only increase.

So what should you pay attention to when choosing a teenage bike for your child?

First and foremost is the riding skill and growth of your baby.

Make sure your little one is already tall enough to ride the bike. The minimum height for teenage bikes must be at least 125 cm.

At the same time, it is desirable that the child already possesses the basic skills of cycling. If the child has not ridden a bicycle before. it’s not a problem, learning to ride is never too late.

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Now the size of the bike frame. Use the chart below to determine which size bike frame is best for your child.

Remember! The size of the frame affects not only the height, but also directly proportionally to the length of the bike, which means that a larger bike can make it difficult for your young cyclist to reach the handlebars, and when cornering, a child can even lose the handlebar with his hands.

Teenage bike frame size

Frame size. inches Child’s height Symbol Catalog eleven” 125-135 XS (XSmall) Choose 13″ 130-145 XS (XSmall) Choose fifteen” 140-155 S (Small) Choose sixteen” 150-165 S (Small)

Now that all the most important stages have been passed, only a matter of technology remains.

How to choose a teenage bike

Hello everyone. In this article, we will show you how to choose a teen bike. You will find out how they can differ from each other, and what you should pay attention to when choosing. Go!

Everything is quite simple here. most teenage models are similar in all properties and characteristics to adult mountain bikes, and differ from them only in size. Since these bicycles are designed for teenagers from 130 to 145 centimeters in height, most models have:

  • 24-inch wheels.
  • 12 or 14-inch frame.

And bicycles with different characteristics, most likely, are not teenagers.

Important nuances

Teenage bike frames can be made of steel or aluminum. Steel is cheaper and heavier, aluminum is slightly more expensive and lighter. That is why we recommend considering buying a model with aluminum frames.

All teenage bicycles are equipped with gear shifters. There are, of course, exceptions to the rules in the form of folding models, on which this element is absent, but we will not consider them. Typically, manufacturers use an entry-level drivetrain, such as Shimano’s Altus and Tourney ranges. You can also find switches from Microshift and SunRace, but we recommend choosing models with a Shimano transmission.

When choosing a bike, be sure to pay attention to the shifters. They can be of 2 types:

  • Gripshift. revolving around the steering wheel.
  • Trigger. having separate levers for raising or lowering the gear.

often you will come across models with grips, as they are easier for teenagers to deal with, but trigger shifters are considered more modern.

The brakes may also differ. Manufacturers install:

Options. It should be remembered that disc brakes are better and more expensive, but you will not be able to find something decent on a bike for less than 15,000 rubles. So if your budget is tight, look for rim brake models.

Also on teenage bicycles, there are two options for the stem, which can be inserted into the fork stem, or put on it. The latter option allows you to fix the steering wheel more rigidly, and is optimal for a child.

Models can be equipped with different tires. Everything is very simple here. smooth ones are designed for driving on asphalt, and toothy ones. on the ground. If your child will be riding on different surfaces, look for the intermediate universal version of the small grouser tires.

An important detail. don’t buy teenage bikes with a rear shock unless you’re willing to pay 30,000 or more for it. All double suspensions that are cheaper, although they have a cool appearance, do not cope with their function, and it will be very uncomfortable to ride them.

It only remains to add that all this will not matter if your child does not like the bike. Therefore, when choosing a model, be guided by his taste preferences.

That’s all for today. Thank you for your attention, support this article with like or share it with your friends on social networks. Until next time!

How to choose the right bike for your teenager?

The choice of a vehicle for a teenager must be approached with full responsibility, taking into account both his personal interests and height, riding style and physical abilities of the child.

The main rule when buying a bike is to choose it according to your height. Parents often buy bicycles for growth. But this is an erroneous opinion: if the fit is incorrect, the child will not only not benefit from such riding, but it can also ruin his posture.

Teenage bicycles are designed for a child’s height up to 150 cm. These models are slightly different from adult bicycles. They have a narrower and thinner handlebars, softer suspension, a slightly lowered frame, there are certain restrictions on the speed and diameter of the wheels. up to 24 inches, in contrast to the popular adult models with a diameter of 26-28 inches. To roughly imagine what size of wheels will suit your child, you can check the introductory table:

Child’s height (see) Bicycle wheel size (inches)
80. 100 12
90. 110 fourteen
100. 120 sixteen
110. 130 eighteen
120. 140 twenty
130. 150 24
150. It’s time for your child to pick up an adult bike

Riding style

Teenage bikes, like adult bikes, vary in model. Depending on where the child will ride, there are walking bicycles (they are often called city bikes and they are designed for riding on a flat surface) and mountain bikes.

Touring bikes are often lighter (but not always!) And more compact. However, it is definitely not possible to engage in sports riding or overcome obstacles on them. Typically, city bikes have lower speeds than sports bikes.

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Walking bike

From this category, a teenager may like folding bicycles. they seem to be convenient to transport in transport and store at home. But don’t rush into buying foldable models. They are often not as light as we would like, and the usability is highly questionable. In addition, the presence of weak points in the areas of the folding mechanism creates additional conditions for breakage.

Folding bicycle

Mountain bikes for teenagers, depending on the type of shock absorber and cross-country ability, are divided into the following subspecies:

    Full suspension. shock absorber on both the front and rear wheels. They cannot reach the same speed as other mountain bikes, but they provide maximum cross-country ability. The main disadvantage is a lot of weight and cost.

Double suspension
Hardtail. shock absorber on the front wheel, lower speed, but more permeability than rigids, while weighing less than double suspension.

Rigid is a bicycle without a shock absorber. The lightest and cheapest mountain bike, but not so comfortable to ride off-road.


Setting up the bike

When choosing a bike, you need to correctly adjust the height of the handlebar and seat. Have your child stand on the bike with the bike between their legs. Make sure your legs reach the ground normally, and that the distance from the frame to the crotch is about the size of the palm (10-12 cm). At the same time, the distance should not be too great. In this case, the teenager will be able to calmly stop and jump off.

Ask your son or daughter to try to carry the bike at least a few meters to estimate its weight. If the model seems too heavy, try choosing a bike with a different frame (the lightest are aluminum) or with less flotation (they are also lighter).

Invite your child to ride a bike, hold the bike. let him sit on it and appreciate how comfortable the seat and handlebars are, whether the knees are touching parts of the bike, whether it is comfortable to put your feet on the pedals. Make sure that while sitting on the bike, he can easily reach the pedal with his foot and that his leg is fully extended when the pedal is in the down position. If does not come out, adjust saddle height and angle.

Be sure to pay attention to the quality and performance of the brakes. At this age, children love to drive and can accelerate quite strongly. And the ability to brake in time will help protect against injuries and accidents. Most often, on teenage bicycles, a hand brake is applied to both the front and rear wheels. Show how to use them and immediately explain when to brake with the front wheel and when with the rear.

When buying a bike, it is better to immediately purchase the necessary protection. a helmet, knee pads, reflective stripes and a taillight so that the young cyclist is immediately visible on the road.


Before choosing a bicycle for a teenager, you must definitely pay attention to the size. Regardless of whether the budget forces you to look only at inexpensive, and in some cases even very cheap model options, or you can afford an expensive purchase, the size is always in the foreground. The frame with the correct dimensions will make the ride as comfortable as possible. An easy choice if you are targeting a high-speed bike. And there is a reason for that. Manufacturers of branded products produce the same model in several frame sizes. But cheap products will make you sweat, because even mountain transport is usually presented in one size option.

To choose bicycles for teenagers as accurately as possible, the child needs to stand next to him so that the saddle is at hip level. If it is lower or higher, you will have to choose another option. Of course, an adjustable seatpost that can be positioned at a comfortable height can save the day. But with a small frame size, this solution will not be good, a child under 15 years old will be beating his knees on the steering wheel.

Another way to check if the size is correct is to climb on the bike and check the distance between the top tube of the frame and the groin. Practice shows that a folding bike will not cause any problems, because in this case the front triangle of the frame usually consists of a single tube. The women’s bicycle is also an exception. Even if your daughter is 15 years old, she will be able to sit comfortably on the bike. The optimal distance between the upper tube and the groin is 10-12 centimeters. If in practice you have to deal with less or more distance than indicated above, you will have to look at other teenage bicycles. The instance in question will not work.


The wrong bike for a teenager can cause problems with the spine and lower back. Ask your child to get on the bike, and then look at his seating position. The back should not bend forward too much, because it will hurt with prolonged skating. This situation can be encountered if the size is too large, and at first glance you notice that the saddle is raised to the thigh, and the distance between the groin and the upper tube is within the limits described above.

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Never buy an adult bike! A teenager differs from an adult not only in the configuration, but also in the geometry of the frame, which affects the fit.


It might seem like a transmission with gears is completely optional. In fact, this is not always the case. The problem is that a teenage bike with only one constant gear will be difficult to climb the hill. You will have to make more effort to pedal. Almost any mountain bike for teenagers has 18 to 27 gears. Remember to check the number of teeth on the cassette and cranks. On the wheel, this ratio should be 11-32 (minimum), and at the front, on the connecting rods, 22-34-42. Depending on this ratio, the cost of bicycles may differ.

If you are convinced that a mountain bike is too expensive for you, you need to remember that a folding version is rarely found with gear derailleurs. Choosing a women’s bike for teenagers under 15 will be much easier. In mountain analogues, gears are almost always present, and in the so-called city bikes they are found on every third model.

How to choose the right teen bike

As the child is constantly growing, the choice of a teenage bike will have to be done with the utmost care. If you make the wrong decision, you will most likely have to check out the purchase again. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right two-wheeled vehicle for your child aged 8-15 years.

In addition to the selection of the bike itself, it will not be superfluous to purchase special protection for the elbow and knee joints, as well as for the head. This way you can rest assured that your child is completely safe and can prevent serious injury.

We hope our advice will help you make the most informed decision.!

STELS Mustang V 20 V010 (2019)

STELS Mustang V bike, designed for children between the ages of eight and thirteen, with Power attachments, 21 speeds. Technical features: Hi-Ten steel frame, 40mm travel suspension fork, rear shock, double aluminum rims, reliable Power V-brakes, kickstand. Suitable for recreational riding on various roads and rough terrain. The diameter of the wheels is 24 inches. Weight. 17.2 kg.

Stark Bliss 24.1 D (2020)

A bike designed for girls between the ages of eight and thirteen, with Shimano entry equipment, 7 speeds. Technical features: AL-6061 aluminum frame, Easing ES-225 suspension fork, YXR RD-0312 double rims, YX DB-01 mechanical disc brakes. Suitable for walking on highways and flat country roads. The diameter of the wheels is 24 inches. Weight. 14.4 kg.

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Novatrack Shark 20 1 (2020)

The technical features of the Shark 20 double suspension leave no doubt about it! The sturdy steel construction ensures the bike’s longevity. The spring-loaded elastomer shock absorber provides a smooth ride over rough terrain, and the included plastic fenders come in handy when driving through puddles. The bike is equipped with a reliable V-brake, which is controlled from the steering wheel. The chainring is protected by protection, includes a footrest, bell and plastic fenders.

TOP 5 Best Teenage Bikes for Boys.

1.Welt Edelweiss 26 Teen (2020)

Welt Edelweiss 26 Teen is sure to appeal to active and athletic teenagers who spend all their free time outdoors. A teenage bike with adult equipment will become a real friend for young people who love active sports. Despite the relatively low price, the model has high quality attachments and reliable components. The wings will keep your clothes dry when driving on wet roads. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, which gives the model a low weight without sacrificing strength. The suspension fork is able to handle all the bumps in the road and will not let your hands clog and get tired.

Novatrack Extreme 24 6 (2019)

Teenage bike Novatrack Extreme 6 sp. 24 ″ (2019) is an excellent option for a child from 9 to 12 years old. Mechanical rim brakes V-brakes Steel are responsible for quick locking of the wheels, even on wet asphalt. Wheels with lightweight Z-AXIS tires have full grip on the track. The spring-loaded elastomer fork provides good handling. The frame is made of steel, which makes it durable and lightweight. You can switch between speeds using the Shimano Tourney system.

Author Melody (2019)

A bike designed for girls between the ages of five and nine, with Shimano entry-class equipment, 6 speeds. Technical features: Alloy 6061 aluminum frame, Hi-Ten rigid fork, Alloy single rims, reliable TEKTRO 855 AL rim brakes. Suitable for training and light walks. The diameter of the wheels is 20 inches. Weight. 10.4 kg.